The Hekatean Banishing Rite of the Pentagram

  1. Face the North. Exclaim “Ave Agia” [Hail Agia/Hecate].
  2. Visualize a bright sphere of indigo light growing above your head. Known that this is the essence of Darkness and vibrate the name “Hecate.”
  3. Visualize a beam of light descending from this sphere and to your genital area where it forms a second sphere. Vibrate “Chthonian,” which is a name of Hekate.
  4. Visualize a beam shooting from the second sphere and forming a small ball of indigo light at your left hip. Vibrate “Agriope,” which is a name of Hekate.
  5. Visualize another beam traveling from the second sphere to your right hip and forming another small ball of indigo light there. Vibrate “Melinoe,” which is a name of Hekate.
  6. Visualize a sphere of indigo light the size of a basketball forming over your sternum and vibrate “Hecate Porsadaea”, a chant I channeled for this rite. Continue to visualize all of these spheres of light for however long you would like.
  7. Cease visualizing the spheres and walk forward to the Northern point of the circle you are going to cast. Trace a banishing pentagram of earth in the air with your index and middle fingers extended as in the picture below and visualize it shining electric blue. Vibrate “Enodia,” which is a name of Hekate, as you visualize the pentagram glowing brighter.
  8. Put your two fingers in the heart of the pentagram and trace a line of electric blue energy from it to the Western point of the circle you are casting. Trace another pentagram in the air and vibrate “Charopis,” which is a name of Hekate to empower it.
  9. Trace a beam to the Southern point. Draw another electric blue pentagram and empower it with Hekate’s name “Empousa.”
  10. Trace a beam to the East to form a pentagram. Empower it with “Dadophoros.”
  11. Trace a beam from the Eastern pentagram to the Northern one to finish the circle, and then return to the center of the circle, standing behind the altar if you have one.
  12. Vibrate “Hazanana,” a word of power I channeled for this rite, as you visualize the circle growing brighter.
  13. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of the earth, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize beams of green and brown earth energy entering the circle through the Northern pentagram.
  14. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element water, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize blue beams of water energy entering the circle through the Western pentagram.
  15. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of fire, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize red and orange beams of fire energy entering the circle through the Southern pentagram.
  16. Shut your eyes. Visualize the aspect of Hekate which corresponds to the element of the air, and feel serene and safe to be in her presence. Open your eyes after a moment, and visualize yellow beams of air energy entering the circle through the Eastern pentagram.
  17. Say “Aperiatur Stella, Et Germinet Agia” [Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia].
  18. Continue to reside within the circle for however long you like, meditating on the way your energetic body feels.
  19. Optional: Visualize yourself glowing brilliantly white white and gold energy and vibrate “Hecate” thrice (or more), calling on Hecate thereby to increase your magickal powers.

10rmfs4Above: a Picture of the Banishing Pentagram of Earth from an Unknown Source


Invocation of Luna/Selene

(This ritual should be performed at night facing the West. An “aeronaut” is anyone in a flying contraption and the word “resplendent” means “glowing brilliantly.” Translations of the Latin and Enochian phrases will appear in brackets below them.)

I have elected to invoke the Immortal Aeronaut of the Moonrise so that I might be transformed through union with her. Selene, I call unto you with the names by which you are known to man!

(Vibrate the names which follow)

Ave Luna Noctiluca!
[Latin: Hail Luna who shines at night]

[Enochian: Hearken unto my voice and be friendly unto me, mighty Pasiphae (Luna)]

(Chant the following chant to Selene thrice)
Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x3)
[Latin: Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars]

[I call to the Mother of All Moonlight]

[Within Her I shall become beautified through divine knowledge mysteries]

[Descend and appear unto me, for I am a true worshipper of thy powers and divine knowledge]

Resplendent Oracle who imparts illumination,
Ivory Priestess of Divination and Witchcraft,
Darksome Titaness of Empathy and Feminity,
Permit me to experience union with you!

Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x3) [Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars]

[I call to you in whose government are the powers of the moon]

[Governor of Darkness and the Beauty of the Stars]

[Great Daughter of the glory of the night]

Luna Noctiluca, permit me to experience your grandeur and strength!
Sum Aeternae Sancta Selene (x3) [Latin: I am the Eternal Sacred Selene]
Sum Regina Pasiphae (x7) [I am Queen Pasiphae]
Sum Cynthia Dea Tenebris (x13) [I am Cynthia the Goddess of Darkness]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

(Above: Sigil from the Order of Selene Despoina)

Analyzing a Poem by Michael Kuntz

A woman posted poem written by her boyfriend (Michael Kuntz) on my facebook wall and asked me to analyze. The poem was obviously written from the point of view of Thelema or some other such tradition, but I decided to interpret it to the best of my ability anyway. This post will present the poem by Kuntz and thereafter present my conversation with the woman, whom we’ll just call GF, which occurred in the comments section.

“418” by Michael Kuntz
All my life I’ve wandered the lonely world astray
But found a rough-hewn diamond tumbling in the fray
Reeling from the spiral beam of Light from above
All my dreams resounding with the whisperings of Love
Had I known this diamond would’ve taken me from home
A Fool I would’ve been to pluck it from the loam
Death now stalks me on the Tree of Life I climb Unknown
As I glide through space and pass through time ever faster
Beside myself I ponder on the thoughts of the Master
Rising through the Spheres I find I’ve found the Secret Rose
All my life I’ve wondered as to what the Master knows

VK: Well, is the Secret Rose you? Since you identify so strongly with the Scarlet Lady?

GF: That’s flattering, but no. Tell me what else you notice about the poem. You’re brilliant; I know you can figure this out.

VK: Well, 418 is the numerical value of Abrahadabra, a mantra used to contact ones Inner Daemon. By Love, he is referring to the inverse polarity of Will [Agape (Love) and Thelema (Will) have equivalent numerical values]. I’m told that the “Black Diamond” is the name for a state reached via Qliphothic/Infernal self-transformation, so I’m guessing that “diamond” refers to Kuntz’s striving towards meeting his Inner Daemon. The line about death stalking him may suggest that he feels called (or “tempted”, if you like) to delve into Infernal self-transformation (maybe even to psychic vampyrism). The spheres would be the realms of the Sephiroth/Heaven (also called the Tree of Life, whereas the Qliphoth is called the Tree of Death)… It is this Secret Rose that I am not familiar with. It could refer to the Scarlet Lady called Babalon (female soul-mate/polarity), but it probably refers to the Lapis Philosophicus [Philosopher’s Stone], which is equivalent to the aforementioned diamond.

GF: Most excellent! The secret is the heart, true love! But there is another secret hidden in the poem that you’ve yet to notice.

VK: It could be said that Daath leads to Death. Choronzon of Daath brings about the dissolution of the ego, whereas the Azerate/Chavajoth brings about the Black Diamond… Am I right about that?

GF: I think you’ve got it right, but I’m still learning too. Thank you so much for spending your talent on me!

VK: I think I might blush.

GF: But, the most important lesson hidden in this poem has yet to be interpreted!

VK: I don’t care; I’m fucking tired of this.

-V.K. Jehannum


Element: Fire
Direction: South
D/N: Mostly Nocturnal
Gematria: 75
Colors: Purple, Grey, Blue, Pink, Indigo
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Primary Planetary Attributions: the Moon; Earth
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Neptune; the Sun
Attributed Qliphas (In Order of Significance to Her): Daath, Satariel; Nahemoth; Herab Serapel

Laylah/Lailah is mentioned occasionally in the slightest possible detail by various commentators on the Talmud and other such speculations. She is described by these postulations as an angel of the night and a protectress of childbirth and pregnancy. Some commentaries outline her as a determinant of a human’s destiny,  adding that she has the task of escorting spirits to the afterlife. Other authorities allege that she became a demoness. She was of interest to me, so I summoned her so that I learn her true nature from the horse’s mouth.

One of Laylah’s specialties is protective magick and the banishment of undesirable energies. For a spirit who is most powerful at night, she is peculiarly powerful during the hours of daylight as well. She can be called upon to diffuse maledictions and she can reverse the effects of spells. Furthermore, she can strengthen one’s astral double to the point where it is near indestructible.

Laylah specializes in the creation of egregores and the arts of mind reading and mind control, and she can strengthen the witch’s natural psychic defenses and improve her clairaudience and clairsentience.

Laylah can make the witch a better lay. Her guidance and auspices are advantageous for necromantic endeavors and rites to Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten, as well as in rituals to the Ascended Vampyres. She can be evoked to permanently diminish or cure the symptoms of anxiety disorders and learning disabilities, as well as to help someone get out of legal trouble or get laid.

Laylah can help the magickian open portals, practice astral magick, and work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in magick. She can be called upon in spellwork to repair romantic relationships and get somebody employed or promoted. Her auspices are of use in banishing, shielding, and healing spells.

Laylah is part of a group of entities known as the Nightmare Angels, and she answers only to Samael.

Magickal Chants

Laylah Malka Ha-Malakuma
“Laylah, Queen of the Healing Dead!”

Erige Laylah Ambrosia Pentrale
“Rise, Laylah, Immortal Spirit!”

Vocamus Te Laylah-Noctiferi
“We Call unto Laylah who Brings About Nightfall!”

Laylah Genetrix, Veniat Ad Me
Mother Laylah, Come Into Me!”
Magickal Chant for Invocations of Laylah

Zala Sie Lor Goth
Channeled Chant to Invoke Laylah

Palakiera Zensatar Arak Za
Channeled Chant to Evoke Laylah

Lylla Torgar Laylah Zenlassa
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Laylah

Channeled Sigil of Laylah

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Amducius (Goetia #67)

Alternate names: Amdusias, Amdukias, Ambduscias, Amduscias, Amdusias
Elements: Earth; Air; Water; Fire
Rank: Duke or King
Legions: 29 or 30
Color: Green; Orange; Light Blue
Animal: Bird
Date: Jan 20-29; Feb 19-23
Zodiac: Aquarius 0-10; Pisces 0-4
Direction: Southeast
Gematria: 71; 551
D/N: Nocturnal
Qlipha: Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan)
Date: Feb 19-23; Jan 20-29; May; Late Spring
Tarot: 8 of Cups; 5 of Swords
Star: the North Star (Primary) Algol (Secondary), Dabih (Tertiary), Alpha Draconi (Least)
Planet: Venus (Primary); Neptune (Also Primary); Mars
Attributions: Mimosa, Cinnamon; Sandalwood; Black Mustard; Hibiscus; Ginger; Bayberry; Silver; Copper
Amducius is a harbinger of understanding in matters of divinity and how one relates to his fellow man. He makes one incorrigible and unrepentant in their behavior. He teaches one to become shameless in selfishness and depravity. He imparts understanding in many genres of spirituality: sacrifice, necromancy, cannibalism, torture magick, death curses, and the creation of thoughtforms which indiscriminately seek out and destroy targets. He can grant a familiar for the fulfillment of any secret mission which the witch specifies.

Amducious is the twin of Asmodeus the same way that Lucifer is the twin of Lucifuge Rofocale. He rules ice magick, shadowmancy, and mirrormancy. He rules Qliphothic alchemy and he’s attributed to Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan)—he corresponds to the Neptunian aspect of Thaumiel (like Moloch) rather than the Plutonian one (note: attributions to the planetary spheres of the Qliphoth usually do not correlate with planetary attributions outside of the Qliphoth. Amducious and Glasyalabolas are a rare exceptions).

Amducious is one of the Nine Demonic Divinities introduced by the Dukante hierarchy and integral to Modern Demonolatry.  He can assist one in containing her emotions or being liberated of fear. He rules all the negative aspects of life (including war), and he can bring about disasters. He can consume a victim with negative emotions and rid a person of them.
The auspices of Amducious are useful in money spells as well as in divination—he resonates with the pendulum in particular. He is especially apt for tarot decks and crystal balls as well. He rules warding, shielding, protection, banishing, and exorcism.
Amducius  causes trees to bend to the witch’s will (presumed by some to denote the manipulation of tree-dwelling spirits and/or help with agriculture). He causes trees to fall over at the whim of the operator and creates musical concerts. Amdusias teaches about tree spirits and other local spirits, and he is known to guide one through the dreamscape to the Great Forest.

Amducious dislikes having cigarettes offered to him.

The auspices of Amducious are useful in execration magick, and he can also augment the witch’s intrinsic capacity/aptitude for destructive spells. He can also strengthen the witch’s natural defenses against destruction spells—he can increase the witch’s natural defenses against psychic attack too, but not as powerfully as he can ‘armor’ the witch against destruction spells. He rules healing magick and he can increase the witch’s intrinsic aptitude for this as well, and he rules over luck/fortune too.

Above: Sigil of Amducious from the OFS Demonolatry Website

Amdusias is a destroyer and a demon of music. He is related by different authorities to the elements of earth and air, and he is associated with thunder as well. He gives aid in aggressive endeavors, the manipulation of people, and curse magick. He aids in aggressively fought battles and imparts military precision.

Magickal Chants

Denyen Valocur Avage Secore Amducious
This is the traditional summoning chant or “demonic enn” for Amducious

Athimgattor Amdusias Ackallathandra Emkimguthalla Astengarra
This is a summoning chant I channeled for Amducious

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Amdukias
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Amdukias!”
This chant calls forth Amducious while simultaneously raising or strengthening a sacred space by presencing Qliphothic energy.

Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Amducious
“I Summon the Mighty Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Amducious!”

Amplate Erus Amducious– Exitalis Praefator
“Praise Lord Amducious– Destructive Mentor!”

Baruch Ha-Amdusias Geber Ha-Thaumiel
“Blessed is Amdusias the Warrior of Thaumiel!”

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Amducious
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Amducious!”
This chant simultaneously calls forth Amducious and focuses the mind of the witch.

Invoco Amducious In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Amducious in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
This chant simultaneously calls forth Amducious while causing the celebrant to drift further into a gnostic/spiritual state.

Agios Ischyros Amducious Rex Kliffot
“Numinous and Mighty is King Amducious of the Infernal Plane”
This chant calls upon Amducious to strengthen any ritual or spell– evocations and invocations included.

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Amducious
“Open the Qliphoth; I Call Amducious!”
This chant is only useful for invocations of Amducious, and it is specifically programmed both to invoke Amducious and to augment the alchemical/evolutionary effects of the invocation being performed.

-V.K. Jehannum


A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus
Gematria and the Tanakh
Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia
Daemonolatry Goetia by Stephany Conolly
The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magick by J. Thorp