About V.K. Jehannum

The full initials of my magickal name are V.K.U.J., but I go by V.K. for short in conversation and V.K. Jehannum in writing. I’ve got a lot of people who hate my guts and a lot of people who hold me in higher respect than I probably deserve. I’ve broken a lot of new and valuable ground on my website and I’ve made my share of public mistakes. I write the best articles I can about Demonology, often focusing on obscure demons like those of the Tunnels of Set so I can restore them to the public veneration of the Black Lodge. One of my primary goals is to cover all of the Goetic and Qliphothic demons alike.

My intentions are simple enough: the Black Lodge and the Infernal Divine changed my life in incredible ways, and I’m trying to leave behind my own contributions. Like most magickal paradigms, public Theistic Satanism originated with fraudulent plagiarists promoting personal agendas. That was only about fifty years ago. The paradigm of demon magick is furthered by those who are willing to leave something behind. This is the beginning of a heretical, black magickal paradigm of demon veneration, and I’m thankful for everyone who’s willing to pitch in.

I have had friends instructed to read my literature and/or request my unwritten personal gnosis by their guiding spirits, including strangers, and including a handful of the best psychics I know. One writer discovered my website directly after praying to Claunech for a reliable source of information about him, and my article about Claunech is almost entirely composed of personal gnosis. I have, as I said, made public mistakes and done what I could to fix them, but it remains clear that my gnosis of the Infernal Divine is, to whatever extent, reliable.

My blog’s categories, accessible via the menu, are incredibly important for anyone who would like to learn from me. If you would like to see my insights on a specific demon (Moloch for example) Google “V.K. Jehannum Moloch,” replacing Moloch with whoever you’re looking for. Do not bother to scroll through the entire Demonology & Paganism category because you will miss whatever you’re looking for. I have written countless rituals for the public, and I have performed the overwhelming majority of these rituals myself. In fact, most of my recent uploads were written for myself. My magickal chants and magickal hymns sections exist to help my readers write their own rituals.

My rituals can be modified in any way. If you simultaneously find my rituals useful and have developed enough in your own path to need to modify them for your personal use, that’s a very good thing. Changing a magickal chant relinquishes the power it contains (mispronouncing it does not), but changing a ritual is normal. My rites are made to be useful for practitioners of demon magick from every denomination– after all, I keep the majority of my own tradition secret, even from the rest of my coven (as my guides have instructed me to do).

While my initial ritual endeavors focused on all manner of different divinities, my first serious and seriously succesful endeavors were devoted to Qliphothic and Hecatean magick. While I never thought I would delve into the Goetia, I have now summoned all of the demons from the Ars Goetia and covered most of them in the Demonology & Paganism category of my website.

For those who are unaware, the Ars Goetia was a 72-demon remake of the 69-demon grimoire known as Pseudomonarchium Daemonum. Only 68 of the Goetic prototype’s 69 demons were included amongst the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, but the long-forgotten demon Pruflas can be found on my site. I also have an article about the Goetikon, a metagod composed of the 72 demons of the Goetia, which article goes into depth about how to give offerings, how to develop energetic rapports with demons, and what a metagod is. My username on YouTube is also V.K. Jehannum. Stay tuned for my upcoming book, which computer problems have brought about some set-backs for.

Preliminary Considerations

I do not promulgate ideas like the need to be a Sinister criminal or the necessity of being a law-abiding citizen– it is not my place to advocate for either. I view ideological altruism and ideological Sinister-ness as devaluations of the Personal Wyrd and True Will. Because of the value of PW & TW, I rarely pontificate about politics and morality. I have, however, publicly denounced the desire to destroy the universe, advocacy for black magickal theocracies, white nationalism, child abuse, love spells, and deliberate propaganda. It takes something serious to get me to speak out.

I do not advocate for any great spiritual wars against any given deity, although I condemn certain deities as assholes who should not be worked with. The Egyptian Ra, the Norse Odin, the Hindu Bhairavi, the Abrahamic deity, the Egyptian Sekhmet, and the Hindu Krishna are the worst in my book. I am aware that countless people have wonderful experiences with each of these deities, and as hard as people have struggled to convert me to their religions, I refuse to budge on these entities. Jehovah sucks, lesser angels suck, but archangels are cool in my book: Laylah, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael appear to be the best. In the past, I have mistakenly endorsed Atazoth, Metatron, and many more, and and mistakenly condemned Sorath and Shugara, so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

There are certain black magickians who erect extremist ideologies on the fringes of the Black Lodge, advocating for the infiltration or usurpation of political authorities by practitioners of black magick. I do hold respect for David Myatt, Vengir Satanis, the 218 Current, etc. as both insightful and misguided Satanic thinkers, but I believe that they sought to remake the world in their own image out of sheer naivety. I try not to abuse my platform or audience for the promotion of political agendas. It is a serious problem that some black magickians pontificate about starting a New World Order when some of them, in Vengir Satanis’s case, cannot construct a functional lodge. I condemn Lovecraftian Magick but Vengir Satanis is my favorite Satanic thinker of the listed three.

Coven Membership

I started as a solitary practitioner, became the leader of the Coven of the Second Torch, a Hecatean-Qliphothic coven of psychic-vampyric Demonolaters primarily dedicated to Moloch. My first coven, COST for short, disbanded temporarily, and briefly reformed as the Qliphothic Alchemy Collective (QUACK for short). Out of the fifteen persons I guided and/or initiated throughout the timelines of COST and QUACK, six that I know of have become serious magickians, and four have coalesced into our current leaderless coven, the Invisible Cult of the Phoenix. The Invisible Cult of the Phoenix is esoterically known by a longer acronym: Renegade Esotericism to Attain Really Dark Shit (R.E.T.A.R.D.S.).

Despite the fact that QUACK once made the horrible mistake of initiating a pair of juggalos, which was completely my fault, the Invisible Cult of the Phoenix has no relation whatsoever to the Insane Clown Posse despite the unforgivable coincidence of initials.

My Spiritual Influences

While I have been influenced by several denominations of Satanism and Luciferian magick, my spiritual paradigm is primarily a combination of Demonolatry with the Draconian Tradition. While Demonolatry is known for taking a more religious approach to the Infernal Divine than most traditions of demon magick, texts on Demonolatry never bother to impress political and philosophical ideologies on the reader– a merit which Luciferian and Satanic texts generally fail to emulate. The Draconian Tradition shares this merit, being entirely focused on the pursuit of spiritual self-transformation.

It is the modern instantiations of Luciferianism and the Draconian Tradition, which modern instantiations have been strongly influenced by and influential of Theistic Satanism, which I am influenced by specifically. In my older writings, you will see me mistakenly describe Luciferianism and the Draconian Tradition as offshoots of Theistic Satanism.

The corpus of David Myatt, who deceitfully posed as individuals such as Anton Long, Stephen Leather, and several more, does influence my theology and magickal practice to a certain extent. The Order of the Nine Angles only represents a small part of Myatt’s total literary corpus: the ONA is only a portion of what he has produced, and only a portion of what influences me. I would never recommend the literature of the ONA or David Myatt himself to anyone.

I hold most black magickal authorities in high respect, including those I have criticized the most. This includes Anton LaVey, David Myatt, the 218 Current, and Michael W. Ford, some of whom I have been unduly critical of in the past. With this said, I do not give real endorsements to any author group, including those most personally influential of my tradition. This is not to say that my endorsements are fake, only that even I take them with a grain of salt, as you should too. The 218 Current, Church of Satan, and the Order of the Nine Angles I have criticized the most harshly, and just look how strongly influenced I am by some of the ideas which came from those groups.

A Summarized Personal Timeline

I was recruited into the Order of the Nine Angles by an initiate of a subgroup called Drakon Covenant, which subgroup admitted me to its inner circle within a couple months. I joined the another such subgroup known as the Lilin Society while I was still involved with Drakon Covenant and leading my first coven. In less than a couple months, I became the youngest member of the Lilin Society’s leading council and became the first initiate to be awarded the title of Master. My involvement with the Order of the Nine Angles lasted a total of eighteen months. I was asked to assume leadership of five black magickal lodges affiliated or heavily influenced with the O9A during the course of my involvement, and I refused consistently. I was amicably dismissed from Drakon Covenant and I left the Lilin Society, and I later went on to denounce the Order of the Nine Angles as a whole in a series of public essays. As of now, I have a bigger following than any of my former affiliates.

While I took both Darcavious Alexander and Adam Percipio as mentors, I am no longer an apprentice myself. I have self-initiated through all ten spheres of the Qliphoth, all 22 Tunnels of Set, four non-Qliphothic planetary spheres, and the Qliphoth’s four hidden tunnels. My website is my black book– most of the rites for written for my personal use, and I have never received a review of any rite I’ve written that was anything short of excellent. I’ve written articles on more than a hundred demons. I’ve had advanced practitioners tell me the article I wrote on their patron demon was the best they’d ever read, or that nearly all of the progress they’d made in the past year was because of me. It’s odd. I always wanted to leave literary contributions to the Black Lodge of the West, but I’d always told myself that I wouldn’t start writing about black magick until I was in my 30’s because I didn’t think I’d have anything to teach. And now, I’m in my early 20’s having my favorite authors commend my work. I’ve gone through four failed publishing deals thus far, and soon I’ll be publishing a grimoire of self-transformative demon magick for beginners with Daemonic Dreams Books.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia