Predatory Groups & Movements in the Black Lodge

There is a variety of predatory movements and groups present in the black magickal community which aim to seduce, mislead, and abuse new and aspiring practitioners. I have taken the time to draw attention to and critique a handful of these groups. If you or someone you know is feeling drawn to or being lured by one of these groups or movements, these videos may be of assistant to you. I have covered the Joy of Satan Ministries, the Order of the Nine Angles, and Sith Academy in this fashion.

Sith Academy | the Star Wars Based Genocide Cult That Wants to Enslave You – YouTube

The “Traditional Satanism” of the Order of the Nine Angles – YouTube

The Joy of Satan Ministries Do Not Understand Demons – YouTube

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


8 thoughts on “Predatory Groups & Movements in the Black Lodge

  1. With that being said Idd like to know more about psychic Vampires and how to explore it more are their chants or even demons to aid me along my way?


    1. Ukobach is very good for that as he can teach how to provoke someone almost to the point of physical outburst so that you can draw this precious energy. But beware of overdoing this, it can damage the aura, make one sick when exposed to sunlight, cause violent behaviour – the complex is called vampire sickness. You will need to drink specail teas and detox yourself during recovery from it. Also you need to filter the inhaled energy through black tourmaline or smoky quartz or black obsidian. The Persian beauty Az-Jahi is also very helpful, as she is never stuck-up despite her tremendous powers. Of course one can use Lilith, but she is not that kind, very fiery, and sometimes overly ruthless. I dislike it when deities get romanticised. Bon Appetite!

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  2. Please I need some help with the Sith Academy “Dork Lords” I would not bother if I didn’t just get threatened by one of them
    I am not scared of anything but it is concerning to me


      1. I had a traumatic experience with a semi-cult in a semi-large tiktokers discord…I was the only one that caught on and was such kicked out and hounded by the ring leaders…@earthspit is the main one and the discord is her’s….god complex…messiah complex….succubi vibes…the whole 9 yards…. really got psychologically violated by the individuals in that group…they had me deeply involved with them in alot of ways I now regret and am ashamed of….was manipulated, used, lied to and exploited and got called schizophrenic and “an AI” incarnate in a body and that I wasn’t actually “a real conciousness in a body”….been sitting on this for a long time…. I’ve put it behind me till I’m strong enough to go after all of them and get even…thought I’d let you know if you had a list compiled of these types of groups and Individuals


        1. All for essentially questioning their rationale and fixed “spiritual materialist” beliefs ….also was a solid heretic (in their words) towards the end of my time there….all for legitimately questioning the contradiction alot of the higher ups were getting tangled up in


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