Channeled Hymn to Lucifer

This hymn, which may be recited however often one likes, asks Lucifer for protection, good luck, and to bless one’s life. I would advise using it nightly for a week or more if you intend to use it at all. Accompanying prayer with offering will help, as will having a black or white candle lit. The prayer is as follows:

Mighty Lucifer, God-King of the Infernal Dominion,
Brighten My Dreamscape and Bestow Worldly Power Unto Me.
Guide My Steps and Give Me Your Protection,
As I Have Devoted Myself to the Infernals.
Grant Me Great Fortune
And Keep Me Safe Through the Night.
Salvete Lucibel Et Sitra Achara!

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymns to the Demons of the Tunnels of Set

Between the spheres of the Black Plane of Chaos (Qliphoth/Sitra Ahra) are twenty-two hypothetical pathways known as the “Tunnels of Set” or “Caverns of Choronzon.” Over each of these hypothetical pathways presides a given archdemon, and within twelve of them reside the forces of the Infernal Zodiac, which are known as the Qliphothic Armies or Qliphothic Princes.

The forces of the Infernal Zodiac are conscious extensions, avatars, or incarnations of Satan. There is a reason that some demonological sources refer to these beings as the “Qliphothic Armies” while others call them the “Qliphothic Princes”– the Qliphothic demons of the twelve signs can manifest either as multitudes of fiends or in singular form at their discretion.

I have already released one magickal hymn which calls to the twenty-two archdemons of the Caverns of Choronzon and another which calls to the twelve Qliphothic armies, but they are very long and fancy. They were born from my own mind and thereafter spiritually charged and offered to the spirits they called to. I have decided to present two new hymns to these infernal collectives, both of which were channeled from Qalilitu, my matron demoness.

If you are unfamiliar with my magickal hymns, most of them are all-purposed, spiritually charged prose which are meant to be recited in a rhythmic monotone. They can be used as stand-alone devotional practices, calling unto the spirits for magickal empowerment, spiritual guidance, alchemical transformation, appropriate types of protection, etc. The reader may also incorporate my hymns into rituals or spellwork at their own discretion. These two hymns, however, are intended to be stand-alone devotional practices which call to the demons for infernal alchemy, spiritual empowerment, and strength of heart.

The Hymn to the Twelve Qliphothic Armies

Grant Me the Blessings of the Mighty Extensions
Of the Devil Beyond the Realms
The Twelve Signs Have Their Many Fiends
As the Devil Has Many Extensions

The Hymn to the Twenty-Two Archfiends of the Paths

The Pathways Which Are Forged from Qlipha to Qlipha
Extend Beyond the Mind
The Demons Which Preside Over Them All
Are Twenty-Two In Number
Let Them Reign for All of Eternity
And Transform Their Disciples Beyond Human Comprehension

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymn to Tiamat, Kingu, & Absu

Except when designated otherwise, my magickal hymns are all-purposed. They may be incorporated into any ritual or used as stand-alone incantations for self-empowerment.

This one calls upon Tiamat, Kingu, and Absu, and it incorporates multiple channeled secret names which refer to the three collectively. Secret names are only for use in worship and magick.

Avete Apason, Thalassa, Et Kingu
Magnae Immortales, Laudamus
Obveni Gorembol Et Mozrator
Diis Primum Et Ingentem Wamphyri
Concalo Magnifico Spirituum
Dozathora– Tiamat, Qingu, Et Absu
Io Barason, Io Dorazae, Io Gorzraedon

Translation: “Hail Apason/Absu, Thalassa/Tiamat, and Kingu/ Praise the Great and Immortal Spirits/ Come, (Secret Name for the Three) and (Secret Name for the Three)/ Primordial Gods and Mighty Vampyres/ I Call the Magnificient Spirits/ (Secret Name for the Three)– Tiamat, Qingu, and Absu/ Hail (Secret Name for the Three), Hail (Secret Name for the Three), Hail (Secret Name for the Three).”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymn to Lilith & Qalilitu

This is an all-purposed magickal hymn which calls upon the power of Qalilitu and Lilith. It can be used as a stand-alone self-empowerment exercise or spell to get what you need, or it can be incorporated into whatever ritual you’re designing.

Invito Qalilitu Creatrix
Sempiterna Domina Gamaliel
Isti Ad Me, Filia Tzaphoni
Salvete Qalilitu Et Mater Lilith
Obvenite Deaeque Infernum
Concelebrate Hera Qalilitu
Et Amplaudate Mater Lilith
Dominarum Et Tenebrae, Laudamus
Qalilitu Et Lilith Gloriae

Translation: “I Call Mother Qalilitu/ Eternal Lady of Gamaliel/ Descend Unto Me, Daughter of (Name of Lilith Meaning Northerner)/ Hail Qalilitu and Mother Lilith/ Come, Goddesses of the Hidden Place/ I Praise Lady Qalilitu/ And I Praise Mother Lilith/ Praise the Ladies of Darkness/ Glory to Qalilitu and Lilith.”

Qalilitu is an aspect and daughter of Lilith whose existence was channeled by Daemon Barzai. My article about this spirit can be accessed via the following hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymn to Mother Astaroth

This is an all-purposed magickal hymn to Astaroth designed to be chanted in a rhythmic monotone. It may be recited as a stand-alone self-empowerment practice or incorporated into any rite to Mother Astaroth. This hymn uses a channeled secret name of Astaroth: Aeoztoron (ay-oz-TOUR-ON). Secret names are only for use in magick and worship. I was commissioned to create this hymn for a client.

Salve Astaroth Nunc Numen
Meticulosa Diva, Vocavi Te
Interveni, Spiritus Daemoniorum
Salve Ambrosia Divinitas
Vatis Magni Inferni Detractos
Atri Regina Porta Et Era Gamchicoth
Invoco Domina Astaroth-Aeoztoron
Isti Ad Me, Sempiterna Astaroth

Translation: “Hail Astaroth, Goddess of Sirius/ Fearsome Goddess, I Summon You/ Come, Demonic Spirit/ Great Infernal Seeress/ Queen of the Dark Gate and Lady of Gamchicoth/ I Call Lady Astaroth-Aeoztoron/ Descend Unto Me, Eternal Astaroth!”

ASTAROTHAbove: Channeled Sigil of Astaroth

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymn to Improve Your Love Life and Financial Situation

This hymn calls upon Satan, Azazel, and Sitri to improve one’s love life and financial situation in whatever ways improvement is applicable. For example, if you are in a bad relationship, this hymn should bring about its end. If you’re single, you should be guided towards an appropriate partner, but if you already have one, it should improve your relationship. You get the idea.

The hymn is to be recited three times a day consecutively on five days within one week. The hymn is to be recited with focused intention, and if possible, appropriate material supplements. As long as you have a working comprehension to achieve success in spellwork, this hymn should do the job.

Azazel is the same entity as Melek Taus/Melek Anzazel but not the same entity as Shaitan. The hymn makes use of a channeled secret name for the spirit, Zazoraga {zaw-zor (rhymes with soar)-ah-guh}. Secret names are only to be used in worship and magick. Sitri/Bitru’s secret name Azorala {ah-zor (rhymes with soar)-ah-luh} and Satan’s secret name Nazalar (nah-zah-lar) are used as well.

I was commissioned to create this hymn by a client.

Advoco Azazel Et Advoco Acharayim
Ascende Domine Melek Anzazel
Interveni Sophos Et Praevalidus Bitru
Exsurge Azazel– Pater Melek Taus
Et Ascendite Satanas Et Sitri
Invoco Bitru Phylarchus Inferos
Et Voco Te Dominator Satan
Omnituens Rex Et Genitor
Apparete Sitri, Azazel, Et Satan
Adveni Numinibus Infernales
Salvete Bitru-Azorala  Et Satanas-Nazalar
Ave Sempiternus Melek Taus-Zazoraga

“I Call Azazel and I Call the Infernal Plane/ Rise, Lord Melek Anzazel/ Come, Wise and Great Bitru/ Rise, Azazel– Father Melek Taus/ And Arise Satanas and Sitri/ I Call Bitru, Prince of Hell/ And I Call You, Lord Satan/ All-Seeing King and Father/ Appear, Sitri, Azazel, and Satan/ Come, Infernal Spirits/ Hail Bitru-Azorala and Satanas Nazalar/ Hail the Eternal Melek Taus-Zazoraga!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Hymn to Raphael

I was commissioned to write this hymn by a client.

Amplaudate Domine Israfil
Calicim Signifer, Vexillifer Tubae
Medicina Omnium Favisor
Ornate Ambrosius Raphael
Voco Te Azarias-Einakathor

Archidioecesis Inmortalis
Laudo Vocati Israfel

Archangelus Et Spiritus Sanitatem
[I Praise Lord Israfil/ Bearer of the Chalice, Bearer of the Trumpet/ Patron of Medicine/ I Praise the Eternal Raphael/ I Call You, (Two Names of Raphael)/ Immortal Archdiocese/ I Praise and Call Israfel/ Archangel and Spirit of Healing]

The Latin word Archidioecesis is pronounced ARCH-(I as in Igloo)-(DEE as in Deep)-(OH as in Ocean)-(CHI like spiritual energy)-zeez.

Magickal Hymn to Ustrina

My magickal hymns may be either incorporated into any ritual or used as a stand-alone spiritual practice. This hymn refers to Ustrina by secret names for her which I’ve channeled, including Sadrinda, Gazila, and Hazinda. These names are for use only in magick and worship. I was commissioned to write this hymn by a client.

Ascende, Divinitas– Veni, Sempiterna Ustrina
Voco Te, Sadrinda Gentrix, Deam Tenebris
Concelebrate Era Ustrina, Regina Daemoniorum
Concalo Ustrina Mater, Divinitatem Opulenta
Agios Es, Divina Gazila, Anima Satorial
Adoro Te, Hazinda Magna, Deitas Saturnia

“Rise, Goddess– Come, Eternal Ustrina/ I Call You, Mother Sadrinda, Dark Goddess/ I Praise Lady Ustrina, Queen of Demons/ You Are Numinous, Divine Gazila, Spirit of the Saturnian Qlipha/ I Adore You, Great Hazinda, Saturnian Goddess.”

Magickal Hymn to Raziel

Salve Ratziel Imperator Angeli
Dominator Chokmah Et Sempiternus Spiritus
Ave Phylarchus Galizur-Rezial
Agios Ischyros Sagax Ratziel
Sophos Regulus Et Archangelus

“Hail Ratziel, Lord of Angels/ Lord of Chokmah and Eternal Spirit/ Hail Prince Galizur-Rezial/ Numinous and Mighty is the Wise Ratziel/ Wise Prince and Archangel.”

V.K. Jehannum