Magickal Chants to Azazel

Archon Totou Se’irim + Aza’zyel + Aba Ha-Nephilim + Za-Za-E’il + Radrab Ha-Saharim + Val-Na-Hath-Orth + Qatziyn Ha-Iyrin + Azazel + Mals-Pe
[Ruler of all Se’irim + Aza’zyel + Father of the Nephilim + Za-za-e’il + Chief of the Saharim + 115 + Chief of the Watchers + Azazel + 31]
Name Vibration Formula Calling Forth Azazel

Aperiatur Dudael, Et Germinet Azazel
“Open Dudael, and bring forth Azazel!”

Sada Dora Azan Tala
Channeled Chant to Evoke Azazel

Aezan Tala Zador Katan Asal
Channeled Chant to Invoke Azazel

Evoco Domine Azazel
“I Call Lord Azazel!”

Aesandaga Asor Tagal Satal
Channeled Chant to Invoke Azazel’s Eagle Aspect

Pazan Kala Soroth Sandar
Channeled Chant to Evoke Azazel’s Eagle Aspect

Patan + Sagal + Sordae
Channeled Secret Names of Azazel’s Eagle Aspect
(Secret Names Are Only for Worship and Spellwork)

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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


4 thoughts on “Magickal Chants to Azazel

  1. I need your help. I made a terrible mistake. I had a great man Miguel who was very loving and caring and always bought me really nice stuff. He was so good to me it was easy to get content and assume he’d always be there for me. So I started cheating on him. One day he woke up early and saw me on the computer talking sexual to another man and he broke up with me.

    I responded by having him falsely arrested for domestic violence. And I took our kid away from him. He adores our son and I used the court case against him. To force him to take me back. He did and after the Not Guilty verdict. He stayed with me. We started having sex again and everything went back to normal.

    Well when I was away from him. I was with another man and he gave me an STD. I lied to Miguel about being with anyone else but he knew I lied because of what I gave him. He started cold shouldering me and he wanted me to move away. So I called the police on him again while he was sleeping and had him rearrested I also took our son away from him and wouldn’t let him see him.

    I figured he’d have to take me back and be nice to me again in order to get the case against him dropped and see our son. But the courts just dismissed the case without it even going to trial. The case didn’t get past preliminaries. So Miguel never felt the need to call and beg me to come back.

    Our Godmother in Santeria sided with him and hooked him up with one of her nieces. And he got a lawyer and they filed legal paperwork against me I had to return my son to him. I want him back and I want to use magick to kill the girl he’s with now. I want him to be obsessed with me. And only want me. Can you do this for me and if so how much would it cost? I’m really ambitious and I could go places with Miguel as my partner again. Will you please do this for me? Money is no object.

    I liked for you to use Azazel to do it. As I have a close connection to the spirit. I even incorporate it as part of my magical name which is Azazel Makaya.


  2. This is fabulous I really appreciate how thorough you are in explanation.I learn a lot from you THIS is something I needed to read for awhile and I appreciate all of the research and work that you put into what you’re doing as well.Please stop worrying about pissing off anyone in the public,matter of fact I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me what I look like what I do or how I do things,say things.I was tormented by the other kids at scholl for years no one would help me do anything about it,then suicide attempt,then a lot of rejection and if if wasn’t that,it was the opposite magnetism causes drama for me so I am primarily a loner but I am illuminated,nothing really bothers me anymore.I am in a great mood all of the time now.If ppl don’t like what u do on your channel they can stop watching it,it would ease things.My point is that people subject themselves all of the time unaware that they are subjecting themselves to shit that they dislike which is beyond my comprehensive thought process..but I’ve noticed some of them.Fuk Em If someone,anyone will not accept you for the way that you are then they aren’t worth a second thought to waste any time or energy on.😈I know this is a long ass comment,and I completely went off topic,OH thee well,I have been researching Azazel I feel he has been trying to reach me so I really want to get on with my Evocation To and Of Azazel.I wanna be prepared🐍
    Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia
    Infernal Blessings to you always


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