Regarding the Delusion of Spiritual Impetuses

Throughout my time in the Occult community, I have witnessed many conflate their personal failings and struggles with real or perceived spiritual callings.

Personally, I walk the path of the destroyer—in other words, a significant part of my calling is to magickally inflict harm upon the deserving. I was informed of this by the demons long ago, and on occasion, I have been chastised for not fulfilling my role eagerly enough. Now, throughout the years, I have had to battle tendencies towards anger, blind spite, unjustified vindictiveness, etc. What I have never done is attribute these personal failings to my spiritual calling.

However, I have watched many practitioners of differing paths fail to distinguish their weaknesses from their calling in that manner. For example, I have seen some persons called to be healers attribute their personal tendencies towards submissiveness or naivety to their calling to heal.

I have seen people attribute their youthful illusion of invincibility to their relationship with given deities. Instead of simply thinking “that could never happen to me” as many younglings do, they think “______ could never happen to me because I am a devotee of the [insert religion] deity of _________.”

Such misconceptions are both delusional and hazardous, and there are many other flavors of this bullshit which I have not specifically mentioned. Your personal flaws must be differentiated from real or imagined spiritual callings. Ignore this reality at your own peril, and, perhaps, the peril of your loved ones.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


15 thoughts on “Regarding the Delusion of Spiritual Impetuses

  1. This is very well put and unfortunately all too common within the magical community. I’ll admit that at one point in my journey I’d fallen prey to the same false sense of justification which led to a lot of bad situations. A spiritual path can only influence the individual so much. Thank you VK for pointing this out.

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  2. Honestly, this can be a difficult trap Not to fall into. The spirits will always be there to call us out on our bullshit luckily…and they are quite direct. As always your timing on this message was perfect!

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  3. This is very eye opening to read. I have always wondered why smiting/cursing/destroying enemies which are either yours or another’s was such a common theme in the LHP. So the path of the destroyer makes me think of sayings such as “The Left Hand of God” or “Serving the Light in the Dark.” Which also reminds me of Samael who is know as “Gods Left Hand”, who is the tempter and punisher; one who understands both the Light and Dark. Maybe your path as the destroyer might more aptly be named as a path of the adjudicator/judge?

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  4. What’s especially insidious is that there’s often a degree of truth to it. The hazard is mistaking correlation for causation.

    It’s in the same vein as, “I’m an alcoholic because my parents are alcoholic.”

    Yes, having parents who are alcoholics is a disadvantage and will likely make you prone to it, but there can’t be a causal relationship because of all the people who are not alcoholic who had alcoholic parents.

    If you’re meant to be a healer, you have to be deeply empathic, and that will become your excuse to never grow a spine following this line of reasoning. Being empathic has nothing to do with being weak, and you don’t have to constantly put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of in order to serve as a healer.

    If anything, that will impede your abilities, and you will repeat the same cycles until you decide to break them. The spirits aren’t imposing anything upon you except, perhaps, what results from the exercise of your own free will and failures to heed their advice and warnings.

    To the extent your faults are related to your path, your path isn’t meant to justify them – it is meant to bring you to a point where you overcome your character flaws and find ways to channel the underlying drives toward constructive purposes.

    Failure to undertake that process is no different than a Christian saying, “This happened, ergo it was meant to happen and could have only happened in this precise way – it was ordained by God himself!”

    Considering that so many of us hail from Christian backgrounds, I think it’s especially important to remember that Christianity isn’t just a belief system or a pantheon of spirits – it’s an entire way of relating to the world, and it’s necessary to identify and break those patterns which cause us to surrender our free will without even realizing it.

    Because that’s what this is, ultimately – not just delusion, but a thin layer of narcissism (not NPD – we all have some narcissism in us; we always find it where we least want to look) preventing the destruction and change of parts of the ego that disempower us.

    Spirits hand us nothing on a silver platter, and the only ones that promise that are liars and parasites.

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  5. Yeah, there’s a difference between aspecting a deity, for instance, and blaming personal failures on that aspect. I’ve seen it way too often the other way, as well, where the manifestations of the aspect is mistaken as a personal failing instead of something to work through/with/adjust with the assistance of that being.

    I’ve worked with some damn angry spirits before and lost myself to it for a while when I was working through my own justified anger. Lashing out at innocent people without thinking would be my personal issue, but becoming angry at abuse I suddenly started noticing certainly wasn’t.



  6. Hail Satan. My question is not about this, but i am wondering if the mantra SATANAS ATA SATANAS AR SATANAS ATA AR TANASAR should be pronounced as it is written, or otherwise. H.S!


  7. Good morning. My vision with makes Satan coincide with Evil, indeed … since he is beyond good and evil. I have often needed to inflict magical damage on opponents, and this has occurred by using formulas and spells and targeting them with the third eye, and often with success. But generally I try to settle in the center. Hail Satan


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