Introduction to the Saturnian Divinity

The planet Saturn is known as a Great Teacher and Judge, a Dead Sun, the Greater Malefic, the Planet of Death, and the Earth Star. It’s magickal properties are extraordinary, and the planetary spirit of the Earth is held to be the descendant of the planetary spirit of Saturn. But true initiation into the Mysteries of Saturn will require more of you than planetary magick.

There exists a metagod which I know as the Saturnian Divinity and the Saturnine Metagod, and faces of this metagod have been venerated throughout various cultural polytheisms. Six of the seven aspects (Zharhin is excluded) I work with are not only attributed to the planet Saturn, but also to the Sun, the Moon, and the Black Sun. They are agents of macrosopic alchemy and divinities of the Black Plane of Chaos. I will list them here.

  1. Saturnus (Roman)- the Lord of the Shadow People
  2. Chronos (Greek)- the Titanic Face of the Saturnian Divinity
  3. Zuhal (Arabic)- the Demonic Face of the Saturnian Divinity
  4. Dahr (Arabian)- the Protector of Saturnian Initiates
  5. Satre (Etruscan)- the One Who Gives Hope in the Darkest Times
  6. Balor (Irish)- the King of the Fomorians
  7. Zharhin- the Saturnine Metagod; the Gestalt of All Six Previous Faces and Various Other Aspects I Haven’t Worked With (Such as Shani and Baron Samedi)

The alchemy of Saturn increases resistance to magickal attack and capacity for execration work. It develops one’s aptitude for necromancy, Kundalini work, and Trans-Qliphothic initiation. Saturnian Gnosis is characteristically heavy and intense, and so the full Mysteries of Saturn are most appropriate for intermediate to advanced practitioners. However, I have created a small Saturnine praxis designed to be suitable for beginners, which praxis may be purchased below:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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