I do not support the Order of the Nine Angles or associate with persons affiliated with it. Nonetheless, I do have beneficial relationships with many of the entities venerated by the O9A, and introducing these entities to the broader black magickal community has been something of a side-project of mine for some time.

I am writing this article because I believe that Budsturga and other spiritual intelligences venerated by the O9A deserve a better pool of magickians to work with than that which the O9A has to offer. I believe that many members of my audience are or will become better equipped to work with and venerate Budsturga than any “Niner” ever will be.

This article will exclusively feature original methods (chants & sigil) for conjuring Budsturga. My experience is that the magickal current of the O9A causes the spirits they venerate to manifest in ways that are unusual, often undesirable, and generally unpleasant to both the magickian and the spirit.

Ergo, I have channeled a unique sigil for Budsturga and channeled original chants which may be used to summon Budsturga. The chants and sigil which the O9A present for the conjuration of Budsturga do not appear anywhere in this article.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Budsturga

Budsturga is one of the deities venerated by the Order of the Nine Angles. In my personal gnosis, she is a goddess established in authority over the Trans-Qliphothic Abyss (Tohu) who, like Noctulius, was spawned from the Trans-Qliphothic Void. By species, Budsturga is basically a hybrid of a Shaitanic Djinn (Shayateen) and a water elemental. Budsturga relates to the elements of fire and water. Her magickal numbers are 45, 54, 96, 68, 42, 79, 64, and 87.

Budsturga is described in the tradition of Hebdomadry as “a blue, aetherial entity” and as “a Dark God, of female aspect, trapped in the vortex between the causal and acausal spaces.” She is described as representative of “hidden wisdom,” but as simultaneously dangerous to sanity. She appears variously as androgynous, as male, and as female.

Budsturga’s influence is helpful in the act of dissolving the ego and achieving individuation. She can bring about astral projection with ease, but in a most unpredictable way. She can be called upon, within a lucid dream, to scry into and control another person’s dreams. She can help the witch break down astral barriers and auric defenses. She can be called upon to break down bad habits or personal inhibitions, but doing so with her auspices is risky.

If I had taken anything she said to me at face value when I first spoke to her, I would have been misled. I had to contemplate the deeper meaning behind her words. For example, “I am not your mother” was really “I am Naught, your mother.”

According to Ungon Epavucell, Budsturga appears as a blue light. She is a nuclear blue, the tint of a sickly man’s flesh. She is like a cancerous atom which infects whichever other atoms she comes into contact with. A witch that Ungon worked with asked Budsturga her name, and Budsturga responded with laughter.

Budsturga transcends duality, such that she can create and organize as easily as she can destroy and disorganize. She has great wisdom to direct and teach. One witch recorded Budsturga as appearing as a dark, faceless shape of greyish-blue light.

I have channeled a secret name of Budsturga which is suitable for public release. That name is Tympassea– it means “Garden of Life.” Secret names are only for use in magick and worship.

The four all-purposed summoning chants I have channeled for Budsturga are:

  • Shiella Harkorr
  • Nee-Ar-Hen-Gal-Or-Gay
  • Budsturga Lensakata
  • Lonjaggor Ieznara Lensorgar Lenpargon

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


8 thoughts on “Budsturga

  1. Hi VK! I have a serious question. The day before the bombings in Colombo Ravana kind of “appeared” to me, pointing his digit finger at me like to warn me of something. Today I listened again to your video about Budsturga. Is it possible to send her after people who try to kill others because of extremist motifs to incapacitate them in their actions? Would this be a long-lasting effect?


  2. Thanks for the astral answer. She is awesome. I used the sigil above without the numbers on a light-blue paper, a Ferrite-Magnet for her to load and a cigarette as offering. Worked perfectly. Reminds me of DMT: loss of time-feeling or extreme time-dilatation, this mix of terror, dread and ecstasy, optical illusions in form of movements of things and the room, crystal clear sight similar to Satan’s light effects during the meditation with him, counting was possible but coherent thinking was gone and short-term memory was slightly impaired the next day. The whole experience was quiet different compared to Shugara. Rejuvenation yes, even the demons encircled her to get some sort of healing, they said she reduces their amount of anger. It was great. I remember her saying: “there is nothing evil to do with me.” I did not get whom she meant actually.


  3. Huh… Well, isn’t that a coincidence? I’ve been working with Ronove pretty closely the past 5 days. He finally told me, “What are you actually looking for?” I listed a laundry list of tasks I could use some help with. He replied, “You know there’s different demons for a reason, right? I’ll help you with your intellectual pursuits. Sure, I can help with your personal charm and magnetism, but just ask me for one thing at a time.” Then I saw Bune/Bime in the form they personally revealed to me. Which is odd, because I didn’t really see Bune as working with those things.

    “If you’re just learning basic magick shit and want a push in the right direction, learning how you personally use stuff, Gaap’s your dude.”

    “Emotional growth, breakdown of your negative past and personal obstacles, allowing you to more fully embrace magick and access to your shadow? Budsturga.” (though I saw images at the same time that said Gargophias. I’ve been having a lot of fucked-up sexual hang-ups that seem to be annoying both me and Ronove while I’m trying to work with him. When I read about her, it makes sense she’d pop up)

    So I hit up your site, and what do you know, Ronove also told you to call on Budsturga. Huh. I just came looking for more info on her, but the overlap in experience just caught me as interesting.


  4. I am glad to see you found more respect for Dark Gods. I am no ONA fan, but while digging through lots of bullshit, I found that their system is actually very interesting and entities they venerate are very unique. I tend to have much more pleasant experiences with entities in general than most people do, but Budsturga was extremely friendly to me and energy that manifested during the rite was unlike anything I had experienced before.


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