Regarding the Delusion of Spiritual Impetuses

Throughout my time in the Occult community, I have witnessed many conflate their personal failings and struggles with real or perceived spiritual callings.

Personally, I walk the path of the destroyer—in other words, a significant part of my calling is to magickally inflict harm upon the deserving. I was informed of this by the demons long ago, and on occasion, I have been chastised for not fulfilling my role eagerly enough. Now, throughout the years, I have had to battle tendencies towards anger, blind spite, unjustified vindictiveness, etc. What I have never done is attribute these personal failings to my spiritual calling.

However, I have watched many practitioners of differing paths fail to distinguish their weaknesses from their calling in that manner. For example, I have seen some persons called to be healers attribute their personal tendencies towards submissiveness or naivety to their calling to heal.

I have seen people attribute their youthful illusion of invincibility to their relationship with given deities. Instead of simply thinking “that could never happen to me” as many younglings do, they think “______ could never happen to me because I am a devotee of the [insert religion] deity of _________.”

Such misconceptions are both delusional and hazardous, and there are many other flavors of this bullshit which I have not specifically mentioned. Your personal flaws must be differentiated from real or imagined spiritual callings. Ignore this reality at your own peril, and, perhaps, the peril of your loved ones.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Predatory Groups & Movements in the Black Lodge

There is a variety of predatory movements and groups present in the black magickal community which aim to seduce, mislead, and abuse new and aspiring practitioners. I have taken the time to draw attention to and critique a handful of these groups. If you or someone you know is feeling drawn to or being lured by one of these groups or movements, these videos may be of assistant to you. I have covered the Joy of Satan Ministries, the Order of the Nine Angles, and Sith Academy in this fashion.

Sith Academy | the Star Wars Based Genocide Cult That Wants to Enslave You – YouTube

The “Traditional Satanism” of the Order of the Nine Angles – YouTube

The Joy of Satan Ministries Do Not Understand Demons – YouTube

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Beginner’s Pact With Lucifuge Rofocale

I have channeled instructions for a pact that a black magickian can make with Lucifuge Rofocale, otherwise known as Lucifage. The purpose of this simple pact, the Pact of Sinistral Majesty, is to accelerate the witch’s development as a practitioner of demon magick and help them make the breakthrough they need in their Craft. The pact lasts six weeks and requires three things of the celebrant.

The Nightly Prayer

There is a prayer to Lucifuge Rofocale that the witch is required to recite once a night. If, for some reason, a night is skipped, make an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale (recommendations: nag champa, lavender oil, grape juice, a quarter, red sage, blood), apologize, and resume the pact as normal. The prayer is as follows:

Agios o Lucifage!
[Translation: Numinous/Divine is Lucifage/Lucifuge]

Spirit of Blackness, Lord Over Archfiends, bestow your darksome blessing upon my spiritual path. Help me develop as a sorcerer and psychic. Grace me with the communion of the Infernal Divine. Bless me with possession and demonic might.

Salve Lucifuge Rofocale (x3)
[Translation: Hail Lucifuge Rofocale]

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Translation: Numinous Is the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

The Weekly Invocation

The second requirement of this pact is rites of invocation. You  must perform a ritual to invoke one demon every week. It does not matter whether this invocation was written by me, some other author, yourself, or Jenny from the block. The catch is that the demons you invoke must all be demons whom you have never attempted to evoke, invoke, or otherwise work with before.

The Weekly Offering

You must burn one black candle as an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale every week. Specifically black, and specifically a candle. While I myself regularly use tealight candles in my magick, a tealight candle will not suffice for this weekly offering.

Initializing the Pact

While I channeled the instructions for this pact with the intention of providing it to the masses, I encourage you to conduct some type of divination to ensure that this pact is appropriate for you.

To initialize this process, recite the Nightly Prayer on a Saturday and then ask Lucifuge Rofocale to strike the Pact of Sinistral Majesty with you. He will make sure you know that the pact has been initialized successfully.

To be clear, starting the pact on a Saturday is mandatory.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Universe and the Soul (Starseeds, Walk-Ins, & Incarnate Deities)

I want to describe the nature of the universe, referred to as Malkuth in Qabalah, to you, in very simplistic terms, but simultaneously, in a nuanced fashion.

I want you to imagine that some motherfuckers wanted to create an obstacle course for you to train in. Once you complete the obstacle course, you are required to go through it again, but through a different route. You are required to do this over and over again until your training is complete, at which point you are able to leave the obstacle course once and for all. That’s the cycle of reincarnation in a nutshell.

But there’s a problem: there are intelligences out there who don’t want you to be trained, so they fucked with the obstacle course. They added prison bars, shackles, and blindfolds to make things more difficult for you.

That’s the nature of the universe in a nutshell: part prison, part training course. People who describe the universe as a machine for making gods are simultaneously correct and mistaken, as are people who refer to the universe as a prison. It’s more complicated than that.

Numerous gods partook in the construction of Malkuth, some of which are among the Infernal Divine, such as Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Moloch. The universe is being continuously improved– it is progressively rendered more and more conducive to the spiritual evolution of humankind and the manifestation of darksome intelligences. By presencing infernal energy in ritual and refusing to banish it, and especially by opening portals to dark realms, you can participate in this continuous transformation of Malkuth.

In other words, stop bitching about the flaws of this world, disregard any autistic fanasties about destroying Malkuth, and get to work.

Numerous higher intelligences see good reason to incarnate in Malkuth, including deities, angels, demons, beings from other dimensions, etc. You might be one of these higher intelligences– you might be an incarnation of Satan, a Pleaidian starseed, an incarnation of an extra-dimensional intelligence, two of the above, or all three, but that wouldn’t make you special.

Most humans have figured out that space aliens probably exist, and there’s a pretty decent chance that, if you are an old soul, you have incarnated as a space alien at some point in time. Some humans who have previously incarnated as space aliens think that being “starseeds” makes them special, and it doesn’t.

Even being an incarnate deity doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t give you authority over angels, demons, etc. It doesn’t mean you have a super special divine mission. It just means that a deity saw fit to incarnate small fragments of their being into Malkuth for one reason or another, and that you happen to be one of those fragments.

Needless to say, you can be both a starseed and an incarnate deity. This would mean that the small deity-fragment which you are incarnated as a space alien once upon a time.

Things become more complicated when walk-ins are factored into the equation. Not every soul that incarnates here needs to endure an entire physical life before it learns what it needs to learn. In cases such as those, one soul will make a deal with another soul, and agree that the first will live part of a given human’s life, and that another will experience the remainder of that life. This means that you can wake up one day having suddenly become an incarnate deity, starseed, etc., which is probably very confusing and shitty.

The experiences which lead one to the realization that they are incarnate deities, starseeds, etc. can be fucking intense, and may need to be further analyzed, divined about, and/or channeled about before they can be interpreted properly. It can be easy for a Satanist undergoing such an experience to feel like they’re the antichrist or some shit. If such a revelation goes to your head, you can easily seal your own fate, and fuck up beyond all chance of return. Just remember: you aren’t special, and if you are special, you aren’t that special. If you’re an incarnation of Lilith, I doubt you’re the only one out there at the moment– you won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last. Take a long breath before you try to start a cult and wind up in a situation you can’t make your way out of.

So if you find out you’re an incarnation of Lucifer or some shit, just remember, I have sacrificed an incarnate demon’s soul to an archangel, and I am happy to do so again.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A List of Spirits With Similar Names to Azazel Who Are Not the Same As Azazel

  1. Zazel: The Demonic Face of the Saturnine Metagod; Also Known as Zohal/Zuhal
  2. Mazazela: Martial Djinn Related to Algol; Spreads Confusion
  3. Azelatha: One of the Watchers; Lunar Goddess
  4. Azael: One of the Leaders of the Watchers Alongside Azazel & Semyaza
  5. Alzaza: A Spirit of Ahriman (i.e., a Daeva/Div) Who Causes Chaos & Disruption
  6. Zazazel: Once an Incarnate Magickian, Now the Ruling Deity of Keraktes
  7. Ozalal: Plutonian Demonic Legionnaire; Spirit of Thaumiel; Emissary of Moloch
  8. Azealia Banks: The Chick Who Cried on Wild ‘N Out

Perhaps this will clear up some confusion.


  1. Dreadwood, Somnus. Charnel Whispers. Second ed., Black Court Reliquary, 2014.
  2. Thorp, J. The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic. DB Publishing/Darkerwood, 2018.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Please Stop Using Agrippa’s Sigil of Saturn to Summon Azazel (Includes Info on Agiel & Zazel/Zuhal)

tumblr_n7bbittwk71rtyvzdo1_1280 (3)

Above is Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn, a symbol which has, through a telephone-game-like phenomenon, come to be considered the sigil of Azazel, which it is not.

The misconception that this sigil is useful in summoning Azazel is enormously widespread. Countless black magickal influencers personally use this sigil to summon Azazel and encourage others to do the same. In fact, the misidentification of this sigil is so common that a fictitious character named John Winchester even used it to summon Azazel in season one of Supernatural (a popular tv show I watch).

In Agrippa’s work, three sigils are presented: one sigil of the planet Saturn (the one shown above), one sigil of Agiel (the angel of Saturn), and one sigil of Zazel (the demon of Saturn). The misidentification of the sigil of Saturn as a sigil of Azazel stems from (i) the confusion of Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn with Agrippa’s sigil of Zazel and (ii) the identification of Zazel with Azazel.

Please read this incredibly short article by Frater V.I.M. for clarification:

The Effectiveness of the Sigil of Saturn in Summoning Azazel

As we have discussed, many black magickians use Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel and succeed in their summonings regardless. How is this possible?

The answer is quite simple, and I speak from personal experience here. Fortunately, I have never used Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel, but I have gotten my sigils confused before.

In a YouTube video entitled “Retard Evokes Gargophias Into a Windshield,” I tell the story of the first successful demon evocation I ever performed alone. When I evoked the demon Gargophias, I was using the wrong sigil, and I succeeded regardless. To be specific, I used the sigil of another demon named Baratchial.

Magickians have speculated that Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn is useful in evoking Azazel because of how many magickians have mistakenly used it for that purpose over time. I posit a different theory: I think that people who successfully use the sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel succeed in spite of their misuse of Agrippa’s sigil, just as I succeeded in my evocation of Gargophias in spite of my use of Baratchial’s sigil.

Zazel vs. Azazel

While Frater V.I.M.’s article is useful in correcting the misidentification of Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn, it unfortunately promulgates the misidentification of Zazel with Azazel.

My contention is that Azazel (the leader of the Shedim), Zazel (the demon of Saturn), Azael (one of the three leaders of the Watchers alongside Semyaza and Azazel), and Zazazel (the Lord of Keraktes) are all separate entities. While I have never confused Azael with Azazel and I have never misidentified Azazel with Zazel, I have publicly and wrongfully stated that Zazazel and Zazel were the same entity due to a mistake in my divination. For the record, my misidentification of Zazel with Zazazel is infinitely dumber than Frater V.I.M.’s misidentification of Zazel with Azazel.

Zazel and Azazel are not the same spirit. While their energies may feel similar at times, they are separate entities. They have very similar names, and they are both demons, so it is definitely easy to confuse the two.

Allow me to quote the Wikipedia article about Zazel:

“[Zazel is] The darker spirit (demon) of Saturn. mentioned as a Spirit in such works as the Key of Solomon. As it says on the 10th Plate: “The First Pentacle of Mercury.–It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.” Zazel is described as being one of the presiding spirits, either the forty-fifth or the forty-ninth, with Agiel, of Saturn, and has been described as a great angel, invoked in Solomonic magic, who is “effective in love conjurations”. In Ottoman Turkish, Urdu and Malay, the spirit’s name is ‘Zuhal’, derived from the Arabic language (Arabic: زحل‎, romanized: Zuhal).”

You may recognize the name Zuhal/Zohal from my article Introduction to the Saturnian Divinity or my e-grimoire Falciferian Sorcery for Beginners, wherein I present Zuhal, Saturn, Chronos, Shani, and more spirits as aspects of the Saturnine Metagod. In my literature, I have described Zuhal as “the Demonic Face of the Saturnian Divinity.”

In my personal gnosis, Azazel is not even attributed to the planet Saturn. Instead, he is attributed to the Moon and the Black Sun.

For more information about Zazel/Zuhal/Zohal, I recommend my e-grimoire mentioned above and The Cult of the Black Cube by Arthur Moros.

Where Can I Find An Actual Sigil of Azazel?

In my article about Azazel, I present one sigil of Azazel that I created, one sigil of Azazel that I channeled, and one aspect-specific sigil of Azazel that Augustus Grigori channeled:

A fourth sigil of Azazel can be found in the article below:

Azazel – Watcher Angel and High Prince of the Fallen Darkness

Of the four options presented, I would recommend my channeled sigil of Azazel (the one drawn in blue ink).


I have decided to present some information about Agiel in this article for pretty much no reason whatsoever.

According to Wikipedia, “[Agiel/Agyal is] The Intelligence (beneficial spirit) of Saturn mentioned as a Spirit in such works as the Key of Solomon. As it says on the 10th Plate: “The First Pentacle of Mercury.–It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.” And the letters forming the names of the Spirits Yekahel and Agiel. He is also described as being the presiding spirit of the planet Saturn, with Zȃzȇl.”

According to my personal gnosis, Agiel, unlike Zazel/Zohal, is not an aspect of the Saturnine Metagod. Ninib (a Sumerian deity) described Agiel to me as a dark archangel who imparts protection and alchemical transformation and can teach the Occultist how to evoke or invoke any manner of spiritual intelligence.

Agiel must be summoned without fear. If you become afraid of the archangel upon evoking or invoking him, he will initiate violence upon you.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Control, Know, Eat, Subsume

A long time ago, I got a message from Nyx that I didn’t understand and made a video about it. My conversation with the goddess went a little like this.
Nyx: _______ yourself.
Me: Did you say “know yourself” or “control yourself?”
Nyx: Control, Know, Eat, Subsume.
A recent YouTube commenter explained the message flawlessly:
“Control yourself, and therefore come to know yourself. Once self knowledge is obtained, you can dissolve/”eat” your old self, then become part of something larger. Alternately, the old self becomes a subset of the new self, and does not become part of some collective.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Tips, Fun Facts, & Guideliness: A Chapter I Removed from the Grimoire of Deathful Wombs

  • If you summon a spirit for one purpose, abandon that purpose once the spirit manifests, and then ask for something else instead, the spirit will be furious. Making an additional request impromptu can go alright, so long as the additional request is not too much of a tangent from the original request.
  • The Ars Goetia, which contains 72 demons, was a rewrite of an older grimoire containing 69 spirits. The Ars Goetia included four additional demons and excluded one named Pruflas, who I’ve covered on my website.  72 relates to the muliebral current of magickal energy (as described by a religion I’m unfamiliar with), total magickal empowerment, and the Ophidian (draconian/serpentine) current.
  • If you disrespect the demons thoroughly enough, they might attack you even to the point of having deathly intent. Even when that happens, it is still entirely possible for the deities to forgive you and continue to further your ascent.
  • Forgiveness is easy to get from most spirits, but sometimes forgiveness is partial. Articulated apologies and offerings both make forgiveness easier to get, and making spiritual progress is a big way to regain their favor. I once had a deity who introduced himself to me by attacking the entire inner circle of the Coven of the Second Torch apologize to all three of us and repeatedly ask us to work with him.
  • Numbers which are sacred to Aeshugar are often simultaneously renowned for symbolizing or typifying the Great Work. 11, 66, and 777 are examples of this. 11 symbolizes the union of the macrocosm (hexagram) with the microcosm (pentagram) and the union of male and female. The number 13, sacred to demon magick, symbolized the path to spiritual immortality in Egyptian magick and relates to the thirteenth tarot card (Death). Nine is not quite the same, but close: it’s sacred to the Infernal Divine, as exhibited by the Nine Goetic Kings, the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, and the Nine Demonic Divinities. It also symbolizes the Black Flame.
  • Each of us will resonate better with some demons than others from the very beginning of our work. This this is based partially upon the idiosyncracies of our physis—you will get the strongest manifestations by working with a demon whose physis is comparable to yours. Invocations of various demons will help you identify which type of spirits you resonate with. The ones most divorced from your physis will be difficult to invoke. By deliberately working with those spirits, you become gradually attuned to their physis. Not only will this give you the ability to effectively access greater portions of the Numinous, it will strengthen the weak points in your spirituality and balance your own physis. The more balanced your energy is, the more powerful it is.
  • All the deities have their own character, preferences, values, etc. Ra hates psychic vampyres to the extent that he is liable to attack entire covens of them unprovoked, but Tiamat, Qingu, and Absu all love vampyres and are quite interested in their success, evolution, and well-being. Shugara judges people based on character, deeds, and potential. Samael is more strict than most deities.
  • You don’t get over shit, you get through it—grieve normally. If you still have an emotional attachment to a bad memory, that means there’s something about it you still haven’t processed. Spells for emotional healing don’t make you weak—they just allow you to cooperate with the spirits who care about you. To rephrase that last sentence: team work makes a dream work.
  • Refuse to distance yourself from the persons and spirits important to you during times of hardship—that’s one of the worst things you can do.
  • Do not neglect your own well-being and mundane life for magick. The spiritual high can distract you from your outside life and incline you to procrastinate and neglect your obligations.
  • You’d be surprised how early in your life certain spirits may have had their eyes on you. Your relationships with them may go back to past lives and/or activities between incarnations. Don’t let it bother you if you aren’t one of these cases.
  • If spirits call you a fool, that means you’re doing the right thing: exploring unfamiliar territory. The Fool symbolizes the initiation process, as does death. Death also symbolizes change, transformation, evolution, etc.
  • Angels can be easier to hear during telepathy and are less likely to speak in riddles than demons. The riddles which demons communicate with expand the consciousness of the witch. Always record the messages you receive, as the implications of gnosis you don’t understand can turn out to have completely obvious implications when reviewed. One of the most important axioms of Thelema seemed innocuous and trivial to Aleister Crowley when he first channeled it.
  • Entities who are of a similar spiritual nature to yours or which share the disposition of your personality will easier for you to sense, see, hear, channel, evoke, and invoke. There are many factors defining the nature of your personal spiritual make-up including the state of your alignment with the various planetary forces, your Zodiac sign and its alchemical element, your alignment with the other alchemical elements, your attunement to various types of spiritual energy, and the position of your personality on the spectrum from feminine traits to masculine. Personally, I have always resonated very strongly with necromantic divinities. The first seven demons I summoned had distinct necromantic attributes—I was drawn to that trait of their physis because it resonated with me, even though I didn’t know it. Not only was I completely unaware that most of those spirits had necromantic specialties, I didn’t even know I was attuned to necromantic forces.
  • Some spirits have their own signature ways to give omens to the magickian– Shugara uses the rain, Surgat tampers with locks, and so forth. Omens often times simply serve to either let the witch know the spirit’s interested it her or assure the witch of their presence. It’s not too uncommon for spirits to hide your shit, appear in clouds, etc.
  • As far as I know, no perfect or omnipotent beings exist.
  • The gods destroy people all the time. Sometimes this can be so subtle that a magickal adept can be destroyed by a deity and think it’s helping him the whole time.
  • If a spirit tells you something you already know or reminds you to do something you already planned on doing, she’s doing it for a reason.
  • Offerings do not have to be given during ritual, and you’d be surprised how many different types of viable offerings there are. You can offer fur shed by your pets to a demon (burn it). Mercy-killing an animal on the side of the street can be an offering– so can stepping on an ant. Incense and lit candles used in ritual can serve as offerings.
  • Demons require offerings for sustenance, but they will only demand them of you if you did something wrong– unless a given offering is simply necessary for a ritual.
  • Ask the demon what they call themselves. If necessary, ask them to explain the symbolism of that title.
  • Consuming part of an offering to a deity takes the essence of that entity into your being.
  • Most practitioners of demon magick have a matron or patron demoness. When a spirit offers to fill this role, make it official with a personally designed ritual. You can use the magickal chants listed for each demon in the Demonology & Paganism category of my website or search the Magickal Chants section for a huge list of chants to make your rite as powerful and convenient to write as possible.
  • Refusing to speak about a rite will greatly increase its power, but speaking about it isn’t the end of the world.
  • Just because the numbers 10 and 12 are mostly known their Abrahamic significations doesn’t mean that they aren’t sacred to a some demons.
  • If a deity asks why it should fulfill your request, the right answer is always something to the effect of “I just wanted your help.” Anything else is technically a lie. Lying to a spirit about why you want what you want is a huge mistake, but even the most trustworthy spirits may lie to you about certain things either for your own benefit, to prevent you from knowing a truth you are not ready for, or even just to patronize you. This does not count as hypocrisy on their part– deity-human interactions are a special case.
  • You’ll wind up looking back at problems you could’ve solved with black magick.
  • Chavajoth does not want to destroy the universe. It wants to destroy the universe as you know it.
  • Chances are that whether or not human or animal sacrifice is immoral depends entirely on whether or not it is immoral to kill the person or animal in the first place.
  • Demons hate child abusers.
  • Destructive magick “thins the veil,” furthering the alchemical refinement of our universe.
  • Inverting a symbol can reverse its significations. The hakenkreuz or so-called Nazi swastika is useful for all demonic and Qliphothic magick– the reasons for this are 100% unrelated to Nazi esotericism. In Qabbalah (which Nazis hate), the regular swastika as used in Hinduism signifies the four letters of Jehovah’s name. It relates to the Sun, the highest Sephira, and Jehovah himself. Ergo, in demon magick, the hakenkreuz symbolizes the Black Sun, Chavajoth, and the highest Qlipha. The hexagram, a common symbol in countless Pagan religions but mostly known as the Star of David, can be drawn on its side to make a symbol useful for calling on Leviathan, Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Flereous, and Gargophias. A diagonal hexagram with its highest point at the upper left is apt for calling forth Lucifer, Lilith-Akhathil, Taninniver, and Euronymous. A diagonal hexagram with its top point at the upper right is apt for rites to Samael, Michael, Metatron, and Laylah.
  • Love and lust are very magickally powerful, and sexual interactions with a deity increase your energetic rapport with them.
  • Drawing one of the Goetic sigils is often enough to get the attention of the demon it’s attributed to. The demon may even manifest while the sigil is being drawn. Simply looking at any given sigil can make the sigil more powerful permanently. It is even possible to subconsciously activate a sigil by looking it– this is not a bad thing, nor does it mean that you are being vampyrized by whoever designed the sigil.
  • Some demons think less of you when you think less of yourself. If this becomes a problem with a spirit, tell them you’re trying to fix whatever problems you have and ask for your assistance. That’s worked for me before.
  • Force yourself to be confident about the effects of a rite during, before, and after its performance.
  • If a particular spirit fills you with intrigue and/or excitement, this means they want to interact with you.
  • When a spirit manifests to give you instructions or warnings, the advice is often as simple as “do this.” “Pay more attention to your surroundings.” “Don’t trust this person.” “Pay attention while you’re driving.” If a demon tells you things like this, the advice is often necessary for your well-being in your immediate situation. If you plan on doing a rite in the next couple hours and a spirit suddenly tells you to do it at 10:30 specifically, you might find that this is necessary to avoid a grave intrusion. It does not mean that 10:30 is some sacred time of day.
  • If a demon suddenly possesses you in your daily life and you can’t stop growling, this probably means that you should exit your present location immediately. And if you can’t or shouldn’t leave, avoid doing whatever you were about to do.
  • Unless you specifically expect a demon to adhere to its recorded appearance, it will often assume an appearance hitherto unrecorded, even to the extent of changing genders.
  • Demons don’t mind having kinky sex with you so long as you legitimately respect them and see them as more than sex objects.
  • Chavajoth hates Atheists, Christians, Muslims, pedophiles, and more. While almost all the gods hate liars and traitors, people who do not pursue evolution are hated by many spirits.
  • Even spirits renowned to be the most harsh, demanding, cruel, etc. often turn out to have a kinder side.
  • You should only offer your blood to the most important spirits in your path– always seek the guidance of your matron or patron and/or Higher Self before you offer blood to a new spirit. My Higher Self told me that I should not offer blood to most of the 11, but that offering blood to the metagod Chavajoth was advisable and different in effect. Once you’ve offered blood to a spirit, they are always with you, and their ability to influence you increases. This does not mean that they will take control of you at some point the way some people infer. Any amount of blood offered is sufficient to create this connection, and offering more blood later will not strengthen this connection.
  • Sperm can be offered to far more spirits than blood without being a mistake. Sperm gives spirits more control over your physical body, whereas blood is more known to increase their influence over the spiritual aspects of your person.
  • Cemeteries are great places for demon magick– just don’t use them without guidance.
  • Do not think the demons are limited to their recorded ranks and attributions. The Ars Goetia lists one color correspondence for each demon. While these color attributions are always reliable as far as I know, even the accidental thoughtform of a meth head would have more than one color attribution.
  • The more you work with, pray to, meditate on, and research an entity, the stronger your energetic rapport with them grows. Generally speaking, when you are thinking of a demon, it is thinking of you.
  • The idea of historical facts is a relatively new invention. Mythical stories often served to contain truth instead of fact. Imagine that a given mythological figure is recorded to have given his last piece of food to a stranger. Such a story would most likely not be intended to relate a specific and factual historical event. Instead, such a story might just serve to convey the mythological figure’s generosity.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Demonic Sex: Intimacy with the Infernal Divine

Sexual interaction with the Numinous is a very real phenomenon for a lot of gifted practitioners. While the demons are not interested in having sexual intercourse with every black magickian out there, some of the experiences I will describe are very common events for various adepts. There are given authorities in the Black Lodge who deny the existence of these phenomena, and when you look at the persons who believe sexual interaction with the Infernal Divine is impossible while still believing that the demons are objectively extant intelligences, you may observe that most of them have the psychological make-up of a traumatized cripple who performs at a circus. This pattern may or may not be a coincidence.

One way that the adept may sexually interact with a demon is by way of possession. The demon(s) may partially or fully possess one or both persons and influence the intercourse to any given degree, even speaking through the possessed copulant. When the vessel orgasms, the demon orgasms. Futhermore, it is possible for a demon to love the magickian through other people without engendering such obvious phenomena. Either way, this can make orgasms far, far more intense.

By far the simplest method is masturbatory. Choose a particular demon to fantasize about. Allow it to present visions of your copulation to your mind’s eye and listen to it’s voice egg you on. You will feel the spirit’s energies intensify/become more present as you go. Having a sigil, idol, or artistic depiction of the demon present can be helpful in this, and may help the magickian believe the authenticity of the experience by glowing or exhibiting other astral phenomena. As in the previous scenario, seminal fluids and/or the act of orgasm itself can be offerings to the demon depending on what type of offerings that particular demon prefers.

Another easy method is to ask the demon you want to be intimate with to pull your astral double out of your body when you’re asleep and fuck you in the astral planes. This type of experience, even if not consciously remembered, will strengthen the witch’s energetic rapport with the demon and make communication with her much easier.

Remember that every demon has its “split personalities.” Satan, Azazel, Astaroth, and Asmodeus all have female aspects for those only attracted to women. Similarly, Agrat bat Mahlat and Lilith both have male aspects. But whichever demon you select to sleep with, make sure you see them as something beyond their sexuality—respect is of the utmost importance in these endeavors.

Dream experiences and the use of psychic touch are other avenues to intimacy with the Infernal Divine. While it may be possible to physically evoke a demon and have sex with it thereupon, this endeavor may or may not be practically achievable for humanity in the current stage of its spiritual evolution.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia