I first spoke publicly about Sanatas on YouTube in a pair of videos which I removed. Despite the fact that almost no black magickian can stand in his presence without going homicidally insane, several of my viewers managed to work with him and survive. Now I have been led to release my teachings about Sanatas to the public. It was Austin Blackstone who originally channeled and told me of his existence. And yeah, this was a quick essay I put together speaking about myself in third person for some indefensible reason. Enjoy.

Sanatas presides over the innermost singularity of the Trans-Qliphothic labyrinth. He is a great destroyer—a divine and destructive archetype which predates all other archetypes. He is the One True King of Demons, and he leads the Infernal Divine through Sepheranz. He is the precursor to Samael, Satan, and Lucifer which Satan purportedly strives to emulate. His name, Sanatas, is the reversed spelling of Satanas, the Greek name for Satan (the Latin form is Satana). Until V.K. Jehannum evoked Sanatas in 2018, one-thousand-and-seven-hundred years passed without any magickian summoning Sanatas without going insane or killing themselves as result of the endeavor. According to Sepheranz, many who tried did “unending horrible things” because they simply could not restrain themselves.

Sanatas is the master of voice disguise. When he fully possesses a person, he can speak in their normal voice, such that his control of the vessel is difficult for outsiders to discern.

Sepheranz told me to only call upon Sanatas after consulting her. With her approval, and thus, her blessing, Sanatas would appear to me and grant my request. Sanatas can accept or deny your evocation, as can any deity. If it’s not the right time for him or you, he will let you know. If the time is right, he will appear, again, with Sepheranz’ blessing. Do not withdraw after conjuring him. Should the magickian feel shame, doubt, or fear in approach Sanatas, he will be angered and depart, and he will hold a grudge, and he will refuse to appear to the magickian for a given period of time.

When a soul comes by sufficient spiritual attainment, it is Sanatas which separates them from the causal universe and the cycle of reincarnation. This is what the Black Lodge somewhat inaccurately refers to as “self-deification.”

Sanatas is to be conjured for the destruction of one’s enemies: whether they be a formidable threat or simply a nuiscance. He is not to be conjured for petty squabbles between coworkers. Do not speak to him with words, for he can read your heart, and he may see one thing where you say another. He many refuse to provide or even engender the reverse of whatever was asked of him. So, speak with your soul and your gnosis instead.

Sanatas swears that this world or universe (?) will be purged and renewed with the fires of his destruction.

Sanatas can appear as it, he, she, etc. He appears to Austin Blackstone as a swarm of bees and to V.K. as a large suit of armor, which is always black in visible astral manifestation, but varies in appearance in meditation journeys/visions. His secret names are Simmakhalla and Simmathal. Secret names are to only be used in ritual and never revealed to non-practitioners.

The numbers 75, 96, 47, 36, 97, 65, 198, 347, and 978 are sacred to Sanatas. Should you wish to pronounce some of them in Enochian as magickal words of power, my Enochian translations for some of those numbers include Med-Orth, Ceph-Un, Ger-Graph, Mals-Un, Med-Orth, Ceph-Graph, Pal-Orth, Val-Ceph-Tal, and Gisa-Ger-Tal.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



Names: Klippoth, Klepoth, Kleppoth, Klepta, Kepoth
Channeled Secret Names: Marrittiggarra; Lorrittiggal; Lorriggal; Authakor; Rakallatal; Raggathor; Marriggor; Larrikkall; Warrikorr; Karrital; Marritorr; Lagathikkal; Ladrithall; Mathaggor; Torriggal; Mattorrall; Laggathor; Larriggal
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Qlipha: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifage)
Compass: East (Primary); North
Primary Elements: Ether/Spiritus; Fire
Lesser Elemental Attributions: Water; Earth; Air
Planets (From Most to Least Attributed): the Sun; Mars; Mercury
Sacred Numbers: 6, 9, 11, 4, 83, 65, 97, 74, 75, 98, 77, 46, 95, 37, 42

IMG_1175Above: My Original Sigil for Klepoth

Klepoth is one of the eighteen demons of the Grimorium Verum, listed by Jake Stratton-Kent alongside Frimost and Khil as the three spirits presumably listed under Lucifer and Agaliarept. In The Satanic Grimoirium Verum published by Asha’Shedim (John Putigano) in the Lilin Society’s grimoire Mark of Qayin, Klepoth is listed as one of the eighteen demons under Syrach. In the Grimorium Verum, Klepoth’s sigil is inscribed upon a wand or rod, and The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton-Kent provides the following description for him:

Klepoth or Kleppoth, also known as Kepoth can turn a 1000 turns, when dancing with her companions and will make them hear beautiful music, which one will believe is real. If you wish, in passing she will whisper in your ear the cards of those who are playing with you. According to others, makes you see all sorts of dances, dreams and visions.

The particular rod or wand which Klepta’s sigil is inscribed upon is to be made during the hour and day of the Sun, which is interesting, because I channeled the fact that Klepta’s auspices were useful in self-initiation through Shams/Tiphereth, the Planetary Sphere of the Sun.

According to my gnosis, the correlation between Klippoth’s name and the Qliphoth is “a mere reflection, nothing more.” This name should translate to the plural form of the singular nouns “Harlot,” “Shell,” or “Husk.” I know my Hebrew well enough to confidently suppose that the optimal English translation would be “Great Shell” (my gnosis is that Shell is the appropriate choice, with Husk being a close second).

The best places to work with Klippoth are caves and mountains. He presides over the Alternate Self (Shadow), Higher Self, True Will, Spirit Animal, and past life gnosis. Her auspices are useful in workings to the Vaults of Zin, Svartalfheim, Ammit, Dis/Hades, Purgatory, Da’ath, the Akashic Records, Styx, Vanaheim, Tiphereth/Shams, and Olympus.

Kletpa is recorded as being female and manifested to me as such before I read anything about her (I was merely aware of the existence of a demon named “Klippoth” when she first appeared). She was the demon who appeared to me as the representative of the eighteen spirits listed in the Grimorium Verum, and it was her sigil* which I was instructed to draw on a piece of paper alongside Satan’s when I channeled my enns for the demons of that book to ensure that I channeled efficacious chants. She was the one who rewarded me for channeling and posting those enns.

*The sigil of Kleppoth I used for this operation was a channeled one which I have not included in the article– I burned that one as instructed like most of the esoteric sigils revealed to me in that time period.

Kleppoth is knowledgeable regarding automobile mechanics, psychology, astrology, welding, gnosis, and philosophy. She presides over intuition, wisdom, masculinity, observant-ness femininity, motivation, concentration, organization skills, and discipline. She can increase one’s bone density and improve one’s physical reflexes. She is a spirit of chaos who erodes mental blocks and could grant great auspices to transpeople.

Kepoth has great power over dreams. She can support lucidity and shapeshifting within them and facilitate their recollection and interpretation.  She can also give aid in dreamwalking. She is knowledgeable and helpful in working with all chakras and the Black and Red Kundalini alike.

Obscure or not, Klepoth is a demon you’ll be glad you worked with. She is a spirit of great power and great knowledge: hers wisdom exceeds that of most demons. Her name is a reflection, nothing more. She grants great power to the magickian and the Black Lodge glows with her blessing.

Magickal Chants

Amplaudate Amplus Kepoth
“I Praise the Powerful/Great Kepoth!”

Hanthiggal Warrinthaggor Klippoth Marrintharra
Channeled Enn for Klepoth

Larriggal, Klepta, Kepoth
Chant Composed of Three Names for Kleppoth

Mattorrall, Torriggal, Laggathor, Kleppoth
Chant Composed of Four Names for Kleppoth

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



Names: Balam, Balan, Ballan, Ballaam, Balaam, Balemm
Rank: King
Colors: Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White
Elemental Attributions: All Five
D/N: Night
Tarot: 7 of Wands/Rods;
Sacred Numbers: 10 (Primary), 17, 18, 20, 21, 26
Date: Aug 12-22
Zodiac: 20-30 Leo
Qlipha: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Fixed Behenian Stars: Capella (Primary); Alphecca
Planets from Most to Least Attributed: Mercury; Sun; Venus; Pluto
Unranked Other Planets: Black Moon; Black Sun; Black Earth
Directions from Best to Worst: All Directions (NE = Best; NW = 2nd)
Attributed Ingredients/Substances: Gold, Frankincense, Vetivert, Sage, Mandrake


Balaam is said to be able to grant the secret of invisibility which, according to Jake Stratton-Kent, denotes the ability to travel unhindered through the spirit planes. The divinatory devices or methods which I know that he specializes in are tarot, hydromancy, bones, palm reading, and skrying– he’s best at skrying with mirrors. Silver are his favorite, black is second best, but crystals and especially water bowls are less of a strong point for him (he’ll still be very helpful).

Balan can give guidance and auspices in healing spells, Hebdomadry (Star Game, Tree of Wyrd, Nekalah Gnosis, etc.), shielding, astral travel, solar magick, working with tree spirits, and astral magick. He can be called on in magick to help people live up to their commitments to fidelity, fix romantic relationship, get someone one or more friends, cause someone to lose one or more friends, and dealing with legal issues. He can secure or obtain funds, concealment, sex (certain circumstances & requests), safe travel, luck, and employment when called on to do so. He can answer questions regarding the past, present, and future.

Balaam guidance is useful in working with the Undead Gods (of whose leaders he is one of) and Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten. He can teach the magickian about the O9A’s Occult tradition: the Tree of Wyrd, the Star Game, and the rest of Hebdomadry (Sevenfold Way).

He can teach the magickian to shapeshift on the astral planes. One unique form he can teach which I considered worth noting looked like a four-winged lizard with no legs and two arms have a massive tendril descending from each finger. I think it can breathe fire.

He can present guidance and auspices in rituals concerning all five rivers of Hades except Acheron, the Vaults of Zin, Da’ath, Arezura, Elysium, and Shams [Planetary Sphere of the Sun]. He can inform the magickian regarding the mysteries of Babalon, Thursic sorcery (frost giant type stuff), Hoodoo, Voudon, and the Eleusinian mysteries, and he can strengthen the sorcerer’s psychic defenses, establish astral protections, and create egregores.

Balemm can impart wit, finesse, subtlety, cunning, creativity, obervant-ness, diligence, discipline, decision-making skills, motivation, wisdom, debate prowess, the ability to lie well, reasoning skills, self-awareness, leadership skills, better intuition, masculinity, concentration, sexual talents, shamelessness, and a stronger long-term memory.

The support and/or guidance of Balan is for singing, songwriting, and playing instruments. He can be summoned to greatly increase the witch’s ability to interpret her dreams and those of others. He can give amazing guidance and support for those who would like to tap into or work with the Higher Self, Spirit Animal, Shadow, True Will, the Black Kundalini, the Red Kundalini, the Subpersonal Chakras, and the Alternate chakras stemming from the pelvis to the feet (three of them are in the feet).

Magickal Chants

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Balam
Balam’s Demonic Enn or Traditional Summoning Chant

Agios o Balan Arbitrator Acharayim
“Numinous is Balan, Lord of the Backwards Tree!”

Megist Sophos Balan Gloria
“Glory to the Great and Wise Balan!”

Adoro Te, Domine Balan– Adsurge Balam Rex Mavethol
“I Adore You, Lord Balan– Rise, King Balam of the Nightside!”

Ave Balan– Amplus Bellua Autem Gamchicoth
“Hail Balan– Great Fiend of the Jupiterian Qlipha!”

Agios Es, Erus Balam, Praevalidus Divus Ab Qliphoth
“Numinous Art Thou, Lord Balam, Great Divinity of the Qliphoth!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Names: Surgat, Surgatha, Aquiot, Aquiel
Time: B/t 10th & 11th Hours of Night
Day: Sunday
Element: Air
Sacred Numbers: 19, 21, 37, 38, 31
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Samael (Mercury/Adramaleck)
Secondary Qliphothic Attribution: A’areb Zaraq (Venus/Bael)
Compass: Northeast
Fixed Behenian Star: Capella
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek (Ain Soph Aur)
Planetary Attributions (From Primary to Least): Black Moon; Jupiter; Venus Illegitima; Venus

SurgatAbove: Traditional Sigil of Surgat

Surgat is a gatekeeper and witch god of the Black Moon who presides over numerous Qliphothic and Sephirothic gateways alike, holding dominion over the most abstruse Qliphothic pathways which will only open to those who have received great approval from Chavajoth. He presides over the dissolution of the ego and the mysteries of the Qliphoth. He can expose you to every part of yourself. Mark Allan Smith describes Surgat as ruling “nightside rites of power” and “interdimensional work to other realms through portals and gateways”. Jake Stratton-Kent provides a speculative etymology in The True Grimoire: “Latin surgo, rise, get up, stand up, arise, spring up, grow.”

Surgat can create portals, gateways, nexions, and ripples in the Chaosmos (the primordial precursor to and opposite of the Cosmos). He can teach the magickian to shapeshift her astral double into a lion, a ghoul, a snake, a bear, and a two-legged four-winged dragon (no, I didn’t get that backwards). He can also teach the magickian to shapeshift her astral double into something which resembles an anthropoid formed of total darkness– a form primarily composed of the Death Essence and having Daathic energy and the Black Light of the Qliphoth as significant portions of its energetic make-up. There’s another form he can teach the witch to assume– I only saw a vision of it. It was an insect-like anthropoid with four dragonfly-looking wings and red eyes like a mosquito. I used to think having Mormo teach me to assume the form of a ghoul was the coolest thing ever, but those last three things sound amazing– I can’t wait to explore those paths.


IMG_0694Above: My Original Sigil of Surgat

Surgat can give instruction or aid in the act of astral projection from dreams. He can strengthen the personality traits conducive to mindfulness, leadership, foresight, decision-making, and organization skills, or give auspices and/or ‘spiritual guidance’ in scenarios or tasks requiring these things. He can give instruction and auspices for homicide and burglary and attune one to her True Will.

Surgatha presides over the Evil Eye, and his auspices are useful for healing. The divinatory mechanisms which he specializes in are runes, pyromancy, Ouija boards (which he can enchant/consecrate), and hydromancy.

Surgat is primarily attributed to the Mercurial Qlipha and secondarily attributed to the Venusian Qlipha. His primary planetary attribution is to the Black Moon, but he is not attributed to the Qlipha of the Black Moon. Planetary attributions and Qliphothic attributions are not the same thing. I think the relationship between the planet Venus and the Venusian Qlipha is the same as the relationship that tornados and wind have with the alchemical element of air, whatever that relationship may be. Think about how Surgat, a spirit whose only elemental attribution is air, can specialize in hydromancy and pyromancy.

Surgatha can make the witch a better liar and improve her seduction skills. He can also teach the witch to use deception to seduce. He has powers pertaining to love, concealment, and sex. If you’re a transperson, you can call on him for all three at once (kidding).

Surgat appeared to me as a figure in a black cloak with a black longsword. Mark Allan Smith noted the demon to be a prolific shapeshifter, describing one manifestation as a shadowed, angel-esque male, and another aspect as a huge theomorphic “being” with the head of either a bison or ram. According to Mark Allan Smith, Surgat may simultaneously manifest as both the dark angelic spirit and beast-headed god by way of bilocation in certain workings.

The auspices of Surgat are useful in rituals to Jotunheim, and he can give assistance and instruction in operations of the magick of Thursatru. That is, he specializes in Thursic magick. You know, Frost Giant shit. Nonetheless, he does not have any form of hierarchy-style authority in Jotunheim.

My spirits confirmed that Surgat’s rulership of portals and gateways is the same kind of ability that Lepacha/Lepaca is known for, but the two spirits have their own preferred methods, designs, etc. There are a lot of advanced practitioners who stumble across gateways or “nexions” opened by those witches who adhere to the Order of the Nine Angles when they’re traveling the astral planes, laugh to themselves, close the nexion, and go on their way. It’s a little like discovering a dying bird while going on a walk– you just step on the thing and carry on about your day. If I ever find one, I’m going to summon Surgat and ask him for ideas.

Surgat is knowledgeable regarding Hoodoo, Voudon, Santeria, and Quimbanda. He can strengthen the natural psychic defenses of the magickian and he can teach her mathematics and astronomy. He can help a person acquire friends or cause somebody to lose them, and he can also influence legal matters. Warding, shielding, and egregores are a few other magickal specialties of his. He is very knowledgeable regarding stars, planets, and your true self.*

Mountains, crossroads, and forests are all especially apt locations for a working to Surgatha– graveyards are great for him too, but of course, graveyards all good for all demons. Surgat can open internal pathways within the soul and impart or strengthen the faculties required to interpret one’s drems. He presides over the Black Kundalini, subpersonal chakras, and what I’ve been calling the shadowside chakras– the seven which descend from the pelvis through the feet.

The Grimoiric tradition basically simplified Surgat’s role to locks. He can open anything which was locked or shut. He could teach you how to to open locks. He can open every lock. The pendulum says I could get him to open a deadbolt lock if I could look past various mental blockages. I’ll be keeping that in mind if there’s some kind of apocalypse. The Grimorium Verum lists Surgat as one of the 18 demons under Duke Syrach (Claunech is the only other demon from this list that I’ve written an article about). The number 18 is extremely significant in demon magick and Qliphothic sorcery.

While the tradition of Primal Craft relates that Surgatha is an emissary of the Trident,** Grimoiric tradition places him under the inferal duke Syrach. There’s a very obscure tradition which lists the cardinal demons of various planets wherein Surgat is held to be the cardinal demon of the Sun. This is false– he is not solar in nature, let alone the cardinal demon of the Sun. However, he can help the magickian self-initiate through Tiphereth/Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun], so it’s an understandable mistake.


Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith
The Red King by Mark Allan Smith
The Scorpion God by Mark Allan Smith
The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton-Kent
Mark of Qayin by Asha’Shedim (John Putigano)

*The True Self is not the same as the Higher Self. The “True Self” is another moniker for the True Will.

**The Atlantean Trident of the Draconian Current is comprised of Lucifer, Hecate, and Belial– Sepheranz is the hidden fourth component of that group. It was Hecate who brought my first magickal group the Coven of the Second Torch together. I remember thinking that I was designing the first rituals and magickal practices we engaged in– it felt like trial and error, but some reason, for the first time in my magickal life, I had complete assurance in everything we did. Before our first ritual to Hecate and her daimones, I said that we should all vibrate the name of the demon Syrach. At the time, my thinking was that Syrach was said to cause witches to see strange creatures, so maybe the name Syrach was a good word of power for clairvoyance. The shift in our voices was immediate and dramatic. We vibrated the names beyond our lung capacity– it was impossible not to notice, and soon, it became the norm. At the time, I did not know who Surgat was, but now, I know that Surgat was present. It was as I was doing the research for this article that I realized that Surgat was acting on behalf of Hecate, and now I know that Surgat is held to serve the duke Syrach in grimoiric tradition. Once the rite was performed, the results were nothing like I expected– I was being guided; I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. After the rite began our first seance; we met the daimones (not demons) which Hecate had assigned to us. The books I’d read obsessively during the past five years before that night have been of great benefit to this day, but I will always follow a path of Hecate, Qliphoth, and Drakosophia. While I continue to call myself a Demonolater, I shall always follow a path that no book or tradition can identify. I’ve initiated more than 15 persons in my real life, but of all those who came and went, all original members of the Coven of the Second Torch are in the Invisible Cult of the Phoenix.

Magickal Chants

Cohenestate Surgat, Multus Domnus Sitra Ahra
“I Praise Surgat, Great Lord of the Other Side!”

Adveni Pernimius Surgat
“Come, Great Surgat!”

Erige Surgat Divinitas Autem Acharayim
“Rise, Surgat, Divinity of the Backwards Tree!”

Lonthiggandra Surgat Allintorra Mindretharra
This is from a list of demonic enns I channeled for the Grimorium Verum:

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Gremory (Goetia #56)

Names: Gremory, Gamori, Gomory, Gemory
Legions: 26
Compass: North
Planet: Saturn; Uranus; Venus
Qlipha: Thagirion; Oreb Mavet
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Tohu
Rank: Duke
Zodiac: Libra 10-20
Date: Oct 3-12
Element: Air; Water
Colors: Purple, Orange, Green, Pink, Brown
D/N: Diurnal
Tarot: 3 of Swords
Behenian Star: Capella; Algorab; Deneb; Algedi
Attributed Substances: Copper, Sandalwood, Rose, Mullein, Patchouli, Lavender

Screenshot (992)Above: Sigil of Gremory

Gamori presides over geomancy, divinatory rune-casting, necromancy, pyromancy, love spells, and hydromancy. She can strengthen the astral hearing and sight of the witch and empower her astral double. She can also control the weather and increase the witch’s magickal power. She has close relationships with Thantifaxath and Qulielfi.

