The Language of Enochian in Black Magick

I have studied three magickal languages to this date, first experimenting with Enochian vibration and recitation with results that verified the commendations of it conveyed by left-handed magickian Rob Stanley and Satanist Anton Long. In my use of Viridian tongue, I found it powerless and dull. In my study of the Ouranian language and my energetic sensing of the Ouranian names given for trusted divinities, I felt myself repulsed and thus disregarded the practice.

After asking our spirit guides whether or not Enochian script bore an intrinsic spiritual power and receiving a yes, I asked a number of other magickians via social media whether they agreed, with nearly all responders being of the Left Hand Path. A few experienced magickians confirmed my gnosis, as did a pair of new but gifted initiates, but the majority of experienced magickians who answered disagreed with what I had learned.

Most wrote that preference for or belief in the power of Enochian was the only source of its heightened potency. This view objects to the concept of magickal languages and fails to directly address Enochian. It is based on conjecture rather than a personal perceiveration (an instance of perceiving) of Enochian script. I view theirs as a flawed approach—conjecture has come to mean so little to me.

I tentatively think that the majority response I received is representative of the opinion held by the Black Lodge regarding Enochian, and I believe the blame for this is Anton LaVey. Anton LaVey reproduced the Enochian Calls of his predecessors in the Occult, replacing the names for Jehovah with a made-up “Enochian” title for Satan. Anton LaVey did not replace the many possessive adjectives such as “his” which were made to refer specifically to the Judao-Xian deity.

As a person who used to visualize Thurs runes impaling his astral opponents in psychic combat while vibrating the name of the wrong rune by mistake (Fehu), I know that such misarticulation still conveys the intent but obfuscates it regardless. The Enochian Calls were originally made to transport the celebrant via vision-journey (pathworking) to various spiritual realms entitled “the Towers,” and the names the Towers which the Calls originally linked to still appear in their LaVeyan reproductions.

LaVey’s calls, then, call upon Satan by names of Jehovah and attempt to manifest arbitrarily assigned results by calling upon a gnostic state and the energy of the plane of who-knows-what. Whatever resides in these mystery realms is of uncertain relationship to the Devil and Sinistral (LHP) sorcery as a whole.

Since Enochian was introduced to the Black Lodge in a bastardized form, we have a good reason to suspect that whatever opinion most Satanists hold of Enochian is misinformed.  Various partisans of Sinistral magick, including Baron and Baronessa Araignee, Oizus, the Joy of Satan Ministries (don’t hit me), Frederick Nagash, Anton Long, and the Vatra Nexion, have upheld Enochian as a magickally respectable language, in confirmation of the perceiverances (instances of perceiving) recorded by the forefathers of the Black Lodge. Consider the following:

  • The Occult consensus imputes intrinsic magickal power to Enochian.
  • There is a decent number of unrelated black magickians and groups which have confirmed the Occult consensus.
  • The opposition to the consensus is (a) based in non-perceiverance and (b) misinformed by LaVey.

Here are four easy, fill-in-the-blank Enochian phrases for ritual, which may be incorporated in a build-a-rite sort of way or appended to pre-existent rituals for experimentation.

Ol Oecremi Isli, Ol Um Isli, Sa Ol Zodameta, NAME
[I praise thee, I call thee, and I conjure thee, NAME]

NAME, Arphe Ozamran Pambt, Bagle Zirdo Hoath O Il Odlonshin A Iadanah
[NAME, descend and appear unto me, for I am a true worshipper of thy powers and divine knowledge]

Ol Oecremi NAME Ca Ol Noasmi Saga A Tia/Tilb!
[I praise NAME as I become one with him/her!]

Solpeth Bien Sa Zorge Micalzo NAME
[Enochian: Hearken unto my voice and be friendly unto me, mighty NAME]

And here are Nytek’s Enochian chants for circle casting:

RA-ASA-EE NAME[In the East is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR OH-DAH ZAMARAN RA-ASA [Arise. Move, and appear in the East]

SO-BO-ELN-EE NAME [In the West is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN SO-BO-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the West]

LOO-KAH-ELN-EE NAME [In the South is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN LOO-KAH-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the South]

BA-BA-GEE EE NAME [In the North is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN BA-BA-GEE [Arise. Move, and appear in the North]

Here is a self-empowerment rite which strongly incorporates Enochian script:

And here is a ritual of invocation consisting mainly of Enochian:

Here is my favorite of the four Enochian dictionaries I’ve studied:

Here is a much shorter dictionary with many words the first dictionary didn’t have:

-V.K. Jehannum


Cloud Evocation

Someone sent me a photograph which purportedly depicts the result of an experimental method of evocation. The operator, whom I am not acquainted with, allegedly evoked Belial into a cloud instead of into incense or cigarette smoke. This operation clearly took place during a sunset. The sun sets red because red is the color that travels the farthest.

This is the photo I was sent.


This could be a hoax, but if you’re a sorcerer, you should be able to look at this image and tune into your psychic senses to discern the veracity of the claim.

Do you see any black figures on the road?


Regarding the Binding of Donald Trump

I have considered whether or not I should go about posting this video here, as even my apolitical take on this issue has seen me branded a Nazi because of how heated this election was, but here we are. I will not delve into politics either on my wordpress or my youtube channel because that is not what you come here for and I do not wish to misuse your following.

There is a “worldwide” effort, spear-headed by Wiccans, to prevent Trump from causing any harm or violence via magick. Wiccans tend to justify this form of thing by erroneously claiming that a binding spell is different from a curse. Since I do not feel the need to justify the harm and coercion I have brought about via magick, I have no reason to acknowledge this pseudo-distinction.

I made a simple roast video in response. My goal was to articulate the magickal failings of the ritual and get a laugh in the process. I made a minor slip up in saying that Walpurgisnacht is May 30th (it’s APRIL 30th), but other than that, I think I did well.

There is one thing I failed to get into because it confused me. The progenitor of the effort recommends that the celebrant use a white candle to symbolize the element of fire.


I’ve seen this before, Wiccans are fuckin’ scared of red candles because you can fuck somebody up with them. This is deeply fallacious, because just about every color of candle has a different possible application in execration magick (read Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting).

TL;DR: Try getting confused for a Nazi as well as a Jew in the same day. It’s unfortunate.

Satanic Pathworkings through Graphic Art

In Erica Frevel’s book the Deplorable Word, she writes of the way that spirits often guide the creation of her artwork. She sees faces manifest on the canvas through her subtle perception and she paints their likeness where it appears to eternize the vision, creating deeply powerful magickal artwork.

My friend G. A. Rosenberg does very much the same thing in his graphic design, which is generally Occult in nature, incorporating themes from both the Sevenfold Way’s denomination(s) of Satanism as well as more common Satanic traditions like the Goetia. He tells me that the entities which appear in his artwork appear in his subtle senses first and he uses his talent for graphic design to crystallize his gnosis of them. He tells me that the least spiritually influenced pieces of his art are usually the most popular. The reason for this is clear: when he is not focusing on crystallizing his visions, he creates something more artistically focused and thus more exoterically beautiful.

While I have featured G. A. Rosenberg’s art in the past, I had not actually attempted to pathwork through one of his Goetic pieces until recently. His Goetic pieces have a representation of the spirit they serve to bring one into contact with as well as the sigil of that entity worked into the piece. The pathworking process is simple, but it requires that you print out the picture. Stare at the sigil and let the image envelop you as you articulate names or chants of the entity. When you are ready, close your eyes, and interact with the spirit in a mental representation of whatever landscape is depicted in the artwork. Try to visualize and experience this landscape in as much detail as possible, and work all your senses into the equation. This is a highly efficacious way to develop one’s psychic senses as well as a very convenient methodology for the attainment of gnosis. Having some fresh water or lit candles present is also helpful, as are the preliminary construction of a sacred space.

Here is the hyperlink to his Goetic artwork.

Many of his other artistic creations, which can be found by browsing his WordPress, were made to be altar pieces, and he has several works which are made for use within the Sevenfold Way and the Drakon Covenant Current, the latter of which was made at my request when I was involved with DC. I really was shocked at how powerful his Goetic artwork (specifically the one of Flauros which I used) was, even though I had previously used a photo of him to sense his magickal ‘power level,’ a technique which I would highly recommend that the reader practice so that she can ascertain the level of an author’s mastery prior to purchasing their work.

-V.K. Jehannum

Witchcraft: the Consecration of Ritual Implements

The witch may be inclined to purge the item to be consecrated of any spiritual energies it may have previously accumulated. To do so, she should fill a glass or other receptacle with water and put a few specs of salt therein. The object should be dipped in the water, whereupon the witch whispers “I divest this _____ of any pre-existent energies,” or any phrase to this effect.

An object may be consecrated solely through the repeated use of it in ritual, or it may be left atop a window ceil so as to let it bask in the light of the moon. Prior to a cycle of lunar saturation, the witch should familiarize herself with the magickal effects of the moon, which vary according to cycle: waning, waxing, full, dark, blood. Google this and peruse the pages of any Wiccan text (you may find that those cheap Wiccan books they sell in Barnes and Noble are often storehouses of much knowledge concerning practical witchcraft).

Alternately, the auspices of a deity may be elicited. The witch may evoke one or more entities and ask them to enchant the object. This is most appropriate if you have multiple implements and/or pieces of jewelry which you would like to have enchanted, preferably for a specified effect. You can indeed enchatnt anything– I have a toy leopard enchanted to empower my rites of evocation. I also have an umbrella with magickal numbers and words of power relevant to necromancy drawn all over it. A covenmate and I were once meditating in a graveyard to commune with the dead when the umbrella fell over and bumbed his shoulder. He grabbed my shoulder and yelled “A BAT!”

The manta LEPACA KOHOT HA-RESHUT HA-RABBIM calls upon Lepaca (the Demon of Opening) to help you bring forth a few infernal spirits, i.e. the “forces” [Kohot] of the Qliphoth [Reshut Ha-Rabbim/Kingdom of Manifoldness]. It was specifically written to consist of eleven syllables, as eleven is the number of the demonic.

Alternatively, one may simply vibrate the various names of a certain entity to empower the object though its auspices. The names of Lucifuge Rofocale are appropriate (Lucifage, Lucerifuge, Lucifugus Rofocalus), as are the names of Cain (Qabeel, Qayin, Diaphotos, Adiaphotos, Mahan).

Unrelated: Have you heard of Hecate’s hunting call? It serves to call up Hecate’s hounds, which are very useful in astral combat. It comes from The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley: “Untu La La Ulula Umuna Tofa Lama Le Li Na Ahr Ima Tahara Elula Etfoma Ununa Arpeti Ulu Ulu Ulu Maraban Ululu Mahata Ulu Ulu Lamastana!”

I did a ritual with a couple friends on Halloween where we called up several different kinds of Hekate’s spirits, kunes aidao [hounds of the underworld] included. We indistinguishably heard one barking in a pitch that sounded comparable to a crow’s voice as it ran around the chamber, apparently raising sacred space for the ritual.

Also unrelated: I know Satan is just a word for “Adversary,” but are you aware that many other entity names that are technically words or titles? Allah, Ba’al, El, Molock, Adi Parashakti, Adonai, Mammon, Luna, Sulpae, and Saturn, to name a few.

Satanic Witchcraft: How to Begin a Ritual

The first step of any ritual is getting into the appropriate mindset. The common practice of the fourfold breath is conducive to this: inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, counting mentally. Repeat thrice.

But while this does much to calm and focus the mind on its own, there are words of power that the witch may wish to experiment with to get into her zone.

CHAOSATANAS and DAY-VAH-NAH-OM, the latter of which translates to “Daevas (Dark Spirits) are Worshipped through me,” are both useful for imparting focus and strength of will to the witch. NOXULIFER and/or SKANAGHT are both useful words of power for getting the witch into a gnostic/spiritual state.

One common trick from the Typhonian tradition is making a loud HHHHHSSSSS noise at the initiation of a rite. This sound, called the Hiss of Dahomey, creates a large amount of white and pink noise which is conducive to the summoning of entities. The opposite sound, known as the Winds of Space (SSSSSSHHHHHHH) is useful in causing departure or preventing manifestation. The Winds of Space are most useful for coercive banishing, but on two occasions, spirits have appeared to have experienced trouble leaving in a way that is comparable to a human’s clothes getting caught on a fence, and I have used the Winds to aid their departure. This should only be done if one can sense the spirit requesting it.

Many witches will begin by raising magickal energies conducive to the working at hand. Here’s a simple prayer composed of various magickal words and chants that should suffice: “MELUS DE QUO MAGMA, ET REVERTETUR AD TENEBRAS! LIFTOACH KLIFFOT, PORRO TRIUMPHATOR IN INFERNO SUNT! ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANADA ZAZAS! DONGRAPH! ZODAMRAN!”

Many witches like to call upon the auspices of a deity they like at the initiation of a ritual. Here are some common examples.





Such things are optional.

If the ritual is one of self-empowerment, the witch will usually want to stay still and “bask” in the energies accumulated while meditating. If she wishes, she may use a mantra or word of power which she may enunciate on each exhalation. I recommend “Bohu, Tohu, Chasek” to grant one visions of darkness, “Xeper” to empower oneself, “Infusco Ignis Satanas” meaning “Black Flame of Satan,” or “Atazoth.”

I face North in all of my Apsidomantic (Demonic) and Paganistic rites, as the direction of North is the source of Darkness/the demonic in both Judao-Mysticism and Zoroastrianism. Lilith has been called “Tzaphoni,” meaning “The Northern One.” Both Saturn and the Black Sun are attributed to the North.

Most Satanists face the West as an inversion of the RHP emphasis on facing the East, but North is a more sensible choice for one wishing to change their direction to call upon Sinstral [left-handed] forces.

At the end of a rite, no “dismissal” is necessary. Merely thank everything you called upon during the ritual and every entity which showed up to help.

Xeper – the Eternal Word of Set
Liber Sitra Ahra
Venus Satanas’s website
ONA literature
Liber Falxifer
Typhonian Terratomas
Gematria and the Tanakh
Vera and Bleach’s Website
The Bible of the Adversary
Liber Azerate
Nargargole Shlod’s YouTube Channel
Encyclopedia Iranica
Dragon Rouge’s Literature
The Book of Belial

A Storm for Melanie

More than one witch has expressed the idea that they find it distinctly empowering to work magick during thunderstorms. According to Christos Beest, whenever he would use his art to channel the demons of the Goetia, storms would accompany his channelings. The deliberate causation of storms (at the hands of the archfiends) implies a magickal efficacy which is inherent in storms.

The rain serves an obvious purpose, as running water is a magickally powerful thing. Fire is known to be a magickally powerful thing as well, so perhaps lightning serves a similar function. Here follow two excerpts from one of the allegories in the Deofel Quintet, the first of which is only one sentence long.

“The storm pleased Melanie and she danced naked in her garden while the rain washed her body as she sucked the storm’s health in.

…The twilight of closing cloud and strong wind coloured the sky near the descending sun, and Melanie stood in the circle’s centre calling on the storms to break. Thunder cloud rushed toward her, killing the colour, as the wind graved strong and heavy around. There was no thunder, only a sudden and prolonged burst of rain, which Melanie laughing let soak through her thin dress to the warm flesh beneath. She became intoxicated by the power of wind and rain, and danced around the circle calling on the names of her gods… She felt her crystal, many miles distant, begin to respond and draw power from the Abyss beyond. The power came to her, slowly, through the gate in the fabric of space-time, a chaos of energies from the dimensions of darkness. Her consciousness was beginning to transcend to the acausal spaces where the Dark Gods waited and she sensed their longing to return, to fill again the spaces of her causal time. They were there, chattering in lipsed words she could not understand, roused from sleep by the power of her previous rites, ready to seep past the gate…” –Temple of Satan by Anton Long


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