Chakra-Awakening Ritual Bath

{The witch is to draw a bath and recite this spell over the waters once it’s full. This spell will enchant the waters to engender the gentle but significant increasement of the open-ness of all of one’s chakras, including the spinal chakras, minor chakras, transpersonal chakras, etc.– all of them. Amy/Avnas, Qalilitu/Madogiel, and Baratchial are called upon for this purpose. It is the prerogative of the celebrant to select any ritual equipment she considers appropriate for this ritual. Names to be vibrated appear in bold. Magickal formulae to be chanted appear in italics. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. 57 is the numerical value of Amy’s name and 87 is a number related and conducive to all acts of black magick}

Baratchial + Avnas + Qalilitu +  Baratchial + Amy + Madogiel + Avnas

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Amy (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Amy]

Agios Ischyros Qalilitu, Filia Luna Nigrantis (x11)
[Numinous and Mighty is Qalilitu the Daughter of the Black Moon]

Salve Sancta Aeternae Baratchial (x11)
[Hail Unto the Sacred and Eternal Baratchial]

Don-Graph, Avnas, Drun-Graph, Amy (x11)
[Eighty-Seven, Avnas, Fifty-Seven, Amy]

Venire Mater Qalilitu (x11)
[Come, Mother Qalilitu]

Agios es, Baratchial Initiatrix (x11)
[Numinous Art Thou, Baratchial the Initiator]

Tu Fubin Amy Secore (x11)
(Amy’s Traditional ‘Enn’ or Summoning Chant]

(Enter the Bath)

The Rite of Acausal Percipience

{This ritual calls upon the spirits Raum/Raym, Qalilitu/Madogiel, Qalmana/Luluwa/Awan/Qalomena/Lebuda, and Niantiel/Mawethel to sharply magnify the psychic powers of the sorcerer. Names in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. It is the prerogative of the celebrant to determine which if any material equipment he would like to use}

I call forth the Sempiternal Partisans of Infernality known as the Goetic Count of Mars and Qalilitu the Vampyric Destructrix! Appear now unto me alongside Niantiel and the Witch-Mother and engender the refinement of my psychic senses!

Oh hear the names: Qalomena + Raum + Luluwa + Qalilitu + Mawethel + Qalmana + Madogiel + Lebuda + Raym + Awana + Niantiel

Liftoach Kliffot! Agios Ischyros Qalilitu, Filia Luna Nigrantis!
[Open the Qliphoth! Numinous and Mighty is Qalilitu, Daughter of the Black Moon]

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Niantiel!
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Niantiel]

I call upon the Qliphothic Immortals known as Niantiel, Queen Luluwa, Qalilitu, and Count Raym of Pandemonium. Let your presences emanate waves of erratic blackness and energy and sensations of incredible wonder. I pursue the gnosis of Sitra Ahra.

Zodamran! Zodamran! Melus De Quo Magma!
(Words of Power for Demonic Magick)

I call upon you to heighten my psychic senses. Improve my faculties of divination and communication with spirits. Grant me an intuitive apprehension of visions, omens, and dreams. Elevate my station as you open my eyes. Hail unto the spirits of the Qliphoth.

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Raym (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Raym]

Venire Mater Qalilitu (x11) [Come, Mater Qalilitu]

Io Niantiel-Mawethel (x11)
[Hail Niantiel-Mawethel]

Qalilitu, venire. Madogiel, venire. Aperiatur Acharayim et germinet Qalilitu! Io Niantiel-Mawethel! Io Qalmana-Lil-U-Wa! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater!
[Qalilitu, Come! Madogiel, Come! Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Qalilitu! Hail Qalmana/Luluwa! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond]

Furca Na Alle Laris Raum (x9)

Qalmana Meleketh ha-Gulgatha va-Nogah (x11)
[Qalmana Queen of Gulgatha and Venus]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

The Rite of Insurmountable Strength

{This ritual calls upon Baelzebuth/Baal adh’Dhubaab/Baal Zebul, Malphas, Cimejas/Cymaries/Tuvries/Kimaris, Alfpunias/Alefpene’ash/Gurigur, Sitri/Bitru, Ipes/Aperos/Ipos, Hemethterith, Tezrian, Ba’al/Baal-Tzelmoth, and Raum to impart greath strength unto the celebrant}

I conjure forth the Emissaries of the Infernal Divine for the refinement of my character through the increasement of my courage, strength of will, and discipline, through the establishment of aplomb, and through the removal of complacence and fallacious insecurity. I call on you now also to empower my spiritual faculties and refine my physical form in whichever ways you deem, in your wisdom, appropriate.

Oh hear the names:
Baelzebuth + Malpas + Cymaries + Alfpunias + Bitru + Ipes + Ba’al + Raym + Hemethterith + Tezrian + Alefpene’ash + Sitri + Tuvries + Baal Zebul + Ayperos + Bael + Hemhemterith + Seere + Cimejas + Raum + Gurigur + Aypeos + Malphas + Baal adh’Dhubaab + Kimaris + Ipos + Beel d’Bobo

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Seere (x7)
Lirach Tasa Malphas Ayer (x11)
Niiso Tuvries A Micalzo (x7)
Caosgon Sa Arphe Pambt Alefpene’ash (x7)
Jezebel (x9)
Zacare Odzamran Alfpunias Gohed (x11)
Furca na alle laris Raum (x11)
Rex Nihilifer, Veniat Ad Me (x9)
Hemethterith Hemhemterith Fam-Ged Val-Ger-Gal (x9)

Pal-Un Don-Graph Yatukisahla Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater Ceph-Pe Mals-Veh Yehi Aur Chashakh

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Hemhemterith (x11)
Lirach Tasa Malphas Ayer (x11)
Ol Um Isli Gohed Gurigur (x7)
Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Baal-Tzelmoth (x7)
Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Bitru (x7)
Ayer Avage Secore Cimejes (x11)
Desa An Ipos Ayer (x11)
Jedan Et Renich Seere Tu Tasa (x11)

Liftoach Kliffot Zodamran Zarrafrom Melus De Quo Magma

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Ayporos (x7)
Aperiatur Acharaim, Et Germinet Baelzebuth (x7)
Agios o Bael (x7)
Ezyr Ramec Ganen Tezrian (x11)
Artri, Bitru, Sitri, Andareth (x7)

Bohu Tohu Chasek Ushuanarasta Palas Aron Ozinomas Baske Bano Tudan Donas Geheamel Cla Orlay Berec He Pantaras Te Silur Varepto Voker Veiscat Zenon Tuvaildaf Knox Na-Hath-Pe Liftoach Pandemonium

Adey Vocar Avage Beelzebuth (x11)
Kimaris Torzodu Odzamran (x11)
Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri (x7)
Niiso Hemhemterith Torzodu (x9)
Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Seere (x9)
Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al (x9)
Caosgon Odzamran Raym-A-Gohed (x9)
Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri (x7)
Agios Es, Belladomina Tezrian (x11)

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

The Ritual of the Lover

{This ritual calls upon the Six Regents of Hell to assist in the celebrant’s summoning of nine demonic entities. The purpose of this rite is to engender the arousal of epiphanies regarding love, sex, and sexuality, as well as make the sorcerer a better flirt and lay. Lastly, the rite calls for the empowerment of the magickal abilities—a loose request up to interpretation by the demons (in their wisdom)}

Melus De Quo Magma (x11)

Liftoach Kliffot Zarrafrom Zodamran Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas Don-Graph Yehi Aur Chashakh Liftoach Pandemonium Zodamran Ahamot

I call now unto the Six Immortal Regents of Pandemonium to empower my ritual of summoning this night:
Acteus Magelsius Ormenus Lycas Nicon Mimon (x7)

I call forward the Sempiternal Wardens of the Qliphoth to descend unto my arena of sorcery and engender the transmogrification of my person. I ask of you to impress upon me a deep intuitive understanding of love, sex, and sexuality along with a talent for flirtation and greater sexual prowess. In addition, I ask of you the refinement of my magickal powers. Now, answer to the names which denote your inner essence:

Lafcursiax + Put Satanachia + Eisheth Zenanim + Furfur + Mammon + Dagdagiel + Eisheth Zenunim + Aggereth + Satanackia + Lafoursiax + Qodesha + Zamradiel + Aisha Qandisha + Baratchial + Aggerath + Satanachia + Orgath

Io Eisheth Zenanim Regina Sol Niger!
Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Lafcursiax (x11)
Arphe Put Satanachia Caosgon Odzamran (x11)
Agios Es, Baratchial Initiatrix (x11)
Ganen Menach Tasa Furfur (x11)
Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach (x11)
Eisheth Koheneth ha-Arsiel (x11)
Zuhalma, Dagdagiel, Bakshorilon (x11)
Agrath, Orgath, Igirit, Agerath (x11)
Qodesha Yesod ha-Zamiel (x11)
Furca Na Alle Laris Satanachia (x11)
Gisa-Drun-Veh, Zodamran, Lafcursiax, Lafoursiax (x11)
Solpeth Bien Sa Zorge Mammon (x11)
Niiso Zacare Zamradiel Sa Zamran (x11)
Niiso Furfur Od Torzodu (x11)
Salve Sancta Aeternae Baratchial (x11)
Arphe Orgath A Micalzo Sa Gohed (x11)

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

A Necrosophic Rite of Hellenism

{This ritual calls upon four Greek divinities native to the Left Hand Path for the purpose of self-empowerment. The ritual serves to strengthen the magickal and psychic abilities of the witch and simultaneously impart an understanding both of herself and of other people. The word “lebensweg” means “life journey” in German. Mormolyttomai/Murmux is called upon by his various names. Neptune, Enosichthon, Phratrios, and Ennosigaos are names for Poseidon. Luna, Cynthia, Pasiphae, and Phoebe are names for Selene. Nasilliad, Nohzul, Sophipell, and Lilaina are invented magickal names for Scylla. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. Chants in italics are meant to be chanted and names in bold are meant to be vibrated. It is up to the operator to decide for herself which, if any, ritual equipment she wants to use}

Ave Luna Noctiluca! Salve Ducis Murmux! Ayea, Ayea, Skylla! Io Neptune-Ennosigaos!
[Hail Luna Who Shines At Night! Hail Duke Murmux! Welcome, Welcome Skylla! Hail Unto Neptune-Ennosigaos]

I conjure forward the Hellenistic Divinities which preside over Self-Deification. Neptune, Mormo, and Scylla are the Acausal and Sempiternal Initiators who impart gnosis and power through Necromancy. Luna the Resplendent Titaness is the Nitid Maiden of Witchcraft and Moonlight who magnifies the spiritual powers of the sorceress and refines her psychic senses.

I call forward these Four Divinities of Esotericism and Sorcery whose gnosis engenders revelations concerning the Western Tradition of Magick. By my vibration of their myriad epithets I summon them now unto me.

Mormolyttomai + Nohzul + Enosichthon + Selene + Sophipell + Murmas + Poseidon + Phoebe + Skylla + Murmur + Neptune + Luna + Scylla + Mormo + Pasiphae + Phratrios + Lilaina + Murmux + Cynthia + Ennosigaos + Nasilliad

The mystical incantations of my tradition have caused reverberations throughout the subtle atmosphere of this place. Theomorphic presences become increasingly tangible as the ritual of summoning continues. Murmur and Neptune engender Necrosophic Initiation unto the adherent to the Left Hand Path. The Deific Emissaries of the Netherworld ascend to walk amongst the world of men. Scylla is the one who knows the true nature of the Black Flame within us all. Within this benighted ritual chamber, I slowly become transformed.

Mormo Murmux Matthias-Daimon (x7)

Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x11)
[Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars (Selene)]

 Nohzul, Scylla, Sophipell (x11)

Venire Aeternae Pater Neptunus (x9)
[Come Eternal Father Neptunus]

Ol Um A Scylla Sa Luna A Arphe (x11)
[I Call to Scylla and Luna to Descend]

I call upon the divinities which have come to preside over my rite for the purpose of spiritual evolution. Empower my psychic senses and magickal powers, and confer unto me a subconscious understanding of my Self and fellow man. Spirits, impart gnosis of the human condition unto me so that I might navigate the labyrinth of my lebensweg with insight and understanding!

My final request is that I be refine for the office of seer and mediumship.

Zacare Caosgi Odzamran Pambt Gohed Selene (x11)
[Move to the Earth and Appear Unto Me Everlasting Selene]

Ennosigaos, Seisichthon, Poseidon, Asphaleios (x9)

 Agios Murmux Rex Mormolyceae (x6)
[Numinous (is) Murmux, King of Ghouls]

Torzodu Odzamran Micalzo Scylla (x11)
[Arise and Appear Mighty Scylla]

 Venire Neptune-Poseidon Veni (x7)
[Come Neptune-Poseidon Come]

Vefa Mena Murmur Ayer (x3)

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

A Rite to Lilith

{This ritual calls upon Lilith to bring about the fulfillment of requests determined by the operator. Magickal chants from Lilith: Queen of Sitra AhraBook of BelialModern Demonolatryand The Red Book of Appin appear within the script. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. It is at the behest of the celebrant to determine which, if any, material accompaniments she wishes to include in the ritual}

I call unto Mother Lilith, the Goddess of the Black Moon and the Spirits of Obscenity! I call down the Sempiternal Harbinger of Chaos and Storms who presides over succubi and the phantasmata of lynched persons! I have selected the Infernal Divine as the divinities of my veneration and the catalysts of my ascent and I call unto the Qliphoth and summon forward Mother Lilith!

Ama Lilith Liftoach Kliffot! Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel! Lilit Reginam Aeternum Noctis! Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt! Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil! Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras! Melus De Quo Magma! Io Ama Lilith! Io Lilitu!
[Mother Lilith, Open the Qliphoth! Numinous is Lilith the Queen of Gamaliel! Lilit is the Eternal Queen of Night! Victory Lies With the Infernal! Numinous (is) (Names of Lilith)! All Things Return to Darkness! All Things Emanate from the Demonic Plane! Hail Mother Lilith! Hail Lilitu]

(You May Now Present Your Requests to Mother Lilith. Physical Health, Personal Magnetism, Social Skills, an Understanding of Romance, an Understanding of Sex, an Understanding of Self, Psychic Perception– You May Choose Whatever You Like. Generally it is Best to Pick Three. Once You Have Articulated Your Desires, Recite the Words of Power Which Follow)

Oeos Acaphosh Nyot Zelesh
Istvaman Teneb Nsgion Atomor
Ne Ammit Abas Norzabr
Eyatan Kelosh Tsabelmos
Nriozt Hananef Ftaa Eos Ghat
Ahi Hay Lilith Zodamran Amabis
Zodamran Lil-Ka-Litu Lilit Malkah Ha-Shedim
Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith Ceph-Pe Mals-Veh
Fam-Mals-Un Don-Graph Amabis Zodamran
Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


Prayer Rite to Hecate

{This prayer consists of magickal chants created by V.K. Jehannum, the Temple of the Black Light, Wiccan Tradition, Traditional Witchcraft, Demonolatry, and the 218 Current (specific text: Liber Azerate). Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. The prayer is to be recited thrice and the witch is to make one to three requests for Hecate to fulfill prior to recitation}

Ave Agia! In Nomine Chaos, Vocamus Te Hekate!
[Hail Agia (Hecate)! In the Name of Chaos, We Call to Hekate]

Aperiatur Stella, et germinet Agia!
[Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia (Hekate)]

Io Hekate Io Ho! Eko, Eko Hekate!
(Magickal Chants to Call on Hecate)

Salve Pandeina Antania Hekate!
[Hail Unto Hekate, the Queen of the Underworld Feared by All]

Veni Hekate! Veni Hekate! Veni Hekate!
[Come Hekate! Come Hekate! Come Hekate]

Salve Luna Infortuna Nocticula Hekate!
[Hail to Hekate the Baleful Moon Which Shines at Night]

Io Hekate Io Ho! Anana Hekate Ayer!
(Magickal Chants to Call on Hecate)

Ave Abnukta Hekate! Ave Nocticula Hekate! Ave Trivia Hekate!
[Hail Hekate Who Wanders at Night! Hail Hekate Who Shines at Night! Hail Unto the Three-Formed Hekate]

Ave Agia!
[Hail Agia (Hecate)’]