Satanic Pathworkings through Graphic Art

In Erica Frevel’s book the Deplorable Word, she writes of the way that spirits often guide the creation of her artwork. She sees faces manifest on the canvas through her subtle perception and she paints their likeness where it appears to eternize the vision, creating deeply powerful magickal artwork.

My friend G. A. Rosenberg does very much the same thing in his graphic design, which is generally Occult in nature, incorporating themes from both the Sevenfold Way’s denomination(s) of Satanism as well as more common Satanic traditions like the Goetia. He tells me that the entities which appear in his artwork appear in his subtle senses first and he uses his talent for graphic design to crystallize his gnosis of them. He tells me that the least spiritually influenced pieces of his art are usually the most popular. The reason for this is clear: when he is not focusing on crystallizing his visions, he creates something more artistically focused and thus more exoterically beautiful.

While I have featured G. A. Rosenberg’s art in the past, I had not actually attempted to pathwork through one of his Goetic pieces until recently. His Goetic pieces have a representation of the spirit they serve to bring one into contact with as well as the sigil of that entity worked into the piece. The pathworking process is simple, but it requires that you print out the picture. Stare at the sigil and let the image envelop you as you articulate names or chants of the entity. When you are ready, close your eyes, and interact with the spirit in a mental representation of whatever landscape is depicted in the artwork. Try to visualize and experience this landscape in as much detail as possible, and work all your senses into the equation. This is a highly efficacious way to develop one’s psychic senses as well as a very convenient methodology for the attainment of gnosis. Having some fresh water or lit candles present is also helpful, as are the preliminary construction of a sacred space.

Here is the hyperlink to his Goetic artwork.

Many of his other artistic creations, which can be found by browsing his WordPress, were made to be altar pieces, and he has several works which are made for use within the Sevenfold Way and the Drakon Covenant Current, the latter of which was made at my request when I was involved with DC. I really was shocked at how powerful his Goetic artwork (specifically the one of Flauros which I used) was, even though I had previously used a photo of him to sense his magickal ‘power level,’ a technique which I would highly recommend that the reader practice so that she can ascertain the level of an author’s mastery prior to purchasing their work.

-V.K. Jehannum


Rite to Astaroth for Healing

(Face the North. Neter is the Egyptian term for deity, Gashkelah is a name for the qlipha Astaroth rules, Sah is a name for Orion)

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Astaroth (x5)
[Open Acharayim (Hell), and bring forth Astaroth]

Astaroth has adorned herself with the Double Crown as the Empress of the North and the South. She is the Goddess of Venus and Sah who has taken station in Hell.
Isis has become the Goetic Demoness whose attributes are warcraft and passion.
I call now unto Astaroth to bring about convalescence.

Qodesh la-Ashtoreth Karnaim (x6) [Holy to Ashtoreth of the Two Horns]

Mother and Queen Ashteroth Karnaim,
Known as Ishtar and Isis,
Goddess over Gashkelah and the Nile
Matron of Bloodshed and Sirius
Beautiful Neter of the Afterlife
Mighty Venusian Giver of Life
And Beloved Goddess of Earth.
I call upon you,
Descend to this plane.

Tasa Aloren Foren Astaroth (x3)

(Specify the affliction and who is to be healed of it)

So mote it be!

Ritual to Belial

The celebrant is to face the North if possible and place the sigil of Belial in the chamber. If a sigil is unavailable (note: never hesitate to make your own), the witch should visualize the sigil as clearly and consistently as she can can as she chants the repeated magickal formulas. Phrases in italics are to be chanted while those in bold are to be vibrated. Translations appear in brackets. The first underlined mantra is the Song of Belial from the Book of Azazel by E. A. Koetting. The second underlined phrase is a chant to praise Belial from Book of Belial by Asha’Shedim. The third underlined phrase is his enn or calling phrase. Candles should adorn the altar if possible and incense may be lit. At two points in the ritual, the witch is to make a request for empowerment: any requests concerning wealth or employment, physical fitness, combat skills, aptitude in necromancy or some other kind of witchcraft, vampyric power and/or magnetism, magickal power in general, the refinement of one’s psychic senses or a specified psychic sense, or any other blessing with the witch considers appropriate regarding the nature of Belial. Beliar, Beliel, Belias, and Meterbuchus are different names of Belial. Mortifer, meaning Death-Bearer, is both a title of Belial and the name of a great tower in the Qliphoth/Hell, and Sitra Achara [Other Side] and Acharayim [Backwards Tree] are alternate names from the Qliphoth. Bohu or Emptiness is the Second Veil before the primordial plane of Satan and Belial is its ruler. Humor that another few words be defined: Anados [ascent], Adamas Ater [Black Diamond (the Qliphothic Philosopher’s Stone)], Bewinged [having wings], Alchemy [the art of self-transformation], Sortilege [witchcraft], Slaughterous [causing slaughter], nigrescent [black], Pyric [fiery], telluric [earthly], myriad [many]. The witch may alter this rite in any way she pleases.

Beliar, Belu, Belial (x6)
Agios Belias Rex Bohu (x11) [Divine Belias King of Bohu]

The Demonic Begetter of the Sons of Darkness who scour the astral planes for the wretched servants of the Sephiroth is the Gatekeeper to Sitra Achara. He is the entity who I honor tonight and whom I implore to bestow his blessings upon me! The King of the World and Bearer of Death is a Bewinged Harbinger of Alchemy and Sortilege who is known as Mortifer-Belial. 

Ra Sha Belial
Agios o Belial [Belial is Divine]
Iaus Belial

Agios ischyros Belial [Belial is Mighty and Divine]

Beliar is the Slaughterous Wyvern God whose Empire is known as Bohu. The Eternal Warlord Beliel rules that Nigrescent Empire of Blackness and Flame which is known as the tower of Mortifer– that infernal fortified monarchy wherefrom necromantic violent serpents descend to the horror of humanity.  His name is Emperor Belial whose talons drip with the blood of those who offend the Elevenfold Gods.

Mortifer Draconis Meterbuchus (x7) [Death-Bearing Dragon Meterbuchus]

Veniat ad me, Belial Rex Mundis (x3) [Come to me, Belial King of the Earth]

Belial, I would ask this of you: (specify request).

The Scorpion God known as Beliel is a Harbinger of the anados and dehumanization which paves the way for the Adamas Ater that the sorcerer is known to crave. I pray that the Pyric Telluric Emperor of that Second Veil called Emptiness recognizes me (SPEAK YOUR NAME) as his humble disciple and imparts his power and tutelage to me. It is my destiny to become an adept through the myriad pathways of Sitra Achara so that I might become immortal.

Beliar, Belu, Belial (x6)
Rex Mortifer, Veniat ad Me (x3)
(Rex Mortifer means both/either Death-Bearing King and/or King of Mortifer)

Belial, I would ask this of you also: (specify request).

Lirach tasa vefa wehlic Belial
Beliar, Belu, Belial

Rex Mortifer, Veniat ad Me

I honor the Death-Monarch who presides over necromancy and atavism from within the Plane of Hell and the Infernal Sun of  Blackness which is known to man as Sitra Achara. I follow the Goetic Ruler of Alchemy and request the blessings of him.

Agios o Belial

(If the witch has a third request, the time to recite it is now)

Agios ischyros Belial! Mortifer Draconis Meterbuchus! Veniat ad me, Belial Rex Mundis! Ra Sha Belial!  Agios Belias Rex Bohu!  Beliar, Belu, Belial!

As I have spoken, so let it be done!
Hail to the Black God Meterbuchus! Agios o Belial!

(If it was spiritual empowerment that you requested, take a moment to silently meditate as your essence is refined and do not leave until you are satisfied. Command your aura to welcome influence of Emperor Belial)

Simple Rite to Become a Satanist

Perform this ritual naked to symbolize honesty and new beginnings. If possible, have a cup of water near the altar and light one or more candles of any color. If a compass or compass iphone app is available to you, face the North, the direction of the demonic. Say the following. You must perform this ritual three times three nights in a row at the same time each night. If you are afraid to be discovered, you may whisper all of these words. You can even simply say them in your mind (some witches consider that more powerful). Some of these works are hard to pronounce, so just do your best. This ritual calls upon Belial, Baal (pronounced like “bail of hay” and also called Bael, pronounced like the word BYE followed by the letter L), Asmodeus/Asmoday, and Satan. Read about these entities before you practice the rite. This ritual also calls upon Lepaca, a demon whom no one understands. Remember that eleven is the number of Hell and what is demonic. Nine is the number of Satan and the demonic part of the human soul which is called the Black Flame.

Start by saying “I call upon the forces of Hell to fill this room with infernal energy. I allow it to fill my body and mind so that I may achieve my destiny as a witch.”

Chant the magick words which follow to open the gates to Hell and brings its forces to you. Know that this energy is like a home for your soul and know that your magick powers are strongest when you are within it: “Zazas Zazas Nastanada Zazas.”

Say “I know now that Jesus Christ and Mohammed are worthless, lying shitstains who seek to repress the power and wisdom of humanity. Yahweh is a scourge upon this species and I will not follow his teachings. Fuck Jehovah the Worm!”

Say “Azothoz”, which increases your power. Three times chant “Melus de Quo Magma,” which means ‘Reality Comes from the Demonic.’ Say “Et Revertetur ad Tenebras” which means ‘Everything returns to darkness,’ and say “Agios o Satanas,” which means ‘Satan is Divine.’

Say “I call upon the Satanas the Devil, the God of Witchcraft and Individuality, the God who challenges us to think instead of believe, the god who bestows power upon the witch. I have chosen to follow your path and I seek your guidance in magick.”

Say “Veni, omnipotens aeternae Diabolus,” which means “Come, omnipotent eternal Devil.”

Say “Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Satanas,” which means ‘Open Acharayim/Hell, and bring forth the Devil.’

Say “Tasa reme laris Satan” three times. These are words of power which call the Devil. Know that you are safest in his presence. Chants like these are called ‘enns’ and most demons have an enn which can be used to call them up.

Imagine a shadowy being who you cannot quite see and know that it is Lepaca. Say “I call upon the Lepaca, the Black Lord of Portals and Birth to bring forth darksome entities to witness and empower my rebirth. Lepaca Kohot ha-Reshut ha-Rabbim!” Know that demons are entities who wish to teach you and help you become immortal.

Imagine a spirit who resembles a wingless black dragon which stands on two legs. Know that this is Belial. Say “I call upon Belial, the Dragon who Guards the Gate before the Devil’s Kingdom. Belial, Lord of Fire and Earth, bestow your blessing unto me and my ritual. I seek your blessing, Great Teacher of Humanity and Guardian of Sorcerers!”

Say “Iaus Belial,” pronounced EE-OSS Belial, which praises Belial. Say “Agios o Belial,” which means ‘Belial is Divine.’ Say “Lirach tasa Vefa Wehlic Belial” three times– it is Belial’s enn.

Imagine a great warrior demon and know that his name is Baal. Say “I call upon Baal, the Sulphurous God of Storms and Warfare to grant me his blessing and strengthen my flesh and character alike. The words of power which follow will strengthen my body and soul through Baal’s incredible power.”

Say “Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Baal-Tzelmoth” six times. It means ‘Open Acharayim (Hell), and bring forth Ba’al, the God of Shadows and Death. Say “Jezebel,” a word which praises Ba’al. Say “Agios o Bael,” which means ‘Bael is Divine.’

Imagine a beautiful male demon who carries a spear and know that he is Asmodeus. Say “I call upon Asmodeus to complete my ritual of initiation and grant me magickal power.” Chant these magickal words to call upon Asmodeus: “Eko Eko Asmodee! Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Asmodeus! Eko Eko Asmodee, Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken!”

If you brought a drink of water or other beverage, drink it now. Feel it change you.

