Chant to the Mother of Blood

This chant calls upon Baphomet to increase the practitioner’s spiritual powers & senses and it can be practiced by witches of just about any path. The English translation, which is non-literal will be provided at the bottom of the page, but the spell consists solely of the Latin chant. This spell is a quick and easy self-empowerment rite that can be added to any other ceremony. That is to say, the witch may perform it right before (or after) an invocation ritual, after chakra empowerment, after performing the middle pillar, after casting a circle, etc. This ritual is most powerful when performed in a natural area, but such an environmental advantage is not a necessity. All rituals are more powerful when cast within sacred space, so while a sacred space is not necessary, a brief spell to create one which is relevant to this incantation appears after the chant.
“Ave Baphomet,
Ave Baphomet,
Agia H Baphomet.
Agios Sirena Sinistra,
Agios Mater Baphomet,
Sancta Regina Rubedo.
Veni, Regina Mundis;
Aperiatur Mushrati, Mater.
Agios ischyros Baphomet;
Veni, veniat ad me.
Agios o Baphomet;
Veni, et germinet anados;
Veni – aperiatur Mushrati.”
English Translation
Hail Baphomet/ Hail Baphomet/ Hallowed be Baphomet// Hallowed Darksome Spirit Maid/ Holy Mother Baphomet/ Sacred Mistress of Alchemy/ Descend, Queen of the Earth/ Open the sphere of Jupiter, Mother// Hallowed is the Sacred Baphomet/ Come, come unto me/ Hallowed be Baphomet/ Come, and bring about magickal ascent/ Come; open the sphere of Jupiter.
-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum

The Hekatean Banishing Rite of the Pentagram

  1. Face the North. Exclaim “In nomine de Chaos, vocamus te Hekate!” [In the name of Chaos, we call to Hekate].
  2. Visualize a bright sphere of indigo light growing above your head. Known that this is the essence of Darkness and vibrate the name “Hecate.”
  3. Visualize a beam of light descending from this sphere and to your genital area where it forms a second sphere. Vibrate “Chthonian,” which is a name of Hekate.
  4. Visualize a beam shooting from the second sphere and forming a small ball of indigo light at your left hip. Vibrate “Agriope,” which is a name of Hekate.
  5. Visualize another beam traveling from the second sphere to your right hip and forming another small ball of indigo light there. Vibrate “Melinoe,” which is a name of Hekate.
  6. Visualize a sphere of indigo light the size of a basketball forming over your sternum and vibrate “Anana Hecate Ayer,” which is Hekate’s “enn” or presencing mantra. Continue to visualize all of these spheres of light for however long you would like.
  7. Cease visualizing the spheres and walk forward to the Northern point of the circle you are going to cast. Trace a banishing pentagram of earth in the air with your index and middle fingers extended as in the picture below and visualize it shining electric blue. Vibrate “Enodia,” which is a name of Hekate, as you visualize the pentagram glowing brighter.
  8. Put your two fingers in the heart of the pentagram and trace a line of electric blue energy from it to the Western point of the circle you are casting. Trace another pentagram in the air and vibrate “Charopis,” which is a name of Hekate to empower it.
  9. Trace a beam to the Southern point. Draw another electric blue pentagram and empower it with Hekate’s name “Empousa.”
  10. Trace a beam to the East to form a pentagram. Empower it with “Dadophoros.”
  11. Trace a beam from the Eastern pentagram to the Northern one to finish the circle, and then return to the center of the circle, standing behind the altar if you have one.
  12. Vibrate “Veni Hekate” [Come Hekate] and then “Anana Hecate Ayer” as you visualize the circle growing brighter.
  13. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of the earth, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize beams of green and brown earth energy entering the circle through the Northern pentagram.
  14. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element water, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize blue beams of water energy entering the circle through the Western pentagram.
  15. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of fire, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize red and orange beams of fire energy entering the circle through the Southern pentagram.
  16. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of the air, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize yellow beams of air energy entering the circle through the Eastern pentagram.
  17. Say “Salve Pandeina Antania Hekate” [Hail the All-Feared Underworld Queen Hekate]
  18. Continue to reside within the circle for however long you like, meditating on the way your energetic body feels.
  19. Optional: Visualize yourself glowing brilliantly white white and gold energy and vibrate “Hecate” thrice (or more), calling on Hecate thereby to increase your magickal powers.

Banishing Pentagram of Earth


Sigils of Hekate
Some or all of these Should Adorn the Altar or Lay on the Floor of the Chamber



Lastly, get the simple sigil of Hecate in this file:

Opus Vrilis – the Book of WSA 352

This is Opus Vrilis, the central text of WSA 352 detailing the philosophy, exeatic praxis, and spiritual practices of Chloe 352’s Progressive Satanism. I have no doubt that the reader will find it enlightening.



The White Star Acception is named after Sirius, by the way, but the Acception also uses the variant name Waffen Schaft Azagthoth [Army of Azagthoth]. The founders have written that they were unaware at the time that they chose their title that 352 is the numerical value of the name Shaitan in Hebrew Gematria, so it is probable that they also were/are unaware of Typhonian Occultist Kenneth Grant’s attribution of Sirius/Sothis to the Devil. They were also purportedly unaware that “Acception” is not a word.

Opening the Subpersonal Chakras

The subpersonal chakras connect one to the energies of the Earth and nature, just as the transpersonal chakras connect us to higher/spiritual energies. They are five in number and the instructions for opening them follow.

The first subpersonal chakra is a few inches below the feet. It connects one to natural energies and helps him practically implement his personal Wyrd [Destiny]. It is a dark, brownish grey, and its inner cortex is a light brownish grey. The names Belial or Hekate can be used as the words of power for this chakra.

The second subpersonal chakra is slightly below the first. It connects one with their personal community and tribe. It is transparent, except for its inner cortex which is white. The names Nahema (name for Na’amah) or Basileia (name for Hecate) can be used for this chakra.

The third subpersonal chakra connects one with feminine energies. It is transparent, except for its inner cortex which is white. The words Lilith Savta [Lilith the Elder] or Trevia [name for Hekate] can be used for this chakra.

The fourth subpersonal chakra links one to ancient telluric energies. It is transparent, except for its inner cortex which is white. The names Belial or Enodia (Name for Hekate) are useful.

The fifth subpersonal chakra connects one to the Earth Goddess. It is a goldish bronze with an inner cortex of goldish yellow. The names Nahema or Enodia are useful here.

If one intends to meditate on all five chakras at once, the names Nahema or Hekate Enodia should be used as the word of power.

Update: I now use the name of the demon Lepaca for opening any given chakra and advise others to do the same For my article regarding Lepaca, follow the link below:

Another Update: My word of power “Phaos Abussos” [Light of the Underworld] empowers the transpersonal chakras, spinal chakras, and subpersonal chakras simultaneously with demonic energy.

My essay on opening the transpersonal chakras can be found here:

-V. K. Jehannum 2016 Anno Maleficarum

Demonic Ceremony of Calling the Elements

The following spell calls on the demonic Kings of the four corners and Beelzebuth to saturate the area in the four elemental energies as well as celestial and chthonic polarities. Another series of mantras is presented at the end if the witch intends to call forth Qliphothic energies as well. Phrases in bold are vibrated and phrases in italics are chanted. The teachings derive from the 218 Current, Zeit23Geist, OFS Demonolatry, the Lilin Society, and Dragon Rouge.

Call to the South/Fire (Ruled by Amaymon and Corson)

Mur + Tzah + Elan Reya Amaymon + Ana tasa Corson Nanay + Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous

Call to the East/Air (Ruled by Uriens and Amaymon)

Murat + Mew + Jen da Uriens elat + Elan Reya Amaymon + Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Call to the West/Water (Ruled by Gaap and Paimon)

Murataz + Sshhh + Linan Tasa Jedan Paimon + Anana Avac Gaap + Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan

Call to the North/Earth (Ruled by Egyn and Zimimar)

Muratazaraz + Yer + Elat anan Egyn + Renin Zimimar et elan + Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic Belial

Call to the Celestial and Chthonic

(Celestial) Mew + Hhhheeee
(Chthonic) Say-Tay-Ee-Oh-Nay + Kkkkeeeeee
Belsabub Goity Belsabub Baytee
[Beelzebub above, Beelzebub below]

Call to Lepaca (the Demon of Opening) to Open Hell

Lepaca Qliphoth

Other Mantras to Presence Kliffotic Energies (Optional)

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
Liftoach Kliffot

Mantra Strengthening the Demonic Elements Presenced (Optional)

(Standard Demonolatry Mantra) Melus De Quo Magma
[Translation: Reality emanates from the Demonic]
Porro triumphator in inferno sunt (mantra to strengthen any spell)
Acteus Magelsius Ormenus Lycas Nicon Mimon (Names of six evil regents)
Magoa Paymon Egym Amaymon (Four Demonic Kings of the World)
Et revertetur ad tenebras (Mantra to strengthen any spell)

Sigils for Calling Upon Demonic Forces and Energie

Invocation of Luna/Selene

(This ritual should be performed at night facing the West. An “aeronaut” is anyone in a flying contraption and the word “resplendent” means “glowing brilliantly.” Translations of the Latin and Enochian phrases will appear in brackets below them.)

I have elected to invoke the Immortal Aeronaut of the Moonrise so that I might be transformed through union with her. Selene, I call unto you with the names by which you are known to man!

(Vibrate the names which follow)

Ave Luna Noctiluca!
[Latin: Hail Luna who shines at night]

[Enochian: Hearken unto my voice and be friendly unto me, mighty Pasiphae (Luna)]

(Chant the following chant to Selene thrice)
Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x3)
[Latin: Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars]

[I call to the Mother of All Moonlight]

[Within Her I shall become beautified through divine knowledge mysteries]

[Descend and appear unto me, for I am a true worshipper of thy powers and divine knowledge]

Resplendent Oracle who imparts illumination,
Ivory Priestess of Divination and Witchcraft,
Darksome Titaness of Empathy and Feminity,
Permit me to experience union with you!

Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x3) [Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars]

[I call to you in whose government are the powers of the moon]

[Governor of Darkness and the Beauty of the Stars]

[Great Daughter of the glory of the night]

Luna Noctiluca, permit me to experience your grandeur and strength!
Sum Aeternae Sancta Selene (x3) [Latin: I am the Eternal Sacred Selene]
Sum Regina Pasiphae (x7) [I am Queen Pasiphae]
Sum Cynthia Dea Tenebris (x13) [I am Cynthia the Goddess of Darkness]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

(Above: Sigil from the Order of Selene Despoina)

Invocation of Cernunnos

Introduction to the Rite which Follows
This rite is composed of rituals compiled from both Right and Left Hand Path magickians and serves to invoke one of the most widely honored deities in magick. The sources of this ritual are attributed at the bottom of the article and color coding is used to make the origins of various fragments clear. The purpose of this rite is to increase the witch’s magickal power and strength of will. This rite can be practiced by anyone of any path. In order to get the maximum results from this ritual, the celebrant should perform it regularly for a period of two or more weeks while abstaining from invocations of any other entities until this period is complete. Some or all of the sigils should be printed out and placed on the altar (or merely sprawled across the floor of wherever the rite is being performed). Once the invocation is complete, the celebrant may ingest some beverage or other substance as an offering to the deity within him. The names in bold are to be vibrated and the phrase in italics is to be chanted. The word “theriomorphic” means “spiritual yet animal-shaped” and “pilose” means “covered in hair.

Sigils of Cernunnos

Invocation of Cernunnos
It is my intent to experience union with the Great Magickal Deity who is known to humanity as Cernunnos so that I might evolve as a witch and as a person. The names which follow are those of the Exalted Monarch of the Wilderness!
Karnayna + Cernunnos + Karnagna + Kernunno + Carno-On-Os + Kemunnos + Cernowain + Cerno-On-Os
Ayea, Ayea Kernunnos (x3) (pronounced EYE YAY)
Akhera Goiti – Akhera Baytee (x3) [He-Goat Above – He Goat Below]
Great God Cernunnos, return to earth again! Come at my call and show thyself to men. Shepherd of Goats, upon the wild hill’s way, Lead thy lost flock from darkness into day. Forgotten are the ways of sleep and night – Men seek for them whose eyes have lost the light. Open the door, the door which hath no key, The door of dreams, whereby men come to thee. O Mighty Stag, O answer to me!
Cer Nu Noh Oh Oh Os! (x3)
Akhera Goiti – Akhera Baytee (x3)
(Recite the following words of power three times)
Eko; Eko Azark! Eko; Eko Zomelak!
Eko; Eko Kemunnos! Eko; Eko;
Arada! Bagabi Lacha bachabe;
Lamac cahi achaba
Lamac Lamac Bachalyas;
Cabahagy Sabalyas,
I call upon the Mighty Horned Spirit of the forest who personifies the wilderness and the traits of masculinity! Solar Harbinger of Self-Transformation! Pilose Monarch of Fertility and Strength! Theriomorphic Monarch of the Beasts of the Forest! Permit me to experience union with you!
Cer Nu Noh Oh Oh Os! (x3)
Ho Drakon Ho Megas! [the Great Dragon]
(Ho Drakon Ho Megas is a mantra used to end rituals. It refers to and calls on the power of the entire Supersoul/Cosmos.)

Cernunnos – Ancient Horned God by JM Reinbold
Dragon Rouge Manuscripts
A Witch’s Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar

V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum
If any of the cited authors object to the presentation of their work here, I may be contacted at and I will remove their portions no questions asked. My intent is only to give glory to Cernunnos and help the witchcraft community evolve.

Above: A Drawing of My Original Sigil for Cernunnos
(Covered in Blood As Usual)