Satanic Witchcraft: How to Begin a Ritual

The first step of any ritual is getting into the appropriate mindset. The common practice of the fourfold breath is conducive to this: inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, counting mentally. Repeat thrice.

But while this does much to calm and focus the mind on its own, there are words of power that the witch may wish to experiment with to get into her zone.

CHAOSATANAS and DAY-VAH-NAH-OM, the latter of which translates to “Daevas (Dark Spirits) are Worshipped through me,” are both useful for imparting focus and strength of will to the witch. NOXULIFER and/or SKANAGHT are both useful words of power for getting the witch into a gnostic/spiritual state.

One common trick from the Typhonian tradition is making a loud HHHHHSSSSS noise at the initiation of a rite. This sound, called the Hiss of Dahomey, creates a large amount of white and pink noise which is conducive to the summoning of entities. The opposite sound, known as the Winds of Space (SSSSSSHHHHHHH) is useful in causing departure or preventing manifestation. The Winds of Space are most useful for coercive banishing, but on two occasions, spirits have appeared to have experienced trouble leaving in a way that is comparable to a human’s clothes getting caught on a fence, and I have used the Winds to aid their departure. This should only be done if one can sense the spirit requesting it.

Many witches will begin by raising magickal energies conducive to the working at hand. Here’s a simple prayer composed of various magickal words and chants that should suffice: “MELUS DE QUO MAGMA, ET REVERTETUR AD TENEBRAS! LIFTOACH KLIFFOT, PORRO TRIUMPHATOR IN INFERNO SUNT! ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANADA ZAZAS! DONGRAPH! ZODAMRAN!”

Many witches like to call upon the auspices of a deity they like at the initiation of a ritual. Here are some common examples.





Such things are optional.

If the ritual is one of self-empowerment, the witch will usually want to stay still and “bask” in the energies accumulated while meditating. If she wishes, she may use a mantra or word of power which she may enunciate on each exhalation. I recommend “Bohu, Tohu, Chasek” to grant one visions of darkness, “Xeper” to empower oneself, “Infusco Ignis Satanas” meaning “Black Flame of Satan,” or “Atazoth.”

I face North in all of my Apsidomantic (Demonic) and Paganistic rites, as the direction of North is the source of Darkness/the demonic in both Judao-Mysticism and Zoroastrianism. Lilith has been called “Tzaphoni,” meaning “The Northern One.” Both Saturn and the Black Sun are attributed to the North.

Most Satanists face the West as an inversion of the RHP emphasis on facing the East, but North is a more sensible choice for one wishing to change their direction to call upon Sinstral [left-handed] forces.

At the end of a rite, no “dismissal” is necessary. Merely thank everything you called upon during the ritual and every entity which showed up to help.

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