Names: Mererim, Meririm, Merihim, Meris, Metiris, Merasin

Above: Original Sigil of Merihim
(You’ll like the sigils I make. Their appearances will disappoint you, but their manifestations will not!)

Merihim is the Prince of the Pestilence and the Demon of Infernal Storms. He’s a predatory entity who scours the earth for victims and specializes in the causation of suffering. The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic attributes him to “hatred, vengeance, anger, and violence” and The Black Grimoire of Satan states that he presides over “pestilence, plague, illness, malady, and death.”

Merihim carries great influence in Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore). He can raise the witch into a genuine adept, alter the person she is at her core, and transmogrify her physis such that she may be elevated above the majority of Western society. He engenders huge transformations of the psyche and very powerful alchemy.

Merihim can improve the magickian’s ability to read body language and strengthen her social skills as well. He can teach the sorceress to play and/or see through mind games and impart the type of prowess which is advantageous after having observed manipulative behavior from someone and confronting that fellow in private.

Merihim’s manifestation to me was seemingly female, and yet had a semi-androgynous feel to it. Merihim can facilitate past live regression and communion with the Higher Self. He (?) can strengthen the magickian’s astral double and render her completely and totally immune to the influence of Jehovah (easily at that). He presides over mind tricks and glamour spells and he can teach the witch to master the Evil Eye.

Merihim is often called “the Noontime Demon” and he is attributed to Thagirion. He can predestine persons for good fortune, bring about quick financial opportunities and employment, and bring about the reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts and “bad blood.” He can teach the witch about natural remedies and help her invent medications. Merihim can teach the witch how to induce trance states as well as instruct her in the incorporation of intoxicants into magick.

Magickal Chants

Corire Meris, Penitrale Gehennae
“Come Forth, Meris, Infernal Spirit!’
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Evoco Praegrandis Domine Merihim
“I Call the Pre-Eminent Lord Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Voco te Meris, Venire o Merihim
“I call to Meris, Come oh Merihim”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Proveni Et Appare Omnituens Merihim
“Come Forth and Appear, All-Seeing Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Meris, Merasin, Metiris, Mererim
Names of Merihim, useful in any rite which calls on him

Devoco Phylarchus Merihim
“I Call Prince Merihim!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

Voco Te Merasin Dominus Zomiel
“I Call to Merasin, Lord of the Outer Cortex of the Qlipha of the Black Sun!”
Useful for any rite which calls upon Merihim

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


5 thoughts on “Merihim

  1. no joke, Merihim attacked me to test my anxiety during New Year Eve. I was more perplexed than anxious because he wore golden hooded robe, had big pitch-black eyes and a hole for a mouth. Then he loaded a copper disc that I held in front of me while standing at the open window. If he really wanted to hurt or kill me, his attack would have been much more drastic, I guess.


  2. now this makes sense, it was Merihim. He looks so utterly beautiful. Time to work with him. Stay healthy, VK, we need you! Good plants for protection may be rock rose (seals the tissues on the surface of the lungs), fresh garlic and mugwort tea,


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