Please Stop Using Agrippa’s Sigil of Saturn to Summon Azazel (Includes Info on Agiel & Zazel/Zuhal)

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Above is Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn, a symbol which has, through a telephone-game-like phenomenon, come to be considered the sigil of Azazel, which it is not.

The misconception that this sigil is useful in summoning Azazel is enormously widespread. Countless black magickal influencers personally use this sigil to summon Azazel and encourage others to do the same. In fact, the misidentification of this sigil is so common that a fictitious character named John Winchester even used it to summon Azazel in season one of Supernatural (a popular tv show I watch).

In Agrippa’s work, three sigils are presented: one sigil of the planet Saturn (the one shown above), one sigil of Agiel (the angel of Saturn), and one sigil of Zazel (the demon of Saturn). The misidentification of the sigil of Saturn as a sigil of Azazel stems from (i) the confusion of Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn with Agrippa’s sigil of Zazel and (ii) the identification of Zazel with Azazel.

Please read this incredibly short article by Frater V.I.M. for clarification:

The Effectiveness of the Sigil of Saturn in Summoning Azazel

As we have discussed, many black magickians use Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel and succeed in their summonings regardless. How is this possible?

The answer is quite simple, and I speak from personal experience here. Fortunately, I have never used Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel, but I have gotten my sigils confused before.

In a YouTube video entitled “Retard Evokes Gargophias Into a Windshield,” I tell the story of the first successful demon evocation I ever performed alone. When I evoked the demon Gargophias, I was using the wrong sigil, and I succeeded regardless. To be specific, I used the sigil of another demon named Baratchial.

Magickians have speculated that Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn is useful in evoking Azazel because of how many magickians have mistakenly used it for that purpose over time. I posit a different theory: I think that people who successfully use the sigil of Saturn to summon Azazel succeed in spite of their misuse of Agrippa’s sigil, just as I succeeded in my evocation of Gargophias in spite of my use of Baratchial’s sigil.

Zazel vs. Azazel

While Frater V.I.M.’s article is useful in correcting the misidentification of Agrippa’s sigil of Saturn, it unfortunately promulgates the misidentification of Zazel with Azazel.

My contention is that Azazel (the leader of the Shedim), Zazel (the demon of Saturn), Azael (one of the three leaders of the Watchers alongside Semyaza and Azazel), and Zazazel (the Lord of Keraktes) are all separate entities. While I have never confused Azael with Azazel and I have never misidentified Azazel with Zazel, I have publicly and wrongfully stated that Zazazel and Zazel were the same entity due to a mistake in my divination. For the record, my misidentification of Zazel with Zazazel is infinitely dumber than Frater V.I.M.’s misidentification of Zazel with Azazel.

Zazel and Azazel are not the same spirit. While their energies may feel similar at times, they are separate entities. They have very similar names, and they are both demons, so it is definitely easy to confuse the two.

Allow me to quote the Wikipedia article about Zazel:

“[Zazel is] The darker spirit (demon) of Saturn. mentioned as a Spirit in such works as the Key of Solomon. As it says on the 10th Plate: “The First Pentacle of Mercury.–It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.” Zazel is described as being one of the presiding spirits, either the forty-fifth or the forty-ninth, with Agiel, of Saturn, and has been described as a great angel, invoked in Solomonic magic, who is “effective in love conjurations”. In Ottoman Turkish, Urdu and Malay, the spirit’s name is ‘Zuhal’, derived from the Arabic language (Arabic: زحل‎, romanized: Zuhal).”

You may recognize the name Zuhal/Zohal from my article Introduction to the Saturnian Divinity or my e-grimoire Falciferian Sorcery for Beginners, wherein I present Zuhal, Saturn, Chronos, Shani, and more spirits as aspects of the Saturnine Metagod. In my literature, I have described Zuhal as “the Demonic Face of the Saturnian Divinity.”

In my personal gnosis, Azazel is not even attributed to the planet Saturn. Instead, he is attributed to the Moon and the Black Sun.

For more information about Zazel/Zuhal/Zohal, I recommend my e-grimoire mentioned above and The Cult of the Black Cube by Arthur Moros.

Where Can I Find An Actual Sigil of Azazel?

In my article about Azazel, I present one sigil of Azazel that I created, one sigil of Azazel that I channeled, and one aspect-specific sigil of Azazel that Augustus Grigori channeled:

A fourth sigil of Azazel can be found in the article below:

Azazel – Watcher Angel and High Prince of the Fallen Darkness

Of the four options presented, I would recommend my channeled sigil of Azazel (the one drawn in blue ink).


I have decided to present some information about Agiel in this article for pretty much no reason whatsoever.

According to Wikipedia, “[Agiel/Agyal is] The Intelligence (beneficial spirit) of Saturn mentioned as a Spirit in such works as the Key of Solomon. As it says on the 10th Plate: “The First Pentacle of Mercury.–It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.” And the letters forming the names of the Spirits Yekahel and Agiel. He is also described as being the presiding spirit of the planet Saturn, with Zȃzȇl.”

According to my personal gnosis, Agiel, unlike Zazel/Zohal, is not an aspect of the Saturnine Metagod. Ninib (a Sumerian deity) described Agiel to me as a dark archangel who imparts protection and alchemical transformation and can teach the Occultist how to evoke or invoke any manner of spiritual intelligence.

Agiel must be summoned without fear. If you become afraid of the archangel upon evoking or invoking him, he will initiate violence upon you.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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