Spend a moment thinking about what Satanism means to you and why you have chosen it as your path. When you are done, imagine darkness flowing from every corner to strengthen your soul as you chant “Infusco Ignis Satanas” thrice. The phrase means ‘Black Flame of Satan’. Then, say “Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer” thrice, which means essentially the same thing.  Say “So let it be done” and stand still for a moment, feeling the power around you. When you are done, you may do whatever you wish.

Witchcraft: the Consecration of Ritual Implements

The witch may be inclined to purge the item to be consecrated of any spiritual energies it may have previously accumulated. To do so, she should fill a glass or other receptacle with water and put a few specs of salt therein. The object should be dipped in the water, whereupon the witch whispers “I divest this _____ of any pre-existent energies,” or any phrase to this effect.

An object may be consecrated solely through the repeated use of it in ritual, or it may be left atop a window ceil so as to let it bask in the light of the moon. Prior to a cycle of lunar saturation, the witch should familiarize herself with the magickal effects of the moon, which vary according to cycle: waning, waxing, full, dark, blood. Google this and peruse the pages of any Wiccan text (you may find that those cheap Wiccan books they sell in Barnes and Noble are often storehouses of much knowledge concerning practical witchcraft).

Alternately, the auspices of a deity may be elicited. The witch may evoke one or more entities and ask them to enchant the object. This is most appropriate if you have multiple implements and/or pieces of jewelry which you would like to have enchanted, preferably for a specified effect. You can indeed enchatnt anything– I have a toy leopard enchanted to empower my rites of evocation. I also have an umbrella with magickal numbers and words of power relevant to necromancy drawn all over it. A covenmate and I were once meditating in a graveyard to commune with the dead when the umbrella fell over and bumbed his shoulder. He grabbed my shoulder and yelled “A BAT!”

The manta LEPACA KOHOT HA-RESHUT HA-RABBIM calls upon Lepaca (the Demon of Opening) to help you bring forth a few infernal spirits, i.e. the “forces” [Kohot] of the Qliphoth [Reshut Ha-Rabbim/Kingdom of Manifoldness]. It was specifically written to consist of eleven syllables, as eleven is the number of the demonic.

Alternatively, one may simply vibrate the various names of a certain entity to empower the object though its auspices. The names of Lucifuge Rofocale are appropriate (Lucifage, Lucerifuge, Lucifugus Rofocalus), as are the names of Cain (Qabeel, Qayin, Diaphotos, Adiaphotos, Mahan).

Unrelated: Have you heard of Hecate’s hunting call? It serves to call up Hecate’s hounds, which are very useful in astral combat. It comes from The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley: “Untu La La Ulula Umuna Tofa Lama Le Li Na Ahr Ima Tahara Elula Etfoma Ununa Arpeti Ulu Ulu Ulu Maraban Ululu Mahata Ulu Ulu Lamastana!”

I did a ritual with a couple friends on Halloween where we called up several different kinds of Hekate’s spirits, kunes aidao [hounds of the underworld] included. We indistinguishably heard one barking in a pitch that sounded comparable to a crow’s voice as it ran around the chamber, apparently raising sacred space for the ritual.

Also unrelated: I know Satan is just a word for “Adversary,” but are you aware that many other entity names that are technically words or titles? Allah, Ba’al, El, Molock, Adi Parashakti, Adonai, Mammon, Luna, Sulpae, and Saturn, to name a few.

Original Magickal Chants to the Nekalah

Summoning Chant for Aosoth
Veniat ad me, Regina Aosoth
[Come to me, Queen Aosoth]

Invocation Chant for Aosoth
Ich bin Ama Aosoth
[I am Mother Aosoth]

Magickal Formula to Conclude an Aosoth Rite
Ya Namosh Aosoth Exat
[In the Name of Aosoth Let it Be So]

Invocation Chant for the Mother of Blood
Regina Rubedo Venire
[Queen of the Reddening come]

Hymn to Davcina to Converse with One’s Higher Self
Ave Davcina, gratia plena.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
Veniat ad me, hera meam
O, benedictus veneficas!
Germinet gnosis, et germinet sapienta,
nunc et in omnia saecula.

Prayer to Mother Baphomet to Strengthen Any Ritual
Veni, omnipotens aeternae Baphomet.
Ad Gaia qui laetificant juventutem meam.
Nythra Kthunae Baphomet.
Our Mother is also known as Empathy,
And stands at the Abyss upon the rise of Arcturus,
And it is in her physis to reach the Primary of the Spheres.
She is therefore a true emanation of Theos.
Agios o Baphomet, Your Balocraft be done.
Ad Gaia in Kosmos, qui Khaos venire.

 For a Magickal Hymn to Noctulius, Aosoth, and Azanigin, Follow this Hyperlink.

For a List of Magickal Chants to Davcina, Follow this Hyperlink.

Magickal Chants to Damkina

While it was my intent to wait until I formally released my text in progress Liber Davcina for this full list to be seen, a friend has made  a request. The sigil which follows is that of Davcina and was rendered thus by the leader of the Order of the 61st Minute.


Damkina Taris! Damkina Gabbar! Ia Sarratum Damkina!
[Damkina is right! Damkina is strong! Hail Queen Damkina!] (to impart aplomb to the witch (in a lasting way), and to increase the longevity of the celebrants and that of the trees surrounding them)

Matrum deum, Dea finis, veni et germinet gnosis!
[Mother of the Gods, Goddess of Fate, come and bring forth gnosis!] (to talk to one’s Inner Daemon or remember past lives)

In nomine de Regina Damgalnunna excelsi
(invoking the authority and power of Damgalnunna. To start a ritual or spell) [Latin: “In the name of the great Queen Damgalnunna”]

Ia Damgalnunna, Sarrat Eri-Dugga!
(praises Damgalnunna and thereby makes one receptive to her power; bends the atmosphere to her will) [“Hail Damgalnunna, Queen of Eri-Dugga!”]

Ia Ninchursanga
(praises Ninchursaga, makes you receptive to her power, strengthens the ritual)

Ia Ninchursanga! Cacama! Karra!
(calls the power of Ninchursaga; transmits the incantation. To be used at the end of a spell)
[Spoken Cuneiform: Hail Ninchursaga! Amen! Hurra!)

Invoco Damkina
[I call upon Damkina] (mantra for invocation or the empowerment of a spell)

Regina Ninhursag Gloria
(grants power over the environment and augments the location’s numinosity)
[Glory to Queen Ninhursag]

Veni et rege Damgalnunna!
(calls upon Damgalnunna to actualize whatever your intent is)

Ia Davcina, Belatis-Dingir-Dingir!
(Calls upon the power of Davcina, drastically raising the spiritual atmosphere of the area and attaining single-mindedness) [Hail Davcina, Lady-Ruler of the gods!]

Ba Ninhursag Ehdet! Ia Sarratum Ninchursanga! Meqim Damgalnuna!
[I adhere to Ninhursag! Hail Queen Ninchursanga! Damgalnuna is the creatrix!] (protects the ritual from interference and increases the durability of the energy being raised)

Matrum Deum!/ Sancta Davcina!/ Agios es,/ Nunc et in omnia saecula!/ Agios o Davcina!/ Agios o Pharmaceutria!
(blasphemes the virgin mary, praises Davcina, calls upon the protection of Davcina from external interference, and empowers + activates any crystals, sigils, or plant-life in the ritual space) [Mother of the gods! Holy Davcina! Hallowed art thou, now and for all days. Hallowed be Davcina! Hallowed be the Sorceress!]

Agios es, Sancta Davcina
(Blaspheme the virgin Mary, praise Davcina, for evocation and invocation)

Agios es, Mater Ninhursag
(calls upon Ninhursag to protect ritual and activate + empower any sigils nearby)

Alka Damkina
(summoning Damkina—invocation or evocation)
[Come Damkina]

Ave Aeternae Ninhursag
(fills the area with natural energies)
[Hail Eternal Ninhursag]

{Below: I am [Queen or Mother] NAME (for invocation)}
Sum Ninchursanga
Sum Mater Davcina
Sum Mater Damkina
Sum Regina Damgalnuna