Rite to Astaroth for Healing

(Face the North. Neter is the Egyptian term for deity, Gashkelah is a name for the qlipha Astaroth rules, Sah is a name for Orion)

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Astaroth (x5)
[Open Acharayim (Hell), and bring forth Astaroth]

Astaroth has adorned herself with the Double Crown as the Empress of the North and the South. She is the Goddess of Venus and Sah who has taken station in Hell.
Isis has become the Goetic Demoness whose attributes are warcraft and passion.
I call now unto Astaroth to bring about convalescence.

Qodesh la-Ashtoreth Karnaim (x6) [Holy to Ashtoreth of the Two Horns]

Mother and Queen Ashteroth Karnaim,
Known as Ishtar and Isis,
Goddess over Gashkelah and the Nile
Matron of Bloodshed and Sirius
Beautiful Neter of the Afterlife
Mighty Venusian Giver of Life
And Beloved Goddess of Earth.
I call upon you,
Descend to this plane.

Tasa Aloren Foren Astaroth (x3)

(Specify the affliction and who is to be healed of it)

So mote it be!


Witchcraft: the Consecration of Ritual Implements

The witch may be inclined to purge the item to be consecrated of any spiritual energies it may have previously accumulated. To do so, she should fill a glass or other receptacle with water and put a few specs of salt therein. The object should be dipped in the water, whereupon the witch whispers “I divest this _____ of any pre-existent energies,” or any phrase to this effect.

An object may be consecrated solely through the repeated use of it in ritual, or it may be left atop a window ceil so as to let it bask in the light of the moon. Prior to a cycle of lunar saturation, the witch should familiarize herself with the magickal effects of the moon, which vary according to cycle: waning, waxing, full, dark, blood. Google this and peruse the pages of any Wiccan text (you may find that those cheap Wiccan books they sell in Barnes and Noble are often storehouses of much knowledge concerning practical witchcraft).

Alternately, the auspices of a deity may be elicited. The witch may evoke one or more entities and ask them to enchant the object. This is most appropriate if you have multiple implements and/or pieces of jewelry which you would like to have enchanted, preferably for a specified effect. You can indeed enchatnt anything– I have a toy leopard enchanted to empower my rites of evocation. I also have an umbrella with magickal numbers and words of power relevant to necromancy drawn all over it. A covenmate and I were once meditating in a graveyard to commune with the dead when the umbrella fell over and bumbed his shoulder. He grabbed my shoulder and yelled “A BAT!”

The manta LEPACA KOHOT HA-RESHUT HA-RABBIM calls upon Lepaca (the Demon of Opening) to help you bring forth a few infernal spirits, i.e. the “forces” [Kohot] of the Qliphoth [Reshut Ha-Rabbim/Kingdom of Manifoldness]. It was specifically written to consist of eleven syllables, as eleven is the number of the demonic.

Alternatively, one may simply vibrate the various names of a certain entity to empower the object though its auspices. The names of Lucifuge Rofocale are appropriate (Lucifage, Lucerifuge, Lucifugus Rofocalus), as are the names of Cain (Qabeel, Qayin, Diaphotos, Adiaphotos, Mahan).

Unrelated: Have you heard of Hecate’s hunting call? It serves to call up Hecate’s hounds, which are very useful in astral combat. It comes from The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley: “Untu La La Ulula Umuna Tofa Lama Le Li Na Ahr Ima Tahara Elula Etfoma Ununa Arpeti Ulu Ulu Ulu Maraban Ululu Mahata Ulu Ulu Lamastana!”

I did a ritual with a couple friends on Halloween where we called up several different kinds of Hekate’s spirits, kunes aidao [hounds of the underworld] included. We indistinguishably heard one barking in a pitch that sounded comparable to a crow’s voice as it ran around the chamber, apparently raising sacred space for the ritual.

Also unrelated: I know Satan is just a word for “Adversary,” but are you aware that many other entity names that are technically words or titles? Allah, Ba’al, El, Molock, Adi Parashakti, Adonai, Mammon, Luna, Sulpae, and Saturn, to name a few.

Magickal Chants to Damkina

Damkina Taris! Damkina Gabbar! Ia Sarratum Damkina!
[Damkina is right! Damkina is strong! Hail Queen Damkina!] (to impart aplomb to the witch (in a lasting way), and to increase the longevity of the celebrants and that of the trees surrounding them)

Matrum deum, Dea finis, veni et germinet gnosis!
[Mother of the Gods, Goddess of Fate, come and bring forth gnosis!] (to talk to one’s Inner Daemon or remember past lives)

In nomine de Regina Damgalnunna excelsi
(invoking the authority and power of Damgalnunna. To start a ritual or spell) [Latin: “In the name of the great Queen Damgalnunna”]

Ia Damgalnunna, Sarrat Eri-Dugga!
(praises Damgalnunna and thereby makes one receptive to her power; bends the atmosphere to her will) [“Hail Damgalnunna, Queen of Eri-Dugga!”]

Ia Ninchursanga
(praises Ninchursaga, makes you receptive to her power, strengthens the ritual)

Ia Ninchursanga! Cacama! Karra!
(calls the power of Ninchursaga; transmits the incantation. To be used at the end of a spell)
[Spoken Cuneiform: Hail Ninchursaga! Amen! Hurra!)

Invoco Damkina
[I call upon Damkina] (mantra for invocation or the empowerment of a spell)

Regina Ninhursag Gloria
(grants power over the environment and augments the location’s numinosity)
[Glory to Queen Ninhursag]

Veni et rege Damgalnunna!
(calls upon Damgalnunna to actualize whatever your intent is)

Ia Davcina, Belatis-Dingir-Dingir!
(Calls upon the power of Davcina, drastically raising the spiritual atmosphere of the area and attaining single-mindedness) [Hail Davcina, Lady-Ruler of the gods!]

Ba Ninhursag Ehdet! Ia Sarratum Ninchursanga! Meqim Damgalnuna!
[I adhere to Ninhursag! Hail Queen Ninchursanga! Damgalnuna is the creatrix!] (protects the ritual from interference and increases the durability of the energy being raised)

Matrum Deum!/ Sancta Davcina!/ Agios es,/ Nunc et in omnia saecula!/ Agios o Davcina!/ Agios o Pharmaceutria!
(blasphemes the virgin mary, praises Davcina, calls upon the protection of Davcina from external interference, and empowers + activates any crystals, sigils, or plant-life in the ritual space) [Mother of the gods! Holy Davcina! Hallowed art thou, now and for all days. Hallowed be Davcina! Hallowed be the Sorceress!]

Agios es, Sancta Davcina
(Blaspheme the virgin Mary, praise Davcina, for evocation and invocation)

Agios es, Mater Ninhursag
(calls upon Ninhursag to protect ritual and activate + empower any sigils nearby)

Alka Damkina
(summoning Damkina—invocation or evocation)
[Come Damkina]

Ave Aeternae Ninhursag
(fills the area with natural energies)
[Hail Eternal Ninhursag]

{Below: I am [Queen or Mother] NAME (for invocation)}
Sum Ninchursanga
Sum Mater Davcina
Sum Mater Damkina
Sum Regina Damgalnuna

Notes on Vampyric Feeding

The circumstances of the victim are a significant determinant of her energetic quality. A sleeping victim will exhibit a heigthened quality of prana, keep this in mind when predating upon roommates and house pets. Such victims are also in an optimal condition to regenerate their ki, so feeding at this time is less harmful.

Victims who are working out, lifting or carrying a heavy object, or dancing will also exhibit a heightened quality of chi as well.

The highest and most bliss-inducing qualities of prana I have ever imbibed came from visibly pregnant women.

Feeding upon an intoxicated individual induces intoxication upon the vampyre, albeit briefly in comparison– the speed at which the vampyre digests exogenous prana is dependent upon her power level (specifically upon a skill I’ve labeled vampyric metabolism). When I first read that drinking from a stoned person who intoxicate the predator, I assumed that one would have to be quite the energy worker to actually manage to get stoned that way. This is not the case.

If you have performed sexual feeding in the past, you are aware of how bliss-enducing and empowering of an experience it is. You will never feel so divine and desirable as you do then.

Satanic Witchcraft: How to Begin a Ritual

The first step of any ritual is getting into the appropriate mindset. The common practice of the fourfold breath is conducive to this: inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, counting mentally. Repeat thrice.

But while this does much to calm and focus the mind on its own, there are words of power that the witch may wish to experiment with to get into her zone.

CHAOSATANAS and DAY-VAH-NAH-OM, the latter of which translates to “Daevas (Dark Spirits) are Worshipped through me,” are both useful for imparting focus and strength of will to the witch. NOXULIFER and/or SKANAGHT are both useful words of power for getting the witch into a gnostic/spiritual state.

One common trick from the Typhonian tradition is making a loud HHHHHSSSSS noise at the initiation of a rite. This sound, called the Hiss of Dahomey, creates a large amount of white and pink noise which is conducive to the summoning of entities. The opposite sound, known as the Winds of Space (SSSSSSHHHHHHH) is useful in causing departure or preventing manifestation. The Winds of Space are most useful for coercive banishing, but on two occasions, spirits have appeared to have experienced trouble leaving in a way that is comparable to a human’s clothes getting caught on a fence, and I have used the Winds to aid their departure. This should only be done if one can sense the spirit requesting it.

Many witches will begin by raising magickal energies conducive to the working at hand. Here’s a simple prayer composed of various magickal words and chants that should suffice: “MELUS DE QUO MAGMA, ET REVERTETUR AD TENEBRAS! LIFTOACH KLIFFOT, PORRO TRIUMPHATOR IN INFERNO SUNT! ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANADA ZAZAS! DONGRAPH! ZODAMRAN!”

Many witches like to call upon the auspices of a deity they like at the initiation of a ritual. Here are some common examples.





Such things are optional.

If the ritual is one of self-empowerment, the witch will usually want to stay still and “bask” in the energies accumulated while meditating. If she wishes, she may use a mantra or word of power which she may enunciate on each exhalation. I recommend “Bohu, Tohu, Chasek” to grant one visions of darkness, “Xeper” to empower oneself, “Infusco Ignis Satanas” meaning “Black Flame of Satan,” or “Atazoth.”

I face North in all of my Apsidomantic (Demonic) and Paganistic rites, as the direction of North is the source of Darkness/the demonic in both Judao-Mysticism and Zoroastrianism. Lilith has been called “Tzaphoni,” meaning “The Northern One.” Both Saturn and the Black Sun are attributed to the North.

Most Satanists face the West as an inversion of the RHP emphasis on facing the East, but North is a more sensible choice for one wishing to change their direction to call upon Sinstral [left-handed] forces.

At the end of a rite, no “dismissal” is necessary. Merely thank everything you called upon during the ritual and every entity which showed up to help.

Xeper – the Eternal Word of Set
Liber Sitra Ahra
Venus Satanas’s website
ONA literature
Liber Falxifer
Typhonian Terratomas
Gematria and the Tanakh
Vera and Bleach’s Website
The Bible of the Adversary
Liber Azerate
Nargargole Shlod’s YouTube Channel
Encyclopedia Iranica
Dragon Rouge’s Literature
The Book of Belial


Names: Gargophias, Amarantha, Hekashua
Gematria: 342, 393, 2429
Planet of Spirit: Moon
Qliphothic Pathway: 13/23 (Thagirion-Thaumiel)
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu XIII (High Priestess)
Force of Tunnel: Creativity; Reproduction
Siddhi of Tunnel: Clairvoyance; Divination During Lunar Eclipses
Atavism of Tunnel: Frog
Disease of Tunnel: Menstrual Disorders
Attributions: Amaranthe
Musical Note: G#
Letter of Tunnel: Gimel
Colors of Tunnel: Silver; Black
Magickal Numbers: 17, 41, 54, 84

GargophiasAbove: Artistic Depiction of Gargophias for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Gargophias is the archfiend who inhabits the Qliphothic pathway between Thagiriron (Black Sun/Belphegor) and Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan). She is largely affiliated with necromancy, clairvoyance, divination, and self-deification. The necromantic practices which she imparts to the witch are of a singularly horrific and darksome nature.

Gargophias is an emissary of Hekate and a demon of femininity. Her name is translated to mean Lemurs. She is a spirit of chaos and the moon and she operates as a psychopomp, leading the witch through the portals and gateways of the astral plane. She is a harbinger of awakening—informing the witch of hidden knowledge and bestowing initiation upon her.

Gargophias is often paired with Raflifu. The aforementioned website likens Gargophias to a prostitute betrothed to a prince.

Gargophias hones the psychic powers of the witch and makes her causal goals bear fruit. She begets internal alchemy. She is of the nature of succubi, begetting vampyric power unto her disciple.

I found a pair of quotes from an Occult website, likely paraphrased, in my notes which read as follows: “Gargophias rules baratchian witchcraft. She waits for the witch to leap into the depths of sexual union— the mating of chaos and time. Dream interpretation, clairvoyance, and menstruation. With her dwell lemurs.” Second quote: “Gargophias’s tunnel is a mutation of the lunar current which results in lemurian children.”

Gargophias manifests with many different appearances: a blood-smeared corpse maiden with a white dress and a dislocated jaw, a demonic crone, an armored warrioress, a floating white head, a flower girl, and more, but she is always female, and her skin is generally corpse-grey or snow-white.

Gargophias rules over knot magick, binding spells, execrations, hexes, and death magick. She is the most faithful servant Hecate has, and she’s a direct link between you and her. She has all the knowledge of Hecate, and she can give it to you. She aids in the creation and use of egregores.

Frater 414 describes Gargophias in a male manifestation as “A figure, dark clothing, white face with odd tentacles flailing from the face.”

The tunnel of Gargophias is described in the Shadow Tarot of Linda Falorio as follows:

This 13th Tunnel is that of Not, Naught, the Great Negative, LA, Lilith, Lady of Night. It is the Tunnel of Sevekh, Kefekh, Khepsh of the Seven Stars. Here, She is depicted as Egyptian Ur-Hekau, Mighty One of Enchantments, gesturing to Her attendant Stars that mark the Stellar Gate into the Earth-web. Her power is of a particularly Feminine type of creation— parthenogenesis — self-fertilization —such as has been recorded in the earliest divine myths.

By the image-generating power of the back-brain, webs of dreams are spun from the miasma of the lunar flux which gushes from Her, spawning Lemurian horrors, spawning teratomas arising from that stratum of pre-human consciousness that stretched long ages before the epoch of Atlantis. Patiently, passively, apparitions build, as a pearl grows bathed in successive layers of the nacre. Thus World is dreamed into existence by the Ancient One who slumbers in the deeps of unknown Space.

Yet the Feminine knows that not all that lives has the right to continued life. This is the cruelty, the horror of existence, its ultimate irrationality, that the prerogative of the Goddess is culling. She reserves the right to kill Her offspring, to weed out the undesirable, those She finds somehow unfit for life. She cares not for our complaints, nor for solar concepts of “justice,” but bids us to laugh with Her at the irrational joy of mere existence, and to delight with Her in the Maya dance of dream illusions, that together She, and we, have spun.

Gargophias is an incredibly sexual demon. If you really interest her, you can expect to be dragged out of body in sleep and fucked regularly. This strengthens one’s connection to the spirit and makes it easier to communicate with them.

Frater 414 describes the lessons of this spirit and his/her tunnel as follows: “As he rows this canoe, he explains that this place is not all that is [or is not], but a veil. I learn that Nuit veils Herself to reveal Isis (or Babalon). All that we perceive is a veil of Nuit, take away those, and Nothing is left. So profound was this that I did not need further exploration. The veil is placed at the abyss; beyond that veil the truth is revealed. All objects are veils upon Nuit.”

Linda Falorio writes:

The need for working with the energies of Gargophias may be signaled by our experiencing in ourselves, or encountering in others, feelings and expressions of reverence for “life” for its own sake, without regard to use, form, function, Will, or desire. We may encounter an overly masculine, yang,  aggressive orientation to action on  the world, or, we may find that we, and others somehow find the ability to believe in the collective Dream as objective Reality. Sadly, there may be an accompanying inability to dream, or, the breakthrough of uncontrollable nightmares. One may experience lack of visual imagination, a lack of poetry, idealism, and romance in one’s life. There may be a sense of general creative drought that signals a lack of connection to the world of Spirit,  and that leads to a lack of ideals, a lack of hope and vision of the future.

Yet in the tunnel of Gargophias is the power of the Feminine, bringing us to God. Here is the non-reflective power of movement in dreams, the power of clairvoyance, and contact with Spirit Helpers. Here is the instinctive power of the artist to fashion living souls from the substance of their own ectoplasm. Magick is exuded from the inner core, abundant creativity up-wells from an inexhaustible inner Source.  Here too, is 21st Century science: space-migration, genetic engineering, tinkering with the archetypal blueprints of life’s proliferation. And here is the attendant possibility of spawning Frankenstein horrors based upon mutation of the DNA, those terrifying mutations of past and future selves, non-viable evolutionary dead-ends, such as the Nephilim wrought questing to create perfect worker-servants of the gods.

Danger and delight lie in the compelling temptation to turn one’s back upon the “objective” world, to become forever lost in a forest of alluring, solitary fantasy, pulled to dissolution in the waters of deep space, higher, higher, into the Void of the Absolute.

There are three different numerical values for Gargophias’s name (as their are various systems of Gematria) and they follow alongside their correspondences.

342, which is equivalent in value to the names of the demons Focalor, Bifrons, and Korson, as well as the Hebrew words meaning “sweet smell,” “path,” “way,” and “male genitals.”

393, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew words for “freedom,” “trumpet,” and “maidservant/slavegirl.”

2429, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew word for “justice.”

Magickal Chants

Gonjall Rothkontall Yonlathor Yellonkoth Gargophias
My Channeled Summoning Chant for Gargophias

Invito Mater Gargophias, Sanguinaria Praecantatrix
“I Call Mother Gargophias, Bloodthirsty Enchantress!”

Gargophias Baalat Tsalmaveth– Qodesh La-Amarantha
“Garophias, Ruler of the Realm of the Dead– Holy to Amarantha!”

Amarantha, Gargophias, Hekashua
The Names for Gargophias Arranged Into a Chant

Cio Gargophias Dia Elecebra– Vorsipellis, Venefica, Et Vates
“I Call Gargophias, Numinous Seductress– Shapeshifter, Witch, and Prophetess!”

sigils of gargophias

Above: Sigils of Gargophias from Qabalah, Qliphoth, & Goetic Magic and Liber 231

-V.K. Jehannum

Magickal Chants to Belial

“Numinous Belial King of Emptiness”
Source: VK

“Come Into Me, Belial King of the Earth!”
Source: VK

names of Belial ordered into a chant
Source: VK

“Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Belial”
Magickal chant which invokes Belial and strengthens the self-transformative effects of the invocation.
Source: V.K.

Magickal Chants to Chavajoth

IMG_0764Above: My Original Sigil for Chavajoth

Three names for Chavajoth which, spoken in this order, have additional magickal power.
Source: V.K.

“May Chavajoth bestow his blessing upon you.”
Source: VK

A long-forgotten name for Chavajoth which consists of 11 A’s just like the ZZNZ chant used to open the Abyss.
Source: V.K., Inspired by Traditional Qabbalah

(used to presence Qliphothic energy)
Source: VK

“Surely Havayoth exists in this place.”
Source: V.K.

“Holy to the Azerate”
Source: VK

The voice of the Azerate convulses the wildnerness
Source: VK

IMG_0766Above: Another Sigil I Made for Chavajoth

The names of the Azerate lumped into a chant comprised of 37 syllables. 37 is the number of Adversarial Magick epitomized the number of the primordial abyss (Da’ath), specifically in reference to the primordial abyss as a gateway to the Qliphoth.
Source: V.K.

(used to end a ritual)
Source: Diabolic Gnosticism Mythos and Philosophy by Frater Kafyrfos

New Chants! 🙂

Venire, Omnituens Chavayoth
“Come, All-Seeing Chavayoth!”

Io Heh Vau Heh Jod
“Hail Heh Vau Heh Jod!”

Heh Vau Heh Yod, Deus Alienus, Chavajoth, Aeonifer
Four Names of Chavajoth Assembled into a Chant

Advoco Et Adoro Te Praevalidus Chavayoth
“I Call and I Adore You, Mighty Chavayoth!”

Baruch Ha-Chavajoth, Theli Ha-Acharayim
“Blessed is Chavajoth, the Dragon of the Backwards Tree!”
Calls upon Chavajoth to influence your ritual so that the demons you call on are easier for you to perceive if and in any way that they choose to reveal themselves. It helps you perceive the spirits. It doesn’t help the spirits appear to you– they don’t need help.

Qol Chavayoth Chotzev Lahavoth Esh
“”The Voice of Chavajoth Kindles Flames of Fire!”

Qol El Acher Al-Ha-Mayim
“The Voice of the Foreign Divinity is Over the Waters!”
This chant calls Chavajoth to influence the rite such that the energy of your magick sticks to its intended course– so if you get paranoid and that would normally fuck up the manifestation of your intent, Chavajoth fixes it.

Qol Chavayoth Shover Haraziym
“The Voice of Chavayoth Breaks Cedars!”

Io Rakhalatu-Chavajoth
Io means “Hail” and Rakhalatu is a revealed name for Chavajoth.

Subrige Praevalidus Rakhalatu
“Rise, Mighty Rakhalatu!”

Aeviternitas Deus Alienus Gloria
“Glory to the Sempiternal Foreign Dvinity!”

Liftoach Sitra De-Smola, B’Shem Ha-Havayoth
“Open the Sinister Left Side, in the Name of Havayoth!”
This calls upon Chavajoth to presence Qliphothic energy and shape it into a sacred space– Chavajoth will shape it into whichever shape Chavajoth sees fit. It might stop at the walls of the room that you’re in, for example. If you have presenced Qliphothic or any other type of energy with the intention of creating a sacred space prior to reciting this chant, it will be meshed with this sacred space, and residual Qliphothic energy lingering around the chamber will be drawn in too. This one should be chanted specifically eleven times in a row.

Demonic Correspondences in Gematria

2: correponds to the Devil as the disruptor of the fascistic unity which the demiurge has essayed to impose upon us
3: triple goddess, the moon, the stabilization of any process, completion, the three alchemical substances, id-ego-superego, Set, Saturn
6: union with the Inner God, the Sun
7: attributed to Lucifer, the seven Hells among which the 10 spheres of Sitra Achra are divided, 7 gates before Jehannum, the union of Chiva with Necesh, Chavajoth
9: the Black Flame, the Devil, the nine demonic divinities
11: the Azerate as well as anything demonic, satanic, or infernal
13: lunar, Khaos, Da’ath, the feminine, Qayin
31: Azazel, Kia
37: Da’ath as the point of entrance to the Qliphoth, Valu, the perfection of the Satanic magickal methodology, the Night Demon of December Second
61: Zagan, Kali, Ain (the eye of the void/nothingness/the witch moon of blood), Nia (the Occult eye)
66: the formula of entering the Kliffot
70: Ayin, Gog and Magog, Adam and Eve
72: Necesh [the Serpent], the spirits of the Goetia, the number of conspirators that helped Seth kill Horus
75: Laylah [Night], Lucifer, the Pleiades
78: Belial, the Logos, the number of cards in a Tarot deck, Aiwass
81: the full moon, night, the number of Hecate’s witchcraft, Camio
83: Abalim, Machaloth
116: Alchemy, Gamigin, Halpas
120: Phenex, Orion, Ogiel
131: Tehom, Samael, Baphomet, Pan, Yamatu, Mako (Set)
160: Naphula, Qayin, Niantiel
217: Set, Babalon, Sirius
218: Molock, Azerate
487: Sitra Achra
496: Leviathan
522: Ama Lilith
579: Oreb Zaraq, Midnight, Nebuchadnezzar
580: Sitri, Valley of the Shadow of Death, Sa’iyr/Sair [Hairy One/He-Goat/Demon]
583: Abyss
639 Etz ha-Da’ath [Tree of Knowledge], Esrim ve-Achad [Twenty-One, a number symbolizing the union of opposistes]