For Those New to Demon Magick

This page exists for new practitioners—specifically ones who intend to pick up demon magick. Obviously my book recommendation and literature and resources pages will be of use to you as well, but I’ll start by providing you with a list of YouTube videos I made to give you the foundational understanding that you’re going to need for this practice. After that list, I will provide you with a list of recommended ritual endeavors to undertake so that you may develop as a dark practitioner effectively.

I recommend starting by watching the following YouTube videos in the order given as well as taking advantage of the book recommendation and literature & resources selections in the menu.

The first rite I recommend that beginners perform is this:

Primarily, I recommend looking at the PDF’s in the Patreon exclusive content: namely The Book of Astarte & Astaroth and Black Lodge Meditation.

I recommend #3 & #5 from this page:

This pact, which is focused on magickal development, can be helpful for beginners:

As my current mentor, Imperator Cain Sarial, has taught me, it is useful to develop a sort of daily devotional practice—the implementation of a daily devotional practice often makes a large difference between practitioners. I recommend that you choose from among the entries in the Magickal Hymns section of my blog and, as you discover which spirits are most appropriate for you, create your own prayers/hymns to those spirits.

I also recommend whichever of these are appropriate for you:

I recommend this operation for those who were raised in Abrahamic religion:

If you believe that another practitioner has cast or intends to cast spells to harm or control you, you may utilize this spell to protect yourself:

If you have enemies you wish to harm, use whichever of these appeals to you:

Use this operation as needed:

Once you have a decent understanding of invocation & partial possession, you may try these:

Here’s a selection of beginner-friendly dark rites for beginners:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia