Oh Hey, I Didn’t See You There

My name is Vunon Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum, but I prefer to go by V.K. I have selected black magick as my primary pursuit in life and I strive, in literature, to promulgate black magick by building upon the existing corpus which is available freely to the public. I practice a mixture of Demonolatry and the Draconian Tradition with an emphasis in initiatory Qliphothic magick and a strong philosophical influence from Post-Copernican Polytheism as promulgated by Diane Vera. While I accept the titles of Satanist, Luciferian, Demonolater, and Devil Worshipper impartially, I find the title Satanist more appropriate for communicating my path to the everyman than Draconian Demonolater. Additionally, in the same way that Richard Dawkins calls himself an “Atheist” instead of an “Agnostic” despite their interchangeability because it carries more weight, Satanist remains a better term for self-identification than Luciferian.

My personal iteration of Satanism, which I call Draconian Demonolatry, draws on S. Conolly, J. Thorp, Diane Vera, Geifodd ap Pwyll, D.M. Hutchins (the Interrogist), Asenath Mason, Daemon Barzai, Michael Aquino, E.A. Koetting, Vengir As’Nas Satanis, Beldam, Von Sangetall, Nargargole Shlod (Zeit23Geist), Vexior 218, and my mentor, Darcavious Alexander, with primary influences appearing in bold. My practices blend Theistic Satanism, Demonolatry, Luciferian Magick, Hebdomadry, the Draconian Tradition, and Khaos Gnosticism together seemlessly and greedily.

My goals are the increase of the Black Lodge’s strength and aptitude, expansion via the initiation of neophytic seekers (and not by proselytization), the dispersion of Satanic-Luciferian teachings, the demonization of the subtle atmosphere of the Cosmos, and the fulfillment of every black magickian’s personal destiny and Will. I care not for the fate of any demographic, society, or tradition so long as these agendas are furthered, and by seeking my  guidance, you are directly furthering my (primary) personal motivations.

I am not part of any church, lodge, or group any longer, save for local affiliations with my fellow initiates. I led a coven comprised of five to seven members at any given time for almost two years. We were black magickians one and all, and Hecate was our matron. She and her daimones introduced initiated us into the Qliphoth, so we called ourselves the Coven of the Second Torch. While I still coordinate rituals with several of these persons, there is no leader, and we have become casual in our structure. We call ourselves the Qliphothic Alchemy Collective, but we prefer to go by Quack.

While the majority of my practices center around the demons of the Qliphoth and Goetia, I work with Greek divinities (mostly Hecate and Selene) as well as a pair of Aztec deities (Tlazolteotl and Tezcatlipoca). I do work with some of the Nekalah and I have a decent amount of experience with Lovecraftian deities– it’s just been a while since I’ve contacted them (Atazoth excluded). I have honored Tiamat, Absu, and Qingu at various times throughout my magickal path but I have not began working with them as closely as I plan to in the future. I consider them the single best deities a psychic vampyre can have (and I spend a LOT of time around succubi and Hecatean spirits).

While I have been contacted by three separate publishers thus far, none of them have been able to get their shit together long enough to follow through on our agreements, save for the fourth contact, Daemonic Dreams Publishing, which business intends to publish my upcoming grimoire soon. I am interested in contributing to any magazine or writings compilation which I am considered relevant towards, and I will not object to appearing in a work intended for Typhonian, Chaotes, Thelemites, etc. Facebook (my username is V.K. Jehannum) is the best way to contact me, but my email is VKJehannum@Protonmail.com. I accept just about every friend request and answer all the questions directed at me through Facebook, and I answer WordPress comments as well.

You’ll find a plethora of Satanic and Satanic-ish literature in my blog’s cache section, much of which derives from the O9A and its affiliates. My blog has a section entitled Magickal Chants which serves exclusively to provide lists of various magickal formulae and words of power and serve as a resource for independent ritual construction. Sound in and of itself carries power, and these chants wax in strength incrementally from each successive use.

My weltanschauung [worldview] integrates greedily the elements of every LHP/Sinistral tradition I have received the honor of researching. This includes that weltanschauung espoused by David Myatt and the Order of the Nine Angles which he founded, which order I was enrolled in directly for eighteen months. Myatt’s esotericism, which the O9A is merely one aspect and iteration of, is known as Hebdomadry, and derives from Greek alchemy and magick. Hebdomadry influences both my weltanschauung and my writings, regardless of my disavowal of the O9A agenda as well as its adherents in their majority. I have found Niners, in my interactions and collaborations with their kind, to be largely unprincipled and less honorable than the majority of the Western population with which I have interacted, and thus I shun their company in general.

I do not incorporate Oriental divinities into my practice or Oriental theology into my worldview, but that is not to say that there is something wrong with the East. Whenever I would come across Chinese folklore in my research into animal symbolism and numerical correspondences, I would find that Chinese spirituality appeared to consistently provide the numerical or animal connotations which were the direct opposites of what I found when studying the Western correspondences for those things. The reason for this became clear during my forays (with a mentor) into Hinduism– Oriental spirituality operates in accordance with a set of governing principles which are almost completely unlike the mechanics of Western Occultism.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia