Seere (Goetia #70)

Names: Seere, Seir, Sear
Gematria: 501
Astrology: Sagittarius 25 – 29; Pisces 0-10; Pisces 15-19; Pisces 25 – 29
Date: Dec 17-21; Feb 19-28; March 6-10; March 16-20
Metal: Tin, Silver
Path: 29 (Qoph/Pisces)
Planet: Jupiter
Color: Green, Blue
Element: Water
Tarot: 8 of Cups; 9 of Cups
Answers To: Amaymon (East)
Legions: 26
Rank: Prince
Plants: Juniper, Cedar, Willow, Elder Flower, Caraway, Rosemary


Seere can increase the longevity of the witch. He is apt for chakra work, especially with the second heart chakra, soul star chakra, and earth star chakra. Seere engenders the quick occurrence of things and catalyzes stagnated affairs with movement. He enacts the revelation of whatever persons in your life essay to keep you unaware of. He presides over sorcery and brings about the fulfillment and gnosis of the Will.


The traditional delineation of Seere is as follows: “His office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of things to pass all of a sudden, and to carry or re-carry anything  wherever you would have it go or where you would have it from. He can pass over the entire earth in the twinkling of a single eye. He gives a true relation of all sorts of theft, and of hidden treasure, and of other things. He is of an indifferent good nature, and is willing to do anything the summoner requires.”

Seere initiates the witch towards the higher spheres of Light and the Sun and brings about empowerment through necromancy and death magick. Seere can transform the psyche of the witch and strengthen concentration, as well as fortifying the weak points of one’s personality. Karrezza is apt for workings to him.

The chants “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Seere” and “Jeden et Renich Seere tu tasa” are apt for rituals to him.

-V.K. Jehannum



4 thoughts on “Seere (Goetia #70)

  1. I’m new to occultism,
    And I really want to work with great Prince Seere. Of which I tried summoning once but he didn’t respond
    I have one question to ask pls,
    If am not strong at seeing the demon physically, Can I ask him to communicate with me through his element? I mean will he communicate with me the way I ask him to?


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