Introduction to the Lords of Air

The L.O.A. is a small business project– consultations and Black-Magick-for-hire. It’s also a small, tight-knit cabal consisting entirely of three members: V.K. Jehannum, G.A. Rosenberg, and Adam Percipio: a trilateral and Left-Handed current of ascent known primarily for taking apprentices in multiple continents, and secondarily for a pattern of long-standing conflicts with established lodges that don’t meet their personal standards. Despite the various degrees of public status held by all three members, the majority of their tradition is praxis is completely esoteric, .

While a fourth member is being groomed and a fifth will be selected eventually, the roster consists entirely of the persons who follow.

G.A. Rosenberg, often referred to as Gar, is a Black Magickian loyal to the Infernal Divine and long-time affiliate of V.K. Jehannum and Adam Percipio alike. A talented sorcerer and graphic designer who has created both an original tarot deck and pathworking imagery for the spirits of the Goetia. He’s the only one of the Lords of Air who hasn’t left a string of ugly conflicts with other lodges– as far as the public knows.

V.K. Jehannum is an apostate from the inner circles of the Order of the Nine Angles and its affiliate groups who abandoned his appointment as master and council-member of the Lilin Society and was amicably dismissed from his role as a Handler in the inner circle of Drakon Covenant. Apart from his leadership of perochial covens with no public presence whatsoever, V.K. has rejected all known attempts at recruitment into above-ground black magickal lodges. A writer combining Traditional Demonolatry with the Draconian Current, he’s working on his first stable publishing deal with Daemonic-Dreams Books.

Adam Percipio is a Thelemetic-Luciferian Magus and a high-ranking adept of the Ecclesia Luciferi Gnostica, and he has secured the full backing of the ELG for the Lords of Air. Despite being one of the L.O.A.’s most least publicly visible members, he’s their most controversial, having methodically initiated bitter conflicts with various covens and lodges as he travels from continent to continent. He’s an initiate of Vodoun and Thelema alike who works closely with the Goetia. In recent months, he has begun endeavoring Qliphothic initiations via the teachings of his long-time apprentice, V.K. Jehannum.

The L.O.A. approaches the Infernal Divine as a functional paradigm of polytheism apt for the alchemical and sorcerous endeavors of Black Magick and vampyrism. Custom sigil services and apparel will be upcoming.


Qliphothic Wor(L)ds by Cort Williams: A Book Review

Qliphothic Wor(L)ds is a treatise on Black Magickal Alchemy, Luciferian Philosophy, Anti-Cosmic Theory, and Qliphothic Demonology succinctly conveyed in a manner most approachable to those lacking in knowledge of Qabbalah. Cort William’s strong grasp of Gematria, Qabbalah, and the Typhonian Tradition form the backbone of the knowledge presented therein.

The book opens with a series of desultory memoirs on the subjects mentioned above and proceeds to delve into the archdemons which reside within the Tunnels of Set. The traditional Qabbalistic correspondences of each demon are presented simply through a Luciferian Anti-Cosmic lens describing the connotations of various Hebrew letters, numbers, tarot cards, zodiac signs, Gematrial values, planets, and Qliphothic spheres. The segment exploring the Tunnels of Set is a treatise on the theory of Khaos-Gnostic Qabbalah. Little to no experience with or rituals to the demons appear in the text.

The mythos of Qayin, Tubal-Qayin, and Azazel are explored satisfactorily. The draconic aspects of Satan are analyzed numerologically and the Dukes and Kings of Edom are defined and contemplated in their basic connotations.

There is a brief contemplation of Lovecraftian magick which inconclusively speculates about parallels between it and Qliphothic sorcery. This entry is under-researched and under-contemplated, as there is abundant evidence available to the student that Lovecraftian magick is Satanic, Left-Handed, and Adversarial, and that the Necronomiconic Rites of Gate-Walking are Qliphothic in nature.

The text briefly delineates the aesthetic and praxis of the Order of the Ebon Spire and the philosophy of Titanic Satanism. The Qliphothic spheres Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema), Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith), Golohab (Mars/Asmodeus), and Gashkelah (Jupiter/Astaroth) are delineated in detail which exceeds most treatises on them.

Qliphothic Wor(L)ds is a very informative and helpful treatise on Anti-Cosmic Satanism which is approachable to persons who do not know much about it. While I must specify that the text contains no rituals and no magickal chants, the book is a must-read for those dedicated to Anti-Cosmic Satanism and Qliphothic Qabbalah. For those for whom these subjects are mere adjuncts to their paths, this text is helpful, but not not a must-read.

-V.K. “Mister Violation” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia