Watch My TikToks on YouTube

The deletion of my original YouTube channel and my ban from Dailymotion inspired me to diversify platforms, and this choice led me to TikTok. I believe that these setbacks were necessary– that I needed to insert myself into this new magickal community. The friends I made, the enemies who rose against me, and the new challenges I faced on that app were, in my opinion, a valuable and important part of my development as a person.

But of course, not everyone can or will download TikTok on their cellular device. For those of you who who cannot access my work on my new platform, I have created compilations of my informational TikTok uploads and uploaded them to YouTube. I have arranged my compilations into a playlist, which, as of right now, consists of four videos and is over two hours long. The playlist can be found here:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


A Curse Rite for Beginners

This rite of destruction will call solely upon Belial. The only piece of equipment you will need is a knife, which pocket knife you will first consecrate with the power of Flereous and Leviathan. The knife can be plastic, a steak knife or kitchen knife, a pocket knife, a hunting knife, whatever you choose.

The consecration of the knife should best occur during the midnight hour– the hour when Friday becomes Saturday in your time zone.

To consecrate the knife, simply pray over it, focused on the intent to consecrate the knife for destructive magick. Visualize two streams of energy, one blue, and one red, flowing from an unseen source and entering the knife to consecrate it, and pray: “Infernal divinties of the Black Plane of Chaos, empower this blade for works of malice and horror. Charge it and place concealments upon its work. Give it the strength to rend through wards, shields, and protective magicks. Charge it with the fury of the Qliphoth and the Black Light. Zynsakhyr Zynsaea Neosgara Enshea Siehlara Synlas’kahtorren.”

This consecration will not “ensoul” the knife, or give it a metaphysical consciounsness. From now on, it would be best to conceal the knife within black cloth when it is not in use.

It will not matter what day the curses using this knife are performed. They may be conducted during either the daylight hours or the nighttime hours. The curse will be intended to permanently ruin the (singular) target’s life– the manners and time frames in which this may occur will be selected by Belial.

The curse is as follows. First, focus on a feeling of absolute omnipotence– your target is your victim, and you have absolute authority over his life. Once this sensation has been established, think of your target– think whatever thoughts of them will inspire you to bloodlust and furious anger. Then say,

“Belial, Dark God of the Black Plane of Chaos, Protector of Witches and Destroyer of Mundanes, rend the planes and strike down (insert name of target) in your great power and wisdom. Bestow upon him/her/(alternative pronoun) the greatest of afflictions and horrible suffering. Bring this fool to his/her/(alternative pronoun) knees and reduce their quality of life to whimpering tragedy. Ruin them now and forever. Azakator Ensiehzara Yiekhoronna Zylsonkea Yasakhentara Yassylla. Amen!”

Now visualize the target standing before you, and swing at them with all your rage and fury. Tear them to tatters in your mind’s eye, pouring your hatred into each strike. Continue until exhaustion overwhelms you. Take as long as you need to rest, and then rise and thank Belial.

Precise instructions were channeled from Lucifer, but three texts inspired the original concept which I brought to that great demonic god. They will be listed in the bibliography.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia