Gargophias is the archfiend who inhabits the Qliphothic pathway between Thagiriron (of Belphegor) and Thaumiel. She is largely affiliated with necromancy, clairvoyance, divination, and self-deification. The necromantic practices which she imparts to the witch are of a singularly horrific and darksome nature.

There are three different numerical values for Gargophias’s name (as their are various systems of Gematria) and they follow alongside their correspondences.

342, which is equivalent in value to the names of the demons Focalor, Bifrons, and K0rson, as well as the Hebrew words meaning “sweet smell,” “path,” “way,” and “male genitals.”

393, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew words for “freedom,” “trumpet,” and “maidservant/slavegirl.”

2429, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew word for “justice.”

Gargophias is an emissary of Hekate and a demon of femininity. She is a spirit of chaos and the moon and she operates as a psychopomp, leading the witch through the portals and gateways of the astral plane. She is a harbinger of awakening—informing the witch of hidden knowledge and bestowing initiation upon her.

Gargophias hones the psychic powers of the witch and makes her causal goals bear fruit. She begets internal alchemy. She is of the nature of succubi, begetting vampyric power unto her disciple.

Gargophias manifests with many different appearances: blood-smeared corpse maiden, crone, an armored warrioress, disembodied head, flower, and more, but she is always female, and her skin is generally corpse-grey or snow-white.

Gargophias is an incredibly sexual demon. If you really interest her, you can expect to be dragged out of body in sleep and fucked regularly. Some reason she likes to do this in her crone form—not that appearances matter in the spirit realm.

The magickal numbers I have channeled for her are 17, 41, 84, and 54. This chant may be used to call her forth: Gonjall Rothkontall Yonlathor Yellonkoth Gargophias.

sigils of gargophias

-V.K. Jehannum


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