Useful Sigils for Demon Magick

A few weeks ago, I took the time to disperse my batch of 43 freshly created original sigils amongst the relevant articles on my website– many appear in the articles in the Demonology & Paganism section, several appear in the Magickal Chants section (i.e., the article in the Magickal Chants section which compiles the chants I use to call on Moloch now features my original sigil of Moloch). I also appended a few sigils to rituals I’ve written in the past (I don’t have an article about the Fates, so I added their sigil to a post in the new Magickal Calls section entitled “Calls to Qemetiel, the Fates, Nemesis, Cernunnos, Agaliarept, & Abraxas”).

While I am no artist, all reviews of my sigils are unanimously positive. I’ve generally been told that they are very potent, which is a relief for two reasons: (i) I’ve made a real and positive contribution to the Black Lodge, and (ii) people are willing to try my sigils despite the fact that they’re poorly drawn on printer paper with sharpie and photographed with an Iphone. Some people have even told me they liked some of my designs from an aesthetic point of view, which is cool.

If you’ve been wanting sigils for Nemesis, Demeter, Lykania, Scylla, the Fates, Samael, Magot, Qayin/Cain, Taninniver, Tiamat, Kingu, Absu, Syrach, Surgat, Eisheth Zenunim, Qemetiel, A’athiel, Semyaza, Osiris, Poseidon, Khepri, Nahema, Rahab, Amiahzatan, Taninsam, Hecate, Anubis, Arachnid Lilith, Persephone, Eris/Discordia, the Raviasamin, Nyx, Alefpene’ash, Adam Belial, Azazel, Euronymous, Merihim, Behemoth, Claunech, the Nemean Lion, Qalmana/Luluwa, Ziz, Moloch, or Aggereth (Agrat bat Mahlat), then what you’ve been wanting is now available on my website.

It’s worth mentioning at random that if a witch is worried that she does not know how to draw the sigil she wants to use, she should just give it her best go and know that her efforts were sufficient.

In this article, I will present a series of sigils which I think would best be introduced in a post of their own. Some of these are of my own invention, and those released by others will be properly credited and will be removed at the request of the designers should they request it (the best way to reach me is Facebook Messenger). Of the sigils I created, some are somewhat recent creations, and others I have worked with for quite a while but haven’t revealed to the public (I just never got around to it). We’ll start with a few sigils that have been circulating Pinterest for a while:


I’d be surprised if these sigils did not at least seem familiar to you. They commonly appear in sketchy-seeming Pinterest images which present these symbols alongside a handful of other characters purported to strengthen rituals to summon demons. Of all the symbols which appear on the Pinterest images, these four were individually vouched for by the archdemon Niantiel. You will want to have a single piece of paper with these four characters drawn alongside some of the other characters I’ll be providing in this article. Don’t write these particular four symbols on your skin, because that will not have any significant effect– you are better off looking at them than adorning yourself in them.

The goal here is to have a few sheets of paper for you to place on your altar or lay on the floor of your ritual chamber, which piece(s) of paper will strengthen every rite of demon magick you perform. When you’re drawing these characters, visualize the ink you’re forming them with glowing with spiritual energy as you focus upon the intent to empower rituals of demon magick. Drawing these in a raised sacred space will produce better results, as will facing the north when drawing them. Remember that this piece(s) of paper isn’t helping the demon manifest– it’s helping you summon the demon.


The three characters above are sigils of the Qliphoth which John Putigano designed back when he was a Niner and a Satanist. These sigils are conducive to all rituals of demon magick. Despite the fact that John Putigano was an Anti-Cosmic Satanist when he designed these symbols, they are still 100% appropriate for use by Satanists, Demonolaters, Luciferians, etc. who are entirely opposed to Anti-Cosmic Satanism’s end-goal of destroying the physical universe and/or opposed to the Order of the Nine Angles.

If you follow the hyperlink below (this is WordPress, so the hyperlink may appear as a picture instead of an HTML. I still haven’t figured out how to control the way my articles display hyperlinks), you will be taken to an image of the ZD Sigil (also known as the DZ sigil). The ZD Sigil is the sigil of the Nine Demonic Divinities (Lucifer, Satan, Belial, Ustrina, Unsere, Verrine, Amducious, Euronymous, Leviathan)– a group which serves the function of a “go-to higher power” in both the magickal praxis and celebratory customs of Traditional Demonolatry.

The ZD Sigil calls upon all nine of these deities, unless the intention of the witch determines otherwise: it can serve as a sigil for a given singular spirit (i.e., any of the aforementioned Nine Demonic Divinities). The ZD sigil is often used to empower rituals of invocation, but it may be used to empower all other workings of demon magick as well. The ZD Sigil might or might not have been created by someone among the personnel of OFS Demonolatry; I really want to give its creator credit but I have no fucking idea where it came from. Either way, I learned about it from OFS Demonolatry, so thank you, OFS Demonolatry. I use this symbol frequently.

If you follow the hyperlink (which might be a picture– the suspense is killing me!) below, you will be taken to an image of a magickal glyph called the Clavicula Nox [Key of Night], which originated from a black magickal lodge known as Dragon Rouge. This sigil is used for all rites of the Draconian Tradition and the Atlantean Current, and may be used for all rites of demon magick. It can also be meditated upon for the purpose of enantiodromia, individuation, and connection to the Higher Self. Like the ZD Sigil, the Clavicula Nox is often draw in the air like a banishing pentagram.

If you follow the hyperlink below, you will arrive at an image of a sigil called the Universal Gateway– a magickal character blessed by Hecate whereby the magickian can gain access and/or entrance to any given spiritual plane. Draw it on a piece of paper– presumably the same piece you drew all the other sigils on. I just use it as an altar piece.
(Note: the Universal Gateway was designed by Mark Alan Smith, appearing originally in his grimoire Queen of Hell, which grimoire is the first installment in the trinity of texts whereby the magickal curriculum of Primal Craft is codified. It is far more powerful than the other sigils mentioned here– so powerful it astonished me.)

Now, for the emblem of the Order of the Nine Angles:


Somehow, this symbol will also strengthen all your rituals of demon magick and Qliphothic sorcery. It’s actually a very powerful symbol, but for some reason, my guiding spirits insisted that I did not rub my blood on the symbol like I did with all of the other sigils in this article. Because of this, I would request that the reader not spill any blood on a piece of paper which this image drawn on it– that’s what I was told to do. People like me who hate the O9A can indeed not only make use of this symbol but employ it in Goetic and Qliphothic magick with a productive outcome. I’m not including this symbol in the article to trigger anybody, I’m dead serious. I’ve got this symbol drawn on the same piece of paper as all the other sigils I’ve introduced thus far.

And since we’re on a subject to which edgelords are related, I’ve got another symbol to recommend. You’re most likely aware that the hakenkreuz or “Nazi swastika” is a deliberate inversion of the original swastika, which original swastika operated as a spiritual glyph in many Pagan religions, but what you don’t know is that the Nazi swastika can be used productively in Qliphothic magick.

Bear with me.

The original swastika has a very different meaning when it is used in Judao-Mysticism than it does when it is used in the esotericism of Nazi Germany. In Judao-Mysticism, the original swastika symbolized Kether or Keter (the highest realm of the Abrahamic heaven in Judao-Mysticism) and the sun of our solar system; its four wheeling legs are held to symbolize the four letters of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH).

A spiritual glyph or magickal sigil can be inverted to create a new symbol which manifests the opposite properties of the original character. When the Nazi swastika hakenkreuz is used in demon magick, it is a glyph of the infernal equivalents of the attributes symbolized by the original swastika. The demons themselves use the hakenkreuz in magick,* as do three black magickal lodges that I can name off the top of my head. In the Black Lodge’s traditions of modern demon magick, the hakenkreuz has nothing at all to do with white nationalism and is in no way a dog whistle. The hakenkreuz symbolizes Azerate/Chavajoth (HVHI), the Black Sun** of Thagirion, and the penultimate Qlipha (Thamiel or Thaumiel).

*When I occasionally came to during a particular bout of ritual possession, I would find my body sprawled in the shape of a Sowilo rune twice and the hakenkreuz once.

**The Black Sun in Qabbalah has no more relation to the so-called Schwarze Sonne [Black Sun] of Nazi esotericism than the Black Sun of Aztec cosmology has to the ‘black suns’ of the Nazis and Black-Solar Qlipha alike. The Nazi “Schwarze Sonne” was always referred to as the Sonnenrad [Sun Wheel] in original/legitimate Nazi esotericism– the moniker Schwarze Sonne was only coined by non-Nazis much later.

Here’s one sigil I designed for multiple purposes: (i) strengthening your act of raising a sacred space, (ii) strengthening your act of opening any Qlipha or Tunnel of Set, and (iii) strengthening your act of calling any or all of the four alchemical elements:


What follows are five magickal glyphs I constructed which serve to strengthen any rituals of demon magick performed in their location. My sigils tend to be a lot less visually appealing than those offered by most Occult authors, but the demons tell me that the sigils I design are some of the stronger sigils being pumped out by the Black Lodge right now.


You’ll find those five to be very effective. Just draw them on a piece of paper and keep that paper around during ritual– these sigils don’t have to be looked at.

The following sigils were channeled by Sanat Kumaras (my apprentice and covenmate). He uses them with great frequency. The first serves the purpose of generating positive energy and causing home purification. The second is a empowerment sigil– the Sigil of the Outcast– which can be used in almost all rituals. The third one (I had to channel its effect myself) engenders self-transformation via the Black Light of Sitra Ahra– it may be meditated upon to great benefit or be left on the altar or floor during rituals for a productive outcome like the rest of the sigils on this page.


The following sigil, which I designed, will be of greater interest to the audience. This sigil can be drawn on a piece of paper and simply kept present during a rite of demon magick– in that situation, the sigil will simply empower all rites of demon magick like the five provided before it. That is this sigil’s first intended purpose. Its second purpose is to serve as a gateway whereby any Tunnel of Set can be visited either by astral projection or meditation journey. The idea is to travel through the sigil in the second scenario– either project your astral double through it or enter it via meditation journey.


I designed this next sigil to be left atop the altar or on the floor. It will make it easier for you to see and hear any demons you attempt to communicate with.


Lastly, here follows a sigil which was channeled by Rick DeMusis during a working with Astaroth. According to one of my spirit guides, the sigil symbolizes the transformation of the “inner mind,” or psyche. The effects of the sigil which were related to me are that the sigil serves to dissolve the ego and alchemically transmute the psyche. The sigil which Rick DeMusis channeled appears below:

Astaroth and Rick DeMusis

The numbers 11, 9, 18, 7, 777, 87, 72, 13, 91, 32, 66, and 37 are apt for all rites of demon magick. These may be written on the same piece(s) of paper as these sigils for the same purpose. The number 87 is of supreme importance and is useful for black magick of any kind. The pronunciation of the number 87 in Enochian (Don-Graph) may be vibrated at the beginning of one’s rites to empower them.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Satanic, Occult, & Typhonian Sermons: An Interpretation of Star Wars VIII (Spoilers)

This isn’t a normal type of essay for me: it’s about philosophy, and I’m not trying to be a prick about it. Topics discussed: the esotericism of Hebdomadry, guru syndrome, finding identity, confronting the Alternate Self/Shadow, the relationship of the Logos and the Alogos, self-pedestalized Occultists, extraordinary acquaintances, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Vengir Satanis, Deicide, Michael Aquino, gifted non-initiates, & more.

The Supreme Leader is dead, and I have killed him.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“Before there were Sephiras, there were Black Planets.” -The Adimiron

The Last Jedi was so complex in its meaning that I’ve managed to create something of an Occult-Satanic sermon in my interpretation of it. I think it will be legitimately useful for newer Occultists in particular, and I’m including a big clue into my conclusions about Demonolatrous Cosmology, which are based in gnosis and research alike. If I had to cite three thinkers who were integral to the worldview I’m presenting here, those would be Diane Vera, Professor Jordan B. Peterson, and Messiah’el Bey.

The Last Jedi‘s characters are certainly extraordinary people, but to me, they don’t feel unrealistic at all. A Demonolatress by the YouTube handle of Indigo Priestess said that practitioners of demon magick have a unique propensity to encounter extraordinary persons, and in my experience, this is certainly true. To me, the characters from Star Wars VIII feel like friends I haven’t met yet.

For example, I’ve had a few friends like General Leia: incredibly spiritually gifted, but disinclined towards being an Occultist. She sees the truth in what we Occultists say and experience, but it’s not her path. She even trusts our abilities. She may dabble, and sometimes when she taps into her gifts, she can manifest something phenomenal. The real life Leia-types aren’t going to fly, but maybe they’ll walk on water (true story, and she’ll fuck up if she tries it a second time).

It’s definitely a good thing that Leia got to use the Force in such a dramatic way during the actress’s final performance as Leia (she died). When Yoda appears as a Force ghost and burns the hiding place for the Jedi texts, he hides the fact that Rei had stolen the books. Here we see the hidden wisdom of an Ascended Master: Luke hadn’t even read the damn texts (which makes sense considering both his initial self-pedestalization and his later jaded shame), but Rei’s a rapacious learner: she will. Because of this, the Jedi tradition is being transcended the way that a dead tradition should be transcended, instead of being forgotten like Luke’s dumb ass had wanted.

In short, I feel like I understand these characters, and sometimes I relate to them. The Last Jedi explores its protagonists’ relationship to the Logos as it seems to manifest itself in the guise of mentors, leaders, political groups, spiritual traditions, and parents.

Hero worship is explored from both ends. When Rose meets her hero, Fin, she’s disgusted with who he turns out to be. She tazes him, arrests him, and excoriates him, but in time, she comes to fall in love with him– not as a hero, but as a human. She sees through the illusions of hero worship and comes to see and accept the actual value in the person and insight of Fin.

Luke Skywalker appears as the victim of hero worship– a man afflicted by guru syndrome. He’s a legend and he buys into his own hype: he pedestalizes himself and then fails like Ronda Rousey.

That’s a common thing in the Occult. Vengir Satanis and Michael Aquino both proclaimed themselves Ipsissimus. These self-proclaimed Occult masters of the Black Lodge came to realize how flawed they still were and renounce their self-appointments. A Facebook commenter described their ‘character arc’ to me with singular insight, writing:

That [happened] because they are truly Mercurial. As we personally evolve, we go through periods of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. Human spiritual evolution is cyclical. One may attain perfection, becoming XXI The World. But then it is necessary to start over as 0 The Fool. Enlightenment doesn’t necessarily mean forever.

An apprentice of man had taken up an interest in green witchery: the heavy use of plants, incenses, and crystals in magick. He asked me for my insight into the matter, assuming I had great knowledge regarding it, and I told him I knew next to nothing about green witchcraft.

“Can you at least recommend a trusted source on the topic?” He asked me.

I thought for a moment: “No,” I said.

He was taken aback by this. I didn’t realize how peculiar my ability to simply admit this was until a conversation with Voltigeur Dracovolos. Voltigeur sent me an abstruse excerpt from a text central to the Order of the Nine Angles and asked for my insights regarding it, whereupon I admitted to knowing nothing about the inscription.

When I later spoke to Voltigeur over the phone, he told me about the many persons he’d contacted for interpretations of the abstruse script. So many of the people he’d asked about it fancied themselves ONA heavyweights– that is to say, they had guru syndrome. They didn’t have anything resembling the insights they were being asked for, but they still felt the need to either make a shallow guess or give an ill-advised reading recommendation: ‘Oh, uh, I’m not sure. Maybe you should read ____________, that might have the answers that you’re looking for.’

All the input Voltigeur was given was useless, but so many people were unable to admit that they simply didn’t have any insight into the matter at hand. That’s guru syndrome: the egoic self-delusion which precipitates the humiliation and failure (read: learning experiences) of adepts.

Luke’s ego leads him to corrupt Kylo Ren, and he doesn’t process his mistake correctly. He learns very little, going from a so-called guru to a so-called invalid. He admits to his failings, sure, but he can’t put them into perspective any more than his achievements. While Kylo Ren overindulges in his potential for monstrous acts, Skywalker overshames himself because of his Freudian Shadow. Both fail to properly confront the Freudian Shadow/Alternate Self from a place of balance.

It’s incredibly difficult to find your self-esteem, purpose, and courage without the love and confidence of either parent, let alone without both. Violence is a primitive form of child abuse; undermining the child is the sophisticated approach. If you spend enough time in daycare, you can wind up in the same emotional state as an orphan. Being undermined or abandoned by a parent, or even humiliated and betrayed by a close friend or significant other, can fuck you emotionally for years if you don’t confront it the right way.

If I was cursing you out and clearly planning to hit you, would you be scared of me?  Would it make a difference whether or not someone you wanted to impress was watching? Would you be more willing to take the hit if it was someone else that I was threatening? If I said hurtful things about you that you know aren’t true, could I make you believe them, at least for a while? Are you afraid to fight even though you aren’t afraid to take a punch?

What do you need to do to have the bravery to back somebody down or even hit somebody first even if there was nobody watching and nothing but your own dignity at stake? The answer is to find yourself: find your courage, your purpose, and your self-esteem. When you find these things, you can make the other person bitch out. The fact that Kylo Ren and Rei are able to find courage, and in Ren’s case, self-worth without this primal validation is a phenomenal feat, but it isn’t enough.

Skywalker repeatedly asks Rei what her identity and purpose are until she admits that she doesn’t have an answer. For Christ’s sake, my second former mentor did that to me for a while. He stopped when I answered with immediate confidence and insight months after the initial questioning session.

Rei spends the movies looking for her parents, but when she asks for a vision of them, she only sees her own reflection. When she searches for her parents, all she’s trying to do is find herself, and she’s going about it in the wrong way.

Like Rei, Kylo Ren projects the Logos onto his parents and places his hope of Becoming in his relationship to them. Kylo Ren has been so brutalized by the Logos in the form of his mentors that he honestly thought that killing his own father was the route to Becoming. In reality, redefining his relationship to mom and dad was a wild goose chase. The root of the problem was the mentors who had spurned him, so killing Han Solo does not redeem him the way he thought it would.

You don’t get over grief, you get through it. Let yourself be an introspective mess for a while and explore your pain and experience. Don’t be foolish enough to refuse to use a demon’s help (Google Saksaksalim) to get over what you’re going through: as a passerby suddenly said when I was wondering whether or not to evoke Saksaksalim for emotional healing, “Team work make a dream work.”

While Rei is projecting the Logos onto countless unsuited father figures and Kylo Ren is having tantrums when he’s excoriated by his mentor, Fin is busy not giving a fuck. When his leader tells him he was always scum, he smiles, calls himself “Rebel scum,” and defeats her. When Rose comes onto him, he isn’t desperate enough to reciprocate, even in the moment. Unlike Rei and Kylo Ren, he’s found himself, so his fondness of Rei has a unique legitimacy.

Anti-Cosmic Satanists project the idea of the monotheistic creator onto the tribal war god of Israel, and Niners consider Magian influences the source of the West’s perceived corruption. Like Kylo Ren, they’re inclined to lash out against meaningless external targets. In reality, the Alogos is the precursor to the Logos and Enlightenment lies in the reconciliation of Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] with its precursor: the Qlipha of Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore).

Jehovah is just a tribal war god who pulled off a massive scam, and Han Solo is just a war hero. Defining yourself without them is necessary because they are not the Logos, let alone “God.” Jehovah is not some Cosmic tyrant; your true enemy is within. “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” Cursing a church is only useful in Becoming if it’s one that you grew up in. Theomachy and Deicide can be necessary to some, but if they are necessary to you, they still are not your True Will.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Death, Initiation, and Unrelated Spiritual Advice

Death symbolism is common in rites and visions of initiation. The baptism of Christian tradition, for example, according to the book of Romans, signifies the burial of Christ.

Symbols of death are of great use in rites of initiation– plastic Halloween skulls objectively empower initiation rites via symmetry magick– via symbolism. Visions of being physically torn apart by spirits symbolize initiation– the death or destruction of what you are as a precursor to magickal rebirth.

Unrelated: Do not neglect chakra work in magick– we all do it from time to time. There is no such thing as a fully open chakra– there is always progress to make. If you do not work with the chakras, apply this lesson in a more general sense: do not neglect the fundamental exercises of your practice. Spiritual development is not a straight upwards line– we all backtrack from time to time. Don’t be ashamed of that and do what you can to not let it happen. On the bright side, you’ll find that the road back up is much quicker than it was the last time.

Also Unrelated: Don’t compare yourself to other magickians. Spiritual competence is a deeply multifaceted thing. Just because someone exceeds you in one area doesn’t mean they’re better than you are and that you should feel ashamed: in means you can teach one another what the other lacks. Besides, if they exceed you, they’re still going to backtrack eventually, and when that happens, you’ll be helping them catch up.

Also Unrelated: According to Professor Jordan Peterson, the two personality traits which are shown to accumulate the most success in life are the I.Q. level and a trait called conscientiousness– conscientiousness is a combination of the traits of conscientiousness and orderliness. If your intent in demon magick is to improve yourself to maximize personal agency and your quality of personhood, these are the traits which you should seek to cultivate.

Also Unrelated: The crystal called phrenite is one of the most useful stones in magick and spirit work. Use it for everything. One of the greatest black magickians I ever met personally recommended it to me. I’m not big on crystal magick, but I have nothing but praise for phrenite.

Also Unrelated: Spiritual mentors and group affiliations come and go. Just because your mentor thinks you’re the one he’s been looking for doesn’t mean he’s meant to be in your life forever, or even for more than a short period of time. Just because your guiding spirits guided you to a group doesn’t mean you’re meant to stay there. Just because your mentor’s psychic faculties allow her to give you incredible insights and guidance in your spiritual pursuits doesn’t mean he can tell you how to live with accuracy. Don’t fucking move to another state for these people. They’re here to play a specific role in your path, and often times for us black magickians, you could’ve never gotten where you are without them, but they still aren’t meant to be in your life for long. Get what you need and move past them, but always show them the respect they deserve.

Also unrelated: my roommate just bought a pendulum with an obsidian gemstone depending from the chain. He handed the pendulum to me, and I asked his pendulum whether there was any spiritual advantage to using an actual pendulum instead of the pair of headphones I normally use for pendulum divination. I asked twice and got the same answer both times. I won’t be buying a pendulum.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Language of Enochian in Black Magick

I have studied three magickal languages to this date, first experimenting with Enochian vibration and recitation with results that verified the commendations of it conveyed by left-handed magickian Rob Stanley and Satanist Anton Long. In my use of Viridian tongue, I found it powerless and dull. In my study of the Ouranian language and my energetic sensing of the Ouranian names given for trusted divinities, I felt myself repulsed and thus disregarded the practice.

After asking our spirit guides whether or not Enochian script bore an intrinsic spiritual power and receiving a yes, I asked a number of other magickians via social media whether they agreed, with nearly all responders being of the Left Hand Path. A few experienced magickians confirmed my gnosis, as did a pair of new but gifted initiates, but the majority of experienced magickians who answered disagreed with what I had learned.

Most wrote that preference for or belief in the power of Enochian was the only source of its heightened potency. This view objects to the concept of magickal languages and fails to directly address Enochian. It is based on conjecture rather than a personal perceiveration (an instance of perceiving) of Enochian script. I view theirs as a flawed approach—conjecture has come to mean so little to me.

I tentatively think that the majority response I received is representative of the opinion held by the Black Lodge regarding Enochian, and I believe the blame for this is Anton LaVey. Anton LaVey reproduced the Enochian Calls of his predecessors in the Occult, replacing the names for Jehovah with a made-up “Enochian” title for Satan. Anton LaVey did not replace the many possessive adjectives such as “his” which were made to refer specifically to the Judao-Xian deity.

As a person who used to visualize Thurs runes impaling his astral opponents in psychic combat while vibrating the name of the wrong rune by mistake (Fehu), I know that such misarticulation still conveys the intent but obfuscates it regardless. The Enochian Calls were originally made to transport the celebrant via vision-journey (pathworking) to various spiritual realms entitled “the Towers,” and the names the Towers which the Calls originally linked to still appear in their LaVeyan reproductions.

LaVey’s calls, then, call upon Satan by names of Jehovah and attempt to manifest arbitrarily assigned results by calling upon a gnostic state and the energy of the plane of who-knows-what. Whatever resides in these mystery realms is of uncertain relationship to the Devil and Sinistral (LHP) sorcery as a whole.

Since Enochian was introduced to the Black Lodge in a bastardized form, we have a good reason to suspect that whatever opinion most Satanists hold of Enochian is misinformed.  Various partisans of Sinistral magick, including Baron and Baronessa Araignee, Oizus, the Joy of Satan Ministries (don’t hit me), Frederick Nagash, Anton Long, and the Vatra Nexion, have upheld Enochian as a magickally respectable language, in confirmation of the perceiverances (instances of perceiving) recorded by the forefathers of the Black Lodge. Consider the following:

  • The Occult consensus imputes intrinsic magickal power to Enochian.
  • There is a decent number of unrelated black magickians and groups which have confirmed the Occult consensus.
  • The opposition to the consensus is (a) based in non-perceiverance and (b) misinformed by LaVey.

Here are four easy, fill-in-the-blank Enochian phrases for ritual, which may be incorporated in a build-a-rite sort of way or appended to pre-existent rituals for experimentation.

Ol Oecremi Isli, Ol Um Isli, Sa Ol Zodameta, NAME
[I praise thee, I call thee, and I conjure thee, NAME]

NAME, Arphe Ozamran Pambt, Bagle Zirdo Hoath O Il Odlonshin A Iadanah
[NAME, descend and appear unto me, for I am a true worshipper of thy powers and divine knowledge]

Ol Oecremi NAME Ca Ol Noasmi Saga A Tia/Tilb!
[I praise NAME as I become one with him/her!]

Solpeth Bien Sa Zorge Micalzo NAME
[Enochian: Hearken unto my voice and be friendly unto me, mighty NAME]

And here are Nytek’s Enochian chants for circle casting:

RA-ASA-EE NAME[In the East is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR OH-DAH ZAMARAN RA-ASA [Arise. Move, and appear in the East]

SO-BO-ELN-EE NAME [In the West is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN SO-BO-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the West]

LOO-KAH-ELN-EE NAME [In the South is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN LOO-KAH-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the South]

BA-BA-GEE EE NAME [In the North is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN BA-BA-GEE [Arise. Move, and appear in the North]

Here is a self-empowerment rite which strongly incorporates Enochian script:

And here is a ritual of invocation consisting mainly of Enochian:

Here is my favorite of the four Enochian dictionaries I’ve studied:

Here is a much shorter dictionary with many words the first dictionary didn’t have:

-V.K. Jehannum

Cloud Evocation

Someone sent me a photograph which purportedly depicts the result of an experimental method of evocation. The operator, whom I am not acquainted with, allegedly evoked Belial into a cloud instead of into incense or cigarette smoke. This operation clearly took place during a sunset. The sun sets red because red is the color that travels the farthest.

This is the photo I was sent.


This could be a hoax, but if you’re a sorcerer, you should be able to look at this image and tune into your psychic senses to discern the veracity of the claim.

Do you see any black figures on the road?


Regarding the Binding of Donald Trump

I have considered whether or not I should go about posting this video here, as even my apolitical take on this issue has seen me branded a Nazi because of how heated this election was, but here we are. I will not delve into politics either on my wordpress or my youtube channel because that is not what you come here for and I do not wish to misuse your following.

There is a “worldwide” effort, spear-headed by Wiccans, to prevent Trump from causing any harm or violence via magick. Wiccans tend to justify this form of thing by erroneously claiming that a binding spell is different from a curse. Since I do not feel the need to justify the harm and coercion I have brought about via magick, I have no reason to acknowledge this pseudo-distinction.

I made a simple roast video in response. My goal was to articulate the magickal failings of the ritual and get a laugh in the process. I made a minor slip up in saying that Walpurgisnacht is May 30th (it’s APRIL 30th), but other than that, I think I did well.

There is one thing I failed to get into because it confused me. The progenitor of the effort recommends that the celebrant use a white candle to symbolize the element of fire.


I’ve seen this before, Wiccans are fuckin’ scared of red candles because you can fuck somebody up with them. This is deeply fallacious, because just about every color of candle has a different possible application in execration magick (read Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting).

TL;DR: Try getting confused for a Nazi as well as a Jew in the same day. It’s unfortunate.

Satanic Pathworkings through Graphic Art

In Erica Frevel’s book the Deplorable Word, she writes of the way that spirits often guide the creation of her artwork. She sees faces manifest on the canvas through her subtle perception and she paints their likeness where it appears to eternize the vision, creating deeply powerful magickal artwork.

My friend G. A. Rosenberg does very much the same thing in his graphic design, which is generally Occult in nature, incorporating themes from both the Sevenfold Way’s denomination(s) of Satanism as well as more common Satanic traditions like the Goetia. He tells me that the entities which appear in his artwork appear in his subtle senses first and he uses his talent for graphic design to crystallize his gnosis of them. He tells me that the least spiritually influenced pieces of his art are usually the most popular. The reason for this is clear: when he is not focusing on crystallizing his visions, he creates something more artistically focused and thus more exoterically beautiful.

While I have featured G. A. Rosenberg’s art in the past, I had not actually attempted to pathwork through one of his Goetic pieces until recently. His Goetic pieces have a representation of the spirit they serve to bring one into contact with as well as the sigil of that entity worked into the piece. The pathworking process is simple, but it requires that you print out the picture. Stare at the sigil and let the image envelop you as you articulate names or chants of the entity. When you are ready, close your eyes, and interact with the spirit in a mental representation of whatever landscape is depicted in the artwork. Try to visualize and experience this landscape in as much detail as possible, and work all your senses into the equation. This is a highly efficacious way to develop one’s psychic senses as well as a very convenient methodology for the attainment of gnosis. Having some fresh water or lit candles present is also helpful, as are the preliminary construction of a sacred space.

Here is the hyperlink to his Goetic artwork.

Many of his other artistic creations, which can be found by browsing his WordPress, were made to be altar pieces, and he has several works which are made for use within the Sevenfold Way and the Drakon Covenant Current, the latter of which was made at my request when I was involved with DC. I really was shocked at how powerful his Goetic artwork (specifically the one of Flauros which I used) was, even though I had previously used a photo of him to sense his magickal ‘power level,’ a technique which I would highly recommend that the reader practice so that she can ascertain the level of an author’s mastery prior to purchasing their work.

-V.K. Jehannum