A Warning for Minors in the Occult Community

I am aware that there are minors being exposed to my content on various platforms. I have taken the steps to age restrict my Patreon, my YouTube channel, and my magickal services, but the remainder of the effort of keeping minors away from my content is the responsibility of the parents– that is, should they choose to prevent their offspring from studying my work (some do just the opposite). Regardless of what the parents decide to do, I am presenting this warning for whatever minors may come across it.

Some grown adults use a variety of behavioral tactics to gradually manipulate underaged minors into becoming their future romantic or sexual partners, sometimes pursuing romantic and/or sexual partnership while the minor is still underaged, and sometimes waiting until the minor turns eighteen to make their move.

Grooming tactics, which I recommend people research, include things like using inappropriate sexual humor to desensitize targeted minors, providing gifts, attempting to fulfill emotional or material needs, and more.

It is my personal opinion that some people who attempt to groom minors are not consciously aware of what they are doing and/or unaware of the damage that they will do if they are successful in their pursuit. Ultimately, grooming minors is predatory and manipulative, regardless of the groomer’s intent.

I am aware that various talking heads in the media have made and stood by the claim that there is nothing wrong with sexual predation and grooming when it is perpetrated by adult women onto underaged males. I can assure you that they are deeply incorrect.

There is no valid reason for a grown adult of any sex or gender to seek a romantic or sexual partnership with an underaged minor of any sex or gender. Same goes for manipulatively/discretely preparing minors to be future partners.

If you are an underaged minor of any sex or gender identity, know that there is only one reason for an adult to pursue you as a romantic or sexual partner: they want a vulnerable partner that they can manipulate, control, isolate, and/or easily influence.

Some minors may feel that they are mature for their age, and that it is therefore wise for them to seek adult partners. While I will not say that they are misjudging their maturity level, I will say that they do not have the life experience to be viable romantic or sexual partners for grown adults regardless of how mature they may be.

The consequences of grooming– the harm it causes– can be very, very severe, regardless of whether the victim is male or female. Grooming often happens online, and minors who participate in the Occult community are likely more vulnerable than others, as they are often required to keep their beliefs and practices secret, or are ostracized because of them.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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