Channeled Hymn to Lucifer

This hymn, which may be recited however often one likes, asks Lucifer for protection, good luck, and to bless one’s life. I would advise using it nightly for a week or more if you intend to use it at all. Accompanying prayer with offering will help, as will having a black or white candle lit. The prayer is as follows:

Mighty Lucifer, God-King of the Infernal Dominion,
Brighten My Dreamscape and Bestow Worldly Power Unto Me.
Guide My Steps and Give Me Your Protection,
As I Have Devoted Myself to the Infernals.
Grant Me Great Fortune
And Keep Me Safe Through the Night.
Salvete Lucibel Et Sitra Achara!

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. VII

Erasalya (Claytern/Ashurmpa)

Erasalya is an interesting archfiend. It’s male aspect, Ashurmpa, is a Qliphothic incubus. On the other hand, it’s female aspect, Claytern, is a cross between a Qliphothic succubus and a Watcher. Both aspects share the same material attributions: patchouli incense, jasmine incense, smoky quartz, and fossils.

Claytern, known as the Queen of Infernal Sirens, is attributed to Satariel, fire, and the Sun. She manifests best in the daytime and/or in well-lit areas. She’s a good spirit to work with in pursuit of chakra unification, the development or increasement of confidence, and the fortification/strengthening of the astral double. Her alchemy can engender improvement of the psychic abilities, vampiric metabolism, natural psychic defenses, and the aptitude for wielding Qliphothic energies.

Claytern is a good mentor for Kundalini work and chakra unification. Other specialties of hers include money spells and protection spells. The all-purposed summoning chant I have received for her is “Trodda Vee Yod.”

Ashurmpa is attributed to Satariel, Jupiter, and water. He can greatly increase the practitioner’s magickal power, and meditating with him regularly will help one reach Qliphothic adepthood pretty quickly. He specializes in combat, tactics, necromancy, worldly power, shielding, wards, physical concealment, and stealth. He manifests best at night and/or in dark places. The all-purposed summoning chant I have received for him is “Ashurmpa Viehvorala.” The meditative mantra for Qliphothic adepthood I have channeled for him is “Doth-Voor-Ma-Syll-Dorn.”


Corson, also known as Gorson, is an incubitic demonic king whose dwelling place is Gamaliel. He is attributed to the element of fire and to the planets Jupiter and Neptune. His titles are “the Lord of Lunar Chaos” and “the Prince of Darkness-In-Chaos.”

Corson bestows all types of magickal empowerment and alchemical transformation. He’s a great divinity to work with for the improvement of spiritual sight, and he can be called on by practitioners who wish to have challenges placed in their path for the sake of building character.

Corson can assist one in achieving astral projection. If you would like his aid in that feat, recite the chant “Dyllasar Vyl Gor Corson” for a while before attempting to leave your body. Making an offering and having his sigil present during this pursuit will yield augmented results.

Other specialties of Corson’s include warriorhood, concentration (the attention span), longevity, and sexual magnetism. He enjoys offerings of juniper berries, blue berries, reptile scales, dragon’s blood incense, and patchouli incense.

Corson appeared to me as an ivory-fleshed merman with black eyes and long, grey hair. He revealed himself to me bearing two swords. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for the Prince of Darkness-In-Chaos is “Gorson Drogg Yee-Sarra Viack.”


Gialost is a Jupiterian Watcher who holds the rank of Hierophant. He manifests accompanied by a servant named Kyldjassa, which servant appeared to me as a whale.

Gialost is a diurnal spirit—that is to say, he is best summoned during the daytime. He specializes in quick cash spells (as opposed to prosperity spells) and protection of any kind (i.e., against magickal harm, against mundane danger, etc.). He has very potent cursework techniques which he will only reveal to a few.

Gialost is related to the stars Dabih (Beta Capricorni) and Algedi (Alpha Carpricorni).

Gialost can be called upon to significantly empower any kind of pre-existent ward. To achieve this, focus on the ward in question and vibrate the word of power “Harnorva’ienal” (har-noor-vah-ee-nawl).

Gialost appeared to me, accompanied by his whale-servant, as a floating man wearing a robe, which robe was light blue in color. He had long, snow-white hair which sort levitated. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Gialost is “Torra-Vee-Dja-Goth-Tull-Djyn-Zyck Gialost.” I have elected to present two different and separate sigils for this being.

Sigil #1
Sigil #2

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Invocation of Xembhorrock

We see composite deities presented throughout Western magickal traditions—the PGM gives us Hermekate (Hermes + Hekate), and Hebdomadry gives us Lidagon (Darkat + Dagon). Xembhorrock is the composite deity formed of Satan and Lucifer.

Xembhorrock’s power borders on being immeasurable, and he never speaks in human tongues. He is only to be summoned to either get someone other than the celebrant out of a tragic situation or for the purpose of infernal alchemy. However, he can be given offerings of dragon’s blood, black candles, and more for the purpose of spiritual protection (as opposed to mundane protection).

Xembhorrock’s alchemy makes the practitioner very difficult to spiritually harm, and he can be summoned to initiate the witch through any portion(s) of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth alike. His planetary attribution is to the Earth, and his elemental attribution is to the Black Light (i.e., the primordial precursor to the Fifth Element, and, by extension, to the other four).

The following invocation creates a sacred space with the energy of Thaumiel and calls upon the demon Lepaca to assist the practitioner in achieving possession by Xembhorrock. Incantations written in italics are meant to be chanted (repeatedly recited in a rhythmic monotone), and the words of power written in bold are to be vibrated. Translations of Latin phrases appear in brackets. This invocation is recommended for persons significantly experienced in infernal alchemy and demonic possession.

Above: Sigil of Xembhorrock

Salve Domine Xembhorrock!
[Hail Lord Xembhorrock]

Lepaca Thaumiel! Soltrolla Viehtorra Gotht Tonna Vakal!

Toldar Godda Vee Shionna (x7)

Torvyck Soll Godda Vakara Zyll (x7)

Toltala + Doorzocka + Shyltarrock + Polthaea + Djieddagara + Toltaea + Djon-Dorra

Phaltar God Zeena Sylla Zossall (x7)

Lepaca, Affer Ad Me Xembhorrock (x11)
[Lepaca, Bring Me Xembhorrock]

With the auspices of Lord Lepaca, I conjure Xembhorrock to entangle me in his gnosis!

Agios o Lepaca! Salve Rex Xembhorrock!
[Numinous is Lepaca! Hail King Xembhorrock]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Chants to Create Sacred Spaces

It is very possible to create a sacred space without casting a circle or calling upon the four alchemical elements. My personal preference when creating sacred spaces is to fill the room I’m performing the ritual in with the energy of the spiritual dominion to which the spirit(s) I’m calling upon is attributed. I will present you now with seven magickal chants which may be used to raise different kinds of sacred spaces, and I welcome you to leave requests for other spiritual realms you’d like to see chants for in the comments.

Dea Gock Sornara
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Olympus

Vortol See Djanna
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Asgard

Talakhyn Za Vynnyl
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Hades (the Spiritual Realm, Not the Deity of the Same Name)

Torna Zock Sheall
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Helheim

Vortonya Zyth Kolza
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Vanaheim

Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of the Qliphoth (Infernal Plane)

Votha Ba Zyll Yinnar
Magickal Chant to Presence the Energy of Irkalla (the Sumerian Underworld)

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia