Control, Know, Eat, Subsume

A long time ago, I got a message from Nyx that I didn’t understand and made a video about it. My conversation with the goddess went a little like this.
Nyx: _______ yourself.
Me: Did you say “know yourself” or “control yourself?”
Nyx: Control, Know, Eat, Subsume.
A recent YouTube commenter explained the message flawlessly:
“Control yourself, and therefore come to know yourself. Once self knowledge is obtained, you can dissolve/”eat” your old self, then become part of something larger. Alternately, the old self becomes a subset of the new self, and does not become part of some collective.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


6 thoughts on “Control, Know, Eat, Subsume

  1. Hello.. I have been looking for a way to get into contact with you. I am curious about a video you had on YouTube regarding the word Daemon. I am very interested in your definition and what it means to you. I am both Greek and Roman with the last name of Daemon with a bloodline that stretches back to Emperor Constantine and his second wife. When pronounced, my name when transliterated to classical Latin, with the diphthong instead of just “ae”, sounds like the word “diamond” without the “d” on the end. Anyway, I am well aware of the meaning behind my name as it pertains to my Greek/Roman heritage. I am open-minded and am very interested in your thoughts, opinions, about my name… Thank you


    1. Never worked with the entity, so no, I never thought to do an article. Someone who summoned the deity told me that Kek hated the recent memes made about him and got extremely angry because he interpreted that type of humor as blasphemy. Not all deities, even ones who can understand the mechanics of and tell a joke, take kindly to being laughed at, even without the spirit of disrespect. If the memes are what got you interested in the spirit, I would not advise communing with the entity, but seek your own guidance in this.


      1. Interestingly enough, I have although only briefly. Used the memes as a source to vampirize and shared the energy with kek… Ive laughed at the memes tho, I guess he didn’t give a fuck at the time


  2. You should do a something on energy work for those who have had their chakras removed. I had mine removed recently and ive found it hard to find and/or adapt energy work that works for me. Of course the demons and spirits have been really helpful and any ive found that works for me ive posted on my blog but I would love to see some by you.


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