A Beginner’s Pact With Lucifuge Rofocale

I have channeled instructions for a pact that a black magickian can make with Lucifuge Rofocale, otherwise known as Lucifage. The purpose of this simple pact, the Pact of Sinistral Majesty, is to accelerate the witch’s development as a practitioner of demon magick and help them make the breakthrough they need in their Craft. The pact lasts six weeks and requires three things of the celebrant.

The Nightly Prayer

There is a prayer to Lucifuge Rofocale that the witch is required to recite once a night. If, for some reason, a night is skipped, make an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale (recommendations: nag champa, lavender oil, grape juice, a quarter, red sage, blood), apologize, and resume the pact as normal. The prayer is as follows:

Agios o Lucifage!
[Translation: Numinous/Divine is Lucifage/Lucifuge]

Spirit of Blackness, Lord Over Archfiends, bestow your darksome blessing upon my spiritual path. Help me develop as a sorcerer and psychic. Grace me with the communion of the Infernal Divine. Bless me with possession and demonic might.

Salve Lucifuge Rofocale (x3)
[Translation: Hail Lucifuge Rofocale]

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Translation: Numinous Is the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

The Weekly Invocation

The second requirement of this pact is rites of invocation. You  must perform a ritual to invoke one demon every week. It does not matter whether this invocation was written by me, some other author, yourself, or Jenny from the block. The catch is that the demons you invoke must all be demons whom you have never attempted to evoke, invoke, or otherwise work with before.

The Weekly Offering

You must burn one black candle as an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale every week. Specifically black, and specifically a candle. While I myself regularly use tealight candles in my magick, a tealight candle will not suffice for this weekly offering.

Initializing the Pact

While I channeled the instructions for this pact with the intention of providing it to the masses, I encourage you to conduct some type of divination to ensure that this pact is appropriate for you.

To initialize this process, recite the Nightly Prayer on a Saturday and then ask Lucifuge Rofocale to strike the Pact of Sinistral Majesty with you. He will make sure you know that the pact has been initialized successfully.

To be clear, starting the pact on a Saturday is mandatory.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


12 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Pact With Lucifuge Rofocale

  1. Just to be clear .for the invocation.. can u simply inter trance , visualize sigil ,speak their enn and ask them to come .? . that’s how I made my first contact .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have to hide my practice. While I can do the prayer nightly and invoke a different demon weekly, I cannot burn the candle. As a weekly offering, could I place blood on his sigil? I hope you see this soon because I plan to start this tonight! 04/23/22


  2. If I know in advance of starting this pact that I will have to miss one night, is it OK to go ahead and make my apologies with the appropriate offerings. Maybe tell Lucifuge on the first night about the night I will have to miss?


  3. Have you read the book: Lucifer and the Hidden Demons? If so, have you work with any of those dieties and would you recommend them as demons to work with?


  4. So I Finished this Pact awhile back, And would like to do it again. I fallowed all instructions to a tea yet i’m unsatisfied with my efforts, for I made 2 mistakes :

    Mistake 1
    I missed one night of prayer and made my offering and apology.

    Mistake 2
    Once I felt, I did the offering and prayer too late at night.
    The sun wasn’t up, it was still dark out, Yet any thing past 6AM is considered the next day, yet Due to
    Daylight saving time and the Northern Hemisphere shift.
    IE: (When Days are longer and nights shorter in the summer and the opposite in winter.)
    Im not 100% sure.

    As a Pre-conation
    i made the offering and a apology
    any way.. I Don’t Know if These mistake will be overlooked BUT i ‘definitely know can do better..Ileave this comment here for the purpose of helping any other whom may attempt the pact, Agios Es LUCIFUGE !


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