Names: Mererim, Meririm, Merihim, Meris, Metiris, Merasin

Above: Original Sigil of Merihim
(You’ll like the sigils I make. Their appearances will disappoint you, but their manifestations will not!)

Merihim is the Prince of the Pestilence and the Demon of Infernal Storms. He’s a predatory entity who scours the earth for victims and specializes in the causation of suffering. The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic attributes him to “hatred, vengeance, anger, and violence” and The Black Grimoire of Satan states that he presides over “pestilence, plague, illness, malady, and death.”

Merihim carries great influence in Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore). He can raise the witch into a genuine adept, alter the person she is at her core, and transmogrify her physis such that she may be elevated above the majority of Western society. He engenders huge transformations of the psyche and very powerful alchemy.

Merihim can improve the magickian’s ability to read body language and strengthen her social skills as well. He can teach the sorceress to play and/or see through mind games and impart the type of prowess which is advantageous after having observed manipulative behavior from someone and confronting that fellow in private.

Merihim’s manifestation to me was seemingly female, and yet had a semi-androgynous feel to it. Merihim can facilitate past live regression and communion with the Higher Self. He (?) can strengthen the magickian’s astral double and render her completely and totally immune to the influence of Jehovah (easily at that). He presides over mind tricks and glamour spells and he can teach the witch to master the Evil Eye.

Merihim is often called “the Noontime Demon” and he is attributed to Thagirion. He can predestine persons for good fortune, bring about quick financial opportunities and employment, and bring about the reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts and “bad blood.” He can teach the witch about natural remedies and help her invent medications. Merihim can teach the witch how to induce trance states as well as instruct her in the incorporation of intoxicants into magick.

Magickal Chants

Corire Meris, Penitrale Gehennae
“Come Forth, Meris, Infernal Spirit!’
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Evoco Praegrandis Domine Merihim
“I Call the Pre-Eminent Lord Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Voco te Meris, Venire o Merihim
“I call to Meris, Come oh Merihim”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Proveni Et Appare Omnituens Merihim
“Come Forth and Appear, All-Seeing Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Meris, Merasin, Metiris, Mererim
Names of Merihim, useful in any rite which calls on him

Devoco Phylarchus Merihim
“I Call Prince Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Voco Te Merasin Dominus Zomiel
“I Call to Merasin, Lord of the Outer Cortex of the Qlipha of the Black Sun!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Magickal Chants to Lucifer

Med-Orth + Lucifero + Lumiel + Helel ben Shachar + Lucibel + Asturel + Aggelos Phos + Liftoach Qliphoth + Liftoach Pandemonium
A list of words of power and titles for Lucifer vibrated to bring him forth
Source: V.K.

Amplate Lucibel Aedifex Phos
“I Praise Lucibel, the Artificer of Phos!”
(“Angel of Light” is Aggelos Phos in Greek. Phos denotes the principle and mechanism of manifestation, not physical illumination) Source: V.K.

Conlaudate Lumiel Dominus Thaumiel
“I Praise Lumiel, Lord of Thaumiel!”
(Note: Lucifer has a high rank in Thaumiel)
Source: V.K.

Salve Lumial– Praecellens Divus Ex Mavethol
“Hail Lumial– Pre-Eminent Spirit of the Qliphoth!”
(Mavethol is a magickal word of power which serves to empower any ritual. Linguistically, it is used as a title or name for the Qliphoth. Its magickal effect is unrelated to its use in language. The word is only to be used in ritual for magickal endeavor) Source: V.K.

Lucibel, Lucifer, Lumial
Three names for Lucifer organized into a chant.
Source: V.K.


Above: Channeled Sigil of Lucifer

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Chants to Hekate

“Hail Agia/Hecate”
Used to open and close rituals to Hecate

“Open the sky, and bring forth Agia”
Agia is a name of Hecate

“Come Into/Unto Me, Mother Ameibousa/Hecate”
This chant is used to call forth any atavistic (bestial) aspect of Hecate

“Appear Anassa Eneri!

“Appear Infernal Prytania!”

“Arise, Vicious Savioress– Glory to Aedonaea!”

“Rise Phosphoros Mistress of Vampyres!”

“Hekate Nyktipolos, Provide the Fifth Element!”

“Rise, Mother Liparokredemnos!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Ipos (Goetia #22)

Names: Ipes, Ayperos, Ayporus, Aypeos, Ipos, Ayporos, Aiperos
Date: Spring Equinox; Oct 23-Nov 1; March 21-25; July 8-12
Zodiac: Aries 0-4; Scorpio 0-10; Cancer 15-19
Tarot: 5 of Cups; 3 of Cups
Rank: Prince; Earl; Prelate; President
Path: 24 (Nun/Scorpio)
Element: Fire; Water
Color: Blue (Especially Dark)
Herb: Cedar, Rue, Yarrow, Sandalwood
Metal: Plutonium, Tin, Iron
D/N: Diurnal
Legions: 36
Gematria: 396
Planet: Jupiter; Mars; Mercury; Pluto; Saturn; Moon

iposAbove: Ipos as Depicted By G.A. Rosenberg

I may be tired of writing, but there ain’t no brakes on this rape train.

There are many planetary spheres which are not encompassed by schemas like the Qliphoth or the Tree of Wyrd, and Ipos introduced me to one I’d never heard of before and single-handedly initiated me through it. He called it the core of the Earth, and if I remember correctly, he initiated me through it after my self-initiation through the sphere of Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth). This occurred following some very obscure permutations of my spirit body at the hands of Azael and its success might be dependent on his alchemies, so seek guidance.


Ipos supports the witch by making her courageous, imparting decisiveness, and helping her control her emotions. He teaches wit and rules over death. He can initiate the witch through the Sphere of the Moon and guide her through pathworking meditations (also called meditation journeys) using the tarot. He rules over the triangle of manifestation, and triangles in general are sacred to him.

Ipos rules over ice and snow. He can unbind entities from one’s aura and protect her from psychic attack. He can also increase the subtle body’s natural defenses against psychic attack. He can either remove emotional attachments or make them firmer, and he specializes in the use and consecration of black mirrors and crystal balls.

Ipos b

Ipos can cause destruction through the laughter of the Abyss and ignite one’s soul with the fire of Flauros. He imparts confidence, eloquence, presence, independence, inspiration, humor, grace, and bravery. He can reconcile friendships, reveal secrets, and influence decisions. He rules over self-development and divination.

Ipos is said to manifest as either an angel or a lion and be repulsive either way. Alternative demonography depicts him manifesting as a angel with a lion’s head, the foot of a goose, and the tail of either a rabbit or a horse. He appeared to me as a bald anthropoid with snow white skin, black eyes, a crown, sharp features to a near-cartoonish extent, black robes, and blue and yellow butterfly wings. (Remember: never try to anticipate the appearance of a demon– always go in free of presumptions and let their choose their own appearance when they manifest for you, because their appearance is an intimation of their character).

Magickal Chants

 Io Ipes-Aypeos-Ipos
“Hail (Three Names of Ipos)!”
This is an All-Purposed Chant

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Ayporos
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Ayporos!”
This Chant Presences Qliphothic Energy to Raise or Strengthen a Sacred Space and Simultaneously Summon Ipos

Ayporos Onozudor
This is an All-Purposed (Invocation, Evocation, Whatever) Channeled Summoning Chant for Ipos

Kalasana Anasora Paladraea Malason
This is a Channeled Evocation Chant for Ipos

Tala Nonon Nonora Aral
This is a Channeled Invocation Chant for Ipos


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-V.K. “Bite the Pillow” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



Names: Azazel, Azazael, Za-za-e’il, Azazil, Azazyel
Planet: the Moon; the Black Sun
Qlipha: Thaumiel (Moloch & Satan/ Pluto & Neptune)
Etymology: Goat of Removal; God of Victory; God of Strength
Direction: South; East
Gematria: 115
Color: Blue
Rank: Demon Prince of Air; Standard-Bearer of the Armies of Hell; Leader of the Watchers; Chief of the Sei’irim
Demonic Order: Second Order
Element: Fire

Above: Original Sigil of Azazel

I will begin this article by stating that I think Azazel and Iblis/Shaitan should be approached as if they were separate beings. I’m pretty confident that they are aspects of the same deific force, but the relationship between two aspects of any given deific force takes a lot of work to understand. This is my opinion: take it or leave it.

In addition to this, I am familiar with the claim that Azazel and Paimon are aspects of the same being, such that when Azazel becomes Paimon, he ceases to exist as Azazel. I myself support this notion, and of course, this means that Paimon and Azazel should be approached as if they were separate beings. Let us also take care to note that Azazel, Azael, Zazel, Zazazel, and Azrael are not the same being by any means.

Without further ado, let us discuss Azazel.

Alongside Semyaza and Azael, Azazel is one of the three most exalted leaders of the Grigori/Iyrin (Watchers). He is also a demonic god of Thaumiel, having great authority over djinn and demons as well. He is considered the lord of the Se’irim [goat demons], and since I cannot pronounce any of the various spellings of the term Se’irim, I have channeled my own name for this group of demons: Sanoril (SAW-NOR-RILL). Necro Nicki described the Sanoril/Se’irim to me as “horned shadows.”

The five kingdoms which Qabalah purports populate the Black Earth are five generations descended from the Watchers. It is worth noting here that the Qabalistic consensus regarding these five kingdoms is false: the beings of the Black Earth exist without distinction, having intermingled their beings together.

azazelAbove: Sigil of Azazel I Recently Channeled

Azazel is generally viewed as a Promethean figure, magickal initiator, and harbinger of philosophical insight and all manner of innovation. He is held to be a teacher of crystal magick, geology, the liberal arts, and other sciences in Hebrew lore, and he is known as one of humanity’s foremost black magickal gods as well as one of the most elevated infernal authorities.

Azazel has been portrayed as an unclean bird in apocryphal lore, which portrayal might correspond to the eagle aspect of Azazel which is known to Augustus Grigori and I. Azazel’s eagle aspect appears as an eagle made of metal whose feathers turn to blades when they fall. This metallic bird was roughly nine feet tall, not including its sharp tail.

Some texts describe Azazel as a twelve-winged dragon. Azazel has manifested in a dream of mine as a two-winged four-legged dragon made of shadow, and he has appeared to Necro Nicki as a massive, coiled green dragon.

I have seen Azazel’s goat aspect in visions as an anthropomorphic goat with grey fur and dark green eyes. It sat enthroned in a realm of total darkness.

A nature witch I used to know told me that Azazel manifested for her as a man with short brown hair and horns– an appearance correlating to Azazel’s traditional depiction as a Horned God.

I have known two practitioners who interact with (a?) female aspect(s?) of Azazel.

I have found Azazel to be pretty kind and generous in most of my interactions with him. I learned through Augustus Grigori that he enjoys offerings of foodstuffs: cinnamon and green tea are examples of things he’s asked of us.

azazel the kingAbove: This is an Aspect-Specific Sigil of Azazel which Calls Upon an Aspect of Azazel Known as Azazel the King. This Sigil was Channeled by Augustus Grigori

For My List of Magickal Chants to Azazel, Follow the Hyperlink Below:

I would like to thank my friends Augustus Grigori and Necro Nicki for contributing to my understanding of Azazel and being beneficial influences on my craft in general. Please take the time to support both of them on YouTube:

For another fantastic article about Azazel, follow this hyperlink:

For another article about Azazel that I wrote check out this link:


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Names: Surt, Surtr, Sutr, Surtur
World: Muspelheim
Direction: South
Planet: Sun, Mars, & Venus Illegitima
Element: Fire; Azoth
Material Attributions: Brass, Silver, Myrrh, Nag Champa, Red Sage, Dragon’s Blood, Bones & Animal Remains, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon Extract, Apples & Apple Juice, Vervain, Nightshade

surtrNote: “SC” Stands for (All-Purposed) “Summoning Chant”

Surt is a fire giant who emerges from Muspelheim to lead warriors against the Aesir and Vanir, and he is the godfather of Loki and son of Laufev. It is said that he will to do battle against Freyr during the apocalypse.

The King of Fire and Fire Giants, he rules Muspelheim, otherwise known as  Muspell. He wields a flaming sword with which he turned regular land into what is now his kingdom. This sword, named Laevateinn, is occasionally interpreted alternately to be a wand, and is said to be formed of fire and light. It is said that his flames will engulf the earth.

Surt’s name means either “Black” or “the Swarthy One,” and his name has occasionally been used as a common noun interchangeable with jӧtunn. In the Voluspa, it is said that the Sol Valtiva [sun of the Gods of the Slain] shines from his sword.

Some consider Surt to be the animating impetus of the Underworld’s volcanic flames. He is known to be the father of the Muspellz Megir (fire giants). These giants, also referred to as Muspellmegir/Muspellsynir [sons of Muspell] or Rjúfendr [Destroyers of Doomsday] are seen as nothing short of giants of the apocalypse. It is said that Surtr fosters a strong relationship with Loki’s daughter Hela, whom he refers to as “Her Ladyship” despite the disparity in their ages. It is said that these two collaborate in the construction of Naglfari, the Great Ship of Ragnarok.

muspellz megir

Surt can be called upon to impart fiery wings to the astral double as well as the ability to create powerful protective shields (like fiery bubbles around you) at will. Surt can be called upon to wreak destruction, devastation, and war, and to bring about the protection or execration of the target. Aside from teaching mastery of the element of fire, and the ability to harness it for killing spirits as well as coercive evocation, he is a god of combat. He can teach the witch how to fight as well as improve her ability to do so.

In works magickal protection, he conjures horrific waves of energy which strike those who have cast spells against or upon his devotee– Surtr’s torrents melt and assimilate the enemy’s spellwork and protections, adding to the fire of his retort. In other words, if Jimmy cast some spells on you, and Surtr attacks him for it, Jimmy’s spells and whatever wards he has will be transmuted into fuel for Surtr’s attack.

Surtr’s auspices are of use in raising the Black Kundalini as well as the adoption of prehistoric atavsisms in astral shapeshifting.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Adam Belial

Are you familiar with the disparity, in Platonic thought, between manifested things and perfect forms? If so, you get the gist of the disparity between Adam and Adam Kadmon.

Adam Kadmon is the perfect/complete form of Adam, which form dwells within the Sephiroth. Adam Belial, known also as Edom Belial is the Qliphothic equivalent of Adam Kadmon. That is to say, it/he is the manifestation of Antinomian/Adversarial perfection whom Liber HVHI describes as “the will made flesh.”

Adam Belial, often confused with Belial, is attributed to the Qliphothic spheres of Ghagiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth) and Sathariel (Saturn/Lucifugus Rofocalus), being the penultimate realms of the Qliphoth’s outer two pillars (the Pillar of the Nurturers and the Pillar of the Destroyers), standing at the Right and Left of Da’ath as the Saturnian-Uranian human ideal.

Above: Original Sigil of Adam Belial

Adam Belial means “Adam the Wicked.” The English word wicked connotes the Adversarial/Antinomian ethos and descends from the same root word as Wicca (witch), hence the English titles “Lilith the Wicked” and “Samael the Wicked.”

His correspondences through Gematria are as follows.

118: Zimimay (North/Earth); Bosom/Hollow/Midst; To Pass On/To Pass Through; To Be Hoarded/To Take Possession Of; Royal Power/Strength; Wealth/Treasure/Riches; Spring of Water; Aziel; Uzziel; Music/Song/Taunting Song; Stream/Division/River; To Cleave/To Slice; To Be Cut Off/To Break/To Snap

678: As He Fed; And You Shall Put Away/And You Shall Exterminate; And Burned; And Was Famished; And Passed Over; Their Chariots; You Shall Kindle; You Shall Go/You Shall Pass On; You Shall Pass Over;

The chant used to call him forward is “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Adam Belial” [Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Adam Belial] and Io Edom Belial [Hail Edom Belial].

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Seere (Goetia #70)

Names: Seere, Seir, Sear
Gematria: 501
Astrology: Sagittarius 25 – 29; Pisces 0-10; Pisces 15-19; Pisces 25 – 29
Date: Dec 17-21; Feb 19-28; March 6-10; March 16-20
Metal: Tin, Silver
Path: 29 (Qoph/Pisces)
Planet: Jupiter
Color: Green, Blue
Element: Water
Tarot: 8 of Cups; 9 of Cups
Answers To: Amaymon (East)
Legions: 26
Rank: Prince
Plants: Juniper, Cedar, Willow, Elder Flower, Caraway, Rosemary


Seere can increase the longevity of the witch. He is apt for chakra work, especially with the second heart chakra, soul star chakra, and earth star chakra. Seere engenders the quick occurrence of things and catalyzes stagnated affairs with movement. He enacts the revelation of whatever persons in your life essay to keep you unaware of. He presides over sorcery and brings about the fulfillment and gnosis of the Will.


The traditional delineation of Seere is as follows: “His office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of things to pass all of a sudden, and to carry or re-carry anything  wherever you would have it go or where you would have it from. He can pass over the entire earth in the twinkling of a single eye. He gives a true relation of all sorts of theft, and of hidden treasure, and of other things. He is of an indifferent good nature, and is willing to do anything the summoner requires.”

Seere initiates the witch towards the higher spheres of Light and the Sun and brings about empowerment through necromancy and death magick. Seere can transform the psyche of the witch and strengthen concentration, as well as fortifying the weak points of one’s personality. Karrezza is apt for workings to him.

The chants “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Seere” and “Jeden et Renich Seere tu tasa” are apt for rituals to him.

-V.K. Jehannum


Qliphothic Wor(L)ds by Cort Williams: A Book Review

Qliphothic Wor(L)ds is a treatise on Black Magickal Alchemy, Luciferian Philosophy, Anti-Cosmic Theory, and Qliphothic Demonology succinctly conveyed in a manner most approachable to those lacking in knowledge of Qabbalah. Cort William’s strong grasp of Gematria, Qabbalah, and the Typhonian Tradition form the backbone of the knowledge presented therein.

The book opens with a series of desultory memoirs on the subjects mentioned above and proceeds to delve into the archdemons which reside within the Tunnels of Set. The traditional Qabbalistic correspondences of each demon are presented simply through a Luciferian Anti-Cosmic lens describing the connotations of various Hebrew letters, numbers, tarot cards, zodiac signs, Gematrial values, planets, and Qliphothic spheres. The segment exploring the Tunnels of Set is a treatise on the theory of Khaos-Gnostic Qabbalah. Little to no experience with or rituals to the demons appear in the text.

The mythos of Qayin, Tubal-Qayin, and Azazel are explored satisfactorily. The draconic aspects of Satan are analyzed numerologically and the Dukes and Kings of Edom are defined and contemplated in their basic connotations.

There is a brief contemplation of Lovecraftian magick which inconclusively speculates about parallels between it and Qliphothic sorcery. This entry is under-researched and under-contemplated, as there is abundant evidence available to the student that Lovecraftian magick is Satanic, Left-Handed, and Adversarial, and that the Necronomiconic Rites of Gate-Walking are Qliphothic in nature.

The text briefly delineates the aesthetic and praxis of the Order of the Ebon Spire and the philosophy of Titanic Satanism. The Qliphothic spheres Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema), Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith), Golohab (Mars/Asmodeus), and Gashkelah (Jupiter/Astaroth) are delineated in detail which exceeds most treatises on them.

Qliphothic Wor(L)ds is a very informative and helpful treatise on Anti-Cosmic Satanism which is approachable to persons who do not know much about it. While I must specify that the text contains no rituals and no magickal chants, the book is a must-read for those dedicated to Anti-Cosmic Satanism and Qliphothic Qabbalah. For those for whom these subjects are mere adjuncts to their paths, this text is helpful, but not not a must-read.

-V.K. “Mister Violation” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia