Basmijael is a Sovereign Archduke under Amaimon who is attributed to Sagittarius. He resides within Areb Zaraq, the Venusian Qlipha ruled over by Ba’al. Basmijael is highly knowledgable, wise, and articulate, and is sometimes eager to impress the operator (which I have never seen him fail to do). Despite this trait, he is in no way “clingy,” which I can appreciate.

The only book wherein he appears documents a coercive evocation of Basmijael. After Basmijael gives a far more informative response than expected or necessary, whereby he impresses the operator, he says that he will teach the operator if he is released from bondage. After the operator refuses and rebukes Basmijael, the demon refuses to be of any service and sticks around in the operator’s residence for as long as he can just to be troublesome out of spite. With this said, I have found Basmijael to be very kind.

Basmijael can bring about many different transformations of the soul, alchemically refining it through the power of Venus Illegetima, preparing one for advanced necromantic operations and encounters and thus preparing one to take up the office of psychopomp and medium. He can give the celebrant power over the art of sorcery and impart unorthodox but efficacious techniques and tips for evocation. He can animate corpses and gather groups of animated corpses. Basmijael can attend to material/monetary concerns and cause persons to fall in love. He can bestow eloquence unto the celebrant, especially eloquence in speech.

Basmijael can impart teachings about necromancy and the secrets of nature. His guidance is apt for destructive curses or binding one’s enemy as well as fortifying a location against intrusion (physical or astral). He can teach knot/rope magick and strengthen the witch’s focus. He can bind, coerce, exorcise, or devour ghosts.

He’s only been mentioned in one book so far, so trust me, he’s ready to make friends.

His numbers are 49, 67, 97, 84, 31, and 66.


Source: Goetic Evocation by Steve Savedow

Sigil of Basmijael
Above: Sigil of Basmijael by Yuri M.


A Cautionary Tale for Polytheists: Lilith, Ardat-Lili, Lillake, and More

It is widely accepted amongst Satanists and related black magickians that Lilith originates in Sumerian lore as Lilitu, and that Ardat-Lili and Kiskil-Lillake are names of hers as well. A recent ritual by the Temple of the Ascending Flame makes use of a meditative mantra for Lilith which incorporates this name: “Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah” (Layil and Laylah are Hebrew and Arabic feminine nouns which translate to “noun”). Since Irdu-Lili is listed as having been the consort of Ardat-Lili, modern sorcerers have concluded that Irdu-Lili is a name for Samael.

The name “Ardat-Lili” is translated as “handmaid of Lilitu.” The word “Ardatu” means ‘young girl [of marrying age]’ and was often used in reference to prostitutes, so Ardat-Lili is best identified with Na’amah (Lilith’s daughter or sister) rather than Lilith. Early texts concerning demons posited the existence of a Lilith Savta [Lilith the Elder] and Lilith Ulemta [Lilith the Younger], the latter of which is considered the wife of Asmodeus. Since Irdu-Lili is allegedly Ardat-Lili’s consort, Irdu-Lili is best equated to Asmodeus (if not Tubal-Cain), the incubus son of Lilith, rather than Samael.

The moniker Lilith Ulemta is generally translated as “Lilith the Younger” for the sake of simplicity, but a more accurate translation is “Lilith the Maid”, whereas Lilith Savta means “Lilith the Matron.” As far as I am aware, it is unanimously accepted that Lilith Ulemta is Na’amah, so the similarity of that title to “Handmaiden of Lilitu” appears significant.

The fourth and final proto-succubus recorded in Sumerian myth was Lillu, the father of Gilgamesh. The only demon I can think of this being is Lilith’s other son, Ornias the incubus prince of Gamaliel. This, however, like the rest of the correspondences I’m drawing, is tenative, and personal gnosis should precede the use of these names in ritual.

There is an entity by the name of Kis-sikil-lil-la-ke who appeared in an Akkadian addenum to Gilgamesh’s story dwelling within a ten-year-old tree which was sacred to Inanna along with a serpent and a Zu bird. Gilgamesh smites the serpent, whereupon the Kis-sikil-lil-la-ke destroys its own home and runs away. The “lil-la-ke” part of the name translates to mean “water spirit”, but is also interpreted as having been an owl. Kis-kil-lil-la-ke and other variations on the name have appeared in traditional rituals to Lilith.

Since Lilith is known to manifest in various aspects which all relate to different elements, the “water spirit” part is hardly helpful, but the owl aspect is related to Lilith, and since Lilith is said to be the serpent of the Garden of Eden, the symbolism of a serpent intruding in a sacred tree may be relevant. It may also be significant that pseudepigraphal Hebrew texts regarding the end times depict a giant bird named Ziz, the apocalyptic beast of the air, where Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth and Leviathan is the apocalyptic beast of the sea.

According to Wikipedia, a couple more recent scholars have disputed the attribution of Kis-sikil-lil-la-ke to Lilith, so I leave the reader to form her own conclusions.

Even if the reader discards this list of Sumerian creatures from her memory completely, never seeks gnosis regarding the truth behind the matter, and never makes use of any of these names in spiritual workings, this essay will still have served its primary purpose.

This article is a warning to those who are too quick to identify their deities with entities from other pantheons. Things are not always as simplistic as they seem. For an example of how I have examined the relationship between Abaddon, Apollo, and Sauroctonos, see the following article:

Invocation of Lucifuge Rofocale


(Face North, the direction of Saturn)

Venire – Rofocale Rex Noctifer (x2)
[Come– Rofocale the Night-Bearing King]

Lucerifuge, Lucifage, Lucifugus Rofocalus (x9)

I call unto the hidden hand of the diametric alliance between the bearer of light and the bearer of its shadow so that I might become subject to and recipient of a Cronian enlightenment. The esoterica of the red desert and Hell is observed by the sagacious Saturnian Horned God who presides over its sempiternal biosphere. I call out to Rofocal, the Black Lord of the Red Desert.

Change me.

Agios ischyros Lucifuge (x2)
[Numinous and mighty is Lucifuge]

Baruch ha-Lucifuge Rofocale (x9)
[Blessed is Lucifuge Rofocale]

Venire – Rofocale Rex Noctifer (x2)

Oh Lucifugus Rofocalus, to whom the Black Sun and wild rose are sacred. The immortal nigrescent birds of prey which environ your province are the emissaries of a most worthy god. You who are the Patron of black magickians and fledgling Demonolaters, I call to make you my guide and to make myself your vessel so that I might become forever transmogrified through the sulphurous alchemy of Sitra Achara’s forbidden and Cronian Qlipha. Oh, hail unto Lucifuge.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Lucerifuge (x11)
[Open the Backwards Tree, and bring forth Lucerifuge]

Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale (x11)
[Lucifuge’s “enn” or summoning mantra]

Incantation to Lilith to Banish Jehovah

Several Satanists who practice the Craft surrounded by or prayed for by Christians have noticed celestial forces inhibiting or weakening their rituals. This is an incantation to Lilith to protect the ritual from external interference from the god of Abraham and any of the spirits serving him– saints, angels, djinn that follow Allah, etc. Magickal chants were incorporated from several existing traditions and appear alongside some of the chants I made personally:

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil (x6)

Ave Lilu Lilitu. Io Lilith. Domina Noctis.

Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith

Lilit Malkah ha’Shadim.

Renich viasa avage Lilith.

I call upon Lilith, the Storm-Goddess of the Black Moon who manifests as Temptress and Destroyer and Vampyre against the worm called Yahweh who pursues my inhibition. I shall become as a blight unto the insufferable mongrels indentured to Jehovah.

I spurn the intrusion of the false god who in desperation strives for acceptance fom the masses and I rebuke the messianic cunt ape Jesus. Death to the shitstain emissaries of his embarrassment – they are like unto a blight upon the children of Cain.

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel!


Ahi Hay Lilith!

Sources for formulas and mantras:
Lilith, Goddess of Sitra Ahra
Temple of the Black Light Common MSS
Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic
Frater Innuit Coepti
Aleister Crowley (I think)


I am Leaving the Order of the Nine Angles

I would challenge a person who keeps tabs on the Satanic community to name a black magickal order besides the ONA which regularly expresses scorn for its own adherents. I unable to, and I’m told I know my shit.

The most prominent example of the way that the ONA eats itself is the hoax created by Kerry Smith, an “OG” Niner (i.e. founding member) who falsely claimed that the ONA’s founder was dead. A few ONA writers, myself included, disputed the claim, but the majority of the ONA accepted the report as accurate. After David Myatt himself resurfaced to refute the claim, Kerry Smith conceded her position. She then explained that hoax was conducted with the intent to publicly prove that the majority of the Order of the Nine Angles would believe anything they were told by an established ONA writer.

But Smith is not the only one member of the ONA who holds contempt for the ONA as a near whole. Chloe has largely become known for going on similar tirades, variously portraying their Order as stupid, juvenile, pretentious, and pusillanimous with only a few exceptions. Niners such as Kris McDermott (aka Ryan Anschauung) and D.M. Hutchins (aka the Interrogist) have been publicly shamed by more respected ONA members as well.

But the ONA’s mistreatment of its own adherents extends beyond the verbal. E.A. Koetting joined the Order of the Nine Angles at one point prior to his public career. The nexion he joined plotted and attempted his assassination, as is recommended in some rarely perused ONA manuscripts about running a coven or temple.

Update: The overwhelming majority of my critics within the ONA honestly believe that my quarrel with the Order is how “evil” it is, or that I am lamenting its “extremism.” In truth, my objection to their “Sinister Dialectic” is that the majority of its partisans are unfit for the pursuit of an Aeonic agenda. My concern was and always has been that a group which exhibits this level of internal instability is not fit to herald a cultural and political overhaul. Moreover, a group whose majority is apparently unacquainted with the ideology they purport to represent simply has no business conducting nationwide ecumenical efforts. I am earnestly demoralized by the apparent reality that the majority of the ONA is too stupid to read the back of a cereal box.

The Order of the Nine Angles bragged about the assassination or “culling” of many of its own members in its Fenrir magazine (edition #1 of 2013/124), referring to the act(s) as their very own “night of the long knives,” their very own “Great Terror.” While I am only citing publicly recorded instantiations of the ONA’s internecine misbehavior, I can assure you that more examples have been brought to my attention, and I’m not going to tell you a damn thing about them.

Regardless of the ONA’s bitter contempt for the ONA, the ONA also considers the ONA to be the optimal mechanism for the advancement of humankind, and to be so glorious in its power that the ONA should assume domination of the entire West.

Recent reimaginations of the ONA’s fascistic agenda have tended more and more strongly towards overtly distopian fantasy, even forgoing prior honor-based prohibitions against the harm of children in their vision. These modern ONA affiliates have publicly endorsed the systematic butchery and molestation of children, and the mainstream ONA has not disavowed them for doing so.

The orthodox ONA’s reactions to these proposed atrocities range from gleeful agreement to either nervous acceptance or silent and apathetic dissent. These reactions stand in stark contrast to the public crucifixions of McDermott, Hutchins, and Anti-Cosmic Niners. In these reactions, the orthodox ONA has demonstrated a willingness to readily abandon their formerly held values, thereby proving that their governing principles are, in truth, an incoherent system of misanthropic norms, rather than the coherent philosophy which these aforementioned values are presented as being.

The Order of the Nine Angles has a breed of keyboard warriors comparable in bitterness to the Men’s Rights Movement: coming out of the wood work to relentlessly antagonize, lambaste, and harass dissenters completely unprompted, which behavior has cost me valued friends as well as perceived credibility. I have taken to ostracizing former allies within the ONA after they have refused to stop cyberbullying my friends and associates for not conforming to ONA doctrine.

Michael W. Ford, E.A. Koetting, Hagur, Richard Moult, D.M. Hutchins, Ryan Anschauung, and David Myatt have all renounced their prior involution in the Order of the Nine Angles.

Despite only having been involved in the ONA for 18 months, I was one of the only Niners to publicly answer a “shit test” question based on independent research, and I am fairly sure that I was the first Niner to publicly dispute the falsification of David Myatt’s death, thereby becoming one of the few members to pass Kerry Smith’s asinine little “test.” I am on my way out as well.

V.K. “Felicia” Jehannum, 127 Year of the Fuck It

Addendum Addressing DL9

This article has been publicly responded to by Darklogos in two essays. The first was written and published on Christmas Eve and appeared on the Regarding David Myatt wordpress, whereupon it was promptly reposted by the individual(s) operating the Yorkshire Rounwytha wordpress. The second article was written and posted on Christmas day both on the Regarding David Myatt wordpress and itself, and thereafter personally sent to me by some insolent nether ape a Niner who has had a grudge against me for some time now.

In the first article, DL9 posits the following irrelevant drivel: “[V.K. has] failed to understand just what the ONA is, and thus why there is, esoterically, no “joining” and no “leaving” some “entity” designated by the term “Order of Nine Angles”.”

Since I was obviously speaking about the ONA in the exoteric sense of it being a loosely affiliated group of individuals with some vaguely common goals, this point is nothing but a pretentious red herring which serves to create the illusion that DL9 has managed to correct me about something when he has clearly not.

The article concludes as follows: “[V.K.’s disavowal] has made no difference, and it cannot make any difference, to the esoteric philosophy and the praxises that presence (which are) the Order of Nine Angles. That they – and others – do not seem to understand this is most amusing, and of course indicative.”

The esoteric methodologies of the ONA were not at all the subject of my article, so this is yet another pointless smokescreen. It is a refutation of a claim I never made or hinted at and only serves to “trick” the reader into thinking that the author has refuted my criticisms.

The second article devotes the majority of its word count to insipid posturing, declaring that the ONA’s tendency to devour itself via in-fighting is laudable because it is “evil.” As I have written before, good and evil are value judgements with no objective veracity, and so anyone who defines their philosophies by them is a twat.

Moreover, I was not objecting to the ONA’s in-fighting on the basis that it’s “naughty.” I adduced it to instantiate the self-destructive nature of the ONA and the personal toxicity which characterizes its majority of members.

The saddest part of the second article is that it regurgitates the ancient fib that the ONA is dedicated to Satanism, claiming “the ONA has for decades described itself as a Satanist organization” as well as “The ONA is and was simply being Satanic in a practical way.”

The ONA has already publicly revealed on multiple occasions that Satanism was nothing more than a causal form which the ONA manipulated in order to further its own aims, namely “the Sinister Dialectic of History.” Neither modern Theistic Satanists nor latter-day Niners are going to fall for DL9’s little fib, and DL9 has only discredited himself by attempting said fib. I will conclude this rebuttal with a couple excerpts from an article I published while still involved with the ONA (exoterically, douchebag!).

ONA literature describes Exeatic Satanism as being a “necessary and noviciate pathei mathos”, where pathei-mathos means “process of self-development through conflict,” and also goes as far as to say that Exeatic Satanism as a “rite of passage” and “a presencing of dark forces/acausal energies – a form/mythos – only relevant to the current Aeon.” So, Exeatic Satanism is basically intended to be a phase for the witch to go through and then leave. Since Exeatic Satanism was designed specifically to be a phase, it cannot be regarded as a legitimate or coherent religion in and of itself by a serious thinker […]

[…] When Myatt/Long writes about Satanism, he claims that true Satanism revolves around baleful action and “Sinister Honor”, that all other religions are Magian/mundane, and that Satanists should be willing to lose their lives in the advancement of Myatt’s political goals. When Myatt writes essays under Arabic pseudonyms to encourage Jihad, he claims that Islam revolves around killing kufar [infidels], that all other philosophies are Tawaghit [idols], and that this life is merely a test, so the Muslim should be happy to die. Back when Myatt wrote neo-nazi literature, he wrote about the importance of “fag-bashing,” wrote that Hitler’s teachings made all religions irrelevant, and that the nazi should consider his or her “Aryan honor” more important than life. What I’m saying is, take Myatt’s teachings with a grain of salt.

Invocation of Adrammelech

Agios o Adar-Malik (x3)
[Numinous is Adra-Malik]

The Demonic Sphere of Acausal Venom which is home to deathly dragon-winged angels and sulphurous horrific spirits has a black adamantine throne within the cathedral at its epicenter. This is the throne of Adramelech, the Infernal Peacock Magus of the Forbidden Kliffotic Planes. Tonight I seek an audience with him.

Baruch ha-Adramelech, Melech ha-Qlipha ha-Kokab (x7)
[Blessed is Adramelech, King of the Mercurial Qlipha]

The Pansophical Demon-God Adramelech is the Lord of Venom and Flames whose multifarious eyes impart power and awakening to the congregation of the Black Lodge. This, my ritual of union with him, is a step on the infernal evolutionary path that I have chosen as mine.

Agios Adramelech Rex Venenum (x16)
[Numinous Adramelech King of Poison]

Sagacious and mighty demon, your name is Adra-Malik, and I call you into the vessel I AM.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Adrammelech (x16)

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

Azanigin, Az-Jehu, Aza, Semyaza, Al-Uzza

Azanigin is “the Lady of the Terror of Chaos & Hidden Knowledge of the Unknown,” according to the manuscripts of the Temple of THEM. She is called the “mother of all demons who lie waiting in the earth” in Naos and her magickal specialty is rites of personal destruction. She corresponds to the tarot card known as Wyrd (Atu X) which signifies the causation of long-term change in a given civilization or species.

Azanigin relates to the sphere of Saturn called Zuhal in Arabic. Her name, which is best chanted in the key of B minor, has been used to signify the beneficent aspect of Mother Earth, which seems fitting, considering how “approachable” and bliss-inducing she was in my interactions with her. As a dark earth goddess, she relates to the hallucinogen called Ayahuasca, which is often used at Kundalini meditation retreats. The incenses appropriate to workings with her are petrichor and ash. She has also been attributed to a highly pernicious substance called polonium, and the Temple of Them attributes her strongly to the Kundalini serpent.

According to Hagur, Azanigin, whom he describes as “both destructive and restoring,” “may appear as a handsome youth, a beautiful girl, or even an angel of dark light.” Azanigin is not the only one of the Nekalah [Dark Gods] who is described as feminine but manifests in the opposite gender as well: E.A. Koetting has described Aosoth as doing so. Hagur gives Azanigin a table of correspondences which appears as follows:

Archetype: Mother of Dark Mind
Motivation: Harlotry
Dark Light: Self-Asserted
Dark Action: Assimilation

Zuhal corresponds to the colors indigo and purple in Hebdomadry, and Azanigin manifested to me with purple skin. On the Tree of Wyrd, she is found on the sixth pathway, which lies between Qamar (the sphere of the Moon) and Zuhal.

I believe that I have traced Azanigin back to an angel known as Aza, one of the Watchers/Grigori [Grey Ones] who fell from Heaven and bred with mankind to give birth to the Nephilim. These Watchers, called also the Sleepless Ones, are credited with teaching many forbidden arts to our species, and to contributing greatly to our corruption into greater sinfulness. Aza was a lunar force who opposed the creation of humanity prior to his fall. Once a fallen angel, the causation of lust and fornication was imputed to him, and he taught humankind the art of sorcery. This angel is known also as Shemyaza, which moniker literally means “the name Aza.”

Aza was the leader of the Grigori, and their giant half-angel half-human offspring dominated humanity and devoured them whole. Jehovah’s wrath was kindled, and he bound the Nephilim “to the valleys of the Earth.”

This fallen one, Aza, was integrated into Gnosticism as the “Mother of Demons” and the “Gnostic concept of the source of evil”, which quotes appeared in the glossary of one of Kenneth Grant’s books. Grant drew a connection between Aza and Azathoth, who appears in Hebdomadry as Atazoth and was venerated in pre-Islamic Arabian Paganism as At-Taghut.

The angel Aza originated in pre-Islamic Arabian Paganism as the primary of the three major goddesses venerated at Mecca. Called Al-Uzza or Lady ‘Uzzayan, her primary shrine was in a place called Nakhlah near her three sacred trees. Supplicated by sacrifice and called upon for protection in battle and healing from sickness, she appeared as an emblem of beauty in Arabic poetry.

Aza or Al-Uzza is thus the Father of Nephilim and Mother of Demons, and she may have originated in Zoroastrian demonology as the mad.ce.dewan, a phrase which Encyclopedia Iranica translates as “mother of the demons.” The mad.ce.dewan was named Az/Azi. She is the spirit of death as well as the personification of the desire for continued existence. To quote Encyclopedia Iranica, Az is “Greed, Lust, Avarice, Avidity, Concupiscence… Az represents gluttony as opposed to contentment.”

Azi was the one who, in her avatar as Jeh [meaning Harlot], convinced Ahriman to pursue the corruption of humanity when he lied dormant within the bowels of the earth. Considered the leader of the dreguuant [essentially “demonic”] hostfrom whom every sin has come,” Az taught the daevas to fornicate and thereby reproduce. Despite being generally considered a female force, Azi alternated between male and female manifestations to procreate with the spirits of darkness.

-V.K. Jehannum