A Word of Caution Regarding the Material I’ve Released

I have released a large amount of rites, spells, magickal chants, etc. throughout my time teaching magick, and over the years I have seen people misusing the material in various ways. I will provide a few recent examples.

I released a ritual on Patreon which was designed to heal the celebrant’s loved one. I was asked if the rite could be used on oneself, to which the answer is no.

I released a spell to enchant a key or group of keys on TikTok, and multiple people wanted to use the spell on bracelets, necklaces, etc. The spell was specifically designed for a key or group of keys, so this was a mistake.

On WordPress, I released a magickal chant which calls on the user’s Higher Self to heal the user’s energy body, and someone wanted to attempt to use the chant to heal someone else’s energy body.

I don’t think anything bad happened or would have happened to the people making these given attempts, but I am concerned that persons with similar mentalities may harm themselves by misusing my other work or rites released by other influencers. There are spiritual operations out there which have severe consequences for those who butcher their use, and I would like to see avoidable injury, well, avoided.

Please exercise caution. My spells do what they say they do, and if their purposes do not match your desired manifestations, it is best to design your own magickal operation instead of shoe-horning a pre-existent operation which exists for a different purpose.

I have released massive amounts of all-purposed incantations throughout the Magickal Chants, Magickal Hymns, and Demonology & Paganism categories on this website (use the menu to find the material you’re looking for). The reason I have done this is so that my audience can easily and conveniently design their own rites, spells, meditations, devotional practices, etc. Please avail yourself of what I have provided.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. 2

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. 2


Rashoone is the Priestess of Seduction and the Deep Lady of Thaumiel. Connolly has listed her specialties as being compassion, love, lust, and relationships. Rashoone governs the health of the physical heart and stomach, and she specializes in chakra repair, chakra activation, and the unification of the chakras into a singular energy center. Unique aspects of her alchemy include spiritual invincibility and sexual irresistability.

Rashoone is an apt protectress who can strengthen the natural psychic defenses of the witch. She can bless a romantic relationship between lovers with perfect sexual chemistry and the perfect sex life.

In baneful magick, Rashoone can destroy someone’s relationship, sex life, and/or fertility. She can also warp the target’s mind, causing them to hate everyone who has positive intentions towards them.

Rashoone can be worked with in a unique form of macroscopic alchemy/”aeonic sorcery”– a rite of wielding the power of a black hole in sex magick. Her planetary attributions are to Venus and the Sun, and she has appeared to me as a mermaid and a bat. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for her is Lentah Argah Orzaht Ziehtanna.


Azlyn is the Prophetess of Bohu who is said to weave the threads of things to come. She specializes in divination, astral travel, awakening clairvoyance, and predicting the future, and she is attributed to the element of water.

Azlyn also governs the necromancy of animal spirits, and she can bestow the power of intuitive dream interpretation. She is attributed to the West, her color is light blue, and her attributed herbs are water lily and camphor. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for this demoness is “Kiehsonyah Zontara Iak Nartha Sahrakkan.”


Known as the Keeper of Graves, Babeal is the archfiend who governs and instructs the guardian spirits of graveyards. It is he who Abel became an emissary of in death. He is attributed to all of the cardinal directions, the color gray, the element of earth, the herbs sage and myrrh, and the date of October 31st. Connolly listed Babeal’s ritual specialties as death, rebirth, and protection of cemeteries.

Babeal is a demonic king attributed to the Saturnine Qlipha. He rules an unrecorded underworld plane wherein dwell ghosts and ascended masters. His alchemy incorporates the use of death energy to transform the physical and energetic bodies.

Babeal can engender massive physical healing. In cursework, he can freeze someone’s income and/or stagnate their careers. He grants fantastic necrotic spirit familiars. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Babeal is Lenza’nar-ha-zakha.


Rosier is the Demon of Love Connolly lists his ritual specialties as self-love, love, lust, long-term relationships, and compassion. She goes on to attribute him to the color pink, the southwest, the month of July, the season of midsummer, the herb cinnamon, and the fiery part of the element of water.

Rosier is related to all realms of the primordial chaos, and his name carries authority in them all. He can help the witch come by clients, customers, donors, sponsers, etc. He can separate lovers or help them resolve. The forms of Rosier known to me are the merman, the dragon, and the basilisk. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Rosier is “Zonlara Nea Entar Sakka.”


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia