A Word of Caution Regarding the Material I’ve Released

I have released a large amount of rites, spells, magickal chants, etc. throughout my time teaching magick, and over the years I have seen people misusing the material in various ways. I will provide a few recent examples.

I released a ritual on Patreon which was designed to heal the celebrant’s loved one. I was asked if the rite could be used on oneself, to which the answer is no.

I released a spell to enchant a key or group of keys on TikTok, and multiple people wanted to use the spell on bracelets, necklaces, etc. The spell was specifically designed for a key or group of keys, so this was a mistake.

On WordPress, I released a magickal chant which calls on the user’s Higher Self to heal the user’s energy body, and someone wanted to attempt to use the chant to heal someone else’s energy body.

I don’t think anything bad happened or would have happened to the people making these given attempts, but I am concerned that persons with similar mentalities may harm themselves by misusing my other work or rites released by other influencers. There are spiritual operations out there which have severe consequences for those who butcher their use, and I would like to see avoidable injury, well, avoided.

Please exercise caution. My spells do what they say they do, and if their purposes do not match your desired manifestations, it is best to design your own magickal operation instead of shoe-horning a pre-existent operation which exists for a different purpose.

I have released massive amounts of all-purposed incantations throughout the Magickal Chants, Magickal Hymns, and Demonology & Paganism categories on this website (use the menu to find the material you’re looking for). The reason I have done this is so that my audience can easily and conveniently design their own rites, spells, meditations, devotional practices, etc. Please avail yourself of what I have provided.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


8 thoughts on “A Word of Caution Regarding the Material I’ve Released

  1. Your spells and rites etc are very self explanatory. Further more you then go on to explain in very layman terms exactly what they are to be used for. I cannot believe there are people out there who cannot understand that. What this has made me realise is how very very specific I need to be in future with my instructions to clients!!!! Like you, I thought I was being specific enough, now I am beginning to question myself! Your words are not just a warning to potential clients, but are a great heads up to other practitioners. Thank you.


  2. Hi VK. This is the risk which every honest divulger incurs sooner or later. And it’s the real reason why I never ever taught anything in my life, beside powerful methods of spirit-conjuring for purposes of divination, so to have my real-life disciples learn from the spirits first-person.

    Excpetion made for that, I only taught intels about the difference between evolutionary and anti-evolutionary, which is already a lot because many are so selfish and ego-driven that they get mad and leave when confronted with the fact that 99% of what does good for you evolution, does little (or is actually disruptive) for you current-self based today-life.

    You chose a different. perhaps bolder path, and boldness is almost always good, I prefer to lurk in the shadows, learn and learn and learn and divulge only what cannot be used in a wrong way. In more than ywenty years of my path, I have always lived this way, and this did not prevent me from temporarily running a ONA-style coven when I was younger, which disbanded because the partecipants mistook acausal predatoriality for egoic hybris, failing to understand that the Nekalah’s cruelty is a form of meta-empathical purity, and not at all a lack of empathy. They teach us that you grow a pig with love and respect and then you butcher it when is fat and you have guests. It’ purity, not ego-driven craving or brute aggressiveness.

    Confronted with that, they refused, and I excommunicated them all. Fear of actual retaliations prevented them from talking too much of our activities, and I felt really smart about having witheld from teaching them anything really compromising. After that I never accepted disciples again, even less now that my knowledge of the harshest portions of Truth increased to the point that I can barely withstand my own toughts and knwledge.

    You chose a bolder path. You trusted humanity, something I do on a larger scale but not necessarily as an actual praxis.

    When you teach powerful stuff, things can get messy.

    You are showing a great degree of maturity here, with your words of warning.

    I am sure those people who trust and respect you (elsewhere why would they use your rituals?) will heed this warning, even those who may have lent too little attention to the first ones.

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