Magickal Hymn to Semyaza

My magickal hymns may be incorporated into any ritual or may be recited alone with a predetermined intent (such as spiritual empowerment) as a spiritual exercise in themselves. This hymn may be recited once or recited repeatedly. The more you work with a spirit, the easier it becomes for you to manifest them. While magickal hymns will generally produce small amounts of spiritual development if recited one time every once in a while as a stand-alone exercise, but the fact is, every time you take the two minutes it takes to empower yourself by reciting one of these hymns, you are developing an energetic rapport with the entity you are calling on that will benefit future workings to them. This hymn calls to Semyaza.

Invito Semyaza Dominus Siderum
Adpara Alogos Azza-Shemhazai
Sapiens Semiazaz– Adveni Potens Opservator
Adlaudate Uzza Genitor Iyrin
Ave Dominator Shemyazaz
Aperi Caelus– Obveni Erus Semihazah
[I Call Semyaza the Lord of the Stars/ Impart Unwritten Gnosis (Two Names of Semyaza)/ Wise (Name of Semyaza)– Come, Mighty Watcher/ Praise (Name of Semyaza) the Father of the Watcher Angels/ Hail Lord (Name of Semyaza)/ Open the Sky– Come, Lord (Name of Semyaza]


Third Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft

A few days ago, I wrote a magickal hymn to the triumvirate of Qliphothic-Atlantean deities venerated in Primal Craft and the Draconian Tradition, which triumvirate is known as the Trident. The Trident consists of Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate, and the tradition known as the Primal Craft, being established by Mark Allan Smith, is a self-initiatory paradigm of demon magick purposed towards the pursuit of black magickal and alchemical self-deification.

I wrote this hymn for a good friend named Yuri M.– once an online apprentice, now a valued equal and friend. I consecrated the magickal hymn more powerfully than any chant or hymn I’d ever consecrated before and worked harder on the linguistic writing than I had on any magickal hymn I’d written before. It was a gift to Yuri M., but it was also an offering to Hecate.

Generally, my magickal hymns can be incorporated into any rite for any intended purpose– usually magickal self-empowerment and alchemical transmutation. Alternately, my magickal hymns can be used as magickal exercises in and of themselves– one hymn can be recited repeatedly or a handful of my hymns can be recited once (or more). The first hymns I wrote called upon deities I wanted to work with closely in the future when I wasn’t ready to work closely with them at the time– by incorporating these hymns to deities I had yet to pursue a relationship with into my rituals, I started the process of reaching out to them gradually, conveniently, and regularly. This increased my energetic rapport with the deities, and by doing that, I was gradually improving my ability to perceive and call forth those deities.

So, my magickal hymn to the Trident was intended to either give a head start to persons who intended to enact the praxis of Mark Allan Smith’s grimoires in the future or provide a convenient and useful exercise/sacrament to current practitioners of Primal Craft between their performances of Smith’s written rituals.

I was surprised and flattered when Hecate came to Yuri M. and told him that she wanted me to write two more magickal hymns for the tradition of Primal Craft. Yuri M. channeled such specific instructions that I now know that the value of these hymns to practitioners of Primal Craft will be far greater than I anticipated. Being called to contribute my work and my magick to the incredible tradition of Primal Craft by Hecate herself is such a high fucking compliment.

This hymn calls upon all of the deities called upon in Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith. It uses various names for the Qliphoth/Kliffoth, including Sitra Ahra/Sitra Achra/Sitra Achara [Other Side], Reshut Ha-Rabbim [Kingdom of Manifoldness], Archarayim [Backwards Tree], and Mavethol. While all the other names of the Qliphoth used in the hymn are titles from traditional Hebrew literature, Mavethol is an invented and consecrated/empowered magickal name for the Qliphoth that I programmed to function as a word of power. Mavethol can be exclaimed and/or vibrated in Qliphothic sorcery to strengthen and rite or spell.

The Black Light of the Qliphoth, which many know by the name of Xul, is referred to by the names Aur Chashakh [Illumination of Darkness] and She-Ein Bo Mahshavah [Light Without Thought of Creation]. The hymn also uses multiple names for some of the deites called upon. The three Fates/Moires are referred to both by their Greek names (Clotho, Lachesis, & Atropos) and their Roman names (Mortia, Decima, & Neuna), as well as referred to by two of their traditional plural nouns/names: Moirae, & Parcae. What follows is a list of alternate names used for the deities called upon as used in this hymn:

Belial: Belias
Cerberus: Nuberus, Cerbere, Naberius
Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifugus Rofocalus, Lucerifuge, Lucifuge
Euronymous: Eurynomos

One of the deities called upon in the hymn is Tassatowah. According to Queen of Hell, Tassatowah is (i) a name for Hecate, (ii) a name for a deity who answers to Hecate, and (iii) a word of power which opens the Abyss.

Evoco Triodathannis Et Invoco Sitra Achara
Salvete Rex Belias, Mater Hecate, Et Genitor Lucifer
Sub Voluntas Triodathannis, Peto Adamas Ater
Agios O Summus Trinitatis
Adorimini Decima, Neuna, Et Mortia
Orire Praevalidus Nuberus-Cerbere
Avete Moirae Et Salve Cerberus
Agios Ischyros Lucifuge Rofocale
Et Agios O Naberius
Crescite Regulus Uriens Et Genitor Hasmodey
Adlaudate Lucifugus Rofocalus
Salve Dominator Lucerifuge, O
Praevalidus Penitrale Gloria!
Avete Aeonifer-Uriens Et Hasmodey-Khaosophoros
Subrigite Spirituum Mavethol Et Cresce Triodathannis
Exorimini Cerberus, Parcae, Lucifuge, Surgat, Eurynomos
Provenite Et Videte She-Ein Bo Mahshavah
Adlaudate Behemot Et Laudate Tassatowah
Agios O Tassatowah Pentral Ab Acharayim
Salve Dominus In Abyssym Irent
Obveni Surgat Domnus Acharayim, Aur Chashakh Pandendam
Venite Spirituum Sitra Achara– In Nominibus Triodathannis!
Peto Atlantis Transmarina Et Reshut Ha-Rabbim
Erigite Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho, Surgat, Hecate, Et Tassatowah
Triodathannis Gloria– Exorna She-Ein Bo Mashavah!
[I Call the Trident and I Call the Other Side/ Hail King Belial, Mother Hecate, and Father Lucifer/ Under the Will of the Trident, I Reach for the Black Diamond/ Numinous is the Supreme Trinity (Referring to the Trident)/ Rise, Decima, Neuna, and Mortia/ Rise, Mighty Cerberus/ Hail to the Fates and Hail Cerbeus/ Numinous and Mighty is Lucifuge Rofocale/ And Numinous is Cerberus/ Rise Prince Uriens and Father Hasmodey/ Praise Lucifuge Rofocale/ Hail Lord Lucifuge Rofocale, Oh/ Glory to the Mighty Spirit (Referring to Lucifuge Rofocale)/ Hail Uriens the Harbinger of Aeonic Progression and Hasmodey the Harbinger of the Essence/Energy of the Primordial Chaos/ Rise, Spirits of the Qliphoth (This Refers to All Entities Called Upon in the Hymn Thus Far Except the Trident) and Rise, Trident/ Rise, Cerberus, Fates, Lucifuge Rofocale, Surgat, Euronymous/ Arise and Provide the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ Praise Behemoth and Praise Tassatowah/ Numinous is Tassatowah, Spirit of the Backwards Tree/ Hail the Lord of the Abyss (In Reference to Tassatowah)/ Come, Surgat, Lord of the Backwards Tree, Spread the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ Come, Spirits of the Other Side (In Reference to All Spirits Called on in the Hymn)– In the Name of the Trident/ I Reach for Atlantis Beyond the Sea and the Kingdom of Manifoldness/ Rise, Atropos, Lacheis, Clotho, Surgate, Hecate, and Tassatowah/ Glory to the Trident– Provide the Black Light of the Qliphoth]

For my first magickal hymn designated for use in Primal Craft, which hymn calls upon the Trident, follow the hyperlink below:

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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Sinsitral-Alchemical Hymn for Adepts of Demon Magick

This hymn can be incorporated into any rite of demon magick. It serves to align the witch to her True Will and divest her of or diminish the psychological barriers to her spiritual perceptions and the manifesting of her magick. In addition to this, it strengthens the seven chakras of the spinal cord as well as her Black Flame/internal nexion itself. This is for advanced practitioners.

Obtestor Aur Chashakh
Ecce She-Ein Bo Mashavah
Per Aur Chashakh Ascendam Insuper Arduum
Ero Similis Edom Belial
Per Sum Veridicus Adamas Ater
Ecce Phosphorosophia
Pyros Anabaino Etz Ha-Daath
Ego Sum Sincerus Lapis Exilis
Obtestor Xul– Ecce Aur Chashakh
[I Call the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ By the Black Light of the Qliphoth, I Will Ascend Above the Greatest Heights/ I Will Become Like Unto Edom Belial*/ For I am the True Philosopher’s Stone/ Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ The Flame from the Tree of Daath/ I Am the True Philosopher’s Stone/ I Call the Black Light of the Qliphoth– Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth]

*Edom Belial or Adam Belial is the archetype of the penultimate adept of demon magick

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Second Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft

After I wrote and consecrated a magickal hymn to the Trident of Draconian Magick and the Atlantean Current, which Trident consists of Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate, Yuri M. channeled instructions for two additional magickal hymns for the praxis of Primal Craft. This hymn calls to the four demonic princes: Lucifer (also Lucifero or Lumial), Belial/Belias, Uriens, and Hasmodey/Asmodeus. Specific instructions were delineated to him by Hecate and thereupon relayed to yours truly. I have followed the instructions to the letter. Triodathannis is the magickal name that I wrote and consecrated for the Trident– it’s a singular proper noun which refers to Belial, Hecate, and Lucifer as a group. It is magickally charged and somewhat powerful.

Agios Ischyros Genitor Lumiel.
Exsurige Alogos Omnium Genius.
Adlaudate Lucifero, Et Adlaudate Belias,
Agente Ex Sitra Ahra,
Agente Ex Triodathannis.
Dominus Ex Inferno, Rex Meterbuchus!
Invoco Dominus Uriens,
Plasmator Azoth Gehennalis.
Ave Regulus Infernum,
Et Salve Asmoday.
Laudate Genitor Golab.
Agios o Hasmodey!
Salvete Principes Inferni!
Orire Spirituum Sitra De-Smola!
Aur Chashakh Pandendos– Aparete Spirituum Qliphoth!
In Nominibus Et Potestate Triodathannis,
Sub Imperio Et Voluntas Hecate,
Regina Coeli, Regina Terrae, Regina Inferos!
[Numinous and Mighty is Lucifer/ Arise, Patron of the Unwritten Gnosis/ Praise Lucifer, And Praise Belial/ Emissary of the Trident/ And Emissary of the Other Side/ Lord of Hell, King Belial/ I Call Lord Uriens/ Creator of the Black Light/ Hail the Prince of Hell/ And Hail Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golab/ Numinous is Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golachab/ Hail the Princes of Hell/ Arise, Spirits of the Sinister Left Side/ And Spread the Black Light– Appear, Spirits of the Qliphoth/ In the Names and Powers of the Atlantean Trident/ Under the Dominion and Will of Hecate/ Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth, Queen of Hell]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft (Lucifer, Belial, & Hecate)

This magickal hymn calls upon the Trident– Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial– which Trident is comprised of the primary divinities of Primal Craft as codified by Mark Allan Smith in his series of grimoires. The Trident has become integral to the modern Draconian Tradition or Draconian Current as well, and is most importantly one of the largest influences of my friend Yuri M.

A lot of my articles about deities and gods feature original sigils. If these sigils are of my invention, they appear in lackluster artistic representation on paper and are photographed via cellphone. My sigils are, of course, entirely effective, but the ones designed by Yuri M. are the ones I display with pride. I only recently (i.e. yesterday) decided to upload my hand-drawn sigils to a handful of older articles for demons and gods that lacked sigils. As confident as I am in the efficacy of what I create, I was shy to display my drawing skills in full array until now.

This magickal hymn was clearly more important than ones I’ve written before in that it was a gift to a valued friend and a contribution to a wondrous tradition. I made an entire ritual out of consecrating it, which I have never done in the past. I called on Hecate, Aradia, Lucifer, and Belial to empower it.

My magickal hymns may be used for any intention selected by the celebrant. They can be integrated into any ritual to call on the deities named to empower the rite or empower oneself. My magickal hymns can be recited without any added ritual for a specified intent as miniature self-empowerment exercises– one of the advantages of reciting some of my hymns in times when a full ritual cannot be performed is that these hymns will strengthen your energetic resonance with its deities, making it easier to call forth, perceive, and communicate with said deities.

Lykania is the TotBL’s name for Hecate’s lycanthropic aspect, which aspect the TotBL claims is specific to the 218 Current (its tradition). I have always said that currents, as defined in this context, do not exist at all, and the inclusion of a clearly identical lycanthropic aspect of Hecate in Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith lends evidence to this standing assertion of mine. Allu is the given title for Hecate’s hellhounds (called Kunes Aidao in Greek).

Queen of Hell makes the assertion that Belial is the same entity as Beelzebuth, and I have verified the accuracy of said assertion with my own guiding spirits, although I doubted it at first. Hence the name Baal Zebul is used in reference to Belial in my hymn alongside Belial’s alternate names Beliar and Belias. Alternate names for Lucifer appear as well, including Lucifero, Lumial, and Lucibel. I am sure you will find this of use.

Concelebrate Divina Lykania,
Matrum Allu, Monstriger.
Salve Erus Lucifer.
O Arbitrator, Admirabilis.
Et Conladaute Belias,
Rex Ghagiel Et Rex Bohu.
Io Domine Belial.
Evoco Megist Baal Zebul.
Concelebrate Cordatus Lucifero,
Aethereus Lumial, Rex Acharayim.
Salve Hekate Trioditis,
Et Salvete Sanguinalis Beliar
Et Praeceptor Lucibel.
Adveni, Spirituum Sitra Achara.
Invoco Deitas Hecate!
[Praise the Divine Mother of Werewolves/ Mother of Hellhounds, Producer of Monsters/ Hail Lord Lucifer/ Oh Master, You are Wondrous/ And Praise Belias/ Lord of the Qlipha of Uranus and the Veil of Emptiness/ Hail Lord Belial/ I Call the Great Lord of the High Place/ Praise the Sagacious Lucifero/ Immortal Lumial, King of the Qliphoth/ Hail Hecate who Frequents the Crossroads/ And Hail the Bloodthirsty Beliar/ And Lord Lucibel/ Come, Spirits of Sitra Achara/ I Call the Goddess Hecate]

Yuri M.’s New Website:

Magickal Hymn unto Demonic Divinities

{This magickal hymn praises and welcomes Panachasragoth– the entirety of the Infernal Divine– and expresses veneration of Goetikon and Havayoth. While Havayoth is the Metagod comprised of the Eleven Rulers of the Qliphoth known also as Hahamahatabawanahada’at, the Goetikon is the Metagod comprised of the 72 Spirits of the Goetia.
The Qliphoth is praised and called to by its various Hebrew names: Reshut Ha-Rabbim [Kingdom of Multiplicity], Sitra Ahra [Other Side], Ha-Ilan Ha-Izon [Outer Tree], and Acharayim [Backwards Tree].
All ten realms of the Qliphoth are saluted, with Thaumiel and Thaumithan (Moloch & Satan) being saluted independently, and the other nine Qliphas being saluted in lists comprised of the three Qliphas of each individual Qliphothic Pillar. While Thaumiel is located on the Qliphoth’s central pillar, it is hailed here as the Qliphothic point of origin.
Four groups of individual spirits are specifically named and praised.
The first group is composed of the Four Succubitic Matrons of Ceremonial Prostitution Bethrothed to Samael (the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil, not to be confused with the Qlipha of the same name). These include Eisheth/Qodesha, Lilith, Nahema/Naamah, and Iggereth/Agrath (aka Agrat bat Mahlat).
The second group is composed of Cain/Qayin and his wife Qalmana/Luluwa, the First Ascended Masters of the Left Hand Path or Black Lodge.
The third group consists of the Four Demonic Gatekeepers as codified by E.A. Koetting, namely Abaddon, Belial, Amaymon, and Azazel.
The fourth group consists of the three demonic deities who govern the Three Veils which precede the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil and wherefrom emanate the Three Pillars of the Qliphoth. These are Qematriel, Belial, and Athiel.
Below the Hymn you will find an easily understood non-literal translation of the magickal hymn. Not only did I empower this hymn personally, it has been consecrated by Panachasragoth, Selene, Davcina, and Poseidon. Magickal hymns can be incorporated into any spell or rite at any point or used as stand-alone spiritual exercises. The use of such hymns was prevalent in Egyptian witchcraft. Hymns are to be chanted– i.e., articulated rhytmically– & they may be recited either once or repeatedly}

Advoco Te Reshut Ha-Rabbim; Agios o Megist Sitra Ahra
Havayoth Gloria, Goetikon Gloria, Panachasragoth Gloria
Nahema, Eisheth, Lilith, Et Agrath Gloriae
Agios Qalmana Et Qayin; Avete Spirituum Qliphoth
Agios Ischyros Thaumithan Et Agios o Thaumiel
Salvete Tagaririm, Gamalielim, Et Reschaim
Salvete Satoriel, Golahab, Et Samael
Et Salvete Ghogiel, Gamchicoth, Et Harab Serapel
Agios Amaymon, Agios Azazel, Agios Abaddon, Et Agios o Belial
Salvete Qematriel, Belial, Et Gothiel, O Spirituum Acharayim
Salve Panachasragoth Et Agios Ha-Ilan Ha-Izon
Agios o Goetikon– Io Hahamahatabawanahada’at.
[I Call to the Infernal Plane; Numinous is the Great Infernal Plane/ Glory to the 11-Faced Metagod, Glory to the 72-Faced Metagod, Glory to the Entirety of the Infernal Divine/ Glory to the Four Succubutic Matrons/ Numinous (is) Qalmana and Qayin; Hail (You) Spirits of the Qliphoth/ Numinous and Mighty are Moloch and Satan and Numinous is Thaumiel/ Hail the Three Lower Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Middle Pillar: Black Sun, Black Moon, and Black Earth/ Hail the Three Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Left Collumn: Saturn, Mars, and Mercury/ Hail the Three Qliphas of the Qliphoth’s Right Collumn: Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus/ Numinous (is) Amaymon, Numinous (is) Azazel, Numinous (is) Abaddon, and Numinous is Belial/ Hail Qematriel, Belial, and Gothiel, Oh Spirits of the Infernal Plane/ Hail the Entirety of the Infernal Divine and Numinous (is) the Infernal Plane/ Numinous is the 72-Faced Metagod and Hail the Eleven-Faced Metagod]

I would also like to introduce my audience to a new magickal name and word of power which refers to and may be used to call forth any demon or group of demons, metagods included. As Belial is known as Mortifer and Taninsam and Leviathan are both known as Chaosifer, I have coined the name Aeonifer for any demonic group or spirit. Aeonifer can be vibrated for the calling-forth of any demon and can be vibrated during a multi-spirit evocation to strengthen the celebrant(s)’s summoning of all the demons she/they are evoking simultaneously. It can be used for invocations and general calling-upons as well. I empowered and programmed the name myself with my own energy alongside a possession-induced glossalia (speaking in tongues), and I had the name consecrated thereafter by Poseidon (Neptune), Damkina (Davcina), Mesphito (Mephistophiles), and Panachasragoth. Like all my personally-coined magickal chants and words of power, Aeonifer may be used by any person in any forum or publication in any context without contacting me and without giving me credit. While I would appreciate being credited for my work, it is more important that my teachings spread than my reputation build. All of the content on my website can be shared anywhere by anyone.

Magickal Hymn to the Nine Goetic Kings

{Magickal hymns may be incorporated into any ritual or may be recited alone with a predetermined intent (such as spiritual empowerment) as a spiritual exercise in themselves. This hymn may be recited once or recited repeatedly. The more you work with a spirit, the easier it becomes for you to manifest them. While magickal hymns will generally produce small amounts of spiritual development if recited one time every once in a while as a stand-alone exercise, but the fact is, every time you take the two minutes it takes to empower yourself by reciting one of these hymns, you are developing an energetic rapport with the entity you are calling on that will benefit future workings to them. This hymn calls upon the nine kings listed amongst the 72 demons recorded in a medieval grimoire called the Ars Goetia. I personally empowered the hymn magickally and thereafter asked the Goetikon (i.e. the Metagod comprised of the 72 demons) to consecrate (accept & empower) it as well. While the hymn is written almost entirely in Latin, certain demonological concepts were referred to by their Hebrew names. If this hymn is being recited as a stand-alone exercise, then it may be repeated more than once– 2, 7, 9, & 11 are all numbers conducive to demon magick, so I would recommend the number of repetitions be selected from that list}

Voco Te Acharayim; Invoco Domini De Etz Ha-Daath
Creatores De Lapis Exilis Et Di Omnes Aur Chashakh
Divini Goeteumata Et Traditores De Veneficium
Agios o Belial– Aethereus Mortifer Gloria
Agios Ischyros Basileus Balaam. Agios Es, Ambrosius Arbitrator Bael
Rege Divinus Asmoday. Caelestes Beleth Et Balan Gloriae
Avete Zagam, Beliar, Et Paymon– Divini Sitra Achara
Laudate Domine Paimon; Salvete Zagam Et Vinea
Agios Ischyros Beleth, Divinus Patrona Magnum Opus
Agios o Bael, Rex Qlipha Ha-Nogah. Laudate Rex Vinea
Agios o Pursan; Ave Basileus Asmoday. Advenite Diis Infernum
Venite, Ambrosii Spirituum, Et Germinent Akasha
Incipit Illustratio– Agios Aeon De Drakosophia
[I Call to the Infernal Plane; I Call on the Lords of the Tree of Death/ Creators of the Black Magickal Philsopher’s Stone and Instructors of Witchcraft/ Numinous is Belial– Glory to the Everlasting Bearer of Death/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Balaam, Numinous Art Thou, Eternal Ruler Bael/ Reign, Immortal Asmoday. Glory to the Eternal Beleth and Balan/ Hail Zagam, Beliar, and Paymon– Gods of the Infernal Plane/ Praise Lord Paimon; Hail Zagam and Vinea/ Numinous and Mighty is Beleth, Eternal Patron of the Great Work/ Numinous is Bael, King of the Venusian Sphere of Hell; Praise King Vinea/ Numinous is Pursan; Hail Lord Asmoday. Come, Deities of Hell/ Come, Immortal Spirits, and Generate the Fifth Element/ Let the Enlightenment Being– Numinous (is the) (Coming) Aeon of the Current of the Adversary]