Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. IV


Ophiomorphos answers to Lucifer. He is a spirit of dark wisdom and deification through the means of carnal rites (sex magick in and out of body & ritualistic glorification of carnality). He is attributed to Gamaliel and Saturn. He should be called on for assistance in starting a new business, protection against spirits who would hinder your spiritual ascent, and learning to understand symbols, sigils, and seals.

He appeared to me as a three-headed serpent with two horns on each head. The center head was blue, and the other two were green. The end of his tail was bladed in a way—two sharp blades protruded thereform, and they looked like they could cause some serious damage.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Ophiomorphos is Lalastara Zykka Dar.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Ophiomorphos


Xaphan wanders between dimensions in search of worthy students to teach the Dark Ways. His specialties lie in annihilating the souls of the witch’s enemies and magickally turning people away from the paths of false religion. He is very knowledgeable regarding archaeology and cosmology. He teaches the soul to defend itself through various trials which can result in the annihilation of one’s consciousness upon failure.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Xaphan is Zensa Dahgahn Ensaea Nahl.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Xaphan


Paraplex is a god-king within Thagirion. He is attributed to Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. His specialties lie in the annihilation of those who oppose black magickians. His expertise includes three-target curses and protections that harm anybody who attempts to spiritually bind or attack practitioners of demon magick. His alchemy centers around warriorhood, strengthening the natural psychic defenses, imparting permanent courage and strength, increasing willpower, and aiding one’s development of discipline. He appeared to me like a white-skinned, black-eyed ghoul wearing a crown and black robes.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Paraplex is Lylsakraea Zassakorth Yeathar Zalsathie.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Paraplex


Feurety is a demonic lord of Gamaliel generally described as a ‘Lieutenant General of Hell’s armies.’ He is attributed to Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun. S. Connolly lists his specialties as being hatred, war, anger, and vengeance. He specializes in three-target curse spells and protection against physical harm. Through his alchemy, a witch may become immune to sickness. It is best to summon him on a graveyard or burial ground—should this not be possible, it will be advantageous to have bones present in the ritual arena when he is summoned.

He appeared to me as a blue-skinned humanoid with two horns. His cloak was red, but its hood was black. The werewolf and the hellhound are two other forms he can take. Sometimes he appears in a black cloak—hood drawn up and face shrouded in blackness—riding a horse and wielding a scythe.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Feurety is Las’kassea Lynsea Darg Gah.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Feurety


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


The Rites of Acharayim: A Guide to Qliphothic Self-Initiation

Years ago, I presented informational treatises regarding the Qliphoth alongside a methodology for self-initiating through its various regions. Many people have worked through the praxis which I presented long ago and reported excellent results.

However, years have passed, and now I can do better. The ritual praxis presented within this e-grimoire, The Rites of Acharayim, is superior for various reasons. For one, I included no rite of crossing the abyss in my original praxis.

Secondly, the rites were bulky and long, including voces magicae from numerous magickal systems and languages, making mispronunciation inevitable on the part of the celebrant.

Thirdly, each rite called on probably at least thirty spirits, many of which the celebrant was likely to be unfamiliar with.

Lastly, the operations were designed by yours truly, drawing heavily from the magickal systems of other teachers of demon magick. Since releasing that praxis, I have learned to channel rituals, sigils, etc. from the gods.

The initiatory praxis of The Rites of Acharayim is greatly simplified and more accessible. Furthermore, the essays I wrote for this blog years ago contained misconceptions fostered by the Qabalistic orthodoxy which predated them. These misconceptions are absent from this treatise.

The entire original literature of this blog’s Qliphothic Self-Initiation website is gone forever. Enjoy The Rites of Acharayim.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Ongoing Impersonation

For months, someone has been impersonating myself and others via spoofed emails and fake accounts to threaten others. This is done to create new enmities as well as exacerate pre-existent enmities. Fake threats and fraudulent hatemail I know of have been created via email, wordpress, and tiktok. Persons other than myself who have been impersonated include Aldous Blackthorne, Michael Hyson, Imperator Amphereous/Jeffrey Scott Deuel, Antimyr/Somnus Dreadwood, and more. Should you receive strange threats, please contact the purported sender via social media which you know to belong to them and ask them if they’ve sent it rather than engage in a manufactured rivalry.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Budsturga Pathworking Part One

These six rituals (only thee of which are including in Part One) work with the abyssic goddess Budsturga to elevate consciousness, empower the spirit, and activate your intrinsic calling(s). While all six rites carry those three benefits, some of them have their own specific additional benefits. They are to be performed in the order given, and only one of them requires a sigil—a particular, ritual-specific sigil. Working with Budsturga is dangerous, but my advice for this pathworking is simple: approach her with true respect and allow her to establish your dominion. Oh, and read my article about her first: Budsturga – V.K. Jehannum (

The First Rite

The first rite calls Budsturga to unify with the witch’s consciousness in a state of partial possession. The rite cleanses the mind of negativity and restores faith in one’s personal journey. Simply recite the following incantation and embrace the possession which follows:

“Open the gateway between worlds and unite the primordial chaos with its true form. Establish the elevation of my spirit, mighty Budsturga. Ilsanya Sorren Toth Zylkara Leassorren Dorthar Gyn Bala Yiltar Zeakhor Ilthorn. Agios Es, Era Budsturga! Zalkarae Zyntar Bargor Dorrith! Zala Rasara Kilkonra Ilthork!”

Note: “Agios Es, Era Budsturga” means “You are Numinous/Divine, Lady Budsturga.”

The Second Rite

The second rite is an evocation of the spirits which serve Budsturga. They are called forth by her power, but not coerced in some way. You will need a glass, cup, chalice, or whatever of white wine and some mugwort to consume (whether it be rolled into a cigarette, in capsule form, whatever). All you must do is recite the conjuration and then imbibe both substances.

The rite serves to empower the witch in various ways, improving divination, claircognizance, attunement to nature, necromantic aptitude, and more.

The conjuration is as follows:

“Salve Domina Budsturga! Ilsortara Kynzeak Liekharrith Ziehlathara Sierhakathan Ilbarack Seakhoren Dalsaea Lylpara Nymborrock Kenyaea Dorlara Zylrakhorren Dorth Nea! Gorrak Gaea Dalathen Yorkara Bylbarak Nearak Zylthorren! Sheathora Dylarak Zienara Yilparran Ziehlorar! Agios Es, Era Budsturga!”

Note: “Salve Domina Budsturga” means “Hail Lady Budsturga” in Latin.

The Third Rite

This rite serves to awaken the spirit of the witch in a very potent and wild way. It will cause a massive awakening—one that will change the magickian forever. This one requires a sigil.

Draw the sigil on your chest over your heart and blood it as you say “Salve Domina Budsturga.”

Thereafter, recite the following chant repeatedly until you feel that you have done enough: “Zylnorgar Iakkora Zalsara Dyllakan.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Qliphothic Rite of Macroscopic Alchemy

The universe is a work in progress. There is still a Veil between us and spirit, and it is being broken down as we speak. The one true avatar of the Cosmos, Abraxas, is working to presence more Qliphothic energy within the universe to make it more conducive to the manifestation of dark spirits and darksome magicks. This helps facilitate the efforts of spirits such as Lilith, Moloch, Tezrian, and the rest to bring about the evolution of humankind. Rites of macroscopic alchemy are one way humanity can aid them in their efforts. Macroscopic alchemy does directly increase human suffering in the now, but for all for the greater good of the species. This ritual has been released for those who feel called to participate in this work.

This ritual will create a rift in the Cosmos to permit the entrance of darksome spirits. The area will become haunted as the deceased flock to feed and harvest. Dark energy will permeate the atmosphere and aid the ongoing transformation of the universe itself as well as the human race. None of the spirits manifested will harm children or those who are impaired beyond the point of being able to function as independent adults.

The ritual calls upon a host of demons, including Baratchial, Orias, Botis, Gremory, Satan, Lucifer, and unknown beings of infernal disposition.

It’s a simple ritual. All you will need is a pair of sigils to burn– you may choose any sigil(s) of the spirits named in the preceding paragraph to use in that manner. You do not need to burn the sigils at the location where the rite will be performed– just scatter the ashes there. If a couple stray ashes are dropped along the way, there will not be adverse consequences.

All you must do is recite the following script with intent, scatter the ashes around the area (not in a particular shape or to form a perimeter, just around), and depart when and how you see fit. None of the beings who manifest will harm you. The rite is as follows:

Open the black domain of the infernal gods and release the power of the Black Sun. Rend the Veil and the Cosmos alike to manifest the dead and the fiends of the Eternal Darkness. Show this world the face of the Devil and lead us forward in our development.

Sylparaka Dynsorkorra Dalakhen Zeakkor Ilsongra Dyltorren Balakkylla Zenlakara.

Synbrakkora Ilkorren Dyllakkonja Ilkorrok Kenliakka Dyllakkorra Kenlorrytha Lensorron.

Ave Aeshugar! Salvete Qliphoth! Liftoach Pandemonium!

The last three sentences translate to “Hail the Infernal Divine! Hail the Eternal Darkness! Open the Infernal Plane!”

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. III


Taroone is the Venusian-Mercurial Priestess of Desire and Queen of Romance. Her lesser planetary attributions are to the Moon and the Black Moon. She is an initiator and alchemist attributed to Ghagiel and Satariel.

Taroone specializes in love, lust, compassion, and relationships. She can be called on by a couple to enchant their relationship so that it cannot be sabotaged by outside forces (this operation would have to include both partners). Her alchemy can render the witch borderline irresistible to whosoever she wants to bed.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Taroone is Kiennoss Yiltahnya Enzytlar Sylyagara.


Sonnillion is the Wrathful Queen and the Trans-Qliphothic Demoness of Hate. She presides over sports, letting go of anger, athleticism, execration, balancing, concentration, undeath, necromancy, and focus. Connolly attributes her to red, July, Midsummer, the Southwest, the fiery part of water, and cinnamon.

Sonnillion can be called upon to destroy entire corporations, collectives, and communities. She can impart the ability to reflect curses and hexes. The souls of those whom she has destroyed become vessels for her consciousness like a hivemind.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Sonnillion is Entorlar Iltaht’yara Enlort Iltha.


Sapanur is the Divine Emperor of Fools (initiates) and the Lord of Fire, Power, and Righteousness. He was originally an egregore conjured by a coven of Azazel devotees, but he was later elevated to a state of genuine divinity. He is a spirit of Olympus and other spiritual realms who serves the Spider Queen.

Sapanur rules over the fiery spirits of merciless vengeance who reside within the earth. Through his power, these beings may be summoned and released upon the uninitiated– this is a good approach to multi-target execration.

O9A literature has referred to Sapanur as “the sudden fire of destruction” and a “primal atavism of human origin” unrelated to the Nekalah. Beest described him as the demon of all male spirituality related to sacred homsexuality– it is to him whom Uranian nexions are usually devoted, at least according to the orthodoxy of the Sevenfold Way.

Sapanur is cold to his enemies and followers alike. Should you consecrate a shield as his idol, his power will flow through you and the dead will bring you your desires.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Sapanur is Sapanur Naesordoth.


Svengali is the Demon of Vengeance and the Lord of Empyreal Blackness who rules over the oceans. He imparts the ability to mutilate the astral bodies of one’s enemies, and he is a patron of elemental sorcery, nature magick, necromancy, and commanding the dead. He awakens powers long forgotten by the Black Lodge.

Svengali is attributed to water as well as the fiery part of air. He has appeared to me in two forms. The first is an infernal fiend with a red, muscular body, bat wings, a pointed tail, and a four-horned skull for a head– in this form, he brandished a sword. The other appearance was as a teal-furred unicorn with a white mane (or whatever you call that on a horse).

Svengali governs his own underworld plane known as Niessah where only the Exalted Undead reside. The necrotic denizens of this plane are quite powerful– no necromancer could command them. Among his emissaries are three basilisks which work to protect those blessed by Svengali.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for this deity is Svengali Nilyatarren.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Primary Planetary Attributions: Saturn, Pluto, & the Sun
Compass Attribution: All Four Cardinal Directions
Material Attributions/Ingredients: Iron, Tea Leaf, Rose, Willow Tree Bark, White & Red Sage, Nag Champa, Frankincense

“I commune nightly with the four Elemental Kings. I speak with all lords of nature, and I am established within the core of the planet. My power knows no boundaries here. I manifest my Will and strike down those who inhibit my agendas.” -Kthunae


I do not support the Order of the Nine Angles or associate with persons affiliated with it. Nonetheless, I do have beneficial relationships with many of the entities venerated by the O9A, and introducing these entities to the broader black magickal community has been something of a side-project of mine for some time.

I am writing this article because I believe that Kthunae and other spiritual intelligences venerated by the O9A deserve a better pool of magickians to work with than that which the O9A has to offer. I believe that many members of my audience are or will become better equipped to work with and venerate Kthunae than any “Niner” ever will be.

This article will exclusively feature original methods (chants & sigil) for conjuring Kthunae. My experience is that the magickal current of the O9A causes the spirits they venerate to manifest in ways that are unusual, often undesirable, and generally unpleasant to both the magickian and the spirit.

Ergo, I have channeled a unique sigil for Kthunae and channeled original chants which may be used to summon Kthunae. The chants and sigil which the O9A present for the conjuration of Kthunae do not appear anywhere in this article.

Sigil of Kthunae

The Nature of Kthunae

Thus far, nearly every treatise regarding Kthunae I have seen has had nothing better to offer than pointing out the fact that the names “Chthulhu” and “Kthunae” have vaguely similar letters in their names, positing that there may be a connection because of this likeness in syllables. I have no intention of studying this deity as shallowly as persons drawing this connection have, but I also cannot delve into scholarly resources regarding the deity because the author of Naos refuses to cite the majority of his sources. I would like to point out that I am under no obligation to cite that man’s sources for him.

Kthunae is a god, a king, and a ruler who hails from the chaos before the cosmos. His name is best pronounced kuh-tew-nay (the H is silent, not the K). Kthunae is a dark spirit, but he is not a demon, so long as the word “demon” is used in a specific manner so as to denote the variety of spirits seen in texts like the Grimorium Verum and Ars Goetia.

Kthunae is the Lord of the Earth. He governs nature spirits. He dwells among the spirits of the waters and the lords of the flame. He governs nature magick, the use of plants/herbs in magick, and the use of natural cycles (equinoxes, lunar phases, etc.) in spellwork. He has nothing to do with Kutulu/Chthulhu.

Kthunae once taught me to respect and tap into the innate deific power of my soul, which same power lies in your soul, by subduing me alongside Aosoth and thereby forcing me to overcome them.

Second Sigil of Kthunae

On the off chance that you happen to study both Maergzjiran sorcery and Hebdomadry, I will point out that Kthunae and Rominath are not the same being—I considered that possibility at first myself.

Kthunae has a second name has revealed to me: Yornothya (yoor-nawth-yuh). It means “Gatekeeper of the Planet’s Spirits” (this is not a secret name). I asked him what the name Kthunae means, and he responded with “the Lord Over the Earth” (who would’ve guessed?).

In Hebdomadry, Kthunae’s name is part of a magickal chant: “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth.” Hebdomadry borrows its understanding of Azathoth from Kenneth Grant, relating the spirit to Azoth and describing it as a reflex of the abyss. Using the power of Nythra, an abyssal goddess, and Kthunae, a tellurian deity, to aid in manifesting Azathoth is a sensible practice. In the Deofel Quartet, we see the chant “Nythra Kthunae Baphomet” used—it is worth noting that Baphomet here represents a theomorphic manifestation of the metaphysical aspect of the Earth.

The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Kthunae is Zyllock Iaza Shiassan Yiennara.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Invoking the Grigori Pt. II

In this series, I will present meditative invocations of the Grigori/Watchers for alchemical purposes. The instructions are quite simple: you recite the preliminary incantation to the three leaders of the Watchers (Azazel, Azael, & Semyaza) and then meditate with intent and the mantra provided. This will lead to partial possession by the Watcher in question alongside empowerment.

This is not a pathworking– no one is required to perform all of the given meditative invocations, nor must they be performed in any given order.

Preliminary Incantation

Open the Gates of the Veils beyond the Eternal Darkness and release the Watchers. I call upon the three gods of Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur to bestow their blessing upon my operation of alchemy. Zyl-Yakara Shiak Djiezzara Yiakhan! Samjaza Siehlassorren! Azazel Shiannara! Azael Yiehsalloth! Torranara! Niehnar-Nora! Lyl’karaka!

The Possession by Armaros

Armaros’s possession will beget dark alchemical transmogrification, fortification of the soul against the second death, and resistance to psychic vampyrism and spiritual attack. The mantra is Yildorren Kia’ar Ilnorgoth Shialloth.

The Possession by Yomiel

Yomiel’s possession will empower and fortify the physical body, strengthen the mental faculties and focus, and attune one to their intuition. The mantra is Liassar Ildorren Yahk.

The Possession by Turiel

Turiel’s possession will empower one through the force of Algol, strengthen the physical body’s ability to heal, and improve clairaudience/psychic hearing. The mantra is Dyn’nar-ya Zyllock Kia’yar.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia