Magickal Hymn unto Demonic Divinities

{This magickal hymn praises and welcomes Panachasragoth– the entirety of the Infernal Divine– and expresses veneration of Goetikon and Havayoth. While Havayoth is the Metagod comprised of the Eleven Rulers of the Qliphoth known also as Hahamahatabawanahada’at, the Goetikon is the Metagod comprised of the 72 Spirits of the Goetia.
The Qliphoth is praised and called to by its various Hebrew names: Reshut Ha-Rabbim [Kingdom of Multiplicity], Sitra Ahra [Other Side], Ha-Ilan Ha-Izon [Outer Tree], and Acharayim [Backwards Tree].
All ten realms of the Qliphoth are saluted, with Thaumiel and Thaumithan (Moloch & Satan) being saluted independently, and the other nine Qliphas being saluted in lists comprised of the three Qliphas of each individual Qliphothic Pillar. While Thaumiel is located on the Qliphoth’s central pillar, it is hailed here as the Qliphothic point of origin.
Four groups of individual spirits are specifically named and praised.
The first group is composed of the Four Succubitic Matrons of Ceremonial Prostitution Bethrothed to Samael (the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil, not to be confused with the Qlipha of the same name). These include Eisheth/Qodesha, Lilith, Nahema/Naamah, and Iggereth/Agrath (aka Agrat bat Mahlat).
The second group is composed of Cain/Qayin and his wife Qalmana/Luluwa, the First Ascended Masters of the Left Hand Path or Black Lodge.
The third group consists of the Four Demonic Gatekeepers as codified by E.A. Koetting, namely Abaddon, Belial, Amaymon, and Azazel.
The fourth group consists of the three demonic deities who govern the Three Veils which precede the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil and wherefrom emanate the Three Pillars of the Qliphoth. These are Qematriel, Belial, and Athiel.
Below the Hymn you will find an easily understood non-literal translation of the magickal hymn. Not only did I empower this hymn personally, it has been consecrated by Panachasragoth, Selene, Davcina, and Poseidon. Magickal hymns can be incorporated into any spell or rite at any point or used as stand-alone spiritual exercises. The use of such hymns was prevalent in Egyptian witchcraft. Hymns are to be chanted– i.e., articulated rhytmically– & they may be recited either once or repeatedly}

Advoco Te Reshut Ha-Rabbim; Agios o Megist Sitra Ahra
Havayoth Gloria, Goetikon Gloria, Panachasragoth Gloria
Nahema, Eisheth, Lilith, Et Agrath Gloriae
Agios Qalmana Et Qayin; Avete Spirituum Qliphoth
Agios Ischyros Thaumithan Et Agios o Thaumiel
Salvete Tagaririm, Gamalielim, Et Reschaim
Salvete Satoriel, Golahab, Et Samael
Et Salvete Ghogiel, Gamchicoth, Et Harab Serapel
Agios Amaymon, Agios Azazel, Agios Abaddon, Et Agios o Belial
Salvete Qematriel, Belial, Et Gothiel, O Spirituum Acharayim
Salve Panachasragoth Et Agios Ha-Ilan Ha-Izon
Agios o Goetikon– Io Hahamahatabawanahada’at.
[I Call to the Infernal Plane; Numinous is the Great Infernal Plane/ Glory to the 11-Faced Metagod, Glory to the 72-Faced Metagod, Glory to the Entirety of the Infernal Divine/ Glory to the Four Succubutic Matrons/ Numinous (is) Qalmana and Qayin; Hail (You) Spirits of the Qliphoth/ Numinous and Mighty are Moloch and Satan and Numinous is Thaumiel/ Hail the Three Lower Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Middle Pillar: Black Sun, Black Moon, and Black Earth/ Hail the Three Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Left Collumn: Saturn, Mars, and Mercury/ Hail the Three Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Right Collumn: Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus/ Numinous (is) Amaymon, Numinous (is) Azazel, Numinous (is) Abaddon, and Numinous is Belial/ Hail Qematriel, Belial, and Gothiel, Oh Spirits of the Infernal Plane/ Hail the Entirety of the Infernal Divine and Numinous (is) the Infernal Plane/ Numinous is the 72-Faced Metagod and Hail the Eleven-Faced Metagod]

I would also like to introduce my audience to a new magickal name and word of power which refers to and may be used to call forth any demon or group of demons, metagods included. As Belial is known as Mortifer and Taninsam and Leviathan are both known as Chaosifer, I have coined the name Aeonifer for any demonic group or spirit. Aeonifer can be vibrated for the calling-forth of any demon and can be vibrated during a multi-spirit evocation to strengthen the celebrant(s)’s summoning of all the demons she/they are evoking simultaneously. It can be used for invocations and general calling-upons as well. I empowered and programmed the name myself with my own energy alongside a possession-induced glossalia (speaking in tongues), and I had the name consecrated thereafter by Poseidon (Neptune), Damkina (Davcina), Mesphito (Mephistophiles), and Panachasragoth. Like all my personally-coined magickal chants and words of power, Aeonifer may be used by any person in any forum or publication in any context without contacting me and without giving me credit. While I would appreciate being credited for my work, it is more important that my teachings spread than my reputation build. All of the content on my website can be shared anywhere by anyone.


Magickal Hymn to the Nine Goetic Kings

{Magickal hymns may be incorporated into any ritual or may be recited alone with a predetermined intent (such as spiritual empowerment) as a spiritual exercise in themselves. This hymn may be recited once or recited repeatedly. The more you work with a spirit, the easier it becomes for you to manifest them. While magickal hymns will generally produce small amounts of spiritual development if recited one time every once in a while as a stand-alone exercise, but the fact is, every time you take the two minutes it takes to empower yourself by reciting one of these hymns, you are developing an energetic rapport with the entity you are calling on that will benefit future workings to them. This hymn calls upon the nine kings listed amongst the 72 demons recorded in a medieval grimoire called the Ars Goetia. I personally empowered the hymn magickally and thereafter asked the Goetikon (i.e. the Metagod comprised of the 72 demons) to consecrate (accept & empower) it as well. While the hymn is written almost entirely in Latin, certain demonological concepts were referred to by their Hebrew names. If this hymn is being recited as a stand-alone exercise, then it may be repeated more than once– 2, 7, 9, & 11 are all numbers conducive to demon magick, so I would recommend the number of repetitions be selected from that list}

Voco Te Acharayim; Invoco Domini De Etz Ha-Daath
Creatores De Lapis Exilis Et Di Omnes Aur Chashakh
Divini Goeteumata Et Traditores De Veneficium
Agios o Belial– Aethereus Mortifer Gloria
Agios Ischyros Basileus Balaam. Agios Es, Ambrosius Arbitrator Bael
Rege Divinus Asmoday. Caelestes Beleth Et Balan Gloriae
Avete Zagam, Beliar, Et Paymon– Divini Sitra Achara
Laudate Domine Paimon; Salvete Zagam Et Vinea
Agios Ischyros Beleth, Divinus Patrona Magnum Opus
Agios o Bael, Rex Qlipha Ha-Nogah. Laudate Rex Vinea
Agios o Pursan; Ave Basileus Asmoday. Advenite Diis Infernum
Venite, Ambrosii Spirituum, Et Germinent Akasha
Incipit Illustratio– Agios Aeon De Drakosophia
[I Call to the Infernal Plane; I Call on the Lords of the Tree of Death/ Creators of the Black Magickal Philsopher’s Stone and Instructors of Witchcraft/ Numinous is Belial– Glory to the Everlasting Bearer of Death/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Balaam, Numinous Art Thou, Eternal Ruler Bael/ Reign, Immortal Asmoday. Glory to the Eternal Beleth and Balan/ Hail Zagam, Beliar, and Paymon– Gods of the Infernal Plane/ Praise Lord Paimon; Hail Zagam and Vinea/ Numinous and Mighty is Beleth, Eternal Patron of the Great Work/ Numinous is Bael, King of the Venusian Sphere of Hell; Praise King Vinea/ Numinous is Pursan; Hail Lord Asmoday. Come, Deities of Hell/ Come, Immortal Spirits, and Generate the Fifth Element/ Let the Enlightenment Being– Numinous (is the) (Coming) Aeon of the Current of the Adversary]

Magickal Hymn to Samael and the Veils Before Him

{This hymn calls upon Samael, the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil which lies even beyond the entire Qliphoth, as well as the demonic gods who rule three veils before Samael. These three demonic gods are Qemetiel/Qematriel, Beliar/Belial, and Gothiel/Athiel/A’athiel. See my previous magickal hymns for an explanation of how magickal hymns are to be used}

Drakosophia Gloria– Salvete Qematriel, Gothiel, Et Beliar
Laudate Sitra Ahra– Agios Es, Sancte Genitor Samael
Belial, Athiel, Et Qemetiel Gloriae! Ave Ambrosius Samael!
Agios o Belial, Magna Versipellis, Et Praesul Nigromantia
Agios o Athiel, Daimonion Aeternum, Et Patrona Goeteia
Agios o Qematriel, Xul Omnium Praeses, Et Tutator Goeteumata
Agios Ischyros Samael– Ambrosius Herus Alogos!
[Glory to the Current of the Adversary– Hail Qematriel, Gothiel, and Beliar/ Praise to Sitra Ahra– Numinous Art Thou, Holy Father Samael/ Glory to Belial, Athiel, and Qemetiel! Hail to the Immortal Samael/ Numinous is Belial, Great Shapeshifter, and Patron of Necromancy/ Numinous is Athiel, Everlasting Divinity, and Patron of Sorcery/ Numinous is Qematriel, Patron of the Black Light, and Patron of Witchcraft/ Numinous and Mighty is Samael– Everlasting Lord of the Unwritten Gnosis]

Magickal Hymn to Poseidon, Demeter, and Persephone

{This hymn calls upon the three primary divinities of the Eleusinian mysteries: namely Poseidon (also known as Enesidaon, Ennosigaos, Neptunus, & Genethlios), Persephone (also known as Proserpina and Kore), and Demeter. See my previous magickal hymns for explanations on how hymns are to be used}

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Persephone
Agios Ischyros Enesidaon, Salvete Demeter Et Kore
Ave Proserpina, Ave Poseidon, Ave Demeter– O, Divi Gloriae
Venite Coelestes Diis Infernum, Et Germinent Epopteia
Agios o Genetrix Demeter, Ambrosia Diva Et Matrona Illustratio
Agios o Domine Poseidon, Ennosigaos Et Magna Neptunus
Invoco Poseidon-Genethlios, Voco Te Genetrix Persephone
Evoco Matercula Demeter– Advenite Diis Infernum
Venite, Divini Divi. Evigilamini Faciatis Me
Agios Es, Demeter; Laudate Pater Neptunus. Proserpina Gloria
Ya Namosh Wa-Na-Soi Wa-Na-Ka-Te Exat
[Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Persephone/ Numinous and Mighty is Enesidaon, Hail to Demeter and Kore/ Hail Proserpina, Hail Poseidon, Hail Demeter– Oh, Glory to these Gods/ Come Everlasting Spirits of the Netherworld, and Engender Gnosis/ Numinous is Mother Demeter, Immortal Goddess and Matron of Enlightenment/ Numinous is Lord Poseidon, (Who Is) Ennosigaos and the Great Neptunus/ I Call Forth Poseidon-Genethlios, I Call to Persephone/ I Call On Mother Demeter– Come, Spirits of the Netherworld/ Come, Immortal Deities. Awaken Me/ Numinous art thou; Praise Father Neptunus. Glory to Proserpina/ In the Name of the King and the Two Queens, So Let it Be Done]

Magickal Hymn to the Tunnels of Set

{This hymn calls upon the 22 archdemons which govern the Tunnels of Set. See my previous hymns for explanations on how magickal hymns are to be used. / symbols are used to mark the ends of each stanza}

Patefi Kliffoth– Aperi Universitas Terrarum Sam Et Reshut Ha-Rabbim/
Evoco Aethereus Thantifaxath, Magna Praesul Manes Et Dominator Succis/
Voco Te Saksaksalim Et Invoco Qulielfi! Venite, Domini Et Divi Etz Ha-Daath/
Invoco Magna Amprodias Et Domina Kurgasiax. Obvenite Spirituum Qliphoth/
Et Germinent Or She-Ein Bo Mahshavah! Incipit Chaos! Alogos Pandendam/
In Nomine Coelestis Shalicu! Concalo Temphioth Forti, Patrona Goeteia Immortalem/
Et Advoco Dynastus Raflifu! Invoco Raflifu Et Voco Te Temphioth!/
Advenite Et Germinent Azoth, Et Germinent Sam Et Akasha!/
Invoco Matercula Gargophias, Regina Necromantia Et Diva Daas-Khaos/
Interveni, O Magna A’ano’nin– Concalo Divinus Yamatu Et Voco Te Era Dagdagiel/
Niantiel, Lafcursiax, Uriens– Domini De Inferis Memorantur/
Venite Spirituum– Evigilamini Faciatis Me! Invoco Baratchial Regina Anados/
Venire. Ostende Nobis, Ambrosia Baratchial. Xul Propagationem/
Invito Sancta Hemethterith, Favisor Alogos, Fautor Astrologiae/
Agios Es, Hemhemterith, Divus Eruditione, Et Agios Ischyros Dominator Zamradiel/
O, Devoco Abbas Zamradiel, Favisor Goeteumata, Et Magna Inperitor Wamphyri/
Interveni, Zamradiel. Aperi Sitra Achara– Aperi Pandemonium. Progredior Alogos./
Et Venire, Parfaxitas. Veni Et Germinet Ether De Qliphoth/
Agios Ischyros Malkunofat; Agios o Erus Characith. Divi Infernum Gloriae/
Venite, Xulatheioi, Venenum Philisthiim. Percipite Kliffoth Et/
Azoth-Spiritus Pandemdam. Fiat Xul, Aur Chashakh, Et Sam De Sitra Achara/
In Nomine Semolatheon, Divi Reshut Ha-Daat, Evoco Azoth Et Aur Chashakh/
Salvete Ambrosii Kelippadaimones– Magistri De Magia,/
Divi Reshut Ha-Rabbim, Et Creatores De Sam Et Xul/
Xulatheioi Gloriae! Perviniam Adamas Ater! Agios o Drakosophia!/
Ya Namosh Sitra Ahra Exat!/
[Open the Qliphoth– Open the World of Poisonous Azoth and the Kingdom of Manifoldness/ I Call to the Immortal Thantifaxath, Great Ruler over Ghosts and the Lord of Vampyres/ I Call to Saksaksalim and I Call Forth Qulielfi! Come, Rulers and Spirits of the Tree of Da’ath/ I Call the Great Amprodias and Mistress Kurgasiax. Come, Spirits of the Qliphoth/ And Bring Forth the Black Light! Let the Chaos Begin! Spread the Unwritten Gnosis/ in the Name of the Immortal Shalicu! I Call the Mighty Temphioth, Immortal Patron of Sorcery/ And I Call Upon Lord Raflifu! I Call Forth Raflifu and I Call to Temphioth/ Come and Generate Azoth, and Generate Poison and the Fifth Element/ I Call Forth Mother Gargophias, Queen of Necromancy and Divinity of the Abyss/ Come, Oh Mighty A’ano’nin– I Call Forth the Everlasting Yamatu and I Call to Mistress Dagdagiel/ Niantiel, Lafcursiax, Uriens– Lords of the Infernal Plane/ Come, Spirits, and Awaken Me! I Call to Baratchial, the Queen of Magickal Ascent/ Come. Show Us the Power of Your Hand, Baratchial the Eternal. Manifest the Black Light/ I Call on the Sacred Hemethterith, the Promoter of Unwritten Gnosis, and the Patron of Astrology/ Numinous Art Thou, Hemhemterith, Spirit of Enlightenment, and Numinous and Mighty is Lord Zamradiel/ Oh, I Call Father Zamradiel, Promoter of Sorcery, and Great Lord over Vampyres/ Come, Zamradiel. Open the Infernal Plane– Open the Infernal Plane. Promote the Unwritten Gnosis/ And Come, Parfaxitas. Come and Manifest Qliphothic Energy/ Numinous and Mighty is Malkunofat. Numinous is Lord Characith. Glory to the Divinities of the Infernal Plane/ Come, Rulers of the Tunnels of Set, Spirits of Poison. Open the Qliphoth and/ Presence the Fifth Element. Let There Be Black Light: the Light of the Demonic, and the Poison of the Qliphoth/ In the Name of the Ruling Party of the Tunnels of Set, the Spirits of the Nightside, I Presence Azoth and the Black Light/ Hail unto the Everlasting Rulers of the Tunnels of Set– Teachers of Magick/ Spirits of the Infernal Plane, and Generators of the Black Light and Poison of Sitra Ahra/ Glory to the Rulers of the Tunnels of Set! I Will Achieve the Black Diamond! Numinous is the Current of the Adversary/ In the Name of Sitra Ahra, So Shall it Be]

Magickal Hymn to Michael

{This magickal hymn calls upon Michael, known also as Mikhail and Michahel, for any determined purpose– such as magickal self-empowerment, the strengthening of chakras, or the sharpening of the spiritual senses. A magickal hymn can be added to any rite or used as a spiritual exercise in and of itself. I would recommend that this hymn, if being used on its own, be recited either three or seven times.
Despite adhering to the dictates of the Abrahamic divinity, archangels are self-determined entities, many of whom willingly collaborate with magickians, Occultists, witches, etc. Michael has appeared to me many times, twice helping me in spiritual combat, once helping me compose a magickal chant, but usually to give me much-needed and very accurate advice. While his presence was always helpful and his insight was always good, Michael’s presence always felt like an intrusion to me– a latent threat. Fortunately, I have improved my understanding of things, and have left behind my old black-and-white conception of the gods. Every article I’ve read about Michael has gushed about how loyal, protective, and helpful he was– these descriptions match my experience, and I’m a fucking black magickian. I despise Jehovah and Michael knows this, but he has had my back again and again regardless of the fact that I didn’t even respect him or want him to be present. All the articles I’ve read say that Michael is here for EVERYONE– all religions. So here is a magickal hymn to him}

Veni, Veni, Sancte Michael Archangele
Voco te Mikail– Invoco Archistrategos
Princeps Gloriosissime Caelestis Militia
Venire Regulus Michahel, Germinet Gnosis
Veni, O Veni, Aperiatur Caeli
Salve Michahel, Princeps De Seraphim
Agios Ischyros Dynastes Michael!
[Come, Come, Holy Archangel Michael/ I Call to Mikail– I Call to the Archangel/ Glorious Prince of the Celestial Militia/ Come, King Michahel, and Engender Spiritual Revelation/ Come, Oh Come, Open Up the Sky/ Hail Michahel, Prince of Seraphim/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Michael]

Michael’s Sephirothic attributions are to Hod (Mercury) and Tiphereth (Sun), and his zodiac attributions are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. His color is red, his element is fire, and noon and Summer are apt for him. He engenders healing, courage, determination, motivation, guidance, organization, dependability, leadership, and stability. He rules over matrimony and music. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to religion. Legend says that he gave Solomon his ring. His directions are the north and the south. His sacred dates are Sep 29, Nov 8, Nov 21, Sep 6, & May 8.


Magickal Hymn to Algol

This hymn calls on the Demon Star to raise a sacred space for black magick and empower the celebrant, calling on Lepaca/Lepacha, Radahel, Amducious, and Magoa to channel the power of the star into your area and into your soul. The four demons make sure you process it well and empower you and the sacred space themselves alongside the Demon Star. Seek spiritual guidance before you use this.

Agios o Caput Medusae
Subhan Ra’s Al-Ghul
Mirabilia Opera Tua– Caput Larvae Gloria
Beta Persei Xere Anados
Voco te Caput Lamiae
In Nomine Lepaca et Radahel
Invoco Amducious, Invoco Algol
Evoco Rex Magoa et Voco te
Radahel– Agente ex Harasiel
Io Lepacha! Aperiatur Stella
Caput Larvae Illuminateo Mea!
[Numinous is the Head of Medusa/ Glory to the Head of the Ghoul/ Wonderful Are Thy Works– Glory to the Specter’s Head/ Second Star of Perseus, Engender Magickal Ascent/ I Call to the Head of the Vampyre/ In the Name of Lepaca and Radahel/ I Call to Amducious, I Call to Algol/ I Call Up King Magoa and I Call to/ Radahel– Emissary of the Saturnian Qlipha/ Hail Lepacha! Open the Sky/ Enlighten Me, Specter’s Head]