A Rite of Initiation Into Angel Magick

This ritual is intended for those who wish to embark upon the path of angel magick and believe it will be (or could be) a real and serious part of their spiritual journey. It is not necessary for practitioners of the angelic current to perform a formalized rite of initiation, as can be said of most other currents and pantheons, but I have found such rites to be consistently worthwhile for a myself and others when a new current/pantheon is being adopted.

This rite was channeled; the paragraph that looks like gibberish is a channeled verbal incantation. It only calls on the three archangels that I was guided to have it call upon– Raziel, Cassiel, and Gabriel. If you are serious about becoming a practitioner of angel magick, there are likely one or more other angels that strongly appeal to you, perhaps even one or more that you believe are your guardian angel(s). In this case, you are encouraged to expand the rite to incorporate calling-forths of them, albeit without altering the channeled incantation and words of power.

This ritual does not call upon the Abrahamic deity (Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.). Those of you who wish to venerate/work with him and/or given saints may modify the rite to incorporate them.

The following materials may or may not be of use to you in altering the rite.

Magickal Chants for the Seventy-Two Angels – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

Magickal Chants to Archangel Michael – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

Magickal Hymn to Michael – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

Magickal Chants to Raphael – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

Magickal Hymn to Raphael – V.K. Jehannum (wordpress.com)

All of the channeled incantations and words of power were spelled in whichever way I considered easiest to sound out.

The rite requires a given channeled sigil I was given by the spirits. Needless to say, memorizing this entire rite (or your modified version of it) would be an inordinate effort, so you will likely be alternating your visual focus from the sigil to the “cheat sheet” you have the ritual written down on.

Technically speaking, the rite can be performed successfully with nothing more than the ritual monologue script and the channeled sigil, but you are encouraged to incorporate candles, offerings, ritual tools, etc. at your own discretion and in accordance with your personal preference. I would recommend burning some lavender incense as an offering to all of the angels that you are calling on– I have found that angels in general enjoy lavender.

The word “Cacama” is the Sumerian precedent of the word Amen, and “Shallaphor” is a channeled word of power that I was guided to include in the rite.

Above: Channeled Sigil for the Rite

The ritual monologue is as follows.

I call to the angels of the celestial planes! Raziel, come forward! Cassiel, grant me your gnosis! Gabriel, stand beside me! Hearken unto my call and grant me initiation into the current of the angels!

Jozzahgay! Veahgoth! Shylphackor! Vylday’ara! Nayva Va Shea Bostra Syll Gavay Vallassee Meahkar Zadra Vaytoor Zakara Lylnar Phahkal Shialla Bock Vyndaroor!

Thank you, spirits! Gratitude to you! Embrace me as your adherent and celebrant!

Shallaphor! Cacama! Amen!