Names: Azazel, Azazael, Za-za-e’il, Azazil, Azazyel
Planet: the Moon; the Black Sun
Qlipha: Thaumiel (Moloch & Satan/ Pluto & Neptune)
Etymology: Goat of Removal; God of Victory; God of Strength
Direction: South; East
Gematria: 115
Color: Blue
Rank: Demon Prince of Air; Standard-Bearer of the Armies of Hell; Leader of the Watchers; Chief of the Sei’irim
Demonic Order: Second Order
Element: Fire

Above: Original Sigil of Azazel

I will begin this article by stating that I think Azazel and Iblis/Shaitan should be approached as if they were separate beings. I’m pretty confident that they are aspects of the same deific force, but the relationship between two aspects of any given deific force takes a lot of work to understand. This is my opinion: take it or leave it.

In addition to this, I am familiar with the claim that Azazel and Paimon are aspects of the same being, such that when Azazel becomes Paimon, he ceases to exist as Azazel. I myself support this notion, and of course, this means that Paimon and Azazel should be approached as if they were separate beings. Let us also take care to note that Azazel, Azael, Zazel, Zazazel, and Azrael are not the same being by any means.

Without further ado, let us discuss Azazel.

Alongside Semyaza and Azael, Azazel is one of the three most exalted leaders of the Grigori/Iyrin (Watchers). He is also a demonic god of Thaumiel, having great authority over djinn and demons as well. He is considered the lord of the Se’irim [goat demons], and since I cannot pronounce any of the various spellings of the term Se’irim, I have channeled my own name for this group of demons: Sanoril (SAW-NOR-RILL). Necro Nicki described the Sanoril/Se’irim to me as “horned shadows.”

The five kingdoms which Qabalah purports populate the Black Earth are five generations descended from the Watchers. It is worth noting here that the Qabalistic consensus regarding these five kingdoms is false: the beings of the Black Earth exist without distinction, having intermingled their beings together.

azazelAbove: Sigil of Azazel I Recently Channeled

Azazel is generally viewed as a Promethean figure, magickal initiator, and harbinger of philosophical insight and all manner of innovation. He is held to be a teacher of crystal magick, geology, the liberal arts, and other sciences in Hebrew lore, and he is known as one of humanity’s foremost black magickal gods as well as one of the most elevated infernal authorities.

Azazel has been portrayed as an unclean bird in apocryphal lore, which portrayal might correspond to the eagle aspect of Azazel which is known to Augustus Grigori and I. Azazel’s eagle aspect appears as an eagle made of metal whose feathers turn to blades when they fall. This metallic bird was roughly nine feet tall, not including its sharp tail.

Some texts describe Azazel as a twelve-winged dragon. Azazel has manifested in a dream of mine as a two-winged four-legged dragon made of shadow, and he has appeared to Necro Nicki as a massive, coiled green dragon.

I have seen Azazel’s goat aspect in visions as an anthropomorphic goat with grey fur and dark green eyes. It sat enthroned in a realm of total darkness.

A nature witch I used to know told me that Azazel manifested for her as a man with short brown hair and horns– an appearance correlating to Azazel’s traditional depiction as a Horned God.

I have known two practitioners who interact with (a?) female aspect(s?) of Azazel.

I have found Azazel to be pretty kind and generous in most of my interactions with him. I learned through Augustus Grigori that he enjoys offerings of foodstuffs: cinnamon and green tea are examples of things he’s asked of us.

azazel the kingAbove: This is an Aspect-Specific Sigil of Azazel which Calls Upon an Aspect of Azazel Known as Azazel the King. This Sigil was Channeled by Augustus Grigori

For My List of Magickal Chants to Azazel, Follow the Hyperlink Below:

I would like to thank my friends Augustus Grigori and Necro Nicki for contributing to my understanding of Azazel and being beneficial influences on my craft in general. Please take the time to support both of them on YouTube:

For another fantastic article about Azazel, follow this hyperlink:

For another article about Azazel that I wrote check out this link:


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


11 thoughts on “Azazel

  1. This challenges my beliefs because i achieved so much success using this sigil and you saying its not Azazel’s sigil well damn thanks for the new info VK. I will try your channeled sigil in future rituals but i feel inclined to channel sigils as well will see have see the results.


  2. You are wrong my friend. Azazel = Agiel=Zazel=Samyaza or else Samyazaz(el). They were only two spirits back then as leaders alongside with the other 18. Samyazazel and Azael(Asael-Aziel-Asiel). Samyazazel/Azazel is SON of Samael. Samael and Azazel have the same title as Lucifer. Azael is the SON of Azazel in spiritual terms. The other names and figures of Azazel is Apollyon or abbadon – asmodeus to the east Shamash-Utu-Nergal to the Sumerians and babylonians and many more…

    About Jehovah because i watched some of your videos. Jehovah is an idol created by Israelites. The true god of israel is EL ( Cronus – Enki- Samael). Samael and Michael are the just opposite Aspects and they are ONE being. you analyse a huge entity with many aspects and faces for so long. don’t be confused with idols created by humans or for humans who after their death became gods and goddesses by priests.

    Search more. Search deeper.

    Search about LOGOS and the one truly spirit ΙΑΩ the one called Abraxas.


    1. Never before have I seen such Gnostic Autism
      As a Freegnostic, Im ashamed that you’ve become this Dogmatic, basing Spiritual reality off of Human Name-semantics.
      Abraxas is facepalming rn
      Big sad


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