The Rites of Acharayim: A Guide to Qliphothic Self-Initiation

Years ago, I presented informational treatises regarding the Qliphoth alongside a methodology for self-initiating through its various regions. Many people have worked through the praxis which I presented long ago and reported excellent results.

However, years have passed, and now I can do better. The ritual praxis presented within this e-grimoire, The Rites of Acharayim, is superior for various reasons. For one, I included no rite of crossing the abyss in my original praxis.

Secondly, the rites were bulky and long, including voces magicae from numerous magickal systems and languages, making mispronunciation inevitable on the part of the celebrant.

Thirdly, each rite called on probably at least thirty spirits, many of which the celebrant was likely to be unfamiliar with.

Lastly, the operations were designed by yours truly, drawing heavily from the magickal systems of other teachers of demon magick. Since releasing that praxis, I have learned to channel rituals, sigils, etc. from the gods.

The initiatory praxis of The Rites of Acharayim is greatly simplified and more accessible. Furthermore, the essays I wrote for this blog years ago contained misconceptions fostered by the Qabalistic orthodoxy which predated them. These misconceptions are absent from this treatise.

The entire original literature of this blog’s Qliphothic Self-Initiation website is gone forever. Enjoy The Rites of Acharayim.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


14 thoughts on “The Rites of Acharayim: A Guide to Qliphothic Self-Initiation

  1. Updating my book o shadows with this. 🥰 I pray my children’s children will use this 2 grow in2 their own Divinity. Subah Iblis…


    1. Lol it’s not a hack or a scam (easy to find out with a simple search ) and I don’t suggest people to steal V.K’s work I just thought he’d want to know someone was leaking his shit. I probably should’ve private messaged him about it but I wanted to make sure he’s going to see it and in my drunken state last night this seemed the fastest way to bring it to his attention, nevertheless somebody is leaking his work and I felt he would want to be told simple as that.

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      1. OMFGS this is y I remain quiet. I used 2 work computer security. Ur link isn’t going 2 show in a “simple search”. Its 1 friggn link! But thats all u need 4 a TARGETED ATTACK. And since he’s having impersonation issues (among others) frm HATERS, this can b an obvious small scale, TARGETED ATTACK. Hence, no simple search will help! KEEP THA COMUNITY SAFE AND UNIFIED!!!

        Back 2 my hermit cave. Again…🤦‍♂️

        Subhan Iblis…

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        1. I didn’t consider these possibilities, Rekker. Thank you.

          I believe that you were only misinterpreted because you posted the “this could get you hacked” comment as a stand-alone comment instead of as a response-comment to S.G.’s comment.


      2. Plz dont think I wuz saying YOU were tha “hacker”, just dont trust links posted like that… Security analyst paranoia. Please excuse me…🤦‍♂️

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  2. No harm no foul Rekker I see where your coming from, I should’ve worded it better I meant a simple search of his name on z.lib(b.ok) would reveal the same URL I linked earlier my bad, No problem VK hope they handle the issue swiftly.


  3. I was making progress using the old material. So i’m guessing I start from where I left off but using the new material? Since daath is at a point I all ready passed should I proceed with daath for the next spherework? My intuition says yes, but i’m still learning how to trust my intuitions.


  4. Master V. K. Jehannum, I believe that the conjugation of the verb to open in qliphothic rituals is wrong. Well, I have no knowledge of the Hebrew language. But Liftoach in Hebrew is in the Infinitive, and in English rituals is being used in the Present. I’m sorry to bother you with these doubts. Also, I’m sorry for my poor English. I’m Brazilian and I had to use Google Translator to write those words to you. Gratitude.


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