Demonic Correspondences in Gematria

2: correponds to the Devil as the disruptor of the fascistic unity which the demiurge has essayed to impose upon us
3: triple goddess, the moon, the stabilization of any process, completion, the three alchemical substances, id-ego-superego, Set, Saturn
6: union with the Inner God, the Sun
7: attributed to Lucifer, the seven Hells among which the 10 spheres of Sitra Achra are divided, 7 gates before Jehannum, the union of Chiva with Necesh, Chavajoth
9: the Black Flame, the Devil, the nine demonic divinities
11: the Azerate as well as anything demonic, satanic, or infernal
13: lunar, Khaos, Da’ath, the feminine, Qayin
31: Azazel, Kia
37: Da’ath as the point of entrance to the Qliphoth, Valu, the perfection of the Satanic magickal methodology, the Night Demon of December Second
61: Zagan, Kali, Ain (the eye of the void/nothingness/the witch moon of blood), Nia (the Occult eye)
66: the formula of entering the Kliffot
70: Ayin, Gog and Magog, Adam and Eve
72: Necesh [the Serpent], the spirits of the Goetia, the number of conspirators that helped Seth kill Horus
75: Laylah [Night], Lucifer, the Pleiades
78: Belial, the Logos, the number of cards in a Tarot deck, Aiwass
81: the full moon, night, the number of Hecate’s witchcraft, Camio
83: Abalim, Machaloth
116: Alchemy, Gamigin, Halpas
120: Phenex, Orion, Ogiel
131: Tehom, Samael, Baphomet, Pan, Yamatu, Mako (Set)
160: Naphula, Qayin, Niantiel
217: Set, Babalon, Sirius
218: Molock, Azerate
487: Sitra Achra
496: Leviathan
522: Ama Lilith
579: Oreb Zaraq, Midnight, Nebuchadnezzar
580: Sitri, Valley of the Shadow of Death, Sa’iyr/Sair [Hairy One/He-Goat/Demon]
583: Abyss
639 Etz ha-Da’ath [Tree of Knowledge], Esrim ve-Achad [Twenty-One, a number symbolizing the union of opposistes]


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