Rite to Astaroth for Healing

(Face the North. Neter is the Egyptian term for deity, Gashkelah is a name for the qlipha Astaroth rules, Sah is a name for Orion)

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Astaroth (x5)
[Open Acharayim (Hell), and bring forth Astaroth]

Astaroth has adorned herself with the Double Crown as the Empress of the North and the South. She is the Goddess of Venus and Sah who has taken station in Hell.
Isis has become the Goetic Demoness whose attributes are warcraft and passion.
I call now unto Astaroth to bring about convalescence.

Qodesh la-Ashtoreth Karnaim (x6) [Holy to Ashtoreth of the Two Horns]

Mother and Queen Ashteroth Karnaim,
Known as Ishtar and Isis,
Goddess over Gashkelah and the Nile
Matron of Bloodshed and Sirius
Beautiful Neter of the Afterlife
Mighty Venusian Giver of Life
And Beloved Goddess of Earth.
I call upon you,
Descend to this plane.

Tasa Aloren Foren Astaroth (x3)

(Specify the affliction and who is to be healed of it)

So mote it be!


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