The Rite of Abigor’s Famuli

(This ritual should be performed facing the North. It makes use of magickal chants and words of power from the 218 Current, Dragon Rouge, and Araignee Arcane Services. Phrases in italics are to be chanted and the names in blue are to be vibrated)

Liftoach Kliffot! Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas!
Liftoach Pandemonium! Zodamran! Zodamran!

I call forth the Death-Crowned Fiend-God Adorned with Entrails to descend unto this place upon his cadaverous nightmare and impart the protection of his famuli unto me. I call unto the Great Duke Abigor by the names which follow here:

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Abigar (x11)

You who are adulated by whelps,
Descend unto this place,
Horrific and Pre-eminent Warlord!

Jedan on ca Eligos inan (x11)
Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca (x11)
Torgiv Micalzo Eligor-Abigor Zorge, Niis, Taviv (x11)


Lucifuge Rofocale

Name Variants: Lucifuge Rofocal, Lucifuge Rofocale, Rofocale, Lucifugus Rofocalus, Lucifage, Rofocale, Lesifuges, Lucerifuge, Noctifer
Color: Black
Rank: Prince; Prime Minister
Qlipha: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale)
Infernal Letter: G
Planet: Black Sun
Animal: Black Birds
Gematria: 414
Attributions: Wild Rose, Black Olive Juice, Olive Oil. Alcohol, Mandrake, Sage, Mullein

Lucifuge is the Witch-God or Patron of Sorcery as well as the Chief of Infernal Pacts. He can be called on to cast destructive curses upon deities and he erases the demiurge’s ability to hinder the witch. Lucifuge Rofocal specializes in the infliction of illness and deformity, and he can devour a target’s strength of will. Although he is a being of great knowledge and perspicacity, he speaks with a soft voice.


Lucifuge can refine the intellect of the witch and impart wisdom and erudition to her. He can help connect you more strongly with the spiritual world around you. My coven had three members who own martial arts staffs, and we were instructed to enchant them all in his name and have them present when evoking him.

Although he is an overwhelmingly powerful sorcerer, Lucifage emanates and aura and presence of tranquility to conceal the magnitude of his strength. His nature is apt for baleful rites and the diffusion of the curses placed upon you. Lucerifuge rules over money, luck, chemistry, prosperity, and ambition. Considered to be he Qliphoth’s Occult librarian and scholar, he rules hatred, execration magick, war, revenge, strength, victory, courage, and anger. As a slightly psychic-vampyric entity, he can steal the magickal power of an Occultist plotting for the harm of the Satanist.

According to E.A. Koetting, Rofocale is “the Lord of Excess. He has no concept of having ‘had enough,’ and I doubt that ‘contentment’ is even a word he’s familiar with. More power, more wealth, more sex, more love, more happiness, more joy. More, more, more.”

Koetting’s description of Lucifuge appears to be verified by the description of the spirit in a traditional rite of his summoning cited in The Secret Teachings of All Ages wherein Lucifuge is referred to as a “Prince of Demons” and said to be able to “bestow upon me all the treasures of the earth” and “fulfil my every desire for the length of my natural life” [sic]. S. Conolly has mentioned working with Lucifuge “to manifest more disciplined working habits for [her]self.” One Traditional Demonolater I’ve corresponded with over social media has described Lucifuge having completely purged him of all his addictions, “even candy!”

Liber Azerate refers to Lucifuge Rofocale as the “Living Darkness” who obliterates and weakens the Abrahamic deity’s influence over the populace and helps the witch transcend the limits of causality. The manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light refers to Lucifuge as “the revealer of all the hidden treasures of the Nightside” who “establishes the purifying the darkness illuminated by the Black Light.”

The Path to Satan attributes Lucifuge Rofocale to the letter G of the “Infernal Alphabet.” Kenneth Grant has referred to G as “the letter of the High Priestess” and “the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved.”

Lucifuge Rofocale presides over Satorial/Sathariel/Harasiel, the Qlipha related to Saturn. E.A. Koetting has inferred from Lucifer’s attribution to the Sun that Lucifuge must relate to the Black Sun. This is very sensible considering that Lucifuge is attributed to Saturn and Lucifer is attributed to Venus– planets largely opposite to one another yet containing lesser aspects which mirror the other’s influence. And surely enough, there are lesser-known traditions of Qabbalistic Demonology wherein Lucifuge is held to be the Chief of Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore). Hopefully you’re starting to see why I like Koetting so much.

Lucifuge is the archivist of Hell who instructs the witch in all manner of arcana and assists all black magickians, newer Satanists in particular. According to Mark Allan Smith, he rules “worlds in the realm of possibilities beyond the spiritual abyss.”

Stephen Bleach once evoked Lucifuge very disrespectfully in his youth, and Lucifuge was quick to retaliate mischievously. He does not tolerate abuse, but he will forgive a magickian with potential.

Lucifuge is purported to appear either as a three-horned Satyr or a red and viperous, five-horned anthropoid, or perhaps as a bald magickian in a gold and silver robe, and he rules the third Qlipha from the top. In The Book of Agares by S. Conolly, a dream-gnosis is described wherein Rofocale appeared as an older man with silver hair and silver eyes.

The name Lucifuge Rofocale has a value of 414, being also the number of the Limitless Light. According to Liber Sitra Ahra:

Lucifuge Rofocale, Beelzebuth, and Moloch all have 16 hidden in their names. We see that these three are united in some way. We see the words “becoming” and “establishment”. More importantly, if we take the number 16 and add the 1 and 6 we get 7. Three 7’s, 777, as we know is OVLM HQLIPVTh or the “land of shells”. This obviously is the Qliphoth.

To make a minor correction, “the Land of Shells” or “the World of the Qliphoth” is not a name for the Qliphoth itself, but a name of our fucking planet.

Analysts are too quick to equate him to pre-existent deities: Focalor, Tarchimache, Belial, Mephistopholes, Tarichimal, and Lucifer. These will obscure the actual essence of Lucifuge, so he is best approached as an independent deity. The witch who does not approach him with respect will suffer.

For a list of magickal chants useful for calling onto these entities, follow the hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum

E.A. Koetting’s Youtube Channel
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Abigor or Eligos (Goetia #15)

Name Variates: Abigor, Abigar, Eligor, Eligos
Enn: Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca; Jedan on ca Eligos inan
Rank: (Grand) Duke
Legions: 60
Goetia: 350
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Metal: Copper
Color: Green
D/N: Diurnal
Astrology: Leo 20-30
Date: August 12-22
Answers To: Fleurety
Tarot: 7 of Wands

Picture Credit: G.A. Rosenberg

Abigor appears as a handsome soldier on a winged horse and carries a lance, scepter,  ensign, and/or a serpent. His baleful manifestation, as channeled by Asha’Shedim, is essentially consistant with the original, save that he appears as a dark knight adorned in entrails and accompanied by the death stench. If you look at the depiction of Eligos channeled-created by my favorite artist, you’ll notice that both A’S & G.A.’s channeled variations on the traditional appearance incorporate overt deathly imagery.

He reveals what is hidden and gives prognostication. He can procure the favor and affections of great and powerful persons and professional warriors (cops, soldiers, etc.). He can give answers regarding martial matters, such as the outcome of upcoming fights and the mindset, thoughts, and plans of your enemy.


His name, Eligor [Whelp Idol], refers to his adulation by young men. He is apt for divination and the performance of spells to strategize one’s life. He rules over combat and warcraft. He can coerce spirits and bring about financial success. He can elucidate any black magick or spiritual influence which is working against you and impart advice on how to handle a feud. He can advise you when and when not to use magick and give aid in court cases.

The Red Book of Appin describes Abigor as “the helper of Vaal, his name means <having led from nowhere>. A guardian of Limb. He looks like horseman in red coat and helmet sitting on a red horse. One should invoke him only for the most dreadful veangence that only can exist, exactly by the same way as he invokes Regents, but not pronouncing any words excluding, possibly, various invocation formulas. ”

Baron and Baronessa Araignee have composed the following Enochian chant to Abigor:  Torgiv Micalzo Eligor-Abigor Zorge, Niis, Taviv!

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Baphomet As the Mother of Blood

This is an excerpt from an unreleased treatise.

In mainstream Occultism, Baphomet of Mendes (hereafter referred to by hir name Octinomos) is a “hieroglyph of arcane perfection” and “bearded idol of the alchemists” who carries “the torch of intelligence.” Mainstream Occultists interpret the name Baphomet as meaning “Father Mithras” or “Father of Universal Peace Among Men” and they consider Octinomos to be related to Capricorn and “the Holy Ghost” (semen). Octinomos is “the lord of the double horizon” and “the ass-headed Satan.” (S)he’s the symbol of the stage of spiritual development at which the magickian has conversed with his Inner Deity.
In the tradition of Hebdomadry, Baphomet of Albion symbolizes the fifth stage of spiritual development and personifies the archetype of the rounwytha. She is imputed to Mushrati (the Sphere of Jupiter, which is the sixth sphere) and her moniker as “the mother of blood” likely refers to menstruation. The veneration of her instantiates the ONA’s transcendence of mainstream Occultism’s masculous/patriarchal ethos. Baphomet of Albion appears to be almost an answer to or rebuttal of Octinomos and the principles/weltanschauungen illustrated by hir.
…Anton Long calls Baphomet the Bride and Mother of Satan and also describes her as lunar. Her iconography depicts her holding up a torch, as many Greek goddesses attributed to the moon carried torches in reference to it.
The Goat of Mendes points upward with one hand to the white moon of Chesed (Yahweh’s mercy) and downward with the other to the black moon of Geburah (Yahweh’s wrath/justice). The ONA’s sigil of Baphomet, which is called the Dreccian Moons or the Moons of Baphomet appears to symbolize a balance of opposite traits within the self, such as the traits of Insight and Ruthlessness, or the Sinister and the Numinous (and the Numinous is itself a unified dichotomy).
…If a witch calls upon Octinomos, she is calling upon the Supersoul. If she calls upon Baphomet of Albion, she is calling upon the Planetary Spirit of the Earth, or Mother Earth.

-V.K. Jehannnum

Love Spells Are Contemptible

Love spells are perhaps the most well-known facet of Modern Occultism, but they shouldn’t be. They should be as obscure as torture magick.

It is perhaps due to my moral relativism that I feel the need to draw that comparison.

I can look you in the eyes and respect you after you’ve performed torture magick, but love magick is a different matter.

Maybe I’m just an old school romantic, but if you don’t respect the apple of your eye enough to respect her decisions, you don’t deserve her. If you’re the type to perform love spells, I hope you never achieve self-deification. If you prefer a slave to a partner, you’re just another demiurge waiting to happen.

Get fucked.

-V.K. Jehannum

Cloud Evocation

Someone sent me a photograph which purportedly depicts the result of an experimental method of evocation. The operator, whom I am not acquainted with, allegedly evoked Belial into a cloud instead of into incense or cigarette smoke. This operation clearly took place during a sunset. The sun sets red because red is the color that travels the farthest.

This is the photo I was sent.


This could be a hoax, but if you’re a sorcerer, you should be able to look at this image and tune into your psychic senses to discern the veracity of the claim.

Do you see any black figures on the road?


The Algorithm

I have seen this topic broached in the literature of my Satanic brethren, but only in passing. It seems that a complete and candid dissertation on the subject does not exist, and I can imagine why. Perceiving what I’m about to delineate takes more than just acute psychic perception: it takes blatant fucking luck. That’s why I never perceived it on my own: I had to have it described to me by a fellow witch. Until that happened, I did not understand or believe what I was seeing described in the literature of the Cult of Cthulhu and the 218 Current (two completely unrelated groups). Worse, people will see this dissertation as a legitimization of the desire which some Satanists hold to obliterate the Cosmos. Well, as I’ve said before, “Someone has to write this.”

The universe is inherently predisposed to resist the ascent of black magickians, albeit it in subtle ways. Once you make a certain amount of headway, you will be attacked. The universe will pit persons and gods against you to hinder your personal ascent.

While these entities are indeed responsible for their own reactions, they are still acting on behalf of the cosmic impulse that I refer to as the Algorithm. One of the most common tools of the algorithm is addiction, and the deployment of gods and men to lure you into and keep you in addiction.

Dante, who penned the introduction to The Book of Azazel by E.A. Koetting, mentioned that most black magickians who accrue genuine power succumb to addiction at some point. This was a third black magickal authority perceiving what my teacher described to me, and it meant a lot.

I call it the Algorithm because it is an impersonal reflex of the Cosmos. It’s completely mechanical.

The Algorithm has a dual function. It has the RHP function of opposing black magickal self-deification and the LHP function of refining the character of LHP magickians.

The existence of the Algorithm is only one of the many reasons that there can never be any such thing as “safe Satanism.” Anyone who adduces such a term to describe their fellow black magickian is either not an experienced practitioner or simply unaware.

Perhaps, dear reader, you think I’m just externalizing the internal barriers to my ascent. Like I said, I never sensed this shit. I had it explained to me, and I saw it in the literature of multiple other groups previously.

In the same way that you can perform a ritual to decrease Jehovah’s influence over you without curing or even blaspheming Jehovah, you can diminish the Algorithm’s ability to influence your person. This ritual should only be pursued under direct gnostic guidance, and in my opinion, it should not be attempted without a partner. My ritual called on Lucifer and Arachnid Lilith. Arachnid Lilith rules over binding magick, and the Algorithm seems to be a great binding spell.

It is also worth mentioning that three of my four sources on this subject are not Anti-Cosmic. Do not work to destroy a universe you do not understand, dumbass.

This is one of the many reasons that black magick is inherently dangerous. Anyone who believes that some denominations of Satanism are “safe” is simply not an experienced practitioner (or just stupid or misguided).

I am interested to hear second opinions on this subject, so please comment, anonymously or otherwise.

-V.K. Jehannum