Eulogy for Rasmussen


Schuyler Alexander Rasmussen was a Luminary in the Assembly of Lightbearers, formerly called the Greater Church of Lucifer, before he passed away in the early morning hours of January 19th, 2017.

Within hours of his death, his fellow Luciferians set social media alight with lamentations, condolences, and eulogies. Black magickians across the world, both those who knew him in person and those who corresponded with him online, have unanimously described him as kind, sincere, supportive, forgiving, but most of all, inspirational.

In death as in life, he will inspire his Luciferian brethren to acts of Antinomian and Faustian greatness. He was a warrior of the Black Light and he will always be remembered as such.

His plans to erect a chapter of the Torches of Lucifer in Toronto are being carried out in his name, and he has been honorarily appointed to the Sixth Degree in the Assembly of Lightbearers in death. A GoFundMe page has already appeared to assist his mother in funeral costs, which can be supported from here:

If you care to give him offerings in death, you may print out any of these images for such a purpose. While offerings of water are traditional for the dead, I’m sensing that white wine is most appropriate for Skyler. If you would like to peruse his writings, they are still publicly available, and I will ensure that they are archived.

Here you will find three Youtube videos he made.


Ave Satanas,
Et ave Rasmussen.