Oh Hey, I Didn’t See You There

My magickal name is Vidian Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum, and my goal is to become the world’s best modern Demonologist. While I am a solitary practitioner, I led and started the Coven of the Second Torch and participated in a leaderless local coven that called itself the Cabal of the Phoenix. I was recruited into the Order of the Nine Angles by an initiate of a subgroup called Drakon Covenant, which subgroup admitted me to its inner circle within a couple months. I joined the another such subgroup known as the Lilin Society while I was still involved with Drakon Covenant and leading my first coven. In less than a couple months, I became the youngest member of the Lilin Society’s leading council and became the first initiate to be awarded the title of Master. My involvement with the Order of the Nine Angles lasted a total of eighteen months. I was asked to assume leadership of three black magickal lodges affiliated with the O9A during the course of my involvement, and I refused consistently. I was amicably dismissed from Drakon Covenant and I left the Lilin Society, and I later went on to denounce the Order of the Nine Angles as a whole in a series of public essays. As of now, I have a bigger following than any of my former affiliates.

While I have been influenced by several denominations of Satanism and Luciferian magick, my spiritual paradigm is primarily a combination of Demonolatry with the Draconian Tradition. While Demonolatry is known for taking a more religious approach to the Infernal Divine than most traditions of demon magick, texts on Demonolatry never bother to impress political and philosophical ideologies on the reader– a merit which Luciferian and Satanic texts generally fail to emulate. The Draconian Tradition shares this merit, being entirely focused on the pursuit of spiritual self-transformation.

I’ve initiated fifteen black magickians in person. As of now, I have no apprentices. While I took both Darcavious Alexander and Adam Percipio as mentors, I am no longer an apprentice myself. I have self-initiated through all ten spheres of the Qliphoth, all 22 Tunnels of Set, four non-Qliphothic planetary spheres, and the Qliphoth’s four hidden tunnels. My website is my black book– most of the rites for written for my personal use, and I have never received a review of any rite I’ve written that was anything short of excellent. I’ve written articles on more than a hundred demons. I’ve had advanced practitioners tell me the article I wrote on their patron demon was the best they’d ever read, or that nearly all of the progress they’d made in the past year was because of me. It’s odd. I always wanted to leave literary contributions to the Black Lodge of the West, but I’d always told myself that I wouldn’t start writing about black magick until I was in my 30’s because I didn’t think I’d have anything to teach. And now, I’m in my early 20’s having my favorite authors commend my work. I’ve gone through four failed publishing deals thus far, and soon I’ll be publishing a grimoire of self-transformative demon magick for beginners with Daemonic Dreams Books.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia