The Budsturga Pathworking Part One

These six rituals (only thee of which are including in Part One) work with the abyssic goddess Budsturga to elevate consciousness, empower the spirit, and activate your intrinsic calling(s). While all six rites carry those three benefits, some of them have their own specific additional benefits. They are to be performed in the order given, and only one of them requires a sigil—a particular, ritual-specific sigil. Working with Budsturga is dangerous, but my advice for this pathworking is simple: approach her with true respect and allow her to establish your dominion. Oh, and read my article about her first: Budsturga – V.K. Jehannum (

The First Rite

The first rite calls Budsturga to unify with the witch’s consciousness in a state of partial possession. The rite cleanses the mind of negativity and restores faith in one’s personal journey. Simply recite the following incantation and embrace the possession which follows:

“Open the gateway between worlds and unite the primordial chaos with its true form. Establish the elevation of my spirit, mighty Budsturga. Ilsanya Sorren Toth Zylkara Leassorren Dorthar Gyn Bala Yiltar Zeakhor Ilthorn. Agios Es, Era Budsturga! Zalkarae Zyntar Bargor Dorrith! Zala Rasara Kilkonra Ilthork!”

Note: “Agios Es, Era Budsturga” means “You are Numinous/Divine, Lady Budsturga.”

The Second Rite

The second rite is an evocation of the spirits which serve Budsturga. They are called forth by her power, but not coerced in some way. You will need a glass, cup, chalice, or whatever of white wine and some mugwort to consume (whether it be rolled into a cigarette, in capsule form, whatever). All you must do is recite the conjuration and then imbibe both substances.

The rite serves to empower the witch in various ways, improving divination, claircognizance, attunement to nature, necromantic aptitude, and more.

The conjuration is as follows:

“Salve Domina Budsturga! Ilsortara Kynzeak Liekharrith Ziehlathara Sierhakathan Ilbarack Seakhoren Dalsaea Lylpara Nymborrock Kenyaea Dorlara Zylrakhorren Dorth Nea! Gorrak Gaea Dalathen Yorkara Bylbarak Nearak Zylthorren! Sheathora Dylarak Zienara Yilparran Ziehlorar! Agios Es, Era Budsturga!”

Note: “Salve Domina Budsturga” means “Hail Lady Budsturga” in Latin.

The Third Rite

This rite serves to awaken the spirit of the witch in a very potent and wild way. It will cause a massive awakening—one that will change the magickian forever. This one requires a sigil.

Draw the sigil on your chest over your heart and blood it as you say “Salve Domina Budsturga.”

Thereafter, recite the following chant repeatedly until you feel that you have done enough: “Zylnorgar Iakkora Zalsara Dyllakan.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


10 thoughts on “The Budsturga Pathworking Part One

    1. Every article in that category was removed. They were old and nearly useless compared to the meditative techniques I am now capable of espousing.

      Henceforth, my definitive provision of meditative techniques will be in the exclusive content of my Patreon. Not only have I provided a handful of channeled meditative techniques and mantras on Patreon, anyone who supports the exclusive content tier can download Black Lodge Meditation and Works of Infernal Ascent, both of which contain detailed treatises on meditation.


  1. hey VK thanks for response. love to join your patreon but US put sanctions on my country and banned us, so patreon doesnt accept my country money. love to but just cant.


      1. Dont mind the wine but very alergic to mugwort not replacement possible i guess. Would like to see some rites with shugal/choronzon. Overall for higher consciousness


  2. Where it says “Draw the sigil on your chest over your heart and blood it as you say “Salve Domina Budsturga.” Does this mean to draw the sigil in your blood? I’m not understanding what “and blood it” means.


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