Resources for Black Magickians


Note: I am not necessarily associated with the various collectives and content creators  who created the work I have linked here, and while I have a reason to include every website and account that I have posted here, I do not necessarily endorse the entirety of their corpus– some amount of their teachings may be, in my personal opinion, likely incorrect and/or incomplete. Additionally, I should point out that while these are the accounts and websites that I recommend to black magickians, not all of the content creators presented herein may appropriately be referred to as black magickians. Specifically, some practitioners of African traditional religions are included herein, and many practitioners of such religions take offense to being referred to as black magickians for very understandable reasons.

Recommended YouTube Channels for Practitioners
Kurtis Joseph – YouTube
Satan and Sons – YouTube
Temple Of Maergzjirah – YouTube
Teala Petrova – YouTube
Cain The Grand Lich – YouTube
OFSAdrianna – YouTube
Haitian Bokor Leonard Elmera – YouTube

Recommended Tiktok Accounts for Practitioners
Teala Petrova (@tealapetrova) TikTok | Watch Teala Petrova’s Newest TikTok Videos
Lilith Astra (@lilith.astra) TikTok | Watch Lilith Astra’s Newest TikTok Videos
CD + The Players (@cdntheplayers) TikTok | Watch CD + The Players’s Newest TikTok Videos
333AhavaLorraine333 (@333ahavalorraine333) TikTok | Watch 333AhavaLorraine333’s Newest TikTok Videos

An Excellent Resource for Demonology
Home – Occultist

Insightful Websites Covering Demon Magick

A Noteworthy Essay Regarding Choronzon

Literature from Baron and Baronessa Araignee

Articles on Theistic Satanism

Artwork for Magickal and Goetic Pathworking

The Website of the Greatest Black Magickal Lodge I Know of

Entry-Level Satanic Witchcraft

Planetary Correspondences

The Truth About Anton LaVey
(this website is in no way affiliated with the church of satan led by gilmore)

Nate Leved on the Advantages of Satanism

T.B. Scott’s Writings on Demonolatry

Articles by a Self-Identified Devil Worshipper

Rites from the Temple of the Ascending Flame

The Insights of Coven which Practices Demon Magick

New Home Page

Miscellanious Noteworthy Articles on the Qliphoth

Here’s a pair of standard Google Demonology resources I’ve found useful.

S. Rasmussen’s Luciferian Writings

Articles by Revered John Allee (not related to the actual CoS)

Luciferian Interpretations of Qliphothic Esotericism

Table of Correspondences for the Qliphoth

Occult Music Correspondence Tables

An Interview With the Satanist who Taught Maxine Dietrich About Goetia

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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia