Ipos (Goetia #22)

Names: Ipes, Ayperos, Ayporus, Aypeos, Ipos, Ayporos, Aiperos
Date: Spring Equinox; Oct 23-Nov 1; March 21-25; July 8-12
Zodiac: Aries 0-4; Scorpio 0-10; Cancer 15-19
Tarot: 5 of Cups; 3 of Cups
Rank: Prince; Earl; Prelate; President
Path: 24 (Nun/Scorpio)
Element: Fire; Water
Color: Blue (Especially Dark)
Herb: Cedar, Rue, Yarrow, Sandalwood
Metal: Plutonium, Tin, Iron
D/N: Diurnal
Legions: 36
Gematria: 396
Planet: Jupiter; Mars; Mercury; Pluto; Saturn; Moon

iposAbove: Ipos as Depicted By G.A. Rosenberg

I may be tired of writing, but there ain’t no brakes on this rape train.

There are many planetary spheres which are not encompassed by schemas like the Qliphoth or the Tree of Wyrd, and Ipos introduced me to one I’d never heard of before and single-handedly initiated me through it. He called it the core of the Earth, and if I remember correctly, he initiated me through it after my self-initiation through the sphere of Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth). This occurred following some very obscure permutations of my spirit body at the hands of Azael and its success might be dependent on his alchemies, so seek guidance.


Ipos supports the witch by making her courageous, imparting decisiveness, and helping her control her emotions. He teaches wit and rules over death. He can initiate the witch through the Sphere of the Moon and guide her through pathworking meditations (also called meditation journeys) using the tarot. He rules over the triangle of manifestation, and triangles in general are sacred to him.

Ipos rules over ice and snow. He can unbind entities from one’s aura and protect her from psychic attack. He can also increase the subtle body’s natural defenses against psychic attack. He can either remove emotional attachments or make them firmer, and he specializes in the use and consecration of black mirrors and crystal balls.

Ipos b

Ipos can cause destruction through the laughter of the Abyss and ignite one’s soul with the fire of Flauros. He imparts confidence, eloquence, presence, independence, inspiration, humor, grace, and bravery. He can reconcile friendships, reveal secrets, and influence decisions. He rules over self-development and divination.

Ipos is said to manifest as either an angel or a lion and be repulsive either way. Alternative demonography depicts him manifesting as a angel with a lion’s head, the foot of a goose, and the tail of either a rabbit or a horse. He appeared to me as a bald anthropoid with snow white skin, black eyes, a crown, sharp features to a near-cartoonish extent, black robes, and blue and yellow butterfly wings. (Remember: never try to anticipate the appearance of a demon– always go in free of presumptions and let their choose their own appearance when they manifest for you, because their appearance is an intimation of their character).

Magickal Chants

 Io Ipes-Aypeos-Ipos
“Hail (Three Names of Ipos)!”
This is an All-Purposed Chant

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Ayporos
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Ayporos!”
This Chant Presences Qliphothic Energy to Raise or Strengthen a Sacred Space and Simultaneously Summon Ipos

Ayporos Onozudor
This is an All-Purposed (Invocation, Evocation, Whatever) Channeled Summoning Chant for Ipos

Kalasana Anasora Paladraea Malason
This is a Channeled Evocation Chant for Ipos

Tala Nonon Nonora Aral
This is a Channeled Invocation Chant for Ipos


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-V.K. “Bite the Pillow” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



9 thoughts on “Ipos (Goetia #22)

  1. Note: the reason that my last couple articles on the Goetia appear without cited sources is a matter of personal convenience and awkwardness, and it will not keep happening. The sources I used are the same as the ones cited in the rest of my articles on the Goetia.

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  2. Question about pact making:

    If you’ve made previous pacts- the construction of which wasn’t very conscientious or well thought out before hand, but nonetheless executed through ritual, written down, anointed etc.

    And as time went on, you neglected your end of the pact or its intent and purposes nolonger relate/ are applicable/ apt at this new stage of your journey…

    Do spirits uphold and maintain those promises/ agreements- expecting you to readdress, close, or officially dissolve the energetic exchange?

    Or do they ignore “forget” and say: allow you to start a new pact from strach? As if the old ones you made are non existent?

    Sometimes I feel my lack of devotion/ seriousness in previous pact, may have offended these deities, and are obstructing my present operations.

    But like, I was naive right? I was still testing the waters and figuring out how all this stuff can work in my.
    So do they understand? Or do I have to make an official address to those previous undertakings?

    Some of them include:
    Azazel, Mammon, Lucifer, Lucifuge, and my Higher Self.

    Part of me wants to just think forward, but sometimes I wonder if my frivolous approach to Magick in the past, is in some way affecting my relationship to the current now.

    I know now NOT to oscillate between RHP and LHP thinking, as I’ve felt the burn of trying to recontextualize/ reconcile my identity after “playing in enemy territory,” but now that I’m committed to this Life approach, I wonder how much of my previous missteps are remembered and “expected to be addressed”

    In your opinion what some of the defining attributes of the psychology of having a “relationship with” Demonic masks, cirrrents, or actual entities?


    1. I do not work with pacts so I cannot give any dissertation on how they work, but I would imagine that such a thing depends on the spirit, and I would be a little surprised if you were forgiven without having apologized.
      The second question is far too broad of a subject to be discussed in a comments section and is the subject of my upcoming book.


  3. A pact is an agreement to a livelong symbiosis and the opportunity to see through the false concept of a free will. Lucifuge told me once that our earthly pacts, like marriage etc., are not worth even a tenth of an Infernal pact. You do not sell your soul but agree in a working relationship. In Vodou people sell souls of others to Met Kafou or other dark Loa in order to gain the filtered refined life-force of the victim from the Loa. But if you do not serve your Loa correctly this can be deadly. Also you can make a No-war-Pact with a God, for example Krishna, when you work Satanic UNTIL you discover that Krishna is a secret Asura-King what proves your statement that our universe is in fact Demonic in nature. Lol.


  4. Hi, I need some resources about ruling Qliphoth over demons, like ipos’s and Marax’s don’t show up here , yet balaam’s and vassago’s do. Thanks.


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