Notes on Vampyric Feeding

The circumstances of the victim are a significant determinant of her energetic quality. A sleeping victim will exhibit a heigthened quality of prana, keep this in mind when predating upon roommates and house pets. Such victims are also in an optimal condition to regenerate their ki, so feeding at this time is less harmful.

Victims who are working out, lifting or carrying a heavy object, or dancing will also exhibit a heightened quality of chi as well.

The highest and most bliss-inducing qualities of prana I have ever imbibed came from visibly pregnant women.

Feeding upon an intoxicated individual induces intoxication upon the vampyre, albeit briefly in comparison– the speed at which the vampyre digests exogenous prana is dependent upon her power level (specifically upon a skill I’ve labeled vampyric metabolism). When I first read that drinking from a stoned person who intoxicate the predator, I assumed that one would have to be quite the energy worker to actually manage to get stoned that way. This is not the case.

If you have performed sexual feeding in the past, you are aware of how bliss-enducing and empowering of an experience it is. You will never feel so divine and desirable as you do then.


5 thoughts on “Notes on Vampyric Feeding

  1. Great stuff and healthy individuals really are the perfect food. One of my favorite places to feed via tendrils is at the gym. I do my weight training and then I finish up with two sessions on the elliptical. I find it easier to feed that way and I find that I can push myself longer. Then it’s straight to the dry sauna with a feeling of bliss.

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      1. Yes sir. It’s as if you’re feeding off their adrenaline. Resting mode is more like recovery for the victim and I would rationalize that wouldn’t be the best time unless they beez on some good pre-workout shit. Lol

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  2. I feel that Vampyrism is the nutrient style of the future, not in a bad sense. You also can vampyrize someone’s disease etc. and not necessarily life-force. But you have to filter that. Personally Az gives me good lessons and advice how to do that. But also Bathory as an Undead is great to work with but she is also very tempting and sometimes highly malignant but I am not a judge and I do not see her as an astral pussy – she gives me rewards for that. She can tell you whether a person is dangerous for you or not, sometimes she does this even better than a demon because a demon is substantially free and independent and she is not. She likes to impress you. She shows many similarities with the Loa Marinette and respect is all they want. They feed on love, OK, many people claim to be so full of love, angels included, so they can give it to her. How many people she murdered is unclear, she does not talk about that. But she loves walks in the forest, beauty stuff, jasmine oil, blades and stings, incense (Luciferianapotheca has the best incense for that, a 4th grade witch prepares the stuff always fresh – she even sensed that Lammashtu lives here – I accidentally ordered Pazuzu-Bath but it never arrived and a Satan Incense I had to order twice and had to send her fotos of my paintings to prove that I am not planning chaotic malicious work.). She enjoys talking and is of high intelligence and outstanding beauty but her dark aspects are terrible and fearsome – castle Lockenhaus and Cachtice are her regions on earth. Working with dead/undead requires great caution, those beings are even able to outwit demons when enraged. But – we all need to make decisions in our life, because Jesus said: “but you are not hot and not cold – only lukewarm and I will spit you out.” Oh, and after working with the dead rosemary-bath is good and eating basilikum or “Tulsi” – it neutralizes too high amounts of death energy, of which there are different forms.


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