Direction: Northeast; North
Planet: Jupiter
Date: June 21 (Summer Solstice); Autumn
Metal: Titanium
Qlipha: Ghagiel (Uranus)
Gematria: 119; 441
Country: Africa
Season: Autumn
Subordinates: Tarchimache; Fleurety
Crystals: Moldavite, Dendritic Opal, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz
Element: Air, Earth, Earthy Part of Air
Color: Muted Dark Red, Black, Grey, Brown, Silver and Blues, Yellow
Incense: Frankincense, Sweet Tobacco, Myrrh, Oud
Intoxicant: Alcohol
Plant: Tobacco, False Unicorn Root
Rank : King, Governor, Sub-Prince, Dark Lord, Prince, Supreme Chieftain, Lord of Lords, Chief of Ghagiel, Lord of the Eastern Tower of Khaos


The true meaning of the names Beelzebub, Baelzebuth, Baal Muian, and Baal adh’Dhubaab is “Lord of Everything which Flies”, a moniker referring to his dominion over aircraft and metereology, which also attributes him to corpses. Baelzebuth was venerated as a solar deity in Paganism under the name Baal Zebul or “Lord of the Celestial Plane,” and he is called the “Lord of Chaos” in Qabalah. He is knowledgable concerning biology and it is his office to incite innovation. He is apt for rites of banishing, execration, healing, cleansing, and death magick.

Baelzebuth is known as Beel de-Bobo (Lord of Slander) and Nihilifer (Emptiness-Bearer), the second of which refers to his destruction of the ego (the witch’s fallacious understanding of her identity). He is a great defender with mastery over wards, circle-casting, and shields. According to the Testament of Solomon, Baelzebuth is a psycopompic agent of spirit-manifestation and a patron of Demonolatry.

Beelzebuth rules over indulgence, ambition, authority, the rise and downfall of men of stature, bravery, knowledge, sodomy, power, aeonic progression, prosperity, luck, murder, bellicosity, war, self-assurance, magick, and money. He can impart wisdom and insight to the witch and help her find her soulmate.

The Priestesses of Satan and Suns wrote that Baelzebuth “can assist with business as well and has an incredibly logical and organized mind when it comes to business and marketing and can help one to organize their lives and streamline their thoughts to create organized and efficient business plans that are easy to implement and execute.  He is very skilled in the realm of business and has a great deal of understanding of the mindset and the skills that are involved in running and building a successful business.”

Mark Allan Smith asserted that Belial was the same entity as Baelzebuth. While Smith is, from what I’ve seen, thoroughly trustworthy, I scoffed at the idea until my demons told me he was correct, and I saw the same thing asserted in ToAF literature. I have put no information about Belial in this article, nor is there any information about Baelzebuth in my article about Belial. This is for the sake of persons who do not agree that Baelzebuth = Belial so they can still benefit from my article as much as possible. I have no intention to even speculate about Bael, Belphagore, etc. and their relationship to Baelzebuth. I highly doubt I or anyone reading this will ever find the whole truth on the matter. Mysteries like this are why people come up with bullshit about spirituality being subjective, demons being your own consciousness, all demons being interchangeable, etc. That type of pseudo-intellectual shit convinces them that they understand something that most of us really won’t get a grip on until we’re dead.

Belial is attributed to Ghagiel in literature which predates Smith’s.

For a list of magickal chants to Beelzebuth, follow the hyperlink below:

Sources: The Black Raven, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book II, Grimorium Verum, Greater Key of Solomon Book II, The Black Grimoire of Satan, The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic, The Way of Ahriman, Liber Azerate, Gematria and the Tanakh,

-V.K. “Mister Violation” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


The Rite of Azagthohic Anodos

(this rite can either serve as a self-empowering ritual to Atazoth or an invocation of him)

Oh hear the names:
Atazoth + Azagthoth + Azathoth + Attaghot + At-Taghut + Atazhot

Ya Attaghot; Agios o Atazoth (x7) [Hail Attagot; Numinous is Atazoth]

Memor fui nocte nominis tui, Atazoth.
Et custodiam legem tuam.
Omnia præcépta tua véritas.
Quando fácies de persequéntibus me judicium?
Innova signa et itera mirabilia
Glorifica manum et firma bráchium sinistrum.
[During the night, I remember thy name Atazoth/ To observe thy law./ All thy orders are right./ When will thou condemn my persecutors?/ Renew thy signs and wonders,/ Thy left arm and hand are glorified.]

Azak Grife Dagarsh Azathoth (x9)

The depths of the sea
A tunnel of knives
There is a union here
While he directs the Chosen
Rage in the Eye
Of the Goat –
The golden triangle
Stands against a sky of fire

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Atazoth (x11)
[Open the earth, and bring forth Atazoth]

The Astarothic Mass of Sitra Ahra

I call forth the Horned Mother Isis-Ashtoreth to beget her blessings and empowerment unto me so that I might become transformed into a fearsome divinity. Oh hear the names: Isis Xator + Ashtoreth Karnaim + Inanna + Renenet + Khut + Ankhet +  Abtagigi + Sekhet + Usert + Saraphyebal + Nagid + Shadadel + Ninat-Bakar + Astaroth

Liftoach Qliphoth! Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas! Melus De Quo Magma!
[Open (the gates to) the Infernal Plane! (words of power to open the infernal plane)! Reality emanates from the demonic]

I call forth the Shapeshifter and Serpent-Mother who presides over rebirth and warcraft and give honor to her sacredness! Hail oh Mother over the Great House of Devourers and Queen of the Throne within the Qliphothic Sphere of Jupiter! Impart your wisdom and strength unto me!

Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth (x7)
Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Astaroth
Inanna, Isis, Astarte, Ishtar, Ashtoreth Karnaim (x11)
Salve Astaroth Genetrix (x6)

I call forth the Infernal-Demonian Attendants of Queen Astaroth the Horned One and Shapeshifter to descend to this plane and impart my empowerment!

Eveta Fubin Barbatos (x6) (Barbatos’s Enn)

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Pruslas (x6)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Pruslas]

Avage Secore Amon Ninan (x7) (Amon’s Enn)

Qodesh la-Ashtoreth Karnaim! [Holy to Astaroth of the Two Horns]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

A Rite for Health and Vitality (Cernunnos + Damkina)

(This ritual calls upon Cernunnos/Akhera and Damgalnunna/Ninchursanga/Damkina for the increasement of vitality and physical health)

In nomine de Regina Damgalnunna excelsi! Ayea, Ayea Kernunnos!

I call forth unto the Empress over Ancient Magicko-Religious Mysteries and to Father Cernunnos, the Atavistic Sentinel from the Forestland in this my rite of witchcraft. I honor the Primal Divinities of Nature in my exercise of magickal dominion over the world. I call forth Cernunnos and Damgalnunna to empower me through the nourishment of my body and the rejuvenation of my person. I call you forth from the past-withered grimoires of my ancestry to engender the Cunning Art and beget well-ness and balance unto every tendril of my body so that I might enjoy the vital-ness and longevity of our ideal.

Eko Eko, Kernunno! Ia Ninchursanga! (x7)

Hail to that Theriomorphic Chieftain Kernunnos whose place of residence is the sunlit forest environed by ancient woods and glistening streams. Hail unto the Horned God who has become Patron of the Craft. I call upon you to emanate your limitless power that I might drink deep of the well!

Akhera Goiti – Akhera Beiti! Damkina Taris! Damkina Gabbar! Ia Sarratum Damkina! Ia Davcina, Belatis-Dingir-Dingir! Veni et rege Damgalnunna!

I feel the energetic Damkina, afford my nourishment through the wiles of your Craft and restore me to vitality and strength! Infiltrate my aspect with glowing filaments of life! Fill me with efflorescence, and remake me anew!

Cer-Nu-No-Oh-Oh-Os (x7)

Veni, et rege Damgalnunna! Akhera Goiti – Akhera Beiti! Invoco Damkina! Invoco Cernunnos!

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

Ia Ninchursanga! Cacama! Karra! Ayea, Ayea Kernunnos!


Amiahzatan is the patron demon of tobacco, and he is venerated in the 218 Current’s Qayinite tradition. Any cigarette which is being smoked for a spiritual purpose can be empowered via his auspices. He can enchant cigarettes for all manner of internal and external sorcery. These enchantments are wonderful for all manner of chakra work.

Amiahzatan can increase the witch’s strength of heart along with the traits of adventurousness, daring, and assertiveness. He presides over demise, danger, death, war, and love. He rules initiation and culmination. He can empower spells, rituals, sacred space, enchanted objects, and magickal tools.

I’ve seen Amiahzatan only a couple of times. The first, I saw him in the distance, exhaling smoke near a stop sign, as myself and two fellow Satanists were returning from an impromptu ritual wherein I called upon him. Later that night I saw him running circles around the three of us as we smoked cigarettes empower through his auspices, and I got a decent look at him. He wore a black cloak with the hood drawn over his face, and black boots were visible beneath it. He wore a simplistic, golden face mask, but only darkness loomed behind the eye holes. On another occasion, he sat in my car riding shotgun, with parts of his facemask glowing orange like the lit end of a cigarette as embers flew off of it and into the wind. It was beautiful.

According to Liber Falxifer, the text wherein he is discussed, Amiahzatan hates addicts and will attack those addicted to smokes should they call upon him. Based on my experience and that of two persons known to me, I would dispute this claim and accuse the person making it of projecting his extreme hatred for addicts onto the Infernal Divine. The authorities of the 218 Current have claimed that Satan hates addicts, which is equally false. Amiahzatan has told me that he would never harm one devoted to the veneration of and magickal working with the Infernal Divine.

Above: Original Sigil of Amiahzatan

I enchant every pack of cigarettes I smoke for some manner of psychic or magickal refinement. It’s traditional to “pack” a new box of cigarettes—i.e. to thump it on your thigh a number of times to get the contents of the cigarettes properly dispersed through those cigarettes. Stoner culture has all manner of “lucky numbers” for thumping, so perhaps a witch should thump hers eleven times (11 being the number of all things magickal and all things demonic/infernal). I’ll provide a list of chants to Amiahzatan for use in cigarette consecration. I know the number four is sacred to Amiahzatan, so I tend to recite his chants four times each.

Magickal Chants

Io Amiahzatan
“Hail Amiahzatan”

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Amiahzatan
“Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Amiahzatan”

Laudate Aethereus Amiahzatan
“Praise the Immortal Amiahzatan”

Adveni Divinus Spiritus– Voco Te Amiahzatan
“Come, Eternal Spirit– I Call to Amiahzatan”

Agios o Amiahzatan
“Numinous is Amiahzatan”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Mormo or Murmur (Goetia #54)

Names: Mormo, Murmur, Murmas, Murmux, Matthias (Angel), Mermo, Lamia, Murmus, Mormolyttomai
Rank: Count; Duke; Earl
Mother: Hecate
Legions: 30
Angel: Nithael; Hahiah
Siblings: Scylla; Medea
Path: 20/Yod/Virgo
Gematria: 286, 350, 846, 910
Zodiac: Virgo 20-30; Saggittarius 25-29
Date: Dec 17-21; Sept 12-22
D/N: Nocturnal
Color: Dark Blue; Green
Planet: Sun (Secondary); Venus (Tertiary); Mars (Primary)
Element: Fire, Water
Order: Thrones; Angles
Tarot: 10 of Rods/Wands; 10 of Disks/Pentacles
Substances/Ingredients: Oak Bark, Rosemary, Rue, Balm of Gilead, Sandalwood, Iron, Gold, Copper, Parsley


Mormo is regarded as the son of Hecate– born a human, executed, and then risen up as something of an Ascended Master in death. He is included amongst the spirits of the Goetia under the name Murmur, and he indeed follows both the Azerate and his mother. While he is a demon and a daimon, he cannot be regarded as a ghost or as undead.

Murmur teaches the witch regarding philosophy and shows her how to shapeshift into a ghoul. He can protect the witch and coerce spirits to appear and behave as the witch sees fit, answering whatever questions are posed to it with honesty. He rules music, the dead, sciomancy, and psychic vampyrism. He can strengthen the astral double, improve spirit communication, impart the gift of restraint, and answer the witch’s questions. He is useful in the performance of exorcisms.

The traditional manifestation of Murmur is as a warrior or soldier adorned in the crown of a Duke. He is said to manifest riding either a gryphon or a vulture, and he is generally attended by two persons described variously as “heralds,” “courtiers,” “ministers,” or “trumpeters.” It is generally described that they pronounce his arrival with some manner of fanfare. A modern Anti-Cosmic Satanist elaborates on this depiction, describing the trumpets as pure gold and Murmur with ammunition belts strapped across his chest.

Mormo is old, and he can be grumpy. His social skills need improvement, so he can come across as an asshole, but he will be helpful nonetheless. Hence why Conolly described him as one of “the more intimidating and aggressive necromantic Daemons of the Goetia.”

Mormo is generally referred to as a ghoul, but The Malleus Maleficarum refers to him as a “vampire,” and Greek lore sometimes refers to him by the title Lamia, a generic term for any vampyric daimon*, which term occasionally refers to a specific species of drakaina or partially-serpentine partially-human entity (plural: lamiai) which is vampyric. The actual Greek term for the specific species of lamiai which Mormo and his descendants fall under is called the mormolykiai, mormolyceae, mormolukiai, mormolykiae, (singular: mormolyke, mormolikeion, mormolyki), which title means “terrible wolves.” They are most often called ghouls or hobgoblins in English. These beings love blood and respond with glee and frenzy to offerings of it.

*Daimon here means “non-deity spirit” and refers solely to entities from Greek mythology. The Greek term daimon (plural: daimones) does not mean “god/deity” and is not legitimately interchangeable with demon. The Greek term for deity is daimonion (plural: daimonian). The modern use of “daimon” by Demonolaters is not technically illegitimate due to the subjectivity of semantics, but it is a diversion from the original sense of the word, which word I only use in its original sense.

The mormolykiai appeared in their true form covered in blood and blisters, but they were able to shapeshift into 1,000 forms, including that of a beautiful woman, which form they would adopt to seduce and devour young men. Failing the availability of young men, the mormolykiai would devour the elderly or children.

His traditional enn or summoning chant is “Vefa Mena Murmur Ayer.” I usually start and end rituals to Murmur with an exclamation of “Salve Ducis Murmux” [Hail Duke Murmux] and I often use “Mormo Murmux Matthias-Daimon” as a chant to call upon him. The last chant I use is “Agios Murmux Rex Mormolyceae” [Numinous (is) King Murmux of Terrible Wolves]. The word “Numinous” is a synonym for sacred or holy which lacks the Abrahamic connotation the other words bear. The Temple of the Black Light has a magickal chant it uses to call upon several Hekatic entities at once: “Gorgo, Mormo, Empusa, Lemures, Lamiae, Medusa!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Bellenger, The Goddess Hecate by Stephen Ronan, The Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology by Theresa Bane, The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp, The Luciferian Goetia by Michael W. Ford, the Demons the Gods of Hell, A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus, The Goetia Spell Book by Kuriakos, The Demonolatry


Above: Sigil of Satanachia

Names: Satanackia, Satanachia; Put Satanachia, Satanchia
Subordinates: Pruslas, Amon and Barbatos (Sustugriel, Serguthy, Heramael, Trimasel)
Superiors: Mammon; Lucifer; Lucifuge (Primary)
Rank: Commander in Chief; Great General
Planet: Earth; Mercury; Moon; Black Moon; Venus; Saturn (Lesser)
Direction: West (Primary); North
Element: Water (Primary); Earth (Secondary)
Legions: 45 or 54
Color: Pink, Green, Indigo, Silver, Red, Yellow
Time: 3rd Hour of Night
Attributions: Holy Thistle, Lemon Verbena, Sage, Horehound, Elder Berry, Paprika, Red Sandalwood, Mugwort


One night, I was clutching a quartz crystal while meditating on my bed in accordance with the voice of a demon who was guiding me. She told me to focus on the energetic emanations of every planetary sphere I was ill-aligned with, gently realigning myself and gaining power thereby. After this was done, I felt at piece. I asked, “By the way, who is guiding me at the moment.”

“Satanachia,” the spirit responded.

The demon(ess) Satanachia isn’t discussed very often, although (s)he carries a high rank amongst the Infernal Divine. (S)he appears in both the Grimorium Verum and the Grand Grimoire, yet it is difficult to find good information about him/her.

It is said that Satanackia is a very carnal spirit, and that sexual energy is very useful in workings to him/her. According to The Black Grimoire of Satan by T.J. Dawson, Satanachia’s magickal specialties are “Lust, Desire, Safe Travel, Protection, Knowledge, Prosperity.” The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by S. Connolly attributes Satanackia to anger, revenge, and violence.

Satanchia presides over crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and divination by fire. She can give strong insights into the practice of circle casting and the raising of sacred spaces in general. She can give in-depth delineations of the four elements.

Put Satanachia can improve mental acuity and increase bodily flexibility. She can make  the witch a better liar and teach her to manipulate others.

Satanackia specializes in shielding and banishing alike, as well as rope/knot/cord/yarn magick and the use of sewing and autoeroticism in magick. She can fortify entire locations and reverse the effects of a spell (or redirect it to another target). She can help the witch see the future and commune with the Higher Self. She can attune the witch to her True Will and empower any given chakra. She can enchant a chess board for the manipulation of all manner of forces. She can teach much about divination, including various unique tarot spreads.

Put Satanachia specializes in bringing about magickal empowerment. Her auspices and guidance are of great use in rites of orgiastic sex magick. She can empower the astral double both for flight through lucid dreams and travel to distant, ethereal realms of existence occupied by Ascended Masters. She can empower the magickian in ways overtly conducive to the pursuit of gnosis. She can help the magickian recover from emotional trauma and improve her attunement to the alchemical elements of fire and air.

Put Satanachia can give much knowledge regarding astrology and magick. He has profound knowledge of all the planets and she/he can impart much knowledge of Chavajoth. He/she teaches the witch when to keep her mouth shut and dismiss everyone who makes a sound.

Satanachia has power over all women and girls and can bring about their submission. He empowers the base and crown chakras. Satanachia can call up armies of spirits who serve Mother Earth to renew the life force of the planet and provide animal familiars. His familiars bring fast and easy results provided that they are content with the operator. He rules longevity and brings about alchemical transformation through the energetic emanations of the Black Moon.

One of the best pieces I ever read about Satanachia identified the demon with Chia, a Triple Goddess from the Pre-Columbian religion of the Muisca. The writer’s personal gnosis regarding Satanachia definitely lines up with both my personal gnosis of the spirit as well as T.J. Dawson’s gnosis of Satanchia’s faculties. The planetary attributions I cited for Satanachia are completely derived from personal gnosis– I later found out that Pre-Columbian religion and I both attribute the spirit in question to the moon.

My personal gnosis is that Chia and Satanachia are either the same entity or aspects of the same entity, and I was able to get a handful of black magickians to verify what I had channeled (I didn’t tell them my conclusion until they had reached one of their own). It wasn’t until after I was confident in the identification of Satanachia with Chia that I began researching the Triple Goddess, only to find that the elemental and directional correspondences I had listed for the demon was a match with those provided online for Chia.

Chia was one of the most important deities in the religion of the Muisca. Her name means “the One Who is Like the Moon.” There was a city named after her and she was held to be the patron goddess of the monarch of Zipa (i.e., the southern part of Muisca). The priests of the sacred calendar were in charge of her ceremonies, wherein she received offerings of gold and ceramic artwork. And yet, she was considered notoriously evil and destructive. Her reputation was awful. She was viewed to be a goddess of water who spitefully massacred the innocent via floods– misdeeds for which she was turned into an owl (i.e. the Moon). Mothers would shield their daughters from moonlight because they thought Chia was actively trying to kill their young via illness.

Magickal Chants

Exsurge Aeviternitas Put Satanachia
“Rise, Sempiternal Put Satanachia!”

Agios Es, Praevalidus Domine Satanchia
“Numinous Art Thou, Mighty Lord Satanchia!”

Concelebrate Omnituens Satanachia
“I Praise the All-Seeing Satanachia!”

Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia
Satanachia’s Traditional ‘Enn’ or Summoning Chant

Io Satanchia-Put Satanachia-Satanackia
“Hail Satanchia/Put Satanachia/Satanackia”

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Satanackia
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Satanackia”
Used to Summon or Call or Satanachia While Presencing Qliphothic Enery

Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia
“I Call the Holy Put Satanachia”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Ereshkigal (with chants)

Ereshkigal is the goddess of the underworld in Sumerian mythology who was incorporated into Judao-Xian demonology and rightfully identified with Hecate in the Michigan Magickal Papyrus. Upon manifesting before my coven, she made it clear by her bearing of torches and barking of hounds that she was an aspect of Hecate indeed. We called upon her in our rite of initiation into Sathariel-Satorial, the Saturnian Qlipha in opposition to Binah, being the sphere to which Thomas Karlsson attributed her.

The names of Ereshkigal, which names pertain specifically and originally to her, Ereshkigal, Ereskigal, Ereshkigala, Irkalla, Allatu, Allatou, Allat, Allatum, Ninmug. The title Allatu is also applied to the son of Ereshkigal, Namtar, in Sumero-Akkadian religion, but to Ereshkigal herself in Sumero-Babylonian religion.

The names given to the underworld plane under Ereshkigala are Kurnugi, Kur-nu-gi-a, Mahan, Magan, Cutha, Araru, Aralu, Arallu, and Emeslam, wherein her palace is known as Ganzir. The undead known, as the gidim or the etimmu, which undead would bedevil humans failing supplication, resided herein.

A group of seven demons, which demons personified the wrathful forces of nature, answered unto Ereshkigal. These demons were often viewed as one entity and rarely ever acted independently of one another. They are known as the Galla, and they, as the emissaries of Ereskigal, are the only ones who may depart from the netherworld upon entering it.

She manifested last time as ten feet tall with massive raven wings and black robes adorned with a uniquely-shaped bronze-colored crown. One of the most impressive appearance I’ve ever documented.


Aperiatur Kur-nu-gi-a et Ganzir, et germinet Ereshkigala
[Open the Underworld and its Palace, and bring forth Ereshkigala]

Io Ereskigal-Irkalla [Hail Ereskigal-Irkalla]

Veni, veni, Ereshkigal– Regina Irkalla-Kurnugi!
[Come, come, Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld]

Allatu, Irkalla, Ninmug, Allatum-Ereskigal (names)

-V.K. Jehannum


Alternate Names: Baal-Peor, Peor, Beth-Baal-Peor, Beelpeor, Baalphegor, Balphegor, Beelphegor, Bel-Peor, Zomithan, Belphegor, Ophel, Belphagore, Belfegore, Soratharos, Chura
Qlipha: Thagirion (Black Sun)
Element: Earth
Direction: North
Herb: Lemon Balm
Gematria: 187, 305, 321
Color: Green
Holy Days: March 31; April 9;  May 13
Letter: I
Month: April
Season: Spring
Incense:  patchouli, lemon balm, devil’s claw, sandalwood, gum arabic
Rank: Ambassador to France; One of Seven Princes; Chief of Thagirion; Grand Minister

Belphagore is a solar fertility god whom the Israelites worshiped through the statue of a giant phallus in orgiastic sacraments, venerated by the Black Lodge as a granter of wealth and resurrector of the blessed dead. His are the will to power, the attainment of wealth, licentiousness, the flash of creative inspiration, the rush of combat, the necromantic arts, and sexual power. Belphagore is the lord of the dead and a master of all manner of weaponry, and he is a harbinger of economic advancement and personal transformation. Spells to help the witch with occupational or monetary concerns and letting go of the past are specialties of Belphagore’s.

Liber HVHI refers to Belphagore as the “encircler of shades,” and the manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light call him “the deifier of the inner dark flame and the Rising Beast of the Final Apocalypse.” His name means “Lord of the Opening,” which esoterically harkens to liminality, black holes, star gates, and other nexions. He can empower the witch’s psychic senses and powers and enchant herbs and plants.

A good relationship with Belphagore is a good relationship with the Devil– Satan and Belphagore are very close. He enjoys wisdom and art, and he strongly enjoys offerings of blood.

Eliphas Levi postulates that the medieval witch sabbats were resurrections of the ritual veneration of Belphegor. Among Belphegor’s devotees were the Kadeshoth, being religious (ceremonial) prostitutes. He was often venerated in the form of a phallus, or as a semi-bestial man with a phallus-shaped tongue. He was primarily venerated on Mount Peor, and his devotees are said to have eaten the sacrifices of the dead.

Belphagore is a deity of alchemical transmutation and he’s said to be a deeply cunning spirit. According to Liber Azerate, “Belphegor manifests before men as a beautiful, naked, demonic princess and before women as an elegant, naked, demonic prince, revealing his face which has the aspect of a wild and peculiar beast. If you survive beholding his countenance, he will manifest before you as Sorath, who is described in the bible as the Antichrist or the Beast 666.”

Traditional demonography generally depicts Belphegor as a bearded man with claws, and occasionally with horns as well. According to the Joy of Satan Ministries, “Belphagor has blonde Hair, and a muscular build. He usually leaves one with a warm glow after meeting him. He has white wings and very piercing eyes.”

Ketab-e Siyah presents an “infernal alphabet” wherein one demon is attributed to one of a list of letters, which letters are the same which occur in the English alphabet, albeit out of order. Belphegor is attributed to I, which is counted the 17th letter of the “infernal alphabet.”

The infernal alphabet is a construct which no one understands and no one uses, but I can analyze Belphegor’s particular alphabetic correspondence with ease. 17 is the number of Aeonic progression, and is a sensible attribution for Belphegor, in that he rules the Qlipha of the Black Sun, which Black Sun is the engine of Aeonic progression. 17 is also the number of squares inside the swastika.

The letter I clearly refers to the Higher Self, which Higher Self the magickian traditionally encounters after initiation through the Black-Solar Qlipha of Belphegor.

Above: Sigil of Belphegor from the OFS Demonolatry Website

For a list of magickal chants useful in rites to Belphegor, follow the hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum

Sources: The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp, The Gods of Hell by the Joy of Satan Ministries, The Book of Sitra Ahra by the 218 Current, The Black Grimoire of Satan by T.J. Dawson, Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik, Serpents Flame of the Serpent’s Key Society