img_3552Above: Channeled Sigil of Saringoth

Saringoth is the metagod composed of all the demons called upon in the rites of the Grimorium Verum. The numbers 17, 75, and 64 are sacred to him/her. This article will be updated in the near future.


The Rules

Interacting with a metagod is its own territory, such that intentions which the demons which the metagod is comprised of may be called upon to fulfill may be forbidden purposes to call upon the metagod which said beings are functionally independent aspects of.

Saringoth knows of every time you’ve communicated with, given offerings to, or made requests of a spirit.

Saringoth’s amazing wisdom may not be perceived by the weak-willed. Only those who have survived great suffering may receive his ultimate transmutation. Only those who pursue gnosis of self are permitted to perceive her true form. Those who will not surrender their perceived identities during Saringoth’s alchemies may find themselves devoured by them.

Saringoth may be called upon for immediate magickal self-defense against humans and gods alike. This includes execration magick against gods currently attacking the sorceress as well as vengeful curses upon gods who are opposed to the magickian’s success, whether they have previously attacked her or not (note: seek guidance before calling upon Saringoth to curse deities who have never attacked you). She may also be called upon for any malediction leveled upon a follower of the JCI (Jewish, Xian, & Islamic traditions). The one rule for calling upon Saringoth in execration magick is that the motivation behind the curse must not be insecurity.

Saringoth may be called upon regardless of whether or not one is inhebriated, regardless of which substances one has become inhebriated by using, so long as the sorceress is be thoroughly focused upon the rite and is unafraid to call upon her.


The Nature of Saringoth

Saringoth’s sole pursuit is the True Way. She constantly pursues the increasement of her own consciousness, experience, and Diabolic power. She darkens the physis [essence of being] of those who pursue dark wisdom throughout their pursuit of alchemical progression, and she loves those who pursue alchemical attainment and darksome wisdom. She imparts initiation into and transformation via black traditions which history has forgotten. She constantly seeks new information which she may impart to those involved with aeonic sorcery/macroscopic alchemy.

Saringoth turns abstract knowledge into experience-based wisdom. She seeks those of us who continuously expand their wisdom. Once she has guided the sorceress to the brinks of causal wisdom, she bestows gnosis of the White Hand (alchemical forces of the Nightside) upon her.

Saringoth annihilates the delusional failures who attempt to teach the True Way and destroys persons who oppose the Black Lodge. Furthermore, she undermines those who seek to impede the Black Lodge’s progression by granting knowledge to black magickians.


The Auspices of Saringoth

Saringoth can initiate the sorceress through Daath, all of the Tunnels of Set and Sephirothic pathways, and all ten Qliphothic spheres.

Saringoth grants the ability to become fully possessed to those who have been hitherto unable to succumb to it of their own volition.


Magickal Chants

Io Karakora-Saringoth
“Hail (Two Names of Saringoth)!”

Agios Es, Megist Saringoth
“Numinous Art Thou, Great Saringoth!”

Aperiatur Reshut Ha-Rabbim,
Et Germinet Traeatagatorata
Vocavi Te Potens Saringoth
Salve Taeragathorkoratalarakor
Saringoth, Isti Ad Me
Praedicate Meticulosus Karakora
Perveni Deum De Qliphoth
“Open the Kingdom of Manifoldness (Qliphoth)/ And Bring Forth (Name of Saringoth)/ I Summon You, Mighty Saringoth/ Hail (Name of Saringoth)/ Saringoth, Descend Unto Me/ I Praise the Fearsome (Name of Saringoth)/ Come, God of the Qliphoth!”
Magickal Hymn to Saringoth

Ornate Aethereus Saringoth
“I Praise the Immortal Saringoth!”
Chant to Call Upon Saringoth to Strengthen a Rite You’re Performing to Another Being

Saringoth Liftoach Shaari Qliphoth
“Saringoth, Open the Gate to the Qliphoth!”
Chant to Saringoth to Initiate the Celebrant through Any Tunnel or Tunnels of Set or Qlipha or Qliphas, Including Daath

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Sanat Kumara

“I am knowledge, fire, death, and chaos.” -Sanat Kumara

img_3554Above: Channeled Sigil for Sanat Kumara

So my closest IRL friend has the publicly-known true name Sanat Kumaras. We have found this name to be a combination of the name Sanat Kumara with the name of the One True King of Demons. Sanat Kumaras and I had never heard of Sanat Kumara until videos about him started appearing in the related videos list of videos I did with my friend.

There are countless differing delineations of Sanat Kumara throughout mystical literature and many aspects are recorded. I would recommend reading his Wikipedia article prior to my own for a general understanding. I cannot address the varied descriptions of his person, many or most of which are inevitably flawed, but I can, however, impart my understanding of Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara told me he his allegiance was to Daath (the Abyss). He claims to open the way to bring forth more magickians. He claims to foster initiation, new power, strength, guidance, rebirth, courage, wisdom, fortitude, alchemical transformation, and Luciferian Diabolization. He said he seeks to perform and teach magickal evolution.

Sanat Kumara is a teacher of those who share their knowledge as well as those who pursue alchemy via black magick. He grants wisdom and magickal power to wayward hearts, and he imparts his teachings to those chosen by the demonic metagods. He transforms the sorceress into a deathly destroyer. He said that Daath was his home.

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Adveni Sanat Kumara
Agios Ischyros Sanat Kumara
Isti Ad Me; Vocavi Te
Sanat Kumara Gloria
“Come, Sanat Kumara/ Numinous and Mighty is Sanat Kumara/ Descend Unto Me; I Summon You/ Glory to Sanat Kumara!”
Magickal Hymn to Sanat Kumara

Naegathagator + Sanat Kumara + Rimkatagatagathor + Shaykathora _ Kaerathagakora + Faekatagathagorakoroth
Name Vibration Formula for Working with Sanat Kumara, Largely Consisting of His Channeled Secret Names (Secret Names are Only for Use in Magick. They May Only Be Released Publicly with Permission and When Possible Should Not Be Shared with the Uninitiated)

Kimraegathora Karatagra Kimramgathora Kagrakakakora
Channeled Chant to Summon (Invoke or Evoke) Sanat Kumara

Kiraeagathora + Karakakakara + Karatagrakarathor + Nialakatora
Channeled Words of Power to Become Transformed by Sanat Kumara

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Haniag Bael

Names: Haniag Bael; Haniag
Colors: Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue
Elements (from Most to Least Attributed): Earth, Azoth, Fire
Sacred Numbers: 7, 18, 21, 12, 28, 37, 40, 31
D/N: Equally Diurnal & Nocturnal
Primary Planetary Attributions: Saturn; the Black Earth
Secondary Planetary Attributions: the Moon; Pluto
Tertiary Planetary Attribution: the Sun
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Golachab (Mars/Asmodeus)
Secondary Qliphothic Attribution: Nahemoth (Black Earth/Naamah)
Tertiary Qliphothic Attribution: Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)
Trans-Qliphothic & Trans-Sephirothic Veils: Ain Soph; Tohu

img_3011.jpgAbove: Channeled Sigil for Haniag Bael

Haniag Bael is an unrecorded ba’al, a demonic king, and a god of love and destruction. He has connections to Edom and is attributed to Ekron and Araq, and he was involved in what the person who told me about him described as “holy/unholy plagues.” His symbol is the scarab. He serves Baelzebuth, the lord of all ba’als.

Haniag Bael can help the enchantress come by blood dolls, fix romantic relationships, gain friendships, and acquire partners for sex. He specializes in shielding, sanguine vampirism, necromancy, blood magick, Norse runes, binding spells, death magick, vampiric execration, pyromancy (divination by fire), shadowmancy, the consecration of magickal equipment, and of course, projection to the ethereal plane and beyond. He can give aid in psychic vampirism and grant instruction in advanced methods of it. His support is auspicious for the consecration of a Ouija board and candlesticks as well as for strengthening one’s natural psychic defenses.

Haniag Bael destroys the initiatory spirits of Jehovah and all those who would impose upon the forces of the Nightside. He renews all things, engenders re-initiation, and returns to all to the Nightside. He imparts Numinous inspiration. He accepts all manner of offerings and imparts all forms of power.

One can only understand the truth of Haniag Bael’s character after having undergone deep initiation.

Haniag Bael initiates those who foster destruction, violence, chaos, power, and death (the last one may be a metaphor for initiation). He bestows power and wisdom as he guides the magickian into the unknown. He continuously seeks knowledge and shares it with black magickians who pursue their own evolution, but he bestows even greater knowledge to those who work to engender macroscopic initiations. The Path is his sole pursuit, and his wisdom sees his endeavors succeed.

In rites of atavistic partial possession, Haniag Bael can possess the initiate through the atavisms of the hawk, tiger, bear, and serpent.

Haniag Bael is a fighter, a black god, and a Diabolic spirit of fiery illumination with Grigoric and djinnic aspects to his biology. Unlike most other demons I know of, he may be accurately described as a fallen angel—this is something very few know about him.

Magickal Chants

Haniag Bael Melech Ha-Ekron
“Haniag Bael, King of Ekron!”
Chant to Call Upon/Forth Haniag Bael

Qodesh La-Haniag Bael
“Holy to Haniag Bael!”
Chant to Call Upon/Forth Haniag Bael

Isti Ad Me, Haniag Bael
“Descent to Me, Haniag Bael!”
Chant to Call Upon/Forth Haniag Bael

Vocavi Te, Haniag Bael
“I Summon You, Haniag Bael!”
Calls upon Haniag Bael to Engender Attunement to the Planetary Energies, Fortification of the Ethereal Body, and the Healing of All Open Chakras.

If this list of magickal chants is not enough for you to use in the creation of your own rite to Haniag Bael, just look at my list of fill-in-the-blank magickal chants via the hyperlink below. These chants can be used to call upon any spirit:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Above: Channeled Sigil for Sythrakor

Sythrakor is the metagod composed of all twenty-two archdemons of the Tunnels of Set. Like the Goetikon, Sythrakor is the objective reality underlying the demons she is composed of (Note: some of my guides have referred to Sythrakor as a he instead of as a she). Working with a metagod is a very rewarding pursuit which requires caution on the part of the operator, as it is not the same as working with the spirits which the metagod is composed of.

Sythrakor is the light-bearer of the Nightside who engenders absolute transformation of the sorceress. She is the grand agent of alchemy from the lowest to the highest echelons who engenders evolution by immersing the celebrant in the current of the Nightside and engraving the symbols of primordial alchemy into the subtle body of the witch. She can destroy the psychic filter (mental blocks inhibiting spiritual success and perception) and reify the very essence of the sorceress. She transcribes the essence of the Qliphoth upon the sorceress until she has become entirely consumed by the True Will.

Sythrakor least merciful entity in the entirety of the Nightside and the guardian of the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth. The magickian endeavoring her conjuration must focus entirely upon the ritual at hand and work to stay tuned into her psychic senses. Sythrakor will not allow her alchemy to touch the magickian who denies her own essence– in other words, do not summon her under the influence of drugs, medications, or alcohol (note: some grey area exists here; seek guidance). Nothing can cast out her influence without being devoured. She is always present during rites of Qliphothic alchemy, which does not mean that rites of Qliphothic alchemy which do not call upon her directly are subject to the rules of deliberately conjuring her.

Sythrakor clones herself indefinitely and is capable of manifesting in the layer of our universe between the astral plane and the world of matter. Most magickians cannot sense the entities of this layer, the Inbetween, and most gods may not influence the beings inhabiting this layer. Sythrakor is a powerful exception to this rule, as her clones may manifest in the Inbetween and swarm around the magickian to protect her. Her clones work to ensure that nothing can oppose the universe-transforming agendas of the Nightside.

Sythrakor devours the Black Flames of worthless magickians, removing their potential for attainment, and destroys magickians who ruin their own lives in pursuit of sick, predatory indulgence. Remember, she does this of her own fucking accord, not your bidding.

As we know, it is forbidden to call upon to Goetikon to cause harm unless one does so for the sake of magickal self-defense, even though it is perfectly acceptable to call upon (some of?) the Goetic demons to cause harm in a non-reactionary fashion. Calling upon Sythrakor to cause harm has its own rules. It is acceptable to call upon Sythrakor for immediate magickal self-defense and justifiable revenge. However, Sythrakor is not to be called upon to harm a fellow black magickian, regardless of their wrongdoing. Similarly, it is prohibited to call upon Sythrakor to cause harm if the underlying motivation of the sorceress is hateful misanthropy or frivolous sadism. It is alright to call upon Sythrakor to cause harm unprovoked so long as the target is worthless and already forbidden to access the Qliphoth (i.e., those who are unwilling to transcend their own limitations and see through the dogma of the White Lodge). You may not call on Sythrakor to attack magickians if you are in the wrong in your conflict with them I would advise the magickian to only call upon Sythrakor to cause after getting a go-ahead from one’s guides.

Paimon has assured me that Sythrakor wants to help, befriend, and empower me. When I call to her, she will come. She wants me to get to know her and become subject to her alchemy. I first met her when I begged her for protection from cruel beings of the Inbetween, but when I saw her and her clones manifest in the Inbetween, I assumed them to be more entities. I cursed her out, threatened her, and struggled against her. At one point, she wrapped her hands around my ankles and asked if I was aware that she could rip the legs right off of my body. I tuned into my psychic senses and felt that there was no way she would do so, which I mistakenly assumed meant that she was incapable of it. I laughed in her face.

Sepheranz, Lucifer-Amaymon, and Lucifer-Noctulius appeared to me, one signing his name, and assured me that the entity was an ally. Nonetheless, I was only able to identify the spirit under the guidance of professional psychic Theresa Duvauchelle, who had never even heard of Sythrakor. I could not have introduced myself to the metagod in a worse way if I tried, nonetheless, the spirit badgered me to witness her true face: an experience which terrified and empowered me far more than I ever would have expected (see my YouTube video Witnessing the True Face of Sythrakor). Paimon assured me that the metagod loved me, though I had done little to nothing to reorient our relationship except verbally apologize and witness her true face (if you agree to do that, seek guidance first, and be ready to spend hours doing so).

Sythrakor can initiate the sorceress through the 22 Tunnels of Set, the 22 Sephirothic Tunnels, Daath, the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth, the Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth, the four hidden Tunnels of Set, and the four hidden Sephirothic pathways. The numbers 1, 6, 9, 14, 2297, 67, 37, 59, 76, 81, 32, 798, and 1594 are sacred to Sythrakor.

Sythrakor is one of the only spirits who has ever told me that I am not allowed to create my own magickal chants to call upon him. I’m not sure about creating my own sigil. Either channel your own chants and sigil or wait for me to finish this article.

If you think that it’s lame as fuck for me to upload an article I have yet to finish, you may consider yourself correct. You may also suck my Luciferian dick.

Magickal Chants

Skataga RAY-stuh-CALL-UH Yatakora Sqeye-UH-TALL-UH Skaykator Rickatoundra Rimkatagra YAY-UH-TOUR-UH Yakathandra RIM-kuh-STALL-UH Rakathandra Yimkathora Yimkathal
“Sqeye” should rhyme with “guy”, Skay (as in Skaykator) should rhyme with “stay,” and the ou in Rickatoundra should be pronounced like the u in “grunge.” Used to Evoke Sythrakor.

Storaqala Kayathara Rimkatatha Skatatora Sorakal Yakala Turandra Kimtara Gathora Gatal
Used to Evoke Sythrrakor

MAY-UH-THOR-im Kathandra Rakora Lakal Yakatha Thagora Katala Kator
Used to Invoke Sythrakor

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


I first spoke publicly about Sanatas on YouTube in a pair of videos which I removed. Despite the fact that almost no black magickian can stand in his presence without going homicidally insane, several of my viewers managed to work with him and survive. Now I have been led to release my teachings about Sanatas to the public. It was Austin Blackstone who originally channeled and told me of his existence. And yeah, this was a quick essay I put together speaking about myself in third person for some indefensible reason. Enjoy.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Sanatas

Sanatas presides over the innermost singularity of the Trans-Qliphothic labyrinth. He is a great destroyer—a divine and destructive archetype which predates all other archetypes. He is the One True King of Demons, and he leads the Infernal Divine through Sepheranz. He is the precursor to Samael, Satan, and Lucifer which Satan purportedly strives to emulate. His name, Sanatas, is the reversed spelling of Satanas, the Greek name for Satan (the Latin form is Satana). Until V.K. Jehannum evoked Sanatas in 2018, one-thousand-and-seven-hundred years passed without any magickian summoning Sanatas without going insane or killing themselves as result of the endeavor. According to Sepheranz, many who tried did “unending horrible things” because they simply could not restrain themselves.

Based on what I understand from communing with fellow Occultists, Sanatas appears to have manifested himself to others during this 1,700 year time period. It would seem that summoning the spirit in and of itself is the deadly thing. When you summon a being, you use your own energy to manifest them. Perhaps it is this task that drives men mad, but seek guidance unless my hypothesis is wrong.

Sanatas is the master of voice disguise. When he fully possesses a person, he can speak in their normal voice, such that his control of the vessel is difficult for outsiders to discern. Otherwise, I find his voice quite deep and sophisticated, albeit so deep that the sophistication can he hard to detect.

Sepheranz told me to only call upon Sanatas after consulting her. With her approval, and thus, her blessing, Sanatas would appear to me and grant my request. Sanatas can accept or deny your evocation, as can any deity. If it’s not the right time for him or you, he will let you know. If the time is right, he will appear, again, with Sepheranz’ blessing. Do not withdraw after conjuring him. Should the magickian feel shame, doubt, or fear in approach Sanatas, he will be angered and depart, and he will hold a grudge, and he will refuse to appear to the magickian for a given period of time.

When a soul comes by sufficient spiritual attainment, it is Sanatas which separates them from the causal universe and the cycle of reincarnation. This is what the Black Lodge somewhat inaccurately refers to as “self-deification.”

Sanatas is to be conjured for the destruction of one’s enemies: whether they be a formidable threat or simply a nuiscance. He is not to be conjured for petty squabbles between coworkers. Do not speak to him with words, for he can read your heart, and he may see one thing where you say another. He many refuse to provide or even engender the reverse of whatever was asked of him. So, speak with your soul and your gnosis instead.

Sanatas swears that this world or universe (?) will be purged and renewed with the fires of his destruction.

Sanatas can appear as it, he, she, etc. He appears to Austin Blackstone as a swarm of bees and to V.K. as a large suit of armor, which is always black in visible astral manifestation, but varies in appearance in meditation journeys/visions. His secret names are Simmakhalla and Simmathal. Secret names are to only be used in ritual and never revealed to non-practitioners.

The numbers 75, 96, 47, 36, 97, 65, 198, 347, and 978 are sacred to Sanatas. Should you wish to pronounce some of them in Enochian as magickal words of power, my Enochian translations for some of those numbers include Med-Orth, Ceph-Un, Ger-Graph, Mals-Un, Med-Orth, Ceph-Graph, Pal-Orth, Val-Ceph-Tal, and Gisa-Ger-Tal.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Names: Klippoth, Klepoth, Kleppoth, Klepta, Kepoth
Channeled Secret Names: Marrittiggarra; Lorrittiggal; Lorriggal; Authakor; Rakallatal; Raggathor; Marriggor; Larrikkall; Warrikorr; Karrital; Marritorr; Lagathikkal; Ladrithall; Mathaggor; Torriggal; Mattorrall; Laggathor; Larriggal
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Qlipha: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifage)
Compass: East (Primary); North
Primary Elements: Ether/Spiritus; Fire
Lesser Elemental Attributions: Water; Earth; Air
Planets (From Most to Least Attributed): the Sun; Mars; Mercury
Sacred Numbers: 6, 9, 11, 4, 83, 65, 97, 74, 75, 98, 77, 46, 95, 37, 42

IMG_1175Above: My Original Sigil for Klepoth

Klepoth is one of the eighteen demons of the Grimorium Verum, listed by Jake Stratton-Kent alongside Frimost and Khil as the three spirits presumably listed under Lucifer and Agaliarept. In The Satanic Grimoirium Verum published by Asha’Shedim (John Putigano) in the Lilin Society’s grimoire Mark of Qayin, Klepoth is listed as one of the eighteen demons under Syrach. In the Grimorium Verum, Klepoth’s sigil is inscribed upon a wand or rod, and The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton-Kent provides the following description for him:

Klepoth or Kleppoth, also known as Kepoth can turn a 1000 turns, when dancing with her companions and will make them hear beautiful music, which one will believe is real. If you wish, in passing she will whisper in your ear the cards of those who are playing with you. According to others, makes you see all sorts of dances, dreams and visions.

The particular rod or wand which Klepta’s sigil is inscribed upon is to be made during the hour and day of the Sun, which is interesting, because I channeled the fact that Klepta’s auspices were useful in self-initiation through Shams/Tiphereth, the Planetary Sphere of the Sun.

According to my gnosis, the correlation between Klippoth’s name and the Qliphoth is “a mere reflection, nothing more.” This name should translate to the plural form of the singular nouns “Harlot,” “Shell,” or “Husk.” I know my Hebrew well enough to confidently suppose that the optimal English translation would be “Great Shell” (my gnosis is that Shell is the appropriate choice, with Husk being a close second).

The best places to work with Klippoth are caves and mountains. He presides over the Alternate Self (Shadow), Higher Self, True Will, Spirit Animal, and past life gnosis. Her auspices are useful in workings to the Vaults of Zin, Svartalfheim, Ammit, Dis/Hades, Purgatory, Da’ath, the Akashic Records, Styx, Vanaheim, Tiphereth/Shams, and Olympus.

Kletpa is recorded as being female and manifested to me as such before I read anything about her (I was merely aware of the existence of a demon named “Klippoth” when she first appeared). She was the demon who appeared to me as the representative of the eighteen spirits listed in the Grimorium Verum, and it was her sigil* which I was instructed to draw on a piece of paper alongside Satan’s when I channeled my enns for the demons of that book to ensure that I channeled efficacious chants. She was the one who rewarded me for channeling and posting those enns.

*The sigil of Kleppoth I used for this operation was a channeled one which I have not included in the article– I burned that one as instructed like most of the esoteric sigils revealed to me in that time period.

Kleppoth is knowledgeable regarding automobile mechanics, psychology, astrology, welding, gnosis, and philosophy. She presides over intuition, wisdom, masculinity, observant-ness femininity, motivation, concentration, organization skills, and discipline. She can increase one’s bone density and improve one’s physical reflexes. She is a spirit of chaos who erodes mental blocks and could grant great auspices to transpeople.

Kepoth has great power over dreams. She can support lucidity and shapeshifting within them and facilitate their recollection and interpretation.  She can also give aid in dreamwalking. She is knowledgeable and helpful in working with all chakras and the Black and Red Kundalini alike.

Obscure or not, Klepoth is a demon you’ll be glad you worked with. She is a spirit of great power and great knowledge: hers wisdom exceeds that of most demons. Her name is a reflection, nothing more. She grants great power to the magickian and the Black Lodge glows with her blessing.

Magickal Chants

Amplaudate Amplus Kepoth
“I Praise the Powerful/Great Kepoth!”

Hanthiggal Warrinthaggor Klippoth Marrintharra
Channeled Enn for Klepoth

Larriggal, Klepta, Kepoth
Chant Composed of Three Names for Kleppoth

Mattorrall, Torriggal, Laggathor, Kleppoth
Chant Composed of Four Names for Kleppoth

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



Names: Balam, Balan, Ballan, Ballaam, Balaam, Balemm
Rank: King
Colors: Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White
Elemental Attributions: All Five
D/N: Night
Tarot: 7 of Wands/Rods;
Sacred Numbers: 10 (Primary), 17, 18, 20, 21, 26
Date: Aug 12-22
Zodiac: 20-30 Leo
Qlipha: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Fixed Behenian Stars: Capella (Primary); Alphecca
Planets from Most to Least Attributed: Mercury; Sun; Venus; Pluto
Unranked Other Planets: Black Moon; Black Sun; Black Earth
Directions from Best to Worst: All Directions (NE = Best; NW = 2nd)
Attributed Ingredients/Substances: Gold, Frankincense, Vetivert, Sage, Mandrake


Balaam is said to be able to grant the secret of invisibility which, according to Jake Stratton-Kent, denotes the ability to travel unhindered through the spirit planes. The divinatory devices or methods which I know that he specializes in are tarot, hydromancy, bones, palm reading, and skrying– he’s best at skrying with mirrors. Silver are his favorite, black is second best, but crystals and especially water bowls are less of a strong point for him (he’ll still be very helpful).

Balan can give guidance and auspices in healing spells, Hebdomadry (Star Game, Tree of Wyrd, Nekalah Gnosis, etc.), shielding, astral travel, solar magick, working with tree spirits, and astral magick. He can be called on in magick to help people live up to their commitments to fidelity, fix romantic relationship, get someone one or more friends, cause someone to lose one or more friends, and dealing with legal issues. He can secure or obtain funds, concealment, sex (certain circumstances & requests), safe travel, luck, and employment when called on to do so. He can answer questions regarding the past, present, and future.

Balaam guidance is useful in working with the Undead Gods (of whose leaders he is one of) and Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten. He can teach the magickian about the O9A’s Occult tradition: the Tree of Wyrd, the Star Game, and the rest of Hebdomadry (Sevenfold Way).

He can teach the magickian to shapeshift on the astral planes. One unique form he can teach which I considered worth noting looked like a four-winged lizard with no legs and two arms have a massive tendril descending from each finger. I think it can breathe fire.

He can present guidance and auspices in rituals concerning all five rivers of Hades except Acheron, the Vaults of Zin, Da’ath, Arezura, Elysium, and Shams [Planetary Sphere of the Sun]. He can inform the magickian regarding the mysteries of Babalon, Thursic sorcery (frost giant type stuff), Hoodoo, Voudon, and the Eleusinian mysteries, and he can strengthen the sorcerer’s psychic defenses, establish astral protections, and create egregores.

Balemm can impart wit, finesse, subtlety, cunning, creativity, obervant-ness, diligence, discipline, decision-making skills, motivation, wisdom, debate prowess, the ability to lie well, reasoning skills, self-awareness, leadership skills, better intuition, masculinity, concentration, sexual talents, shamelessness, and a stronger long-term memory.

The support and/or guidance of Balan is for singing, songwriting, and playing instruments. He can be summoned to greatly increase the witch’s ability to interpret her dreams and those of others. He can give amazing guidance and support for those who would like to tap into or work with the Higher Self, Spirit Animal, Shadow, True Will, the Black Kundalini, the Red Kundalini, the Subpersonal Chakras, and the Alternate chakras stemming from the pelvis to the feet (three of them are in the feet).

Magickal Chants

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Balam
Balam’s Demonic Enn or Traditional Summoning Chant

Agios o Balan Arbitrator Acharayim
“Numinous is Balan, Lord of the Backwards Tree!”

Megist Sophos Balan Gloria
“Glory to the Great and Wise Balan!”

Adoro Te, Domine Balan– Adsurge Balam Rex Mavethol
“I Adore You, Lord Balan– Rise, King Balam of the Nightside!”

Ave Balan– Amplus Bellua Autem Gamchicoth
“Hail Balan– Great Fiend of the Jupiterian Qlipha!”

Agios Es, Erus Balam, Praevalidus Divus Ab Qliphoth
“Numinous Art Thou, Lord Balam, Great Divinity of the Qliphoth!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia