Channeled Invocation of Any Angel

My guardian angel Raziel revealed the following rite to me whereby any magickian may pursue possession by any angel they wish. This rite does not require any magickal equipment or sigils, but the celebrant is encouraged to integrate any such materials available to her into the rite. Raising a sacred space before performing this invocation is unnecessary, as a sacred space will manifest during the rite (don’t stress about the specifics of the sacred space, just let it take shape). Chant the phrases in italics in a slow, rhythmic monotone however many times the script specifies.

Release the Celestial Currents of the Realm Beyond
Manifest the Glow of the Angelic Numinous
Illuminate My Consciousness and Fortify My Body
Take Hold of My Heart
And Saturate My Essence with Your Power
Shield Me Against All Interference
And Engender the Permutations of My Gnosis!

Enzort! Larg! Norhen! Garhen! Sakrall! Iansar! Zorrahnen! Yiassahna! Yentaghon! Zornassen! Ionzar! Ziasor! Liekhana! Zorhen! Djagassahn!

____________ Norenja Zala Niassak (x4)

Zennor-Yahg-Zilla-Yiag-Nar (x3)

______________ Lizzaghen Djod (x5)

Ave! Ave! Ave!


Channeled Invocation of Any Demon

My matron demoness Qalilitu revealed the following rite to me whereby any magickian may pursue possession by any demon they wish. This rite does not require any magickal equipment or sigils, but the celebrant is encouraged to integrate any such materials available to her into the rite. Raising a sacred space before performing this invocation is unnecessary, as a sacred space will manifest during the rite (don’t stress about the specifics of the sacred space, just let it take shape). The four magickal words of power appearing in bold are to be vibrated one by one.

Release the forces of the Black Plane of Chaos
Saturate the Universe with the Darkness of the Qliphoth
Rend the Veil and Let Infernal Majesty Be Witnessed
By Those To Whom I Afford My Hospitality and Kind Friendship
And Those I Seek to Annihilate and Bring to Ruin
May the Mighty Demon(ess) __________ Arise
Take Hold of My Vessel and Manifest Your Gnosis Through My Heart
Shine the Black Light and Grant Me Apotheosis
Place Your Mantle of Power Upon Me
And Take Hold of My Body and Mind!

Zendaggon + Ensallat + Zornassen + Iztara

Spirit, Fiend, Divinity, Teacher!
Let the Frailty of the Mortal Coil Wither in Your Darksome Radiance!
Inhabit My Flesh! Elevate My Consciousness! Refine My Spirit! So Let It Be!

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. 1

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Yan-Gant-Y-Tan is an elemental manifestation of infernal power and an emissary of Ahriman. His infernal rang is that of a king. He can impart unique alchemical permutations to those who have dissolved and unified their chakras and teach the magickian how to use the element of fire in protection, destruction, evocation, and Kundalini work. He is more powerful than most other infernal beings (he wanted me to drive that point home). He is known as the Elemental Lord of Arezura, and he appeared to me as a large serpent with glowing eyes. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Yan-Gant-Y-Tan is “Entorra Zengudha Leoz Niahzar.”



Rahovart is an emissary of Lucifer and prince of Thaumiel. He is a protector and teacher for those beloved by Lucifer. He teaches demonology, Qliphothic gnosis, and infernal meditation techniques. He’s been with me throughout my life at times that I needed strength. He appeared to me as a lance-wielding knight on horseback. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Rahovart is “Zia Nal Horn Ala.”



The demonic queen Demonia is known as the Bride of Belial. Her attributions include the Earth (planet), Uranus, earth (element), air, northwest, and the colors black and green. She is the patroness of criminality, and she presides over entrepreneurship. She can be worked with to build an empire for yourself in this world. You can call on her to pit your enemies against each other and grant you familiar spirits. She can teach the magickian about extraterrestrials and how to interact with them. The unique facet of her alchemy is the perfection of the physical body. This spirit was the personal gnosis of a repeat client. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Demonia is “Neezar Kara Dorza Nakhan.”



Juvart is a demonic queen attributed to Mercury who hails from Nahemoth. When she was a human being, she knew Qayin, Luluwa, and Abel in person. She presides over mediumship, divination, scrying, and chakra work. She can be called upon to subject your enemies to forced possession (she sends legions of ghosts to seize them). You can also call upon her to turn a group of people against one another– once she has done this, she will turn the negative energy they experience into psychic attacks and curses against the various targets. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Juvart is “Eez-North-Gen-Gala.”

Carreau, Carniveau, & Carnivean

Carreau, Carniveau, and Carnivean are three separate demons who operate with a hivemind. They operate as one and their energies are similar, but there are simple differences between them.


Carreau is the Infernal Magus of Stellar Arcana. She can teach the witch astronomy, astrology, and how to harness stellar magick. He can cause meteor showers and earthquakes, and he can create black holes. He can be called upon to help you steadily amass wealth via entrepreneurship. He is worshipped by a non-human cult which dwells within the Earth. Summoning Chant: “Ensor Gar Nia.”


Carniveau is the Lord of the Black Skies. He presides over healing, protection, and all types of baneful magick. he can be called upon to engender a healing of the very soul which effects every part of the recipient. The nature of Carniveau’s protection is the reduction of all of the witch’s enemies to ash. Summoning Chant: “Bia Dahl Siak.”


Carnivean is the Black Chieftain of Daath. He can aid the witch in mastering evocation and invocation. He presides over love and warcraft. He can be called upon to transfer illnesses of the body and mind alike from one person to another. He presides over mental alchemy and physiological transformation. Summoning Chant: “Zentor Gal Niat.”



Gresil is an emperor from the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth. His auspices are of use in void magick (clarification: the Void beyond the TQL) and harnessing the power of black holes. He can give guidance regarding the use of tarot and oracle cards in divination and spellwork. He can remove learning disabilities, remedy hormonal problems, and heal stomach problems. If you are striving to achieve the physical manifestation of spirits, Gresil is the best demon to try and physically manifest first. Summoning chant: “Zentaggar Kia-tahn Zia Nor Akala.”



Luithian is the Keeper of the Secrets of the Void. He can be summoned for macroscopic alchemy and opening infernal gateways en masse. He can turn a haunted house into a beacon of Qliphothic power and a haven for demons. He can grant the magickian familiar spirits from the Trans-Qliphothic Void and create egregores that absorb poltergeists. He can cause hallucinations of pain and injury as well as horrifying nightmares. His auspices are of use in dreamwalking as well as tapping into leylines and historical magickal sites. He presides over knowledge, secrets, and sorcery. Summoning chant: “Niah Gar Sahta.”



Oeillet is a solar and Saturnine demon known as the Celestial Gatekeeper of Nahemoth. He can be summoned to unite multiple people in conflict against a given target. He is a wonderful spirit guide for working with Shaitanic magick, Ahrimanic magick, Olympian magick, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and the Necronomicon by Simon. He can turn a tree spirit into a demonic warrior who will be bound to you in eternal loyalty. He presides over money, luck, and prosperity. Summoning chant: “Zentorth Gal Nakhen Zorga.”



Rimmon is a spirit of healing and nature as well as a demonic prince of Daath. He presides over all kinds of healing, and he can even reverse spiritual death. He can make you completely immune to curses, astral parasites, and psychic vampyrism. He presides over rites of eternal spiritual protection. He is known as the Prince of Lightning and Storms.

Rimmon rules over an underworld plane wherein horrible people are transformed into horrible, mindless beasts that will serve practitioners of demon magick. You can ask him to assign one to you, or you can call on him to send a horde of them to destroy a given enemy.

Summoning Chant: “Zenzara Kentor Nala Horten.”


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Beginner’s Pact With Lucifuge Rofocale

I have channeled instructions for a pact that a black magickian can make with Lucifuge Rofocale, otherwise known as Lucifage. The purpose of this simple pact, the Pact of Sinistral Majesty, is to accelerate the witch’s development as a practitioner of demon magick and help them make the breakthrough they need in their Craft. The pact lasts six weeks and requires three things of the celebrant.

The Nightly Prayer

There is a prayer to Lucifuge Rofocale that the witch is required to recite once a night. If, for some reason, a night is skipped, make an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale (recommendations: nag champa, lavender oil, grape juice, a quarter, red sage, blood), apologize, and resume the pact as normal. The prayer is as follows:

Agios o Lucifage!
[Translation: Numinous/Divine is Lucifage/Lucifuge]

Spirit of Blackness, Lord Over Archfiends, bestow your darksome blessing upon my spiritual path. Help me develop as a sorcerer and psychic. Grace me with the communion of the Infernal Divine. Bless me with possession and demonic might.

Salve Lucifuge Rofocale (x3)
[Translation: Hail Lucifuge Rofocale]

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Translation: Numinous Is the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

The Weekly Invocation

The second requirement of this pact is rites of invocation. You  must perform a ritual to invoke one demon every week. It does not matter whether this invocation was written by me, some other author, yourself, or Jenny from the block. The catch is that the demons you invoke must all be demons whom you have never attempted to evoke, invoke, or otherwise work with before.

The Weekly Offering

You must burn one black candle as an offering to Lucifuge Rofocale every week. Specifically black, and specifically a candle. While I myself regularly use tealight candles in my magick, a tealight candle will not suffice for this weekly offering.

Initializing the Pact

While I channeled the instructions for this pact with the intention of providing it to the masses, I encourage you to conduct some type of divination to ensure that this pact is appropriate for you.

To initialize this process, recite the Nightly Prayer on a Saturday and then ask Lucifuge Rofocale to strike the Pact of Sinistral Majesty with you. He will make sure you know that the pact has been initialized successfully.

To be clear, starting the pact on a Saturday is mandatory.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia