A Fundraiser for a Survivor & Prodigy In the Community

When I first came into the black magickal community, I was frequently told by advanced practitioners that I was extremely knowledgeable and spiritually talented for my age. Part of the reason I bonded early on with Eli Mercury, a respected content creator in the Black Lodge, was because it became clear to me that he was better at magick at the age of 17 than I was at the age of 22.

Because of his gifted-ness and his commitment to helping others ascend by way of releasing publicly available content, I decided that he was very much someone worth supporting. Now, Eli Mercury is facing a court case. Eli was groomed online by an abuser and sexual predator when he was a minor. The predator who groomed him was thirty years old. Eli fled an atrocious living situations directly into the jaws of this predator.

Thereupon, he entered into a sexual relationship while still a minor, was physically and psychologically abused, and was deliberately manipulated into becoming a father. I have personally witnessed Eli’s abuser attempt to use his then unborn child to control his spiritual practices, telling him to leave ‘low vibrational’ entities (the gods he chose) behind for the sake of their child.

Not only has Eli’s abuser filed charges against him as a means of control, her parents have also filed assault charges against him after assaulting him themselves. This GoFundMe was created by Leila Sorhouse, a personal friend of mine and his. It exists to help him with this legal fees. I ask that you give what you can. Eli Mercury can be followed and learned from on both YouTube and TikTok. His YouTube channel is named Lucifers Primordial Flame and his TikTok account is eli_mercury. His GoFundMe is linked below.
Fundraiser by Leila Sorhouse : Eli’s legal fees (gofundme.com)

Predatory Groups & Movements in the Black Lodge

There is a variety of predatory movements and groups present in the black magickal community which aim to seduce, mislead, and abuse new and aspiring practitioners. I have taken the time to draw attention to and critique a handful of these groups. If you or someone you know is feeling drawn to or being lured by one of these groups or movements, these videos may be of assistant to you. I have covered the Joy of Satan Ministries, the Order of the Nine Angles, and Sith Academy in this fashion.

Sith Academy | the Star Wars Based Genocide Cult That Wants to Enslave You – YouTube

The “Traditional Satanism” of the Order of the Nine Angles – YouTube

The Joy of Satan Ministries Do Not Understand Demons – YouTube

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Meditative Mantras I Uploaded to TikTok

As most of you know, I have been uploading compilations of my TikTok videos to YouTube. My account on TikTok is vkjehannum and my channel name on YouTube is Vidian. My YouTube compilations, however, cannot include videos that incorporate copyrighted content such as funny audio clips or music. Since all of my meditative mantra videos included musical samples, and I cannot include them in my YouTube compilations, I am posting the collection of never-before-seen meditative mantras here in text form.

For clarity, you do not have to use any or these mantras that do not appeal to you or use them in any given order. Just pick the one(s) you like, and use them however many times and however often you like.

  1. Gonzay-ath Thod Dor Ha- This mantra calls upon Thor to strengthen your natural resistance to spiritual attack and magickally empower you.
  2. Liehsarak Ostaka Soth (lee-saw-rawk aws-taw-kuh sawth)- This mantra calls on Thoth/Tehuti to impart the ability to intuitively understand deities alongside a talent for astral projection and magickal empowerment.
  3. Gostor Alsar Zoth (gaws-toor awl-sar zawth)- This mantra calls on Thoth/Tehuti to impart an intuitive understanding of human nature and the Spiritual Shadow/Alternate Self alongside magickal empowerment.
  4. Ostea Alth Yaza (aws-tee-ah awlth yaw-zah)- Calls Satan to strengthen connection to your soul (Higher Self, Spirit Animal, etc.) and refine your energy.
  5. Phorsara Oth Yakara (for-saw-ruh awth yuh-kaw-ruh)- Calls Lucifer to impart confidence, an intuitive understanding of nature and spirits, and strength.
  6. Gaza Tenthar Orth (gaw-zuh tin-thar orth)– Calls Azlyn to improve emotional intelligence and astral hearing.
  7. Zarzor Thonthara- Calls Astaroth to strengthen your natural resistant to spiritual attack as well as strengthen your third eye.
  8. Orkarak Zoth- Calls Shalicu for discipline, talent for energy work, and talent for death magick
  9. Oktaea Althara Zoth Gor- Calls Characith for confidence, knowledge of self, and improvement of the psychic senses.
  10. Thordora Zathara Ossay- Calls Saksaksalim to impart a talent for demon magick, aptitude for Qliphothic sorcery, and empowerment of the third eye.
  11. Alsietha Sar Al- Calls Lilith to strengthen faculties for psychic vampyrism, aptitude for necromancy and death magick, and ability to concentrate.
  12. Zozz Ostar Azzyk- Calls Lilith to increase will-to-power, impart an intuitive understanding of nature and the Divine Feminine, and build healthy confidence.
  13. Phiesarrak Ostaea Zakoor- Calls Lilith to improve your ability to perceive and tap into energy, improves confidence and intuition, and imparts strength.
  14. Dorth-Yahd-Oss-Oth- Calls Hecate to impart spiritual balance, strength of heart/mind, and empowerment of the chakras.
  15. Mulsala Ostea Gar- Calls on Selene for attunement with nature, healthy self-esteem, and improvement of spiritual perception.
  16. Kiehzara Al Asara- Calls on Nyx to strengthen intuition, impart the strength to stand up for yourself, and engender magickal empowerment.
  17. Dolsaythar Onzara Asahtor- Calls Asteria for shadow integration, development of maturity, and magickal empowerment.
  18. Kiehkar Ost Lorn- Calls Loki to strengthen your energy body and Black Flame.
  19. Orth Kiehkar Dahd- Calls Loki to impart spiritual wisdom and the ability to interpret your dreams.
  20. Ossrahkay Arsea Doz Lor- Calls Anubis to strengthen your connection to the Death Current and awaken your intrinsic spiritual gifts.
  21. Systarrick Altorren Zah- Calls Apep to strengthen spiritual sight (ability to see spirits, auras, etc.).

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Budsturga Pathworking Part Two

These six rituals work with the abyssic goddess Budsturga to elevate consciousness, empower the spirit, and activate the True Will. While all six rites carry those three benefits, some of them have their own specific additional benefits. They are to be performed in the order given. Working with Budsturga is dangerous, but my advice for this pathworking is simple: approach her with true respect and allow her to establish your dominion. Oh, and read my article about her first: Budsturga – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

For part one of the pathworking, follow this link: The Budsturga Pathworking Part One – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

The Fourth Rite

The fourth step in the Budsturga pathworking is a 20-minute meditation. You will need to set a timer. Meditate with the mantra Gozteak Azaea Denlassa Sork for fifteen minutes, and then with the mantra Ostorrathyn Zynthorrea Sal (last syllable rhymes with Paul). Your black and red kundalinis will raise as your spirit is exalted. This one will change you forever.

The Fifth Rite

The fifth rite calls upon Budsturga alongside Azanigin and Noctulius. As Noctulius possesses you, Budsturga and Azanigin will manifest. The initiation to follow will be as potent as the Veilworking of Tohu (i.e., self-initiating through the highest of the three veils beyond the Qliphoth).

To carry this out, start by vibrating the word of power Doz-Gyl-Zok-Ar-Thyh six times.

Thereafter, chant Dorlar Thynda Oss three times.

Next, chant Vorvarak Azahtyn Alk Nah three times.

Now exclaim “Avete Noctulius, Azanigin, Et Budsturga” [Hail Noctulius, Azanigin, and Budsturga].

The Sixth Rite

The sixth operation involves an invocation of Budsturga followed by an evocation of Darkat. Start by exclaiming “Avete Era Budsturga Et Regina Darkat” [Hail Lady Budsturga and Queen Darkat]. Therafter, Vibrate Orkondara once to adjust the planar atmosphere in a manner conducive to the rite. Next, invoke Budsturga by chanting Dorzahdae Oztala Zynn Yassa Ar until you feel that you are sufficiently possessed. Lastly, evoke Darkat by either speaking an inhuman language via possession or, if you cannot do that, chanting Gollgar Orthay Zentorra Sal (first and last syllable both rhyme with Paul). Then, simply accept the empowerment which follows.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. V


Siilassea (see-loss-ee-uh) holds the rank of commander among the infernal succubi and incubi of Golachab. She is known as the Harbinger of Dismay and Concupiscence. She appeared as a red-fleshed demon with black horns. She wore a black cape and a type of leather lingerie you’d expect from a dominatrix. Nothing above her neck would make her visibly identifiable as female. Her only planetary attribution is to Nibiru.

Her alchemy renders the witch self-assured, irresistible, and ruthless. She is to be called on for spells of destruction and torture. She can manifest any kind of suffering within reason within a month. When she is summoned to ruin someone’s life, she begins her work immediately, seizing any opportunities she can to manifest pain. Curse spells calling upon her can have one to four targets.

You cannot work with Siilassea unless you have undertaken a rite of soul dedication. Your soul must have been dedicated to a Qliphothic demon or metagod (or a group of demons or metagods—my soul is dedicated to three infernal metagods). To be clear, you will receive nothing but the cold shoulder should you attempt to approach Siilassea without having first undergone a soul dedication. She will not appear to or communicate with you.

In the eyes of a human, the ways that gods enjoy romance may seem strange. While Tiamat is married to both Kingu and Absu and loves them both very much, she is also romantically involved with Siilassea.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Siilassea is Kyl’loskar Kynloss Zaza Sorapak.

If you wish to meditatively merge with her (compare my Invoking the Grigori posts) to cultivate ruthlessness, self-assurance, and sexual magnetism, the chant to do so is Dasa Kendor’za Siilassea. Here is her sigil.


The demon Aurlastt (or-lawst) is a deity of the netherworld who determines the fate of children and mothers alike. Through his power, any child or spawn can be preserved or prevented from entering the world. Those he steals from this earth are reborn clad in diamonds and onyx, peacekeepers from beyond this mortal realm. He enlists them to determine the fates of charlatans, frauds, and scoundrels. He answers to the Spirit-Mother Qalilitu and presides over many illustrious black magickal alchemies.

Entreat him for blessings in your ascent and warfare. He teaches through life and inspiration, not direct contact. He strikes down his chosen people’s opponents and does so without remorse.

His blessings are given. He is not summoned on called on. He simply effects this world from afar, as do his many emissaries.

He appears as an anthropoid with the head and fur of a goat, dressed in red robes and seated upon a throne of gold.

No sigil or chant will be given for Aurlastt. He accepts offerings of any kind of incense and any type of alcohol. Grant them to him to receive his many blessings. It is best to consult one’s Higher Self or guiding spirits before involving the power of Aurlastt in your life.


Dumah is a Lieutenant under Svengali, acting as the Guardian of the underworld plane which Svengali rules. Christian demonology describes him as the “Commander of the Demons of Gehenna,” and S. Connolly lists his specialties as anger, hatred, war, and vengeance.

Dumah can be called on in spells to protect animals, locations, and vehicles—all vehicles, even your kid’s tricycle. He presides over songwriting and modern instruments. He can impart warriorhood, strength, focus, and motivation to achieve Satanic goals.

He can be called on to cause death by way of energy work alone, and he told me that he can even be called on to curse armies. He presides over human sacrifice and instantaneously lethal execrations. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Dumah is Tyldorn Goss’yalala Zar. Here is his sigil.


Sargatanas is a Daathic, Jupiterian-Saturnian spirit described in Christian demonology as a “Major” of demons. The moniker of his which was revealed to me is the “Dark Master of Abyssic Soldiers.” S. Connolly lists his specialties as being vengeance, anger, hatred, and war.

There are four types of familiars which Sargatanas can meld into your spirit, such that they will act as functionally independent spirits which obey your commands, but will truly have become extensions of your own soul. In addition to soul-melded familiar spirits, the Dark Master of Abyssic Soldiers can impart demonic companions to you. Additionally, he can teach you how to create, acquire, and/or harness animal familiars. These subjects will require detailed discussion between you and him.

Sargatanas specializes in single-target curses which engender a slow destruction. He can magickally improve one’s physical health and fitness (you may use the mantra Thyltor Gosk Gynla in meditation to this end), and he can help one overcome an addiction.

The all-purposed summoning chant for Sargatanas which I have channeled is Dosstoor Lylsakak Iznagaga Lyth. Here is his sigil.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. IV


Ophiomorphos answers to Lucifer. He is a spirit of dark wisdom and deification through the means of carnal rites (sex magick in and out of body & ritualistic glorification of carnality). He is attributed to Gamaliel and Saturn. He should be called on for assistance in starting a new business, protection against spirits who would hinder your spiritual ascent, and learning to understand symbols, sigils, and seals.

He appeared to me as a three-headed serpent with two horns on each head. The center head was blue, and the other two were green. The end of his tail was bladed in a way—two sharp blades protruded thereform, and they looked like they could cause some serious damage.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Ophiomorphos is Lalastara Zykka Dar.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Ophiomorphos


Xaphan wanders between dimensions in search of worthy students to teach the Dark Ways. His specialties lie in annihilating the souls of the witch’s enemies and magickally turning people away from the paths of false religion. He is very knowledgeable regarding archaeology and cosmology. He teaches the soul to defend itself through various trials which can result in the annihilation of one’s consciousness upon failure.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Xaphan is Zensa Dahgahn Ensaea Nahl.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Xaphan


Paraplex is a god-king within Thagirion. He is attributed to Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. His specialties lie in the annihilation of those who oppose black magickians. His expertise includes three-target curses and protections that harm anybody who attempts to spiritually bind or attack practitioners of demon magick. His alchemy centers around warriorhood, strengthening the natural psychic defenses, imparting permanent courage and strength, increasing willpower, and aiding one’s development of discipline. He appeared to me like a white-skinned, black-eyed ghoul wearing a crown and black robes.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Paraplex is Lylsakraea Zassakorth Yeathar Zalsathie.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Paraplex


Feurety is a demonic lord of Gamaliel generally described as a ‘Lieutenant General of Hell’s armies.’ He is attributed to Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun. S. Connolly lists his specialties as being hatred, war, anger, and vengeance. He specializes in three-target curse spells and protection against physical harm. Through his alchemy, a witch may become immune to sickness. It is best to summon him on a graveyard or burial ground—should this not be possible, it will be advantageous to have bones present in the ritual arena when he is summoned.

He appeared to me as a blue-skinned humanoid with two horns. His cloak was red, but its hood was black. The werewolf and the hellhound are two other forms he can take. Sometimes he appears in a black cloak—hood drawn up and face shrouded in blackness—riding a horse and wielding a scythe.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Feurety is Las’kassea Lynsea Darg Gah.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Feurety


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Rites of Acharayim: A Guide to Qliphothic Self-Initiation

Years ago, I presented informational treatises regarding the Qliphoth alongside a methodology for self-initiating through its various regions. Many people have worked through the praxis which I presented long ago and reported excellent results.

However, years have passed, and now I can do better. The ritual praxis presented within this e-grimoire, The Rites of Acharayim, is superior for various reasons. For one, I included no rite of crossing the abyss in my original praxis.

Secondly, the rites were bulky and long, including voces magicae from numerous magickal systems and languages, making mispronunciation inevitable on the part of the celebrant.

Thirdly, each rite called on probably at least thirty spirits, many of which the celebrant was likely to be unfamiliar with.

Lastly, the operations were designed by yours truly, drawing heavily from the magickal systems of other teachers of demon magick. Since releasing that praxis, I have learned to channel rituals, sigils, etc. from the gods.

The initiatory praxis of The Rites of Acharayim is greatly simplified and more accessible. Furthermore, the essays I wrote for this blog years ago contained misconceptions fostered by the Qabalistic orthodoxy which predated them. These misconceptions are absent from this treatise.

The entire original literature of this blog’s Qliphothic Self-Initiation website is gone forever. Enjoy The Rites of Acharayim.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Ongoing Impersonation

For months, someone has been impersonating myself and others via spoofed emails and fake accounts to threaten others. This is done to create new enmities as well as exacerate pre-existent enmities. Fake threats and fraudulent hatemail I know of have been created via email, wordpress, and tiktok. Persons other than myself who have been impersonated include Aldous Blackthorne, Michael Hyson, Imperator Amphereous/Jeffrey Scott Deuel, Antimyr/Somnus Dreadwood, and more. Should you receive strange threats, please contact the purported sender via social media which you know to belong to them and ask them if they’ve sent it rather than engage in a manufactured rivalry.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia