Watch My TikToks on YouTube

The deletion of my original YouTube channel and my ban from Dailymotion inspired me to diversify platforms, and this choice led me to TikTok. I believe that these setbacks were necessary– that I needed to insert myself into this new magickal community. The friends I made, the enemies who rose against me, and the new challenges I faced on that app were, in my opinion, a valuable and important part of my development as a person.

But of course, not everyone can or will download TikTok on their cellular device. For those of you who who cannot access my work on my new platform, I have created compilations of my informational TikTok uploads and uploaded them to YouTube. I have arranged my compilations into a playlist, which, as of right now, consists of four videos and is over two hours long. The playlist can be found here:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Watch My TikToks on YouTube

  1. Hypothesys, without the slightest intention to insult.

    Don’t you ever guess that all the problems you are facing could be a hint that you should withdraw from public activity and focus more on personal development?

    You are now completely different from the enthusiastic yet a bit rushy young man that you were when you started this blog, now you are a man who saw and faced many things and learnt many lessons. You now possess a much wider gnosis, and a deeper understanding, a firm morality, and a more calm and controlled demeanor.

    Maybe it’s time for a new level, away from the portion of the occult world which is now a bit behind your current level. I know that you love to divlge and teach, it’s in your nature: but maybe now is time to move on.

    Just an hypothesys. Maybe. Or maybe is just a test. Mine was exclusively a reflection. I personally benefit greatly from your endevour so I wouldn’t be as happy without your periodical publications. But when my coven disbanded in the far past I saw it as a hint that I should have stopped any public activity, I talked about that with the Nekalahs, and from that on I focused only on personal development.

    Maybe this is you call. Or maybe it’s just another fight you managed to win by switching to TikTok.

    In both case you’ll have my respect, for I care little about actions, I see the soul embedded in the human, and yours is shining greatly.

    Godd luck in this new adventure!


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