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As you may know, there is a pair of Occult influencers working twenty-five hours and eight days a week to smear and blackball various Occult professionals. These two have gotten my original channel deleted, worked to get another Occult professional fired from a company with false accusations of racism, publicly smeared Mark Alan Smith unprovoked, and attempted to get SonofLilith’s YT video critiquing public literature removed from YT. My new YouTube channel can be found here:

In addition to this, my video refuting the lies these two are spreading about me with all of the evidence I can provide may be found here:

I ask that you take the time to support me on YT by subscribing to my new channel and giving me the chance to defend my name. Any time and effort you contribute is appreciated. I considered leaving YT behind after this incident, but the overwhelming support I received from the community has motivated me to continue making videos. Additionally, you can follow me on TikTok and IG @vidian87 to see more of my work.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


24 thoughts on “YouTube Updates

  1. We got your back, VK. Lots of influencers out there, but you’re the crown jewel of the community. We know what’s up.

    I’ve never liked Orlee, but I am a tad surprised by this. I thought you had a good relationship with BALG, and she’s one of their flagship members or something. I dunno. I always thought she was annoying af, and the super edgy persona is fucking laughable. I really hope this doesn’t involve EA, though, because as goofy as he is, I actually like the dude.

    I’m blown away that they’d attack Mark Alan Smith. Seems like a strange target, since he’s not really a big influencer in the community (as far as I know). And his grimoires are fantastic.


    1. no, I do not think that EA even knew of that action. He went thru too much shit and Orlee always cries to report she once had to sleep on the friend’s couch, Man, but hey, she still shaves her eyebrows lika a teenager who discovered Green Day.


      1. “but hey, she still shaves her eyebrows like a teenager who discovered Green Day”

        Lmao for real.

        I didn’t think EA would support shit like this, but Orlee seems so big on BALG. I don’t really know why I like EA so much, but it’d kill me to find out he was a piece of shit. Despite his salesman persona, he comes off as incredibly genuine in his lectures and courses.


    2. A lot of people have this misunderstanding that BALG is like a big club people join. A lot of people in BALG don’t know each other, in fact some of them even lowkey hate each other. It’s no different from any company you’ve worked for– I’m sure you haven’t known and/or liked all of your coworkers.


        1. Think about Bill Duvendack. I ONLY spoke to him ever because Donahue wanted me to do a podcast with him for BALG (I say that without any disrespect towards Duvendack, he seems dope). I never spoke to him again afterwards. Dig?


          1. It does make more sense that it’d be an affiliate/partner type of business. I think I just liked the idea of a round-table of wizards 😛

            I missed that podcast, though. Going to have to give that a listen tomorrow.


    1. so you even do not know exactly whether he crossed some people or “pissed off the Loa”, you simply claim this. Awesome! A real killer would tell people that he collects postage stamps and breeds roses. Papa Legba is a trickster and Met Kafou does not like you. So please stay away. To take such tragedy for own PR is really weak.


        1. You said you don’t know what it’s like to be in a curse war with your former business partner after Papa Smoke & Dimitije publicly said they were cursing each other.

          You aren’t really Papa Smoke, are you?


          1. Actually yes, but things have patched up nicely. No business failures or curse war here But things are fine with ma’ business. Mama Smoke and I are doing better than ever. I’m sorry that things seem to be a bit ruff for you now though. Hope the shackles suit well
            Maybe when ya get back from your vacation you’ll do better.



    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly my friend. He has been picked on and been the community whipping boy for far too long. He hasearned the respect and pity of most of the community. He certainly has mine also.

      I appreciate his past and future support.


      1. Do you think he gets trashed by other influencers because he offers a veritable goldmine of information for free? And all of his shit is legit.

        VK saved me from getting dragged down into the shithead JoS cult, so he’ll always have my undying admiration. And I know I’m not the only one that he’s pulled back from the brink of awful magical paths.


        1. I think most of the flack I get in the black magickal community is psychotic/deranged in nature. For example, Yuri wanting to take revenge against me for not tolerating his betrayal, Hyson wanting to take revenge on me for not wanting to collab with and help him, Amos wanting to smear me because I didn’t validate his delusions, etc. To some extent the respect and popularity I’ve earned bothers them all, but only because of their awful mental health.

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          1. You know, when you’re first starting out in black magick, you hear about how the path is dangerous, and can lead to death and insanity. I didn’t really understand the full extent of that. It was an abstract concept of pitfalls to avoid. However, it has become very apparent that insanity runs rampant through the community. The source of that insanity has become equally apparent: ego.

            It makes me wonder about the relationships they claim to have with the spirits. I know things aren’t black and white, and I’m guessing not every deity is interested in picking sides in human scuffles, but it all seems so counterproductive. Aren’t we supposed to be working together to make the world a darker place? Maybe get together to collectively flip Jehovah the bird once in a while?

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  2. Hi !
    I think I’m one of your rare french student.
    So sorry for the loss of all this amazing work you done on YT. I’m not this kind of people following a lot of things, but you…
    I don’t have Tick Tock or Insta, and I mostly listen music on YT. Your channel was my guilty pleasure.
    Thanks to you for everything, thanks a lot for your fabulous et well-done contents on this website.
    Happy that you’re back on YT, hope that you’ll have not troubles again.
    I wish you the best with that part of me who burn for you.
    Thanksfully and full of adoration,
    Your fan and supporter,


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