Astaroth is Undeniably Astarte

I have said before that the Qliphothic-Goetic deity Astarte, and that the Venus-attributed deities Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, and Athtar are aspects of the same deity. This postulation is a belief of S. Conolly which is supported by my coven gnosis. A pair of rituals I performed with a partner, performed within the context of Qliphothic demon magick, has engendered both male and female manifestation of Astaroth. My partner in this scenario channeled that 8 was the appropriate magickal number for Astaroth, this being during a working which manifested the male aspect, and this being before we became familiar with the 8-pointed star of Ishtar. Before returning to the White Lodge, Adam Percipio also worked heavily with Astaroth, and told me that Astaroth had a male aspect (he didn’t know I was aware of the male Astaroth) which he disliked.

The above paragraph imparts the gnosis of four practitioners (one being a former practitioner), but I will now make a case for Astaroth being Astarte which is based solely on historical fact.

Family 4 of Richard Dukante’s hierarchy of demons includes three different Astaroth demons, being named Astarte, Ashtaroth, and Astarot. Two of these given demons are described as female, while Astarot is described as male. This would indicate that Astaroth is known to oscillate between genders based on authorities in Demonology just as Belphagore is recorded to do. The names Ashtaroth and Astarot are mild corruptions of the original Hebrew Ashtarot, which is the plural form of Ashtoret– I don’t know of any significance to that, as Hebrew plural nouns are often used as names of singular deities (e.g., Behemoth, Niantiel, Gargophias, Elohim), but it’s a fun fact.

The deity known as Athtar, being one of the deities whom Astaroth is either to be identified with or considered an aspect of the same metagod as, was venerated as both genders (some cults of Attar worshiped his masculine aspect, others his female aspect). The male deity Athtar was nothing more than Ishtar’s depiction in southern Arabia. Ishtar was an infamously androgynous goddess herself, often appearing as a bearded woman, and even being referred to as Asdartu (this would be an overtly male variant of the name) in Akkadian literature. Astarte/Asdartu’s sukkal (direct emissary, second-in-command) transitioned from female to male at a given point in the history of Akkadian religion, and the sukkal is always the same gender as the deity.

The name Astaroth comes from Astarte, which is the Greek variant of the name Ishtar (the Goetia is a Greek text, which is why it refers to the Egyptian deity Amen by his Greek name Amon). The cult of Ishtar came to refer to their goddess by the name Inanna.* If the other demons and deities which this article identifies as aspects of the same entity have, in truth, nothing to do with one another, Ishtar and Inanna are certainly still the same. Inanna had both a benevolent aspect and a destroying aspect, which destroying aspect was attributed to Sirius.

The physical description of angels known to most Christians are borrowed from Egypt’s depiction of the bewinged goddess Maat. Wings have a specific meaning in Egyptian theology, and Isis has wings. Athtar’s symbol was the spear point, and Inanna was often depicted grasping a staff made of serpents. According to The Red Goddess, Inanna’s aspect as the storm goddess depicts her riding a dragon. As the Ars Goetia and the modern Qliphothic grimoire Liber Sitra Ahra both depict the demon Astaroth as a “male angel” riding a dragon and carrying both serpent and spear.

It is not unsensible to doubt my claims that the demon Amon really is the same entity as the Egyptian Amen, but claiming that Astaroth and Astarte are not the same deity or aspects of the same deity is simply a step too far. No difference exists between them whatsoever. The Red Goddess makes an undeniable case for the fact that the depiction of Harlot of Revelations in the Bible was entirely based upon Ishtar-Inanna. Keep in mind, the storm spirit Lilitu was referred to as “the Hand of Inanna.”

*Wikipedia says that the cult of Inanna came to know Inanna as Ishtar. I don’t know whether or not this means that Wikipedia and The Red Goddess have contradicted one another.

Unrelated: I was talking with Asmodeus/Aeshma last night. He told me he doesn’t serve Ahriman, which might or might not mean that he never served Ahriman (I didn’t ask). The archangel Auriel (different from Uriel) told me that he used to serve Ahriman as well, stating that that was “a long time ago.” (Note: Auriel has no direct alliance to Jehovah).

Also Unrelated: I always assumed that whatever was signified by the Egyptian theological concept of Maat was inimical to the Satanist until the day I was actually given the definition of Maat during a ritual working to the Goetic demon Amon (I used both his Goetic sigil and his demonic enn for this rite).

Also Unrelated: The myth of Eden comes from Sumerian mythology. Chavvah (the Hebrew form of Eve) originated as a Pagan goddess named Hawwa (or something like that) and Lilith was the storm spirit Lilitu. I don’t know Hawwa, but I can sense that she is not to be slandered. I’m tired of seeing Satanists attempt to interpret the myth of Lilith leaving Eden, because I think it belittles Lilith, and probably Hawwa as well.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Satanic, Occult, & Typhonian Sermons: An Interpretation of Star Wars VIII (Spoilers)

This isn’t a normal type of essay for me: it’s about philosophy, and I’m not trying to be a prick about it. Topics discussed: the esotericism of Hebdomadry, guru syndrome, finding identity, confronting the Alternate Self/Shadow, the relationship of the Logos and the Alogos, self-pedestalized Occultists, extraordinary acquaintances, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Vengir Satanis, Deicide, Michael Aquino, gifted non-initiates, & more.

The Supreme Leader is dead, and I have killed him.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“Before there were Sephiras, there were Black Planets.” -The Adimiron

The Last Jedi was so complex in its meaning that I’ve managed to create something of an Occult-Satanic sermon in my interpretation of it. I think it will be legitimately useful for newer Occultists in particular, and I’m including a big clue into my conclusions about Demonolatrous Cosmology, which are based in gnosis and research alike. If I had to cite three thinkers who were integral to the worldview I’m presenting here, those would be Diane Vera, Professor Jordan B. Peterson, and Messiah’el Bey.

The Last Jedi‘s characters are certainly extraordinary people, but to me, they don’t feel unrealistic at all. A Demonolatress by the YouTube handle of Indigo Priestess said that practitioners of demon magick have a unique propensity to encounter extraordinary persons, and in my experience, this is certainly true. To me, the characters from Star Wars VIII feel like friends I haven’t met yet.

For example, I’ve had a few friends like General Leia: incredibly spiritually gifted, but disinclined towards being an Occultist. She sees the truth in what we Occultists say and experience, but it’s not her path. She even trusts our abilities. She may dabble, and sometimes when she taps into her gifts, she can manifest something phenomenal. The real life Leia-types aren’t going to fly, but maybe they’ll walk on water (true story, and she’ll fuck up if she tries it a second time).

It’s definitely a good thing that Leia got to use the Force in such a dramatic way during the actress’s final performance as Leia (she died). When Yoda appears as a Force ghost and burns the hiding place for the Jedi texts, he hides the fact that Rei had stolen the books. Here we see the hidden wisdom of an Ascended Master: Luke hadn’t even read the damn texts (which makes sense considering both his initial self-pedestalization and his later jaded shame), but Rei’s a rapacious learner: she will. Because of this, the Jedi tradition is being transcended the way that a dead tradition should be transcended, instead of being forgotten like Luke’s dumb ass had wanted.

In short, I feel like I understand these characters, and sometimes I relate to them. The Last Jedi explores its protagonists’ relationship to the Logos as it seems to manifest itself in the guise of mentors, leaders, political groups, spiritual traditions, and parents.

Hero worship is explored from both ends. When Rose meets her hero, Fin, she’s disgusted with who he turns out to be. She tazes him, arrests him, and excoriates him, but in time, she comes to fall in love with him– not as a hero, but as a human. She sees through the illusions of hero worship and comes to see and accept the actual value in the person and insight of Fin.

Luke Skywalker appears as the victim of hero worship– a man afflicted by guru syndrome. He’s a legend and he buys into his own hype: he pedestalizes himself and then fails like Ronda Rousey.

That’s a common thing in the Occult. Vengir Satanis and Michael Aquino both proclaimed themselves Ipsissimus. These self-proclaimed Occult masters of the Black Lodge came to realize how flawed they still were and renounce their self-appointments. A Facebook commenter described their ‘character arc’ to me with singular insight, writing:

That [happened] because they are truly Mercurial. As we personally evolve, we go through periods of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. Human spiritual evolution is cyclical. One may attain perfection, becoming XXI The World. But then it is necessary to start over as 0 The Fool. Enlightenment doesn’t necessarily mean forever.

An apprentice of man had taken up an interest in green witchery: the heavy use of plants, incenses, and crystals in magick. He asked me for my insight into the matter, assuming I had great knowledge regarding it, and I told him I knew next to nothing about green witchcraft.

“Can you at least recommend a trusted source on the topic?” He asked me.

I thought for a moment: “No,” I said.

He was taken aback by this. I didn’t realize how peculiar my ability to simply admit this was until a conversation with Voltigeur Dracovolos. Voltigeur sent me an abstruse excerpt from a text central to the Order of the Nine Angles and asked for my insights regarding it, whereupon I admitted to knowing nothing about the inscription.

When I later spoke to Voltigeur over the phone, he told me about the many persons he’d contacted for interpretations of the abstruse script. So many of the people he’d asked about it fancied themselves ONA heavyweights– that is to say, they had guru syndrome. They didn’t have anything resembling the insights they were being asked for, but they still felt the need to either make a shallow guess or give an ill-advised reading recommendation: ‘Oh, uh, I’m not sure. Maybe you should read ____________, that might have the answers that you’re looking for.’

All the input Voltigeur was given was useless, but so many people were unable to admit that they simply didn’t have any insight into the matter at hand. That’s guru syndrome: the egoic self-delusion which precipitates the humiliation and failure (read: learning experiences) of adepts.

Luke’s ego leads him to corrupt Kylo Ren, and he doesn’t process his mistake correctly. He learns very little, going from a so-called guru to a so-called invalid. He admits to his failings, sure, but he can’t put them into perspective any more than his achievements. While Kylo Ren overindulges in his potential for monstrous acts, Skywalker overshames himself because of his Freudian Shadow. Both fail to properly confront the Freudian Shadow/Alternate Self from a place of balance.

It’s incredibly difficult to find your self-esteem, purpose, and courage without the love and confidence of either parent, let alone without both. Violence is a primitive form of child abuse; undermining the child is the sophisticated approach. If you spend enough time in daycare, you can wind up in the same emotional state as an orphan. Being undermined or abandoned by a parent, or even humiliated and betrayed by a close friend or significant other, can fuck you emotionally for years if you don’t confront it the right way.

If I was cursing you out and clearly planning to hit you, would you be scared of me?  Would it make a difference whether or not someone you wanted to impress was watching? Would you be more willing to take the hit if it was someone else that I was threatening? If I said hurtful things about you that you know aren’t true, could I make you believe them, at least for a while? Are you afraid to fight even though you aren’t afraid to take a punch?

What do you need to do to have the bravery to back somebody down or even hit somebody first even if there was nobody watching and nothing but your own dignity at stake? The answer is to find yourself: find your courage, your purpose, and your self-esteem. When you find these things, you can make the other person bitch out. The fact that Kylo Ren and Rei are able to find courage, and in Ren’s case, self-worth without this primal validation is a phenomenal feat, but it isn’t enough.

Skywalker repeatedly asks Rei what her identity and purpose are until she admits that she doesn’t have an answer. For Christ’s sake, my second former mentor did that to me for a while. He stopped when I answered with immediate confidence and insight months after the initial questioning session.

Rei spends the movies looking for her parents, but when she asks for a vision of them, she only sees her own reflection. When she searches for her parents, all she’s trying to do is find herself, and she’s going about it in the wrong way.

Like Rei, Kylo Ren projects the Logos onto his parents and places his hope of Becoming in his relationship to them. Kylo Ren has been so brutalized by the Logos in the form of his mentors that he honestly thought that killing his own father was the route to Becoming. In reality, redefining his relationship to mom and dad was a wild goose chase. The root of the problem was the mentors who had spurned him, so killing Han Solo does not redeem him the way he thought it would.

You don’t get over grief, you get through it. Let yourself be an introspective mess for a while and explore your pain and experience. Don’t be foolish enough to refuse to use a demon’s help (Google Saksaksalim) to get over what you’re going through: as a passerby suddenly said when I was wondering whether or not to evoke Saksaksalim for emotional healing, “Team work make a dream work.”

While Rei is projecting the Logos onto countless unsuited father figures and Kylo Ren is having tantrums when he’s excoriated by his mentor, Fin is busy not giving a fuck. When his leader tells him he was always scum, he smiles, calls himself “Rebel scum,” and defeats her. When Rose comes onto him, he isn’t desperate enough to reciprocate, even in the moment. Unlike Rei and Kylo Ren, he’s found himself, so his fondness of Rei has a unique legitimacy.

Anti-Cosmic Satanists project the idea of the monotheistic creator onto the tribal war god of Israel, and Niners consider Magian influences the source of the West’s perceived corruption. Like Kylo Ren, they’re inclined to lash out against meaningless external targets. In reality, the Alogos is the precursor to the Logos and Enlightenment lies in the reconciliation of Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] with its precursor: the Qlipha of Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore).

Jehovah is just a tribal war god who pulled off a massive scam, and Han Solo is just a war hero. Defining yourself without them is necessary because they are not the Logos, let alone “God.” Jehovah is not some Cosmic tyrant; your true enemy is within. “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” Cursing a church is only useful in Becoming if it’s one that you grew up in. Theomachy and Deicide can be necessary to some, but if they are necessary to you, they still are not your True Will.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Regarding the Scandalous Origins of Satanism

Our history is something to be surpassed, not white-washed. We owe the beginnings of public Theistic Satanism to two individuals: Anton LaVey and David Myatt: two plagiarists whose leaderships were egregious displays of fraud and propaganda. It would appear that the beginnings of most European magickal paradigms, British Traditional Wicca for example, have similarly sordid and unscrupulous beginnings.

In American history, we like to forget the integral role that prostitutes played in women’s struggles for equality, the integral role that the Mafia played in the beginning of the LGBTQ+’s struggle for public acceptance, and the importance of violence in the struggle for minority rights. We give all the credit to Martin Luther King Junior and none to the man who made it all possible: Malcolm X. The few of us who remember that the suffragettes were white supremacists generally don’t know that they were anti-male bigots.

Anton LaVey was bigoted against women and David Myatt was bigoted against men. Anton LaVey leaves behind a legacy of domestic abuse and prostitution rings. David Myatt championed all manner of perfidy– white nationalism and Esoteric Hitlerism to boot. Both have gone on to denounce their former Satanisms, with LaVey becoming an atheist after ten years of leading the Church of Satan and Myatt denouncing the Order of the Nine Angles, which order went on to undermine the importance of Satanism to their tradition. This is comparable to Darwin’s disavowal of the theory of evolution, which is to say that it’s meaningless. These people were fuck-ups and their ideologies were fucked, but their existence was necessary: the Black Lodge of today has something to surpass.

Real change takes an outcast: persons sufficiently external to the mainstream are required to struggle to make a difference. We should never whitewash our history: in the beginning, it is the fuck-ups who paved the way. I give respect to the degenerates who brought us where we are today and hope that we all can learn from their mistakes, just as we must learn from our own. Among our number are degenerates, losers, misanthropes, junkies, bums, etc. This is as it must be. Underground Satanism is a terrifying force older than we can ever know, but public Satanism has not been around for long. It was only in the sixties the the Devil Worshiper known as Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan. Do not give up on yourselves as you continue to pave the way.

Demonolatry, Samael, Satan, Lucifer, and the Demonic Enns

I left a lengthy comment to a magickal blog I was binge-reading and decided it was worthwhile to reproduce the comment here. The article I was responding to was written by a white(-ish) magickian who worked amicably and respectfully with the Infernal Divine, focusing on the Grimorium Verum. The remainder of this essay, which follows my comment, discusses who Satan is and where Satanism originated.

The article was entitled I am Not a Demonolater. Therein the writer related some negative former pre-conceptions regarding Demonolatry, saying he had imagined the tradition would personify various negative attributes of the Satanic community. In it, he raised a handful of forgiveably inaccurate criticisms: my comment addresses his statements that (i) Demonolaters appear not to disregard and eschew divinities external to the Infernal Divine off-hand, (ii) the demonic enns appear in all ways unremarkable and without value:

“Demonolatry is one of several LHP offshoots of Satanism, alongside Chaos-Gnosticism, Luciferianism, the Draconian Tradition, and Hebdomadry (kind of). In my experience being something of an underground authority (I say authority in the loosest and least self-aggrandizing sense: an influential voice of SOME significance) and having led a Demonolatry coven primarily dedicated to Hecate and Chavajoth, I would say that Demonolatry and the Draconian Tradition are by far the most mature paradigms. Most Demonolaters are over thirty.

Some modern fringes of Satanism are still strongly affiliated with black metal, and back in the day, black metal was usually how people got into Satanism. The negative stereotypes you adduced do ring true for a portion of our demographic, so I would say that your view of Satanism is both accurate and outdated. The Satanic scene is making lots of positive progress and I have faith that it will continue to improve in the future. I think Satanism is a wonderful thing in desperate need of improvement.

The demonic enns purportedly originated from a collection of
family grimoires passed down from descendant to descendant by generational practitioners of demon magick. The story is that all of these grimoires, upon communal review, had the same enns, which enns were made public at some point after the commune.

While I am aware of no legitimate reason to believe this story, I can say that the narrative is definitely, definitely plausible after my experience meeting the inheritors from six of the generational witch families in my state: one necromancer whose family had Nazi gang affiliations, two Wiccans, one “time witch,” one “Christian Buddhist,” one deeply illiterate single mother from the ghetto whose family also had Nazi gang affiliations, and one member of a generational demon magick coven which adores Beelzebuth and Lucifer but holds Satan in disdain. These people all exhibited absolutely phenomenal spiritual capacities with reliable consistency.

The enns are probably the most well-established/popular magickal chants in the entirety of the black magickal community. A few modern black magickal authorities produce original chants and words of power which are, in my experience, more powerful than the demonic enns. As someone who has practiced a lot of magick from many different LHP traditions of demon magick and whose approach to sorcery emphasizes voces magicae higher than any of demon magick’s foremost authorities, I can recommend the demonic enns with great confidence.

Of all of Satanism’s offshoots, Demonolaters consistently obtain the best insights into the Infernal Divine. Lots if not most of us work with divinities external to the Infernal Divine: the woman who coined the term Demonolatry works with way more shit than most of us do. Demonolaters are also the least inclined of all the offshoots of Satanism to disparage Jehovah, the Sephiroth, and the archangels. The authorities of Chaos-Gnosticism convey equally admirable depths of gnosis, but do so from a deeply stupid worldview. Chaos-Gnosticism, often called Anti-Cosmic Satanism or the 218 Current, has accumulated what is possibly the most embarrassing following that any tradition of LHP demon magick has to date, with certain well-known adherents instantiating very noticeable exceptions to the general quality of the 218 Current’s following: a handful of thoroughly erudite and competent adepts.”

The most recent of my two former mentors, Adam Percipio, expressed disdain for and advised avoidance of Satan as well as the first ascended master, Qayin (Cain), when I met him due to the tradition which he’d been imparted with. While I never bought into his condemnations of Qayin and Satan, I did buy into his condemnations of Sorath and Azathoth, which led to my public condemnations of the two. He was right about Azathoth, whom S. ben Qayin has said should only be contacted when absolutely necessary and whom Venger Satanis and Anton Long both wanted to conjure Azathoth so they could rebuild society in the image of their stupid philosophies.

As for Sorath, the public conception of him is strongly influenced by the quackery of one Rudolf Steiner, whose quackery about Satan and Ahriman has been fortunately never acquired any noticeable influence in demonology. I can now join Raven White, Dragon Rouge, E.A. Koetting, and the 218 Current in the endorsement of Sorath.

Like the black magickian from the generational coven I mentioned in the comment I reproduced, Percipio believes that Lucifer and Satan are separate entities– that opinion is common in the Black Lodge. The truth is that Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Noctulius, Shaitan, and Azazel are all independent entities as well as aspects of one metagod. This is why Michael W. Ford, Diane Vera, and David Myatt/Anton Long approach Shaitan as a separate-ish entity from Satan and Lucifer as well: people who identify Lucifer with Satan and those who say Lucifer and Satan are separate are both glimpsing this same truth and interpreting it in conflicting but basically accurate ways.

The Serpent’s Key purports that Paimon is also an aspect of Samael (as I would put it) and identifies Paimon with Azazel. As counter-intuitive as this is, it has always clairsentiently resonated with me, even when I first dismissed the notion. Diane Vera believes Belial is also The Serpent’s Key and Diane Vera refer to the metagod as Satan, but I think it is most accurate, citing Qliphothic demonology, to refer to this metagod as Samael. Lucifer, Azazel, and Satan are all attributed to the Penultimate Qlipha: Thaumiel (Moloch & Satan/ Neptune & Pluto). Samael resides beyond the entirety of the Qliphoth. Noctulius, on the other hand, is attributed to the Planetary Sphere of the Moon.

Ahriman is separate from Samael, but what about Beelzebuth? Beelzebuth is viewed by the the Black Lodge’s majority as separate from Satan, and this is largely accurate-ish. The two should definitely be approached as separate, but there’s a bit of a divine mystery afoot. Seek your own gnosis: in reality, it’s one of those phemonenon we won’t be able to draw any accurate conclusion about whatsoever. The demons will tell you why if you ever bother to ask, and honestly, it’s a pointless endeavor of gnosis.


Adam Percipio did not meet Satan for the first time until after I’d known him for a while, and came to speak highly of Satan thereupon. He also performed his first Qliphothic working: an older and publicly unreleased version of my Sphereworking to Thaumiel. That rite was part of Liber Deus Alienus, a collection of rituals which I privately circulated amongst trusted correspondents.

Liber Deus Alienus was comprised of strongly improved variants of the rituals which my coven(s) used to self-initiate through the Qliphoth, and it’s the precursor to the Qliphothic Sphereworkings available in my website’s new “Qliphothic Self-Initiation” section, and everyone who tried it had excellent results, and many reported strong and unusual experiences. As my publicly available Qliphothic Sphereworkings are an improvement upon Liber Deus Alienus, I can say that they represent the greatest amount of effort I’ve ever put into writing rituals, and that they have been more thoroughly tested than any ritual I’ve put out other than my Simple Rite to Become a Satanist, which also received excellent reviews from several people.

I have received one negative review of my rituals to date: my Invocation of Mephistophiles. My Invocation of Mephistophiles was one of several invocation rites I wrote quickly over the course of a day, and while I think they’re effective enough, they’re not my best work. My rituals almost exclusively receive exceptional reviews, even when I write them in haste (note: look for anything with a really stupid sounding name and you’ve found one I wrote in haste. One example is the Goetic Ritual of the Fuccboi, which I have re-titled the Ritual of the Lover. I wind up having to re-title a lot of shit).

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Ten Spheres of the Qliphoth

This article, which I will be updating as time and increases of knowledge permit and cause, describes the structure of the Qliphoth and the evolutions engendered by an active and long-term initiation calling on it. The Qliphothic Spheres are believed by the White Lodge to represent unbalanced and disorganized reflections of the initiatory forces which are entreated through the Sephiroth. In truth, the Qliphothic Sphere of Jupiter introduces the magickain to the same initiatory force as its corresponding Sephira. The path to enlightenment through demon magick is harder and far more powerful route. Our initiators are not imbalanced; this misconception stems from the manifold plights of those initiates who could not handle the darker path. We acknowledge that the praxis of the White Lodge engenders great awakening, and we await the day they awaken enough to see that we chose the right path for us.

If the witch is guided to do so, she may self-initiate through a Qliphothic Sphere or Path without having endured the initiations intended to come before it. The result is a significant and beneficial taste of the evolution which the working could have brought about if the witch had went in order. She will, of course, still evolve, and when she re-initiates through the Path or Sphere she skipped ahead to after completing the prior steps, she will find the trial of her initiation to have been appropriately attenuated.

A witch can conjure the energies of any given Qlipha for self-empowerment, the attainment of desired things, or to manifest any other need without self-initiating through the Sphere. You’re not going to manage a planetary initiation on accident. My many rites to Qliphas of the Middle Column didn’t initiate me through a single sphere (I wasn’t familiar with the concept of initiatory Sphereworkings), but they made those Qliphas really fucking easy to self-initiate through once I got my head out of my ass.

The guideline is to perform one Sphereworking a month. That’s a good guideline. Unfortunately, guidelines are useless here, but I think the attempt was good. You do this shit the way your gut, your divination, and your guiding spirits tell you. If they tell you to skip ahead, do it. If they tell you to do two Sphereworkings to different Qliphas on the same night like they told me to, you’ll be happy you did, just like I was.

The goal of Sphereworkings is not to enter the Qlipha via meditation journeys, astral projection, or dream magick. I’ve done these things and I have found them beneficial, but the truth remains that the purpose of a Sphereworking is to bring the initiatory force of the Qlipha into your life and your consciousness. Your consciousness will undergo nearly instant refinement and the influence of the Qlipha will engender trials in your life tailored intentfully to “flesh out” your change in consciousness.

I have Sphereworkings for all 10 Qliphas, Non-Qliphothic Sphereworkings for 3 Planetary Spheres inaccessible through the Qliphoth, Pathworkings for all 22 Tunnels of Set, a Rite of Fourfold-Initiation through the Hidden Tunnels of Set, and rituals which serve to polish, increase, or correct the transformative effects of these rites. All of this is available freely and for the public in the Qliphothic Self-Initiation section of my website.

21106698_863229800520323_156985834666044419_nAbove: This is a magickally charged depiction of a portal to the Qliphoth  by GAR. This image can be used in meditation journeys (most Occultists call meditation journeys pathworking exercises, but in the context of the Qliphothic Self-Initiation category of my website, the term ‘pathworking’ refers specifically to my rites of self-initiation through the Tunnels of Set, which do not incorporate meditation journeys (unless the witch wants to perform one). While this image is not as powerful as GAR’s Goetic pieces, it can still be used to enter any given Qlipha via meditation journey. Here are two magickal chants useful in opening any Qlipha:

Drakosophia Liftoach (Name of Qlipha)!
“The Current of the Adversary Shall Open (Name of Qlipha)”

Io Sitra De-Smola, Drakosophia Liftoach (Name of Qlipha), Sitra Ahra Gloria!
“Hail the Sinsiter Left Side, the Current of the Adversary Shall Open (Name of Qlipha), Glory to the Infernal Plane!”

Nahemoth is the first sphere and it corresponds to the Black Earth—the astral realm wherein fairies reside. Nahemoth overlaps with our planet, and any given gap between trees, moments between musical notes, or causal location can be or become a gateway to its mysteries. The name Nahemoth [the Whisperers] is also rendered Nehemoth and Nahemo and the Qlipha has the alternate names of Lilith [Night Spectre] and Reschaim [Elements]. It is ruled by Nahema/Na’amah, and to it are attributed new beginnings, curses or hexes, natural disasters, self-transformation, destruction and death, rebirth or redemption, revolution, psychic vampyrism, personal magnetism, witchcraft in general, sexual power, enchantment, rebellion, opulence, carnality, atavism, worldly power, death, ruthlessness or cruelty, and illusion or deception. Herein the magickian begins to acquire self-knowledge and learns to emulate & use the characteristics of the demonic masculine & demonic feminine alike.

Nahemoth is the womb-gate to Hell. While the Qliphothic spheres from Thaumiel [Neptune & Pluto; Moloch & Satan] to Gamaliel (Black Moon; Lilith) are all considered to be emanations of the Adversary or Devil, Nahemoth is not an emanation of the Devil– it’s a creation of the Devil: a manifestation of the Diabolic whereby the Adversarial Divinity achieves fulfillment. Nahemoth is the point of entry for the Black Light, the creation of which Black Light (Aur Chashakh/Xul/Or She-Ein Bo Mashavah) is completed in Gamaliel.

As the Sun is the center of the solar system, the Sphere of the Sun signifies, archetypally, the center of the universe– the Logos, or the knowledge revealed. The Black Sun is the true and hidden center of the universe, the true acausal anchoring point and the Alogos– the hidden gnosis. The Black Earth, similarly, is the underlying reality of our physical world that we tap into whenever we deny the illusory causal restrictions of our universe. The forces of Nahemoth control the material plane and can be called upon to bestow all manner of mundane acquisitions.

The difference between the Earth and the Black Earth is the difference between an object and an unmanifest ideal in the philosophy of Plato. Nahemoth functions like a master key to the universe: one can travel to Nahemoth and therefrom transport to any sphere or tunnel on either the Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge. White magickians struggle to enter the Tunnels of Set (i.e., the pathways between the Qliphothic spheres), usually resorting to an incredibly difficult and really inconvenient-sounding operation wherein they travel through Da’ath to get to a given tunnel. Nahemoth, however, is a wonderful portal to any given realm.

Nehemoth/Reschaim is the abode of Behemoth. Behemoth is the Apocalyptic Beast of the Earth, just as Ziz/Renanin is the Apocalyptic Beast of the Air. Mythological narratives differ as to whether there are one or two Apocalyptic Beasts of the Water– namely Taninsam and Leviathan. It is the prerogative of the celebrant to determine, based on her own gnosis, whether these beasts truly symbolize the end of the world, or rather, signify the end of the world as we know it– a simple cycle of aeons. The Goetic demon Phenex is attributed to Nahemoth. Shax’s primary attribution is to Nahemoth as well.

If Na’amah shows up to attack you after you self-initiate through Nahemoth, just take it on the chin. She’s only purifying your energy, and trust me, you’ll be glad she did. I was never attacked by Nahema, but the secret portions of my tradition did bring about an experience of that kind with a few non-Qliphothic entities: Tiamat, Qingu, and Absu. Three visible black dragons. No explanation. Hours.

A lot of you won’t get attacked by Na’amah and I honestly don’t know how common it is, but if Na’amah shows up in the middle of the night, it is for the best, and I don’t think I’m going to be feeling sorry for you.

The realm of Gamaliel/Gamalielim corresponds to the black reflection of the Earth’s moon and is ruled by Lilith. Its attributes are sexual alchemy, matters relating to the LGBTQ, dream work, lunar and nocturnal magick, seduction, astral magick, death, psychic vampyrism, personal magnetism, malice, hidden wisdom, astral projection, protection, shapeshifting, necromancy, miscarriages and abortion, letting go of what is dead and past, night terrors, necromancy, self-deification, and sexual black-magickal practices. The witch is forced to face hidden and repressed aspects of her sexuality. Incubi and succubi dwell herein, and guide the witch to sabbatic orgies in the astral plane.

The Sephirothic Sphere of the Moon, known as Yesod, is considered to have been the Garden of Eden, which Sphere (Yesod/Eden) was held to be a perfect mirror of the Penultimate Sephira known as Kether. Ergo, Gamaliel is the Nightside of Eden, and therefore a perfect reflection of the Penultimate Qlipha called Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/ Moloch & Satan). The connection of Gamaliel to sabbatic orgies, then, is perfectly sensible: if Yesod was a Mirror of the Far-Removed Numinous wherein humans could frolick with God, then of course Gamaliel is where magickians can frolick with Devils.

As the Sun is the center of our solar system, the Sphere of the Sun archetypally plays a similar role as the Logos. It is, however, the Black Sun which is the hidden center of the universe, without a center and yet with a circumference encompassing all that is, of which every Higher Self is simply another ray. The Sphere of the Black Moon is then the underlying reality that we tap into whenever we manifest possibilities usually restricted by the pre-causal (not acausal) laws that govern Qamar [the Sphere of the Moon]. It’s really all one tree.

Samael holds the key to the mystery of form. Herein the Satanist becomes an embodiment of Promethean-Darwinian principles as the Samm (venom) of the demonic awakens hidden aspects of her Black Flame and spirituality. Adamelech rules the realm which corresponds to Mercury, wherein dwell dragons and dragon-winged angels who bear chalices filled with venom and massive keys. Its energies can stimulate spells previously cast, and it is known as the domain of the pursuit of godhood. Herein the witch dies and becomes reborn once again after trials that force her to question her own self-value and sanity. The witch is tested with pride in illusory achievements.

Samael is where the metamorphosis truly begins. The influence of this sphere can reveal the deceptions employed against the witch and elucidate hidden enemies. Herein the witch can refine her being through darksome alchemies and forbidden metallurgies. This sphere signifies the beginning of the pursuit of self-deification through demon magick. The forces of Samael can teach the witch to master the evil eye.

Once initiated through the Qlipha of Mercury, one learns to see wisdom and insanity as she is forced to question every part of her worldview and purpose. The witch is often forced to confront failings of her behavior and admit herself to blame for fall-outs she’d always fancied herself innocent in– it’s a brutal epiphany, but she’s better off for it. Booze and tears are common here.

The Sphere of the Earth is in the physical world, and the Sphere of the Moon is in the astral world. Samael is the first step into the mental world and the first Qlipha in the Pillar of Severity– that analytic and dissolving principle of the Numinous upon which the foundation of the scholar’s path to enlightenment is predicated. The second Qlipha in the mental plane is the first Qlipha on the Pillar of Mercy, A’areb Zaraq (Venus/Bael). It is within the Planetary Sphere of Venus that our subconscious desires are generated, and it is within the Planetary Sphere of Mercury that these abstract inclinations find form– subconscious form– which form crosses the bridge of the Lunar Sphere and be expressed within the Sphere of Causality and Consciousness. It is by the attainment of form that a thing can be identified.

The Planetary Sphere of Mercury, like all Planetary Spheres that don’t lie in the tree’s middle collumn, contains an infernal territory and demonic principality alongside a celestial territory and angelic principality, both of which territories are merely locations within the Sphere of Mercury, and neither of which principalities govern the Sphere of Mercury. It is within Samael, which is both the Infernal Principality of the Planetary Sphere of Mercury and the Dissolving-Mental-Mercurial Progression of the Infernal Divine, that many spirits of the dead reside and may be contacted and conjured forth from.

The Qliphas of Mercury and Venus, being both Spheres of the Mental Plane of the Qliphoth, are codependent to a large degree– compared frequently to a matching pair of feet. Samael stripped away my arrogant delusion of virtue and forced me to see how awful I had been, and in doing so, made it possible for me to pursue virtue. A’areb Tzaraq imbued me with a depth of Platonic love and empathy– a strong driving force which saw that virtue was pursued. Do not expect necessarily that you shall emulate this, but I suspect the development of your physis [spiritual essence & essence of character] will undergo a evolution which, while paralleling my own efflorescence, will unfold in the way that is applicable to you.

To comprehend the initiatory forces of A’areb Tzaraq and Samael alike, which opposite initiatory forces together comprise the evolution bestowed by the mental plane, is to understand not only forms, but also the underlying essence that forms express. Then, the witch acquires true agency over forms, for they can no longer manipulate her. This will come.

Gharab/A’areb Zaraq/Harab Serapel/Oreb Mavet
Oreb Zaraq means “Ravens of Dispersion.” It’s the Qlipha which compliments perfectly that which is attained on the Qliphoth’s opposite collumn– the mental plane’s preceding half. Its guide is Baal and it’s attributed to Venus.

Magus Rob called Oreb Zaraq “the realm of creation and manifestation magick.” The attributes of the Qlipha include art, love magick, violent crime, theft, the incitement of envy, astral projection, death, war and combat, rites involving ecstatic states of mind, turning organization to disorder and vice versa, alchemical rites of draconic witchcraft, all manner of conflict, stealth and espionage, and eroto-mysticism.

Initiation through Gharab causes the witch’s magickal powers skyrocket and teaches her exactly how to apply them. After all, Gharab is the first Qlipha on the Pillar of Mercy: the associative and connective impulse of infernality. Samael elevated the consciousness of the witch via her first planetary initiation into the repelling expression of the Numinous, and now, through Gharab, she’s initiated through the attracting expression of the Numinous. As Samael was her first initiation into the scholar’s path to attainment, Gharab initiates her into the artist’s path to attainment. The perspective attained is priceless.

My star apprentice and I agreed that this Qlipha fixed us in ways we didn’t know we were broken. We began to feel an all-new depth of empathy and Platonic love for the people that we cared about. If Samael forced me to see the flaws in myself, I suppose Gharab gave me the eyes to see the value in my friends.

The initiatory force of this Qlipha fills the witch with doubts regarding her spiritual path. She’s made to question whether or not she was ever cut out for the alchemical endeavors of demon magick. The Qliphoth has heigthened her consciousness and coerced her into self-honesty, and now she really has to think, is this right for her? She’s never been more capable of making the right judgment regarding the matter in her life. While none of my covenmates have left the Craft, the reader’s decision is all her own.

Thagirion is the realm of the Black Sun under the leadership of Belphegor. Among the attributes of Thagirion are death, concealment and stealth, awakening, vitality, aristocracy and offices of power, wealth, leadership, overcoming personal weakness, imagination, and the will to power. Its influence can be called upon to destroy or create energies of any kind and to engender the end of any given form of allegiance (marital, occupational, etc.).

The Qliphas of the mental plane have seen her elevated via both opposing principles of the Numinous and initiated through the alchemical paths of artists and scholars alike. This stage of attainment is the springboard for the self-deifying initiation which the Qlipha of the Black Sun impresses upon magickians.

It is through the Sphereworking of Thagirion that witches tend to acquire the competence she needs to acquire gnosis of her Higher Self. The Sphere of the Black Sun often sees the witch’s everlasting part and precedent of self through the bestial called the Spirit Animal. As the circumference of the Black Sun is the reality which underlies our solar system’s center of revolution (i.e., the Logos), the Spirit Animal is the hidden aspect of the Higher Self.

As the initiatory force of Thagirion impresses itself upon the witch, massive influxes of spiritual power stimulate her Kundalini and bedevil her with great concupiscence. The trials of this sphere will often force the witch to develop a greater awareness of her physical surroundings.

The element of the Numinous corresponding to the Planetary Sphere of the Sun is the prime mover of the Logos– the center of the metaphorical universe. The Black Sun is the true and hidden center of the universe, a mass without a center, which contains the All within its limitless and unperceived circumference. Every Higher Self is a ray of the Black Sun, for while the Sun generates causal life, the Black Sun generates acausal life. The Sun is the Logos– the revealed truth– a necessary thing. The Black Sun is the Alogos, the gnosis yet concealed. The archetypes of the Planetary Sphere of the Sun are the gurus who teach the many– Mohammed and his ilk– who engender small elucidations en masse. The archetypes of Thagirion are those possessors of hidden knowledge which initiate the selected few into unprecedented attainment.

The Black Sun is held to be an apocalyptic force– the prime mover behind an all-consuming desolation. The Black Sun, in truth, is concerned with the progression of aeons– cyclic phases in humankind’s spiritual development. The Alogos, once revealed, engenders another cycle of the development of the Logos. The Black Sun will only destroy the world as you know it.

The Black Sun has no relationship whatsoever with the mysteries of the Nazi spiritualists– the Hitlerian symbol often called “the Black Sun” was, in truth, called the “Sun Wheel.” The reference to their symbol as “the Black Sun” is an entirely modern misnomer for the icon; zero Nazis ever referred to that symbol as the Black Sun.

Golachab corresponds to sadistic sexual urges, military power, courage and aggression, masculinity, and slaughter. The energies of Golachab can serve to provoke combat, lust, bloodshed, assassination, warfare, punishment, and conflict. Golachab is the Martian sphere and its guide is Asmodeus. Herein dwell the most violent and powerful variants of incubi and succubi. By the sphere of Goleb/Golachab, the witch is divest of unnecessary characteristics.

Self-initiation through this sphere is often accompanied by a trial of conflict– but not necessarily combat. An apprentice of mine had to break up a dogfight by grabbing both participants by their mouths and swinging them away from one another. He fucked up his hand in the process– not only was everyone shocked he’d just sent two dogs yelping off, I’m told the fellow wasn’t the concerned in the least about the blood gushing out of his hand. One fellow I know spent hours in an armed stand-off he wound up in out of nowhere to defend a battered woman he’d befriended– no one got hurt and no one got in legal trouble.

Self-initiation through Golachab imparts an illumination of the mind which allows the black magickian to truly fulfill the role of the left-handed adept. A sharpening of the analytical faculties ensues as a new vitality emerges. In short, the witch acquires the initiave and the depth of perception which will allow her to bear the full fruits of the things she has attained so far.

The Jupiterian Qlipha of Ashtoreth corresponds to wisdom, initiation, limitations and restrictions, dynamic change, continual motion, bloodlust, opening or awakening anything, wealth, seeking allies, honour, suicide, and the revelation of truth.

The realm of Gha’agsheblah/Gashkalah imparts another distinct stage in the witch’s alchemical progression as her Black Flame is further illuminated. The Sphereworking of Gamchicoth completes the stage of incremental ascent comprised by the second triad of the Qlipha– the downward-pointing triangle whose points are the Qliphas of the Black Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. These triangle formed by the Planetary Spheres of the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter is known as the Akashic Record– a catalog that contains recordings of all thoughts, knowledge, and occurrences which have ever come to exist. The witch who has self-initiated through both the Qlipha of the Black Sun and the Planetary Sphere of the Sun will come to the Record bearing the Torch of Alogos.

Gashkelah/Gamchicoth (which name means Devourers) is the realm of intellectual development wherein philosophy is studied and erudition is pursued. Its energies are apt for manipulation, propaganda, deception, and the refinement of the evil eye. Herein the witch can be taught many workings of advanced demon magick.

Satariel/Sathariel is the Saturnian sphere of Lucifuge Rofocale wherein the mysteries of higher esotericisms are recorded and imparted unto the witch. Its energies correspond to concealment, the propagation of darkness, overcoming oppression, fear, death, the darkening of one’s soul, lethal execration, and the attainment of cold-heartedness. Herein the witch is tested and forced to look beyond the absurdity of what confronts her and see the truth that lies within it. It was after self-initiation through this sphere that my True Will was revealed to me– the very self-initiation wherein Ereshkygal introduced herself to the other two celebrants and I as the Saturnian Manifestation of Mother Hecate. Within Sathariel sits the True Throne of Lilith, as hinted by her name Ama Lilith: Ama’s a common title for Binah.

Ghagiel/Ogiel/Chaigidel is Baelzebuth’s realm which corresponds to Uranus. Herein the witch breaks down the causal constraints which the Cosmos has forced upon her and seeks the experience of freedom and lawlessness through the dissolution of her ego. This is the realm of the True Will/Personal Wyrd and it corresponds to criminality and insurrection. This sphere rises in opposition to the demiurge and propagates what is wrathful and evil. This sphere can be called upon for the attainment of true wisdom and the domination of the masses. It’s the sphere of the Magus. According to Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting, the power of Ghagiel can be called upon in baneful magick to induce “self-delusion, confusion, consternation, and stagnation.”

Thaumiel is the realm wherein the witch becomes androgynous and immortal. Under the dominion of Molock and Satan, its influence causes creation and destruction on a macrocosmic scale and its energies are suited to death and everything related to it. The witch awakens the most hidden aspects of the Black Flame by imbibing the Black Light from the source. The energies of Thaumiel are acausal, pandimensional (flowing in every direction), and unhindered by time. The causal/Cosmic restrictions are truly released by this sphere, and the will to power becomes completely unfettered by personal weaknesses. This sphere pertains to warfare against the Demiurge and it illuminates the subconscious of the celebrant. Its planetary correspondences are Neptune and Pluto.

Qliphoth Opus III from Black Tower Publishing
Tree of Shadow from Black Tower Publishing
Liber Sitra Achra from the 218 Current
Liber Azerate from the 218 Current
Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting

Working with the Goetic Metagod

Update: Never summon the Goetikon for violent purposes other than self-defense. Even justified revenge is a huge no-no with this entity.

A metagod is a unified consciousness consisting of two or more independently extant deities. Amun-Ra, Lidagon, Hermaphrodite, Hermanubis, etc. are all examples of metagods, and a metagod really is two actual spirits merging together like Dragon Ball Z. The conjuration of metagods was a common magickal practice and is delineated all throughout the Graeco-Egyptian Papyri.

The most influential metagod in modern demon magick is Chavajoth– a metagod composed of the Qliphoth’s eleven reigning deities. While these eleven gods will manifest as eleven separate entities, they also occasionally manifest as a singular divinity which appears (to me) as an eleven-headed black dragon. Another prominent example of metagods in demon magick was provided by the author of Liber Sitra Ahra in his descriptions of the “demonic armies” of the Qliphoth. A “demonic army” is a collective of demons, which collective consists of members with uniform or appearingly uniform faculties and appearance, which is particular to a Tunnel of Set (a pathway between two Qliphothic spheres). Before Liber Sitra Ahra, every Demonologist to date had described the demonic armies as multitudes of demons. Whenever we called forth a demonic army, we’d get two or more identities that looked alike. But the author of Liber Sitra Ahra witnessed the Qliphothic armies appearing as singular deities– metagods in the forms of massive black dragons.

Someone I used to know recounted to me a time when the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia appeared to him as a single black dragon. You know the appearance of a demon is a metaphor for its faculties. In my experience, the only demons (or demonic metagods) who appear as quadruped black dragons (head number may vary) are the most transcendent infernal deities. Examples include Bune, Satan, Chavajoth, and of course, the metagod of the Goetia. The Goetikon has also assumed four other forms.

The experience of the person who told me about the Goetikon was backed up by my personal gnosis and experience as well as gnosis channeled by a third party from Sepheranz. I’m more than experienced enough not to need confirmation that this entity is not an egregore, but I say this for the audience.

The Nature of the Goetikon

The Goetikon is far more powerful than Chavajoth for obvious reasons. There are three demons that I know of who are in both Chavajoth and the Goetikon– Astaroth, Asmodeus, and Bael. Since my gnosis confirms Mark Allan Smith’s gnosis that Belial and Baelzebuth are the entity (not even different aspects of the same entity), and Austin Blackstone’s gnosis confirms my confirmation of that gnosis, so I would say four demons that I know of are in both metagods.

Chavajoth, the Goetikon, and all 80 individual demons could appear on the same football field separately, but Astaroth, for example, would be perceiving the field from all three perspectives and proceessing them with a single mind. I have evoked the Goetikon to the point of visible manifestation. I got it to manifest pretty clearly too– it was closer to physical than most of the demons I usually summon appear as (I worked with the Goetikon a lot before that). I’ve invoked it a few times, which was quite a trial– as many spirits you invoke will tell you how many more times you are to invoke them, I was instructed by the Goetikon to stop after the fourth invocation.

I have an idol to the Goetikon which does act the same way that my idols to demons usually do, but I think it’s pretty clear that the idol is less effective than my idols for demons usually are because of the size of the entity the idol contains. The ways that I have gotten the Goetikon to manifest would be very difficult for most, but for me, it was easy, if only for my preparations– save for the invocations.

Samael is the entity who rides upon the Goetikon, Samael being the Qabalistic name for the aspect of the metagod I call the Devil who resides beyond the Qliphoth alongside Ustrina and Hecate. The Goetikon is quite a violent, wrathful, destructive, and invincible creature. He collaborates and conspires at length with Chavajoth. The Goetikon exercises large amounts of influence over our society as a whole– even some number of the individual Goetic demons do so, but generally speaking, the Goetikon is both more compassionate than and less involved with Aeonic efforts than Chavajoth.

The Goetikon can help one self-initiate through all 10 Qliphothic spheres as well as Da’ath. When it comes to magickal violence, the Goetikon should only be called upon to cause harm for the purposes of immediate magickal self-defense and the protection of others from serious upcoming threats– but only call it for the second purpose with confirmation that it will work. The second purpose does not need to remove magickal threats specifically. Even calling the Goetikon for justified retaliation or some kind of vigilante-style execration is a horrible idea with bad consequences. It is unclear to me whether or not these consequences are caused deliberately by the Goetikon or whether they are the result of damage to the psyche, some combination of both, or neither. Either way, the least severe potential consequence which was listed was uncontrollable self-mutilation.

Protecting people is one of the Goetikon’s primary functions, but it only does so when asked to. Below you will find two sigils. I created and consecrated the first sigil and, assuming that the Goetikon would accept any other sigil created for it, requested a better sigil be designed by my audience.  Until 4/26/18, the sigil my friends designed was only half as powerful as the one I drew, but the Goetikon has linked the three symbols (three including the artistic version of the second sigil) together, such that they are all, energetically speaking, the same sigil after I offered some incense sticks– dragon’s blood was the most appropriate.


IMG_0294Above: My Original Sigil for the Goetikon

Above: Sigil of the Goetic Metagod
Sigil by Yuri M. & Design by G.A. Rosenberg

You can draw a sigil to the Goetikon and just keep it on the altar for all your rites to add the influence of the Goetikon to your magick. (Note: it’s not uncommon for spirits to tell you to keep their sigils present during rites they don’t even want you to call on them during so that they can empower your ritual). For better results with sigils, you can write a bunch of numbers with numerological relevance below or around the sigil. The sacred numbers of the Goetikon which I would write around a sigil are 97, 87, 94, 37, 68, 35, and 91.

*The dichotomy between a Right Hand Path and a Left Hand Path originated in heretical denominations of Hinduism, and the terminology came to be borrowed by magickal authorities in the West. Unfortunately, many modern black magickians have pontificated at length about which philosophies and spiritual practices are and are not LHP and polluted the concept of the LHP to an extent at which it’s basically a useless term. Many black magickians claim that worship is an RHP practice, but a brief look at where the LHP actually comes from will show that the LHP has, in truth, always been a path of religious devotion. In my opinion, the LHP-RHP dichotomy has no place in Western religion or magick and I only use the term LHP as a very general, loosely-defined title for black magickal religions in general (it’s basically a convenient slang term to me).

Magickal Chants to the Goetikon

Goetikon + Khaosophoros + Goessabbim + Xulogos + Aeonifer + Semolshedim + Diabalachara + Ala-Mashavah + Rimkaggaggathal + Limkallaggor + Goetikon
This is a name-vibration paragraph which the magickian may vibrate to call forth the Goetikon. All of the names from Khaosophoros to Ala-Mashavah are invented magickal god-names which I have spiritually charged & consecrated such that they may be used as magickal god-names for any demon, any demonic metagod, and any selection of demons. After the last invented magickal name, “Ala-Mashavah,” two of the Goetikon’s secret names which I channeled appear. (Note: channeled secret names should only be used in ritual, never in mundane conversation, and are not to be revealed to the unitiated. These two, however, I have been given permission to post)

Io Khaosophoros-Goetikon
“Hail the Chaos-Bearing Metagod of the Goetia!” I usually recite this magickal phrase when I’m either strarting a robbery or started on, but the chant may be used at any part in the rite.

Io Goetikon Io Ho
Really not very different from the above.

Zobeteuma, Goetikon, Atozephos, Aeonifer
This chant conists of my three invented magickal names for the Goetic metagod and an invented magickal name which can be used to refer to and call upon any demon, group of demons, or demonic metagod.

Salve Zobeteuma-Goetikon
This means “Hail Zobeteuma-Goetikon.” It serves to call upon the Goetikon for any given purpose or working.

Salve Megist Atozephos
“Hail to the Great Atozephos!” Simply calls up/on the Goetikon.

Agios Ischyros Zobeteuma
“Numinous and Mighty is Zobeteuma!”

Amplus Goetikon, Veni
“Mighty Goetikon, Come!”

Salve Aeviternitas Dominator Atozephos
“Hail to the Everlasting Lord Atozephos!”

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Goetikon
This translates to “Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth the Goetikon.” It has two simultaneous effects: (i) it calls forth the Goetikon and (ii) it presences Qliphothic energy to create or strengthen a sacred space.

Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Zobeteuma
This chant translates to “I Summon the Mighty Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Zobeteuma!” It’s only useful for evocation.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Goetikon
This translates to “In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth the Goetikon.” The “Black Diamond” (Adamas Ater) is the version of the Philosopher’s Stone (i.e. the achievement of the “Great Work” of alchemy that many black magickians call self-deification) which can be achieved via demon magick. This chant has two effects: calling forth the Goetikon, and focusing the mind of the celebrant.

Invoco Goetikon In Nomine Qliphoth
This translates to “I Call to the Goetikon in the Name of the Qliphoth.” It calls forth the Goetikon and drifts the celebrant closer to a trance/gnostic state.

Voco Te Goetikon
This translates to “I Call to the Goetikon.” It calls forth the Goetikon with no additional/simultaneous effect.

Tasa Reme Laris Goetikon
Here we have a demonic enn for the Goetikon. The demonic enns are a mystery to all of us, but I know just enough about them to be confident that this phrase adheres to the basic logical & grammatical rules of a demonic enn. However, while this chant is structurally (linguistically speaking) no different from any other given enn, it’s still not a traditional enn, so I had to have Mephistophiles consecrate it for me.

Liftoach Sitra De-Smola B’Shem Ha-Goetikon
This chant translates to “Open the Sinister Left Side, in the Name of the Goetikon.” This chant calls on the Goetikon to strengthen any rite. It can be simply exclaimed once at any point in the rite.

Goetikon Liftoach Shaari Ha-Qliphoth– Ia Ia Zobeteuma-Atozephos
“Goetikon, Open the Gate to the Qliphoth– Hail, Hail Zobeteuma-Atozephos!” This chant serves to presence Qliphothic energy to build or strengthen a sacred space and program the sacred space to help the celebrant(s) look beyond thepsychic filter, irrational doubt, and normalcy bias– these things will be deteriorated permanatently, albeit not to the extent that they are escaped within the sacred space.

If you are reciting magickal chants to the Goetikon, you will have the best result if you recite the chant a number of times relevant to the Goetikon. Specifically, I would recommend that the above chants be recited 6, 21, 27, 16, or 22 times each– these being sacred numbers of the Goetikon not provided in the list above.
In case this massive lists of chants has not made it easy enough for you to design your own rite to the Goetikon for whatever purpose you like, here is a list of magickal words of power which are useful for demon magick in general:
And here’s a list of magickal chants useful for almost any rite of demon magick:

Here you’ll find two rites to the Goetikon. The first is the long (advanced) version, and the second is shorter and more appropriate for novices who are almost intermediate:

Above: Sigil of the Goetic Metagod (Artistic Rendering)
Sigil by Yuri M. & Design by G.A. Rosenberg

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Demonolater’s Take on the Qliphoth

The Alignment of the Qliphoth
The term Qlipha, which is held to translate literally as “shell,” is esoterically interpreted as meaning “womb.” It’s significant that the Tree of Death is composed of Wombs and ruled primarily by solar fertility gods. It’s also significant that there are goddesses, gods, and gender-switching deities in dominion of the Qliphoth.

I don’t see the Qliphoth as some corruption, opposition, or perversion of the Sephiroth. In my opinion, there’s really only one tree– schemas like the Sephiroth, Tree of Wyrd, etc. are just different theological representations of it. The Qliphoth uniquely affords contact with the spheres of the Black Earth, Black Sun, and Black Moon– hidden facets of our universe with unique initiatory effects.

Any tree/schema can be used to reach adepthood. I prefer the Qliphoth for the demons who rule it. They’re (one of?) the optimal pantheon(s?) for black magick, and I think they most properly illustrate the balance intrinsic to the universe.

You can initiate yourself through the Sphere of Saturn as Binah (Sephiroth), Zuhal (Tree of Wyrd), or Sathariel (Qliphoth). I’ve studied the writings of Niners, Kabbalists, and practitioners of demon magick alike. While the initiatory evolutions imposed by the sphere are particular to the celebrant, the changes always conform to certain parameters, and there really is no difference, generally speaking, between self-initiating through Zuhal and self-initiating through Sathariel. The Sphere of Saturn, called Babalon in Thelema and Mactoron in the Sevenfold Way, is still the Sphere of Saturn however you care to approach it.

Above: A Remake of the Clavicula Nox by Daemon Barzai. This Symbol is Apt for Any Ritual of Demon Magick & Any Qliphothic Operation

The Hidden Mother of Nahemoth
The Qliphothic Spheres from Thaumiel to Gamaliel are emanations of the Infernal Divine (and of the Numinous/Divine in general), while Nahemoth is a CREATION of the Infernal Divine. It’s the BRIDGE to the Infernal Plane, the GATE to Sitra Ahra.

The Sphere of Saturn is the High Mother (Babalon/Mactoron) and the Sphere of Earth (Gaia/Aktlal Maka) is the Low Mother, and as it is below, so it is above. The Black Earth of Nahemoth, the Hidden Mother, is named after Lilith, and Sathariel (Saturn/Lucifage) is where Lilith’s true throne resides.

Gaia the Low Mother is the manifestation and fulfillment of Babalon the High Mother, and Nahemoth the Hidden Mother empowers the Low Mother with the Black Light of the Other Side.

The Alchemy of the Pillars
The left pillar of the Qliphoth consists of the planetary spheres of Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. This pillar repels– it represents the Alternate Self and the analytic principle. It’s the scholar’s path to enlightenment.

The right pillar of the Qliphoth consists of the planetary spheres of Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus. This pillar attracts– it represents the True Self and the unifying principle. It’s the artist’s path to enlightenment.

The central pillar consists of the planetary spheres of Pluto-Neptune, the Black Sun, the Black Moon, and the Black Earth. It represents the wholeness of the True Self unified with the Alternate Self. It’s a path to enlightenment walked by sages with both scholarly knowledge and creative ingenuity.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia