Names: Mererim, Meririm, Merihim, Meris, Metiris, Merasin

Merihim is the Prince of the Pestilence and the Demon of Infernal Storms. He’s a predatory entity who scours the earth for victims and specializes in the causation of suffering. The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic attributes him to “hatred, vengeance, anger, and violence” and The Black Grimoire of Satan states that he presides over “pestilence, plague, illness, malady, and death.”

Merihim’s manifestation to me was seemingly female, and yet had a semi-androgynous feel to it. Merihim can facilitate past live regression and communion with the Higher Self. He (?) can strengthen the magickian’s astral double and render her completely and totally immune to the influence of Jehovah (easily at that). He presides over mind tricks and glamour spells and he can teach the witch to master the Evil Eye.

Merihim is often called “the Noontime Demon” and he is attributed to Thagirion. He can predestine persons for good fortune, bring about quick financial opportunities and employment, and bring about the reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts and “bad blood.” He can teach the witch about natural remedies and help her invent medications. Merihim can teach the witch how to induce trance states as well as instruct her in the incorporation of intoxicants into magick.


Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Merihim
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Merihim”
Summons Merihim while presencing demonic-infernal energy

Voco te Meris, Venire o Merihim
“I call to Meris, Come oh Merihim”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Meris, Merasin, Metiris, Mererim
Names of Merihim, useful in any rite which calls on him

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Goetic Rite of the Poet

{This ritual calls upon Belphegore and Moloch to make the witch a better writer. Phrases in italics are to be chanted, and translations of foreign phrases appear within brackets. The word “physis” refers to the essence of one’s character and the word “sempiternal” is a synonym for eternal. The word “perceiveration” signifies a deep perception and understanding}

Zodamran! Liftoach Pandemonium! Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas!
(chants to presence demonic/infernal energy)

As my voice emanates throughout the ethers of the Cosmos, black and sulphurous energies emanate forward from the Other Side to transmute my place of ritual and my individual physis. I call forth the Qliphothic Divinities known as Belphagore and Ignifer-Moloch, the Darksome Patrons of the Left Hand Path and the Way of Goetic Alchemy. I call their eye unto my being and their influence unto my arena of ritual so that I may better myself through the Kliffotic-Goetic influence of the Eternal Infernal Divine!

Melus De Quo Magma! Liftoach Kliffot! Yehi Aur Chashakh!
(chants to presence demonic/infernal energy)

Salve Beth-Baal-Peor! Agios Belphegor! Agios Molekh, Salve Rex Ignifer!
[Hail Beth-Baal-Peor! Numinous (is) Belphegor! Numinous (is) Molekh, Hail the Fire-Bearing King]

I call upon Belphegore to shine the Black Light of Inspiration within my heart of hearts to increase my faculties of creativity and innovation for the sake of artistic endeavor.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Beth-Baal-Peor (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Beth-Baal-Peor]

Almighty and Sempiternal God-King Belphagore,
Lord over Corpses and Black Magickal Alchemy,
Sovereign Divinity of the Black-Solar Qlipha,
Slaughterous Witch-God of the Backwards Tree,
Arise and demonize my person with your magick!
Give me the gift of inspiration!

Lyan Ramec Catya Ganen Belphegore (x11) (Belphegore’s Enn)

Molock ish Milchamah ve-Sar Thaumiel!
[Molock is a Man of War and Prince of Thaumiel]

Come forth Almighty Moloch, God-King of Fire and Mist who rules over the Ocean, and impart your scholarly aptitude to me! Impart unto me an eloquence of pen and a deep and intuitive perceiveration of literary aesthetics! Refine my talents as a writer!

O Salve Makkal Rex Athanor! Baruch ha-Malcam Melech Thaumiel!
[Hail Moloch, King of the Alchemical Furnace! Blessed is King Moloch of Thaumiel]

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Makal (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Moloch/Makal]

Qodesh la-Molock Sar Thamiel! Venire Rex Ignifer!
[Holy to Molock Prince of Thamiel! Come, Fire-Bearing Monarch]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Magickal Chants to Lucifer

Lucifer, Asturel, Liftoach Kliffot!
Asturel is a name of Lucifer as well as of another entity. This chant calls on Lucifer to appear and presence infernal energy.
Source: Daemon Barzai

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Lucifer
“Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Lucifer”
Source: the Order of the Nine Angles

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer!
This chant to Lucifer gives spiritual knowledge and strengthens the Black Flame. This formula is also used in opening the gate to the Southern Throne of the Infernal Plane.
Source: Liber Azerate

Lucifer Illuminatio Mea!
“Enlighten me, Lucifer”
The Formula of Illumination is used in rituals which seek knowledge, gnosis, or the attainment of enlightenment.
Source: Liber Azerate

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
A demonic enn used to call upon Lucifer.

Magickal Chants to Hekate

“Hail Agia/Hecate”
Used to open and close rituals to Hecate

Part of a rare version of a very common chant in Traditional Witchcraft and Wicca. This calls on and welcomes Hecate.

“In the Name of Chaos, We Call to Hekate”
Source: Temple of the Black Light

Used in rites to Hekate

“Come, Hekate”
Source: Temple of the Black Light

“Open the sky, and bring forth Agia”
Agia is a name of Baphomet

A demonic enn used to call upon Hekate

“Hail unto Hekate, the Baleful Moon Which Shines at Night.”
Source: Liber Azerate

“Come Into/Unto Me, Mother Ameibousa/Hecate”
This chant is used to call forth any atavistic (bestial) aspect of Hecate

The word “Salve” means “Hail” and Pandeina and Antania are names of Hekate
Source: Temple of the Black Light

The Temple of the Ascending Flame calls the elements from the corners by making use of calls to Hecate, which calls presence Qliphothic energy as well as the elements. HEKATE GONOGIN, LIFTOACH KLIFFOTH is pronounced first, presencing spiritual/Qliphothic energy, but not presencing any elements. Appearing in the order listed specified by the ToAF, HEKATE NOGAR, LIFTOACH KLIFFOTH is used for the West, HEKATE BURIOL, LIFTOACH KLIFFOTH is used for the South, HEKATE ROMERAC, LIFTOACH KLIFFOTH is used for the East, and HEKATE DEBAM, LIFTOACH KLIFFOTH is used for the North.

Used to close a ritual to Hekate
Source: Temple of the Black Light

The Conjuration of Belial’s Hordes

{This ritual calls forth the Sons of Darkness, being the spirits which serve Belial Mortifer known also as Meterbuchus, which spirits are deathly and destructive in aptitude. This ritual can be used to exterminate a spirit or group of spirits who haunts a given location as well as any spirits which have been dispatched to bedevil the witch}

Agios Belias Rex Bohu (x11) [Numinous (is) King Belias of Emptiness]
Filii Tenebrarum Triumphantes (x11) [Arise Triumphant Sons of Darkness]

I call forth the Sons of Darkness who operate as the emissaries of Belial, the Death-Bearing Lord Over This World who resides within the Sulphurous Sphere of Planet Saturn. The Mortiferous and Malevolent Legions of Beliar saturate the astral plane in the bloodshed stains of those spirits which seek to oppose the Black Lodge and Havayoth.

Hail now unto the Sons of Darkness who crusade throughout the Cosmos in violence and predation under the dictates of Beliar.

Beliar, Belu, Belial (x6) (names of Belial)

(specify the targets whom you wish the Sons of Darkness to pursue and whether you want them maimed, killed, or simply banished)

Mortifer Draconis Meterbuchus (x8) (names of Belial)

Ra Sha Belial (x8) (Koetting’s chant of Belial)

Descend now, Sanguinary Legions! Manifest unto this planet and sow my intentions in blood!

Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial (x11) (chant calling Belial’s hordes)


Name Variates: Agrath, Agrat, Aggereth, Iggeret, Igrat, Orgath, Igarat, Igirit, Aggerath, Igrath, Igerath,
Direction: North East; West
River of Eden: Gorath (Western)
Gematria: 604; 1484

Aggereth is a succubus who rules the causation of sickness and whose chariot is said to be led by an ox and an ass. A demonic witch with snakes for hair, she can be called upon for love, lust, sex, relationships, compassion, and the augmentation of one’s creative life force. She can help the witch recover from sexual trauma, becoming healthy and empowered all the way. She can grant erotic dreams and sexual gnosis, acting as a psychopomp who can bring the celebrant into the spirit planes.

The name Aggereth is supposed to come form the word “Agra”, meaning “beating,” but means “reward.” Her title Orgath bath Mahalath translates variously to “daughter of illusion,” “daughter of sickness”, and “daughter of uncleanness.”

Aggereth presides over self-deification through ritual molestation and rape. Aggereth can teach the witch operations of ritual sex magick which incorporates BDSM and other kinks. She can make a chosen victim the subject of his blackest fetishes, consuming him with shame and compulsive, hedonistic, addictive or quasi-addictive indulgence. She can bring about the molestation of children and through it make them into stronger and crueler Satanists and/or Sinistral wizards. She can obliterate the restrictions of repression and guilt which stifle sexual perversion so that the witch is free to indulge in her darkest fantasies again and again, and she can progressively bring the witch to terms with her darker fantasies via dreams through which she will create astral homoncula which bring about sexual desire, sexual fulfillment, and sexual partners or victims for the male sorcerer. She can consecrate the genitals of the witch to enflame her partner with incredible desire and devour his chi through fornication, rendering them a subservient shell who will act according to the whims of the witch. She will rape and molest and slaughter entire chosen families to blot their names out from the lips of mankind. Astral shapeshifting into a winged serpent, weird scaly arachnid with claws tanagarabishim(plural: tanagarabishin), and into a mixture between a scorpion the size of a dog and a lizard, red body, brown legs.

Aggereth is a succubus queen and the youngest of the four matrons of sacred prostitution. She is called the mistress of sorcerers and is known for imparting magickal teachings to men. She is recorded to appear with a chariot and eighteen legions.

Agrat bat Mahlat or Aggereth/Igrat can prepare the astral body of the witch for shapeshifting and liken the physis/essence of the witch’s soul to that of the Qliphoth. She can impart strength, calculation, and pragmatism to the witch, and thereby prepare her to entertain the option of homicide. She can prepare the witch to protect herself and others from enemies of any kind, both causal and acausal. If the Satanist is hurt, Aggereth will embrace her and heal her of all ills of mind, spirit, and body.

Igrat is one of Samael’s four concubines or wives, each of which resides in one of Samael’s four kingdoms. Lilith, Igrat (who rules over Salamanca), Na’amah, and Maskim, the last of which is separate from Mahalath. Aggereth/Igrat is said to have come to Solomon in a dream and caused him to orgasm through the visions she presented to him, whereafter she used his seed to give birth to the king of Edom called Adad/Asmodeus.

According to the ToAF, Aggereth “is called the Roof Dancer, because she resides on the border of worlds – physical and astral, sleeping and waking, conscious and unconscious – helping the passenger to pass through the gate and entre Sitra Ahra.”

One pseudepigraphal text posits that Igrat is one of the four demonic goddesses of the four tequfot [two solstices and equinoxes]– my intuition attributes Igrat to the December solstice, which is apparently verified by T.B. Scott’s attribution of Aggereth to the season of Winter. Igrat is said to go out to wreak destruction through humanity on Wednesdays and the days of the week before the Sabbath (Friday or Saturday?). Igrat is the daughter of Mahalath and Igratiel, the ruling spirit of a desert wherein Mahalath performed many sorceries.

The Temple of the Ascending Flame launched an open project wherein Aggereth was called upon to guide the witch through the Qliphothic tunnel (corresponding with tau/tav) which is ruled over by Thantifaxath, this being the tunnel between Nehemoth (Nahema) and Gamaliel (Lilith). Alternately, T.B. Scott attributes Aggereth to the Qliphothic path wherein the Nashimiron dwell  (this being the path of Pisces).

As one of the four demonesses of harlots, Aggereth presides over both temple prostitution and streetwalking. While prostitution may sound like a dim thing to encourage, there are many women who find it empowering or emotionally fulfilling to perform it. In American history, things such as walking alone in public, wearing bright colors, wearing cosmetics, and wearing scarlet were taboo for women, and it was prostitutes who pioneered these actions until they were commonly acceptable behavior for women. Prostitutes were the first women in America to earn wages equal or near equal to men.

The numerical value of Agrath is 604, which is equal in value to Iggereth, another name of hers but also a word meaning “letter” or “missive.” It also equates in value to the Hebrew words/phrases for “troubled pool,” “stagnant pond,” and “blood/wine.”

The value of the word Agrath bath Mahalath [Agrath, daughter of Mahalath] is 1484.

For a longer table of correspondences, follow this link:

You will find a sigil for her here:,d.eWE

Sources: Complete Demonolatry Magic, The Four Angels of Prostitution. Gematria and the Tanakh. Encyclopedia of Demons by Theresa Bane, TYT Interview with Thaddeus Russell, Kabbalah by Gershom Scholem,

-Violation King Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Mass of the Left-Handed Feminine

{This is a ritual which serves to initiate a person of masculous physis [nature] to the mysteries of the feminine/muliebral by balancing his or her character through androgyny. It calls upon Satania, the female manifestation of Satan, as well as Mactoron, with Mactoron being the O9A’s name for Babalon, which alternate name is used to eschew the Judao-Christian connotations of Babylon. Various other demonic entities are called upon to assist in the ritual by their respective magickal chants. Sitra Ahra, Achrayim, Pandemonium, and the Qliphoth are all names for the Infernal Plane. Words in bold are to be vibrated and chants in italics are to be chanted. Translations appear in the brackets}

I call forth the Muliebral Face of Satanas the Adversary to impart the aspect of her physis unto my person. Satania, answer to your names and words of power:

Ascend from the Black Pits of the Qliphothic-Demonian Plane of Acharayim, oh mighty Decarabia! Beget my remanifestation through the aspect of the feminine!

Carabia, Demonosophia, Decarabia (x7) (Names of Decarabia)
Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Decarabia (x7)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Decarabia]
Hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore (x7) (Decarabia’s Enn)

I call forth the Saturnic-Maternal Emanation known as Babalon-Mactoron!
Agios o Mactoron (x6) [Numinous is Mactoron]

I call forth the Four Mothers over Sex Magick and Succubi to manifest within the chamber and refine me through muliebrity!

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel (x6) [Numinous is Queen Lilith of Gamaliel]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Aggerath (x6)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Aggerath]

Eisheth Koheneth ha-Arsiel (x6) [Eisheth High Priestess of the Black Sun]

Na-Ama-Hema – Venire (x6) [Deathly Mother of Blood (Nahema) – Come]

I call forth the myriad darksome forces of Sitra Ahra to initiate me into the mysteries of the left-handed feminine through the alchemical incantations of Acharayim! By the words of power I become reborn!

Agios es, Belladomina Tezrian (x6)
[Numinous art thou, oh Tezrian, Mother of Wrathful Beauty]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Satanackia (x6)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Satanachia/Satanackia]

Aperiatur stella, et germinet Agia (x3)
[Open up the sky, and bring forth Agia/Hecate]

Salve Astaroth Genetrix (x6) [Hail Mother Astaroth]

Allatu, Irkalla, Ninmug, Allatum-Ereskigal (x3) (Names of Ereshkigal]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Io Satania Mater Pseutes! [Hail Satania Mother of Lies]