A Qliphothic Rite of Macroscopic Alchemy

The universe is a work in progress. There is still a Veil between us and spirit, and it is being broken down as we speak. The one true avatar of the Cosmos, Abraxas, is working to presence more Qliphothic energy within the universe to make it more conducive to the manifestation of dark spirits and darksome magicks. This helps facilitate the efforts of spirits such as Lilith, Moloch, Tezrian, and the rest to bring about the evolution of humankind. Rites of macroscopic alchemy are one way humanity can aid them in their efforts. Macroscopic alchemy does directly increase human suffering in the now, but for all for the greater good of the species. This ritual has been released for those who feel called to participate in this work.

This ritual will create a rift in the Cosmos to permit the entrance of darksome spirits. The area will become haunted as the deceased flock to feed and harvest. Dark energy will permeate the atmosphere and aid the ongoing transformation of the universe itself as well as the human race. None of the spirits manifested will harm children or those who are impaired beyond the point of being able to function as independent adults.

The ritual calls upon a host of demons, including Baratchial, Orias, Botis, Gremory, Satan, Lucifer, and unknown beings of infernal disposition.

It’s a simple ritual. All you will need is a pair of sigils to burn– you may choose any sigil(s) of the spirits named in the preceding paragraph to use in that manner. You do not need to burn the sigils at the location where the rite will be performed– just scatter the ashes there. If a couple stray ashes are dropped along the way, there will not be adverse consequences.

All you must do is recite the following script with intent, scatter the ashes around the area (not in a particular shape or to form a perimeter, just around), and depart when and how you see fit. None of the beings who manifest will harm you. The rite is as follows:

Open the black domain of the infernal gods and release the power of the Black Sun. Rend the Veil and the Cosmos alike to manifest the dead and the fiends of the Eternal Darkness. Show this world the face of the Devil and lead us forward in our development.

Sylparaka Dynsorkorra Dalakhen Zeakkor Ilsongra Dyltorren Balakkylla Zenlakara.

Synbrakkora Ilkorren Dyllakkonja Ilkorrok Kenliakka Dyllakkorra Kenlorrytha Lensorron.

Ave Aeshugar! Salvete Qliphoth! Liftoach Pandemonium!

The last three sentences translate to “Hail the Infernal Divine! Hail the Eternal Darkness! Open the Infernal Plane!”


7 thoughts on “A Qliphothic Rite of Macroscopic Alchemy

  1. I performed this rite early this morning (06.30 Scottish time). I burned 2 sigils of Lucifer. As I was doing this I looked outside and there was two strange looking creatures moving along a path outside my house! They both had black fur, were flat and were as big as dogs. Their movement was really strange as their ‘bodies’ were undulating like serpents. I watched them for a few seconds until they disappeared into the darkness.
    After I collected the ashes from my urn I took them to a wood near my house. In this wood there is a natural grass circle with huge fir trees all around.
    I finished the rite there.
    Infernal blessings,

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  2. I’m so glad u released this i want 2 cry. Thank u so much 4 confirming my recent bouts of gnosis. Ur work has aided me gr8ly in waking up. Allat she bless u. Subhan iblis…

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  3. I’ve felt drawn to.perform this for a long while. I asked my patroness demon if I should and the answer was a resounding YES! It has been done and may the world be a darker place for it.


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