Regarding Pathreadings & A Miscarriage Ritual I Ghostchanneled

On one occasion, around a year ago, I was hired by an aspiring professional to channel a ritual to cause a miscarriage. The client lied to me, telling me that he needed the ritual to help one of his friends. I myself live in a state where abortions are unfortunately illegal, so I was sympathetic to the issue. I ghostchanneled (which is like ghostwriting a rap song) the operation for this aspiring professional.

The ritual was provided to the aspiring professional with the informed purpose of the aspiring professional falsely presenting it as his own work. The client told me that he wanted to pretend it was his own since he didn’t want me to have to carry the perceived weirdness of releasing a rite designed to kill a fetus (through solely spiritual means, to be clear). This made sense to me at the time and I still wonder what I was thinking to this day.

The aspiring professional has gone on to use the miscarriage rite to sexually harass women in the Occult community. He approaches them out of the blue, ineptly attempting to seduce them and offering to be their spiritual teacher. Why he would assume that random women need his guidance is beyond me. He presents the women with the ritual, telling them that they should get a man to impregnate them and, at some point thereafter, perform the miscarriage rite over themselves.

What makes this so awful is that the aspiring professional lies to these women, saying that the ritual will make them more magickally powerful. I want to be very clear when I say that the miscarriage rite I channeled IS NOT DESIGNED TO INCREASE THE MAGICKAL POWER OF ITS PARTICIPANTS. This aspiring professional just wants to convince women he finds sexually attractive to get pregnant and have magickal abortions.

This occurred when I was very new to providing magickal services for hire. While I do believe that this aspiring professional’s incompetence in flirtation and generally perturbing atmosphere has prevented any of the women he desired from attempting this rite, I would like to apologize to all of the women who have been accosted in this manner. I had not ghostchanneled any operations for any persons before, nor have I done so since. The aspiring professional was fortunately banned from purchasing any more of my services before this was brought to my attention for unrelated misconduct (towards a female, as you would assume).

Additionally, it has come to my attention that someone other than me has taken to selling “Pathreadings.” Pathreadings are an original service I devised, the purpose and method of which are unique to my invention and gnosis, even to the extent that I channeled my Pathreading technique from a higher part of my own soul.

“Pathreading” is a word I made up to serve as a title for my unique service. Know that anyone selling “Pathreadings” is deliberately stealing from my business– something that no one magickally competent enough to warrant being a witch-for-hire would ever need to do. Selling one’s own “Pathreadings” is equivalent to selling “one’s own” Lord of the Rings– that is not a purchase you would want to make.

I take both of the incidents described as personal offenses. While I am currently attempting to resolve these misdeeds with words, I will be pursuing other courses of action if peaceful resolution is not achievable.

And just to avoid any confusion, I no longer offer the custom ritual design service.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


11 thoughts on “Regarding Pathreadings & A Miscarriage Ritual I Ghostchanneled

  1. Damn, the whole bunch of you have become sick motherfuckers.
    A sad replication of the O9A.

    There will be a day of reckoning for you sick cucks


  2. This is FANTASTIC!!! It’s unbelievable that any mortal could have this kind of power.
    There are literally thousands of woman that cannot get a legal abortion. This will be such a gift.
    A magical abortion.

    I am going to post links to this article in all the pro-choice pages that I have the ability to reach.
    This is heaven (or otherwise) sent.

    May your business prosper my generous friend.


  3. Do they not expect there to be consequences? Common sense tells me that betraying or stealing from a fellow black magician probably isn’t the best idea, especially when you know they’re more powerful than you. Also, I don’t imagine the neckbeard wizard issue will be sufficiently resolved with words. Something tells me your fans will want to help out with that one.

    Is this why you stopped selling custom rituals/chants/hymns/etc?


  4. Actually, Pathreadings were a powerful ritual within the Black Court for many years, almost a century in fact. Used within several of their Towers. To proclaim proprietary ownership is running afoul of well established occult philosophy. You, nor anyone else cannot claim franchise to magical methods or techniques or even their namesakes.

    These ritual empowerments do not fall under copyright like a hyper-sigil. For example: a sigil that was used without artistic approval. Something like that can be claimed by the original creator and powerfully enforced as we all have seen.

    Stay awesome friends


  5. I want to get a reading from you. I am being pulled in several different ways and I need to figure out where I need to go


  6. I do hope that they have been taken care of in some way or another
    I’m afraid that is a price that we pay for what we do for others sometimes,we get somehow targeted..I know that I do


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