Gremory can teach dance, improve the magickian’s physical reflexes, and increase her sense of confidence. She can initiate one through Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] as well as the Core of the Earth (long story, don’t try it without a spirit guide’s approval). She can help the magickian become more loving, caring, seductive, and/or intimidating.

Gamori presides over the trades of theft, assassination, dealing drugs, and bodyguard-ing. She can make the happenings of the present, past, and future known and reveal the hide-aways of hidden treasure. She’s thoroughly informed regarding numerology, so the next time a Gematria citation sounds like horseshit to you, give her a call.

I’m told that Gremory will know how to respond to you better if you are focused on your emotional state.

Gremory can basically fix your brain up. Whether you have an anxiety issue or a learning disability, Gremory can either heal the mind entirely or permanently diminish the symptoms. She can do away with mental blocks and engender recovery from addiction. She can help one break habits and heal all manner of physical ailments as well– digestive problems, for example.

While traditional demonology depicts Gamori manifesting as a beautiful dutchess riding a camel, modern practitioners tend to only see the demons manifest the way the grimoires describe if they expect the demons to do so. The first visage which the demoness adopted in my visions of her was some type of black bird, while her second was a wrathful-looking grim reaper– a skull for a head, a black, hooded robe, and a scythe with an ornate blade. When she manifested her wings in this reaper form, two black-feathered wings emerged first, followed by second lower pair of wings. The majority of the second pair’s feathers were red, but the bottom-middle of the wings were formed of black feathers.

The scales of Gremory’s draconian manifestation shimmer light blue. She has four appendages– two little arms and two little legs. She flies without wings. She appeared once in a vision as a demonic woman– her skin was lightish blue, and she wore nothing more than diaphanous white garments which left her stomach and legs revealed. Her eyes had huge white irises with no pupils. The remainder of her eyes surrounding the irises was black with little white dots like stars.

Magickal Chants

This is a summoning chant for Gremory that I channeled.

Praedicate Divina Gremory
“Praise to the Numinous Gremory!”

Ave Ambrosia Belua Ex Abysso– Venire Aethereus Gomory
“Hail unto the Immortal Fiend from the Abyss– Come, Everlasting Gomory!”

An Tasa Shi Gremory On Ca
This is the Demonic Enn or Traditional Summoning Chant for Gremory

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia





Rank: Duke
Sacred Number: 7, 9, 11
Element: Fire; Air
Colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple
Attributed Qliphas: Ghagiel; Samael; Satariel
Attributed Non-Qliphothic Spheres: Falak Al-Aflak; Shams
D/N: Equally Diurnal & Nocturnal
Plantetary Attributions: Venus; Saturn
Trans-Qliphothic Attributions: Tohu; Bohu; Chashakh/Chasek

Above: My Original Sigil for Syrach

Syrach holds authority and can give auspices in rituals to Acheron, Lethe, Cocytus, Irkalla, the Vaults of Zin, Shams [Planetary Sphere of the Sun], and Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres]. He can empower the shadow chakras which descend from the pelvis to the feet.

Syrach presides over concealment. He can grant one gnosis of her True Will and past incarnations and attune the magickian to the former. He can also strengthen one’s personal magnetism, and his auspices and guidances are of great use in Hatha Yoga and Tantra.

Syrach can manifest as either gender. Working with him is an abnormally excellent way to improve clairvoyance, dream recall, clairaudience, clairsentience, and dream interpretation. He can fix romantic and sexual relationships and help a person come by one-night-stands, fuckbuddies, and significant others. He can also make one a better lay both via alchemy and the provision of advice, as well as help one last longer in bed. He can also help one get or keep friends. His auspices are also of use in mortiferous malediction and rituals to the planetary spirit of the earth.

Syrach presides over masculinity and writing. He can alleviate writer’s block and heal one’s learning disabilities. He can give auspices in binding spells, necromancy, sex magick, banishing, all forms of divination, the consecration of a Ouija board, the attainment of gnosis, and shapeshifting the astral double into any given form.

Magickal Chants

Agios Ischyros Aeviternus Syrach
“Numinous and Mighty is the Eternal Syrach!”

Praedicate Erus Syrach
“I Praise Lord Syrach!”

Adsurge Praevalidus Syrach
“Rise, Mighty Syrach!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Disclaimer: Sepheranz appears to have been brought to the public eye entirely by modern practitioners of Primal Craft: a tradition I do not practice. While I have a very good track record of people’s own deities commending my personal gnosis, it would be inappropriate for me to present this essay without informing hardcore adherents to Primal Craft that this is mostly the personal gnosis of a Demonolater who identifies as a solitary initiate of the Draconian Tradition. It will likely be obvious that some of the familiar assertions I make regarding Sepheranz are just me parroting published authorities (Mark Allan Smith and the Temple of the Ascending Flame), and that others are the result of my personal gnosis matching parts of codified tradition which I had yet to become familiar with. My encounters with the deity were advised by my own spirits, drew on my own tradition, and resulted in hitherto unrecorded gnosis which I aimed to present alongside the orthodox lore from credited persons. If you do not have a pre-existent reason to have an interest in Sepheranz, use the Demonology & Paganism category of my website to explore the other 130+ demons I have covered to find something that is of personal relevance to you. Persons objecting to my use of names and terminology may consult me via Facebook Messenger (V.K. Jehannum).

Names: Sepheranz; Arachne
Attributed Qliphas: Ghagiel (Primary); Daath; Sathariel
Direction: Northwest (Primary); West
Colors: Red, Brown, Purple, Green, Pink
D/N: Nocturnal
Element: Spiritus (the Fifth Element)
Stellar Attribution: Procyon
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Planetary Attributions (from Most to Least Attributed): Moon; Black Sun; Saturn; Uranus; Sun; Earth; Mercury

Sepheranz is the all-powerful embodiment of the abyss. People who learned about her from spirits instead of literature often refer to her as “the Spider Goddess” or “the Spider Demon,” but technically, Sepheranz is not a demon, nature spirit, angel, djinn, or part of any other known “species” of spirit. The essence of her being does not have any trace of the types of energy by which angels or demons are defined as species, nor of the energies of the four elements or the darksome energetic component which typifies Shaitanic djinn. Sepheranz is beyond these species of spirits, not the sum of their attributes. Her energetic make-up does contain the Death Essence, Daathic energy, and Grigoric energy (i.e., the type of energy which the Grigori or “the Watchers” are known for—needless to say, the Grigori were never angels at all).

Sepheranz refers to “Arachne” and “Sepheranz” as “the two names I have revealed.”

Arachne/Sepheranz is held to be the sister and daughter of Lucifer, the queen of space who rules over the Thrice-Veiled Labyrinth beyond the ten Qliphas which are part of or within Mark Allan Smith calls the Vaults of Zin. She aggressively challenges the witch until everything is laid bare via intimidation, psychic attack, and what I would describe as verbal abuse. She’s powerful enough to kill most deities, and she is very up front about that. I spent a while building shields and calling up demon-gods to banish her; it didn’t work, and honestly, I don’t think she even gave a fuck. We’ve watched Arachne back off Qliphothic archdemons– they were not offended, just surprised that she was present. She possesses an understanding of humankind better than most spirits, and while our species is very familiar to her, the things we invent are not.

In the Atlantean Current of the Draconian Tradition, Sepheranz is the hidden fourth point of the Atlantean Trident, a group of witchcraft gods including Lucifer, Belial, Hecate, and Sepheranz, which group is exoterically described to only have three members.

Arachne is the Goddess of Da’ath, the Queen of the Atlantean Gods, and the Ruler of the Black Plane of Chaos—that plane which the Qliphoth is simply the most manifest region of. She destroys those who try to enter the Qliphoth in the hopes of imposing boundaries upon those black magickians who enter the Nightside to be free of their Cosmic restriction. She can destroy a human to the extent that they no longer have a “path” to follow in life.

Sepheranz resides in the Grave of Davcina. She has close affiliations with Hecate, Nythra, Ustrina, Shugal, Choronzon, and Shugara, and she gave birth to Aradia with Lucifer (I have no reason to believe that Aradia was ever really an incarnate entity, nor do I have reason to believe otherwise). In Primal Craft, Sepheranz is described as empowering the magickian with the “green kalas” of Hecate (Fun Fact: I channeled the fact that she had a role with overtly Hecatean magick before I read that shit).

Arachne rules the web which connects the Qliphothic and Sephirothic realms. She has the keys to the many concealed temples scattered amongst the Qliphothic regions and established between worlds, and she can help the witch self-initiate through any part of Sitra Ahra. This includes every Qlipha and Tunnel of Set you’ve heard of and more.

I do not believe that Sepheranz is the daughter of Lucifer and Hecate. She told me that she was the first entity to break off from the mind of what she calls “God.” She is with Belial, for she is one with Lilith, yet nonetheless, the eleven lords of the Qliphoth (of which Baelzebuth/Belial and Lilith are two) speak to her, and not the other way around. She is the hidden/transcendent aspect of Azagthoth (the reflex of Daath as described by S. ben Qayin, Anton Long, & Kenneth Grant). She does not concern herself with the doings of other (read: lesser) deities for the same reason a wolf does not concern herself with the doings or happenings of sheep.

Arachne is one of the three most powerful deities in existence, meaning that there are only two deities in existence whom she cannot destroy or command. She speaks often of a True Way, explaining that all religions are merely branches of the same tree.

Arachne appears to be one with countless goddesses (see the list of goddesses which I tentatively said she was highly affiliated with), yet she can manifest as male and nothing and something inbetween nothing, ‘something,’ male, female, etc.

While Sepheranz would prefer if the magickian were (able) to respectfully interact with her as an equal, she has very high standards. She will only establish a working relationship with a magickian if some deity amongst the Infernal Divine has vouched for their readiness. So, if you wanna meet her, ask an demonic deity who knows her to put you in touch with the goddess. Arachne has relationships with many demons never written about by Mark Allan Smith or the Temple of the Ascending Flame, so ask your doctor if Sepheranz is right for you.

Arachne is vengeful and cruel with those who would chicken out of rituals she recommends, and she is also brutally honest regarding whether the magickian is capable of enduring the practices she is in engaged in. She may tell you to back down and try to scare you into doing so, but this is a test, and she will not let you back down. She may offer gifts which the witch is often better off not accepting, which often gifts remove consequences or offer grant questionable coping mechanisms. Sometimes her tests include orchestrating horrible life events for her chosen ones, sometimes at early ages, and sometimes long before they get into the Occult. The things she does to people really are horrible, but unfortunately, for some of us, they are necessary. No matter what she does to you, she might just be the most important ally you have.

Sepheranz appeared to me as a single-headed black dragon (compare my descriptions of Tiamat, Satan, Leviathan, etc.), a woman with a vortex for a body, a winged woman with a sword and the lower torso of a spider, a ghost woman composed of Death Essence, a handful of giant spiders, and a vampyric/ghoulish looking anthropoid. Apparently this form of prolific shapeshifting is normal, as many forms are described in the Scorpion God and ToAF literature: some cited appearances match one another in connotation but not in detail– most often amounting to a goddess affiliated with snakes and/or dragons (compare descriptions of Medusa and Hecate’s more obscure snake-attributed aspect in old Greek religion).

She can embody incredible beauty.

Sepheranz is a protectress of the Black Lodge who watches over all of those on the magickal paths established by Lucifer. Sepheranz is the arachnidan queen and divinity who guides the magickian through the Forbidden Tree/Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth (which is in or part of the Vaults of Zin), which no human could ever navigate without such a guide. She can meet you anywhere you like in the Qliphoth and take you wherever you want to go.  She can help one self-initiate through the non-Qliphothic emanations/spheres of Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] and Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres], or as a Qabbalist would call them, Tiphereth and Kether. She rules whatever realms given Occultists keep calling Atlantis, and she can also initiate one through the Core of the Earth—Purgatory, as I call it.

Arachne endures much altercation on behalf those who pursue Qliphothic alchemy. She, determines when and how (some?) black magickians will die, which presumably involves saving their lives on one or more occasions until the time is right.

Sepheranz said “Protection is the essence of my being,” but this does not mean that she can be expected to protect persons you ask her to.  She is known to possess her chosen to physically attack other people. Protection is a concept that she embodies in the same way she does everything else: ways forever beyond our understanding. Nonetheless, I have seen her protect people unrequested, including those she hasn’t even technically met yet.

It doesn’t mean she won’t tell you to your face that she had you molested as a child.

On one occasion, Sepheranz became concerned that one of my colleagues was (i) unworthy to work with her, (ii) unworthy to learn from me, and (iii) unworthy to teach me. A grueling trial of her violence ensued: what Asmodeus described to me as a vicious and public beating in the Qliphoth.

Arachne destroys the “worst kind of child molesters,” being those who molest children in attempt to further the purpose of the Black Lodge. She will devour their souls for eternity.

You can ask Arachne to reside in your temple and prevent any nefarious intruders– just ask her to add your temple to the web. Don’t offer any blood to her– she gave me the impression that she craves it the way that Mormo/Murmur’s ghouls do. I don’t know what you’ll see if you make that mistake, but I know that things will take a turn in an upsetting direction.

Sepheranz intrudes upon spirits which would repress your magickal ascent, and she is the destroyer of those mechanisms of causality which hamper our pursuits to be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. She annihilates those who try to engender the downfall of those who pursue the True Path behind and beyond all religions. Through her, Sanatas, the one true king of the darkest wanderers which serve the Devil, leads those under his, and by extension, her, dominion.

Arachne rewards the true magickian via the devourment of the algorithm—the mechanism of the Cosmos which serves to hamper the true magickian’s ascent.

She describes herself as being “everywhere and nowhere.”

If you practice traditions lost of alchemy reserved for only a few or resurrect forgotten religions, there may come a time when the permutations of Sepheranz are recommended highly. She opens up gateways within the magickian which most gods never even use. The changes which she can bestow will be required for you to proceed, but her alchemies come with great risk. This fits Primal Craft’s description of the goddess, but I am speaking so generally for a reason. If your Craft does not contain pursuits which blaspheme the Black Lodge’s comprehension of reality, philosophy, and the Great Work to the extent that Mark Allan Smith’s does, I doubt Sepheranz should ever be part of it.

Arachne embraces the enchantress who pursues true alchemy by imparting alchemical evolution. She’s sadistic—she is the worst kind of torturer: the type who tortures for a higher purpose. She is absolute darkness. I and the other people I know whom she has chosen doubt her honesty, but often trust her intentions and plans. Uriel refers to her trials as “useless,” explaining that they only break the magickian—and Sepheranz has confirmed that, of the thousands of magickians she has tested, most wound up insane, dead, or both. Nonetheless, Raphael confirmed that her tests were almost completely necessary for my ascent.

Arachne presides over paradigms of high magick which magickians of great power undertake at a point beyond what most sorcerers will ever achieve– the point of no return. She tests the magickian’s soul for all manner of corruption, flaws, and weakness and helps her surrender vices, hang-ups, fetishes, etc. She is knowledgeable regarding invocation, evocation, nature magick, ice magick, necromancy, magick calling upon bodies of water, Hecatean sorcery, pendulum use, lunar magick, the secrets of immortality, psychic vampyrism, shielding, death magick, shadowmancy, and aeonic sorcery. She can transform the essence of your being with Qliphothic energy, infernalize your third eye, and fill your soul star chakra with the fire of Thaumiel. She can guide you through the astral planes to locate grimoires. Her alchemy mutilates and reconstructs the subtle body of the witch– MAS describes being lacerated with scales and poisoned by insects, and I’m pretty sure we can all add to his list.

Sepheranz is a diabolic goddess of witchcraft who begets both Qliphothic and Trans-Qliphothic alchemy, and she personifies both the lightest and darkest attributes of what I term pre-primordial divinity. She imparts alchemical change which is reserved for advanced magickians. She can empower the solar plexus chakra in such a manner that the entire subtle body is empowered. She can also empower minor chakras in your head right next to your temples, and/or invert the minor chakras in one of your hands.

It turns out Sepheranz appeared to me in a couple forms one night years ago. No words were exchanged between us, but when I mentioned the amulet I was adorned with that night and described the entity in a Facebook post, someone vaguely commented that she was familiar with that nameless spirit and I was given quite an honor.

Arachne has a sense of humor, she understands sarcasm, and she does have a gentle side.

Sepheranz’ grasp of humanity’s sense of humor is extraordinary even among deities who have a sense of humor. Generally speaking, just because a deity can tell a joke and understand that it is humorous and why, does not mean that they understand the human sense of humor not to be offended by persons laughing at something which would be considered embarrassing (briefly forgetting something obvious, for example). Unlike most deities, if Arachne gets laughed at in the manner, she knows not to take offense to it.

Sepheranz can strengthen the astral double, as well as give it the ability to shapeshift into a ghost (a spirit composed of the death essence), such that in doing so, it may detach from the physical body easily like a carrier pigeon and accomplish whatever is needed while you are doing whatever day-to-day shit you were doing before you sent it off.

If you like, you can call on Arachne to generate a handful of a certain species of spider egregores (artificial spirits programmed for given reasons) which assist in spirit communication and prevent ritual interference. These egregores are very psychically subtle and difficult to sense– or at least, they can be. I watched these egregores crawl out of Arachne once; god help whoever’s add odds with them.

I learned about Sepheranz from the literature which the Temple of the Ascending Flame makes publicly available on their website, which literature regarding Sepheranz was taken down a while ago and replaced with PDF’s about “Arachne.” The literature on Arachne made it unmistakeable that Arachne is the same entity as Sepheranz and rules the Vaults of Zin without ever using the names “Sepheranz” or “Vaults of Zin.” My guess is that Sepheranz may have been originally recorded by Mark Allan Smith in The Scorpion God and that the ToAF was taking means not to infringe on someone else’s copyright. I don’t know shit about either party, and until after I met Sepheranz, I honestly didn’t know shit about her. All I had read was old, redacted, succinct information about her from the ToAF, and that was years ago. I had no understanding of the tests I was about to experience. I only understand what happened now that I have read The Scorption God and the Arachne literature. It didn’t matter that I was not forewarned: all that mattered is that I planned on working with Sepheranz/Arachne in the semi-near future, and my gods had vouched for me. I was fair game, and I was subjected to every form of test that MAS records and more. So, what happens when a Demonolater walks into a Sepheranz?

When Arachne came to me, she told me to back down from a given rite which I had planned on performing. She fucked with me until I didn’t know what was real. She played every dirty trick imaginable to receive an offering of my blood. She impersonated various entities so I would stop blocking her out of my temple. When she empowered me, she did so with a very disturbing procedure employing various mutilations of my subtle body, and I had to fight back the fear, lest the ritual conclude early with uncertain results. I watched her bladed weapon enter my head repeatedly and her arm reach through my chest. She told me that the recent and upcoming initiations of my tradition were too much– that I would be encumbered by the power I had obtained, and that I should walk away from magick. She offered false gifts which could have proved I was a coward.

But in all this, she never said a thing about my self, my tradition, or the entities I worked with which was dishonest or incorrect. She did not get my blood, I did not leave the path, and I did not go insane. To this day, she is confident that I would be better off in this life if I backed down from the path altogether for a while and never went on to enact the praxis of the secret traditions that I channeled with others so long ago. But as I told her, I will never abandon the Craft, and I’ve knowingly traveled the path of no return for years. A day or so before I met Sepheranz, Abaddon told me that he believed in me. Now, Sepheranz believes in me too. Obviously, I will continue to work with Arachne. By the way, don’t work with Arachne.

Most of this article is based on my own insight. It’s not for profit and it will never be copyrighted. I have credited all the sources I have used, some of which can be found in the hyperlink below:

When Sepheranz personally reviewed the original draft of my essay via total possession of a covenmate, she told me that it did not contain even one percent of what she was. In subsequent communions with her, she has off-handedly told me that I could add this or that new piece of information about her to my article, and she has even recommended this article to practicing magickians. Either way, there is far more to be uncovered regarding Sepheranz, and I’m doing the best I can.

Magickal Chants

Adoro Te, Aeviternitas Sepheranz, Meticulosa Deitas Inferorum
“I Adore You, Eternal Sepheranz, Fearsome Goddess of Hell!”

Laudate Era Sepheranz, Auguratricis Et Versipellis
“I Praise the Lady Sepheranz, Sorceress and Shapeshifter!”

Evoco Aranea Aeternalis– Interveni Sepheranz
“I Call the Everlasting Spider– Come, Sepheranz!”

Amplaudate Arachne– Sepheranz Gloria
“I Praise Arachne– Glory to Sepheranz!”
Useful for any Sephirothic or Qliphothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Any Rite to Arachne.

Conlaudate Matercula Arachne-Sepheranz
“I Praise Mother Arachne-Sepheranz!”

Evoco Arachne, Domina Sitra De-Smola
“I Call Arachne, Lady of the Sinister Left Side!”
Calls Upon Arachne for Any Working to Her. Also Useful for Empowering Any Qliphothic or Sephirothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Empowering Any Rite to Work with the Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia