Above: Channeled Sigil for Sythrakor

Sythrakor is the metagod composed of all twenty-two archdemons of the Tunnels of Set. Like the Goetikon, Sythrakor is the objective reality underlying the demons she is composed of (Note: some of my guides have referred to Sythrakor as a he instead of as a she). Working with a metagod is a very rewarding pursuit which requires caution on the part of the operator, as it is not the same as working with the spirits which the metagod is composed of.

Sythrakor is the light-bearer of the Nightside who engenders absolute transformation of the sorceress. She is the grand agent of alchemy from the lowest to the highest echelons who engenders evolution by immersing the celebrant in the current of the Nightside and engraving the symbols of primordial alchemy into the subtle body of the witch. She can destroy the psychic filter (mental blocks inhibiting spiritual success and perception) and reify the very essence of the sorceress. She transcribes the essence of the Qliphoth upon the sorceress until she has become entirely consumed by the True Will.

Sythrakor least merciful entity in the entirety of the Nightside and the guardian of the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth. The magickian endeavoring her conjuration must focus entirely upon the ritual at hand and work to stay tuned into her psychic senses. Sythrakor will not allow her alchemy to touch the magickian who denies her own essence– in other words, do not summon her under the influence of drugs, medications, or alcohol (note: some grey area exists here; seek guidance). Nothing can cast out her influence without being devoured. She is always present during rites of Qliphothic alchemy, which does not mean that rites of Qliphothic alchemy which do not call upon her directly are subject to the rules of deliberately conjuring her.

Sythrakor clones herself indefinitely and is capable of manifesting in the layer of our universe between the astral plane and the world of matter. Most magickians cannot sense the entities of this layer, the Inbetween, and most gods may not influence the beings inhabiting this layer. Sythrakor is a powerful exception to this rule, as her clones may manifest in the Inbetween and swarm around the magickian to protect her. Her clones work to ensure that nothing can oppose the universe-transforming agendas of the Nightside.

Sythrakor devours the Black Flames of worthless magickians, removing their potential for attainment, and destroys magickians who ruin their own lives in pursuit of sick, predatory indulgence. Remember, she does this of her own fucking accord, not your bidding.

As we know, it is forbidden to call upon to Goetikon to cause harm unless one does so for the sake of magickal self-defense, even though it is perfectly acceptable to call upon (some of?) the Goetic demons to cause harm in a non-reactionary fashion. Calling upon Sythrakor to cause harm has its own rules. It is acceptable to call upon Sythrakor for immediate magickal self-defense and justifiable revenge. However, Sythrakor is not to be called upon to harm a fellow black magickian, regardless of their wrongdoing. Similarly, it is prohibited to call upon Sythrakor to cause harm if the underlying motivation of the sorceress is hateful misanthropy or frivolous sadism. It is alright to call upon Sythrakor to cause harm unprovoked so long as the target is worthless and already forbidden to access the Qliphoth (i.e., those who are unwilling to transcend their own limitations and see through the dogma of the White Lodge). You may not call on Sythrakor to attack magickians if you are in the wrong in your conflict with them I would advise the magickian to only call upon Sythrakor to cause after getting a go-ahead from one’s guides.

Paimon has assured me that Sythrakor wants to help, befriend, and empower me. When I call to her, she will come. She wants me to get to know her and become subject to her alchemy. I first met her when I begged her for protection from cruel beings of the Inbetween, but when I saw her and her clones manifest in the Inbetween, I assumed them to be more entities. I cursed her out, threatened her, and struggled against her. At one point, she wrapped her hands around my ankles and asked if I was aware that she could rip the legs right off of my body. I tuned into my psychic senses and felt that there was no way she would do so, which I mistakenly assumed meant that she was incapable of it. I laughed in her face.

Sepheranz, Lucifer-Amaymon, and Lucifer-Noctulius appeared to me, one signing his name, and assured me that the entity was an ally. Nonetheless, I was only able to identify the spirit under the guidance of professional psychic Theresa Duvauchelle, who had never even heard of Sythrakor. I could not have introduced myself to the metagod in a worse way if I tried, nonetheless, the spirit badgered me to witness her true face: an experience which terrified and empowered me far more than I ever would have expected (see my YouTube video Witnessing the True Face of Sythrakor). Paimon assured me that the metagod loved me, though I had done little to nothing to reorient our relationship except verbally apologize and witness her true face (if you agree to do that, seek guidance first, and be ready to spend hours doing so).

Sythrakor can initiate the sorceress through the 22 Tunnels of Set, the 22 Sephirothic Tunnels, Daath, the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth, the Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth, the four hidden Tunnels of Set, and the four hidden Sephirothic pathways. The numbers 1, 6, 9, 14, 2297, 67, 37, 59, 76, 81, 32, 798, and 1594 are sacred to Sythrakor.

Sythrakor is one of the only spirits who has ever told me that I am not allowed to create my own magickal chants to call upon him. I’m not sure about creating my own sigil. Either channel your own chants and sigil or wait for me to finish this article.

If you think that it’s lame as fuck for me to upload an article I have yet to finish, you may consider yourself correct. You may also suck my Luciferian dick.

Magickal Chants

Skataga RAY-stuh-CALL-UH Yatakora Sqeye-UH-TALL-UH Skaykator Rickatoundra Rimkatagra YAY-UH-TOUR-UH Yakathandra RIM-kuh-STALL-UH Rakathandra Yimkathora Yimkathal
“Sqeye” should rhyme with “guy”, Skay (as in Skaykator) should rhyme with “stay,” and the ou in Rickatoundra should be pronounced like the u in “grunge.” Used to Evoke Sythrakor.

Storaqala Kayathara Rimkatatha Skatatora Sorakal Yakala Turandra Kimtara Gathora Gatal
Used to Evoke Sythrrakor

MAY-UH-THOR-im Kathandra Rakora Lakal Yakatha Thagora Katala Kator
Used to Invoke Sythrakor

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia