The Universe and the Soul (Starseeds, Walk-Ins, & Incarnate Deities)

I want to describe the nature of the universe, referred to as Malkuth in Qabalah, to you, in very simplistic terms, but simultaneously, in a nuanced fashion.

I want you to imagine that some motherfuckers wanted to create an obstacle course for you to train in. Once you complete the obstacle course, you are required to go through it again, but through a different route. You are required to do this over and over again until your training is complete, at which point you are able to leave the obstacle course once and for all. That’s the cycle of reincarnation in a nutshell.

But there’s a problem: there are intelligences out there who don’t want you to be trained, so they fucked with the obstacle course. They added prison bars, shackles, and blindfolds to make things more difficult for you.

That’s the nature of the universe in a nutshell: part prison, part training course. People who describe the universe as a machine for making gods are simultaneously correct and mistaken, as are people who refer to the universe as a prison. It’s more complicated than that.

Numerous gods partook in the construction of Malkuth, some of which are among the Infernal Divine, such as Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Moloch. The universe is being continuously improved– it is progressively rendered more and more conducive to the spiritual evolution of humankind and the manifestation of darksome intelligences. By presencing infernal energy in ritual and refusing to banish it, and especially by opening portals to dark realms, you can participate in this continuous transformation of Malkuth.

In other words, stop bitching about the flaws of this world, disregard any autistic fanasties about destroying Malkuth, and get to work.

Numerous higher intelligences see good reason to incarnate in Malkuth, including deities, angels, demons, beings from other dimensions, etc. You might be one of these higher intelligences– you might be an incarnation of Satan, a Pleaidian starseed, an incarnation of an extra-dimensional intelligence, two of the above, or all three, but that wouldn’t make you special.

Most humans have figured out that space aliens probably exist, and there’s a pretty decent chance that, if you are an old soul, you have incarnated as a space alien at some point in time. Some humans who have previously incarnated as space aliens think that being “starseeds” makes them special, and it doesn’t.

Even being an incarnate deity doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t give you authority over angels, demons, etc. It doesn’t mean you have a super special divine mission. It just means that a deity saw fit to incarnate small fragments of their being into Malkuth for one reason or another, and that you happen to be one of those fragments.

Needless to say, you can be both a starseed and an incarnate deity. This would mean that the small deity-fragment which you are incarnated as a space alien once upon a time.

Things become more complicated when walk-ins are factored into the equation. Not every soul that incarnates here needs to endure an entire physical life before it learns what it needs to learn. In cases such as those, one soul will make a deal with another soul, and agree that the first will live part of a given human’s life, and that another will experience the remainder of that life. This means that you can wake up one day having suddenly become an incarnate deity, starseed, etc., which is probably very confusing and shitty.

The experiences which lead one to the realization that they are incarnate deities, starseeds, etc. can be fucking intense, and may need to be further analyzed, divined about, and/or channeled about before they can be interpreted properly. It can be easy for a Satanist undergoing such an experience to feel like they’re the antichrist or some shit. If such a revelation goes to your head, you can easily seal your own fate, and fuck up beyond all chance of return. Just remember: you aren’t special, and if you are special, you aren’t that special. If you’re an incarnation of Lilith, I doubt you’re the only one out there at the moment– you won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last. Take a long breath before you try to start a cult and wind up in a situation you can’t make your way out of.

So if you find out you’re an incarnation of Lucifer or some shit, just remember, I have sacrificed an incarnate demon’s soul to an archangel, and I am happy to do so again.